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  1. That seems like an awfully large swing. My experience has been closer to 4-5 pf not 10-20.
  2. Everglades doesn’t list a .38 Super bullet. Are you just using their 9mm ones? Maybe a dumb question...
  3. CCI Small Pistol and Small Rifle. The difference on the chrono was 169 vs 170 power factor. Have also used Winchester small pistol with no issues
  4. Silent


    So you can visualize it:
  5. There is a thread about this going already. Should answer your question.
  6. I’ve used Tripp and Wilson’s and both served me well.
  7. .40 if you can find a good one to buy. Or just get a 9mm and shoot minor
  8. On the exterior or anywhere? My gun has 2500 rounds and is spotless on the outside since that doesn’t touch anything. The rails do show some wear though
  9. Anyone know the theory behind making the offset square popple holes like that?
  10. Sweet looking gun! How’d you get them to make you a 9?
  11. Considering the hook is twice the size of a standard 1911 extractor, I’d say that part is less likely to break. And losing tension would be the cause by a $2 spring, which you could have a spare of in your bag, versus needing a spare fitted and tuned extractor on hand. My guess is that this will prove to be a non-issue but time will tell.
  12. It seems to me there is way more good here than bad.
  13. Chrono’d some loads today to make sure they were good before matches start again. This powder comes out of an 8 lbs jug labeled “Rifle” that I purchased last year. Can’t read the lot number because the label is faded for some reason. 124 gr. Everglades 1.16” OAL 9.7 gr. Atlas Choas CCI Pistol Primers 168.5 PF CCI Rifle Primers 170 PF It was 90ish degrees here in AZ. Mainly did that to see how much, it at all, the primers would matter.
  14. i will take all the 55gr. sp bullets for 160 I can do PayPal or postal money order


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