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  1. The classified section of this site
  2. Other than the Staccato XL, this lineup seems to be clearly aimed at the self-defense/tactical market. Not the competition one. And if the prices are over $3k you might as well just go the custom route.
  3. Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal. Think it was DSG arms but only the 1 and 2.5 moa versions.
  4. This deal is almost too good to pass up...
  5. Oh gotcha. I didn’t know there were different ways of doing it. Just assumed it was all the same.
  6. Hasn’t SVI been TiN costing barrels/comps/small parts for years without issue? I have a single stack gun with a TiN coated barrel and no issues. Just go to there website and see all the guns like that.
  7. I’ve seen a couple Glocks (22s, 35s) break when fed a steady diet of +P duty ammo. They ranged between maybe 5k to 30k on them. Usually it was the slides/breach face or frame rails that were breaking. I’d expect a well built 2011 with coated bullets at 170 pf to go much further than that. No idea how far a 2011 would go on nothing but duty ammo. Point being, ammo is going it be a big factor. And spring weight, maintenance schedule, etc.
  8. I’m local to Phoenix and hit up Eddie. He quoted me 18 months to build an open gun. I love supporting the local guys but just couldn’t stomach the wait time. There’s a good number of people here shooting his guns and they all run great. Wish I could have given him my business.
  9. Nobody is going to be perfect, as much as we want our favorite brands to be (cars, guns, take your pick). I was just confused by the skepticism about their new lead times. They said it is due to new technology and equipment, which sounds reasonable to me. Let’s give them a chance to deliver.
  10. Yup. The sights will probably start falling off SV’s now that they build em so fast.
  11. Wow this got hostile. Is it really shocking a company can increase production while maintaining quality? How does Ford build nearly 1 million pickup trucks in a year? Scale your production to meet the rising demand (more machines, better machines, more employees, etc). Maybe SVI was running 10 year old machines and they just upgraded to the latest and greatest. Maybe they just doubled the number they had and hired more people. I don't care how they did it, just hope it's true in case I want another pistol from them...
  12. 4.1 gr WST 200 gr. Bayou 1.190" 170 PF out of my AET barrel
  13. There seems to be a trend here... My load: 200gr. Bayou 1.19" 4.1gr. WST
  14. 200gr Bayou with 4.1gr of WST at 1.190" made 175 pf out of my SVI at Western States Single Stack.
  15. If you don't like the recoil feel and haven't even made major yet, my thoughts would be to just download these and use them for 3 gun and steel. 40 shooters who use light bullets to make major are in the minority, and I think you just discovered why. You would also be burning arguably the best (and most expensive) powder for 40 major, N320, for a minor steel load. I would personally save the N320 to pair with 180-200 bullets for major, and get some cheaper and more prevalent powder to work up a nice minor load with the 155s. Best of luck whatever you decide.
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