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  1. Gotcha. So it seems right about .380 or slightly under
  2. Speaking of, what’s everyone setting their “crimp” at?
  3. Just got off the phone with them today. They said all pistols are running at the 8 months mark. Said mine would be ready probably in June and I ordered mid October.
  4. Check out the new red dot white paper from Aaron Cowan at sagedynamics.com. The Holosun optics are holding up very well including drop testing them and such
  5. 9.7 gr. Major Pistol with a 124 JHP at 1.16” in a 5” gun with 2 people holes. Makes 172ish PF
  6. See if you can find a set of dies separately online. Then ask Dillon if you can change the order to no-dies (it’s a standard option). Doesn’t answer your main question but might save you some time...
  7. Cool gun for sure. Sorry I don’t have any info for you though. Interesting screws they used and that first popple hole seems awfully close to the optic...
  8. That seems like an awfully large swing. My experience has been closer to 4-5 pf not 10-20.
  9. Everglades doesn’t list a .38 Super bullet. Are you just using their 9mm ones? Maybe a dumb question...
  10. CCI Small Pistol and Small Rifle. The difference on the chrono was 169 vs 170 power factor. Have also used Winchester small pistol with no issues
  11. Silent


    So you can visualize it:
  12. There is a thread about this going already. Should answer your question.
  13. I’ve used Tripp and Wilson’s and both served me well.
  14. .40 if you can find a good one to buy. Or just get a 9mm and shoot minor
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