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  1. Clean Shot is basically Accurate #2. Great powder and flows like water.
  2. Did you make jb weld ribs on just the rear or did you do both?
  3. For indoor Glock matches I use Hornady HAP with AA2 or Titegroup and have little to no smoke.
  4. Current load? TMJ or hollow point is best. Stay away from coated if trying to reduce smoke.
  5. Just received 3400 from Summer's. Took about 2 weeks from date of order.
  6. Everyone I have heard from say they are excellent just more expensive than hi-tek coated offerings.
  7. I've loaded over 7k 125TC, 125, 135, 160RN and 125HAP bullets with a Karl Bibb bullet feeder with no issues other than adjusting the nose guide for different profiles.
  8. Very happy with mine, just wish it had a little bit larger tray to accommodate the grossly oversized Federal primer packs.
  9. I'd be really curious if the winning bidder actually pays...
  10. I like AA2, flows like water, very consistent metering. 125gr with 4.0 gave 135PF and 3.8 gave 133PF in a Glock 34.
  11. Luckily I have the newer style that has the black laser printed lines, super easy to read. Adjustments on mine are very linear, YRMV. Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
  12. No, I have not used the Redding. I really have no complaints other than the micrometer turns too easy and will change value slightly after 15-20 rounds so I make a point to look at the reading often. I would recommend taking some pliers to lock the two parts together as they did loosen on me with finger tight. Use some tape to avoid marring the surface. Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
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