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  1. Not really. You just hook it on the trigger same as the spring loaded ones, and lift straight up. The main thing is they're accurate and repeatable. A spring gage isn't. If you ever shoot a match that has a minimum weight, I wouldn't rely on a spring gage for an accurate reading. Same for any gunsmith who's doing a trigger to a specific weight.
  2. Still using an official NRA set with a 1 lb base that I made (set comes with a 2 lb base). Here's a photo.
  3. Keep in mind the toolhead height on the 1100 is different than on 1050, so the height shown in that photo is probably going to be off. All you need to do is set the height so the slide is all the way back when the toolhead is at the top, and low enough so it's all the way in and not binding when the handle is all the way down. I set the clamp loose enough to adjust, then run a couple cycles and some trial and error to get it right. Usually takes about 30 seconds.
  4. N320 has been a very popular powder for .40 major for 20+ years and is still the best, or one one of the best, choices. If you're having accuracy issues, I doubt it's the powder. For 165g bullets, I've had good results using 5.4g N320 with SNS coated flat points loaded to 1.180.
  5. The silver part on the primer tube needs to be adjusted. The round cam that's attached to it is what moves the lever that moves the slide with the pimer. See photos below. Top photos is handle all the way up, center photo is handle all the way down, and bottom photo is handle near center of throw.
  6. Um, no. As stated above, it wasn't because of the polymer grip. It was because they were good quality and they worked. Early para stuff was ok, but they had lots of quality issues, mainly with barrels and links breaking. There magazines were also not as good and I believe were lower capacity than STI. Caspian hi-cap frames were even worse quality than Para. I bought one years back and the quality was so bad, I probably could have cast something nicer in my back yard. Sent it back and never bought another one. Plus their magazines were always a problem. Tanfoglio is not a 1911 type des
  7. I'd get a Springfield in 10mm then swap out the barrel for .40. Purchased a SA Operator recently and was very surprised by the factory slide/frame fit and overall quality. 9 minor is also great in a 1911/2011. I have both and they're probably the most enjoyable to shoot of all the handguns I own.
  8. Did not know that. Are they actual Sig parts, or aftermarket?
  9. Anyone can do 30 lpi checkering on the slide. But it's not a good idea to copy that exact design, with the angle, ball cut borders, etc. If you want it exactly like what's in the photo, you should have Don/Kodiak do it.
  10. Some like the hiperfire. Every one of their triggers I've tried felt like crap to me. So maybe it's just an acquired taste. I use CMC single stage in my GMR-15. It's 3.5 lb, so definitely not the lightest if that's what you're after. But it feels great and it's clean, crisp and 100% reliable.
  11. Brass, bullets and powder are still available at reasonable prices. The problem is primers. Everyone is out. And from what I'm hearing, that's going to be the case for quite a while. Prob 12-18 months, or more.
  12. Well, then something has to be loose, broken or worn. If it's the rails or something in the FCU, you can't do anything about it bc that's the serial numbered part. So it can't be replaced, unless they're going to give you a new one under warranty, which I doubt. Could also be something in the barrel block. Other than that, I dunno.
  13. If you've eliminated the shooter, dot/sights and ammo as the source of your problem, that leaves two possibilities. Either the barrel crown or something to do with the lockup.
  14. Hard to say without seeing it in person, but my guess is it's a combination extractor and feed ramp/magazine/mag catch issues. First, I would stick with the 14 lb spring for 185 pf, at least until you get it running. Second, I would check the extractor hook and tension to see if those are correct (even if new, still needs to be tuned). Third, I would check the barrel ramp profile, which also factors in your magazine tuning and mag catch. On the third point, I use the Dawson mag catch with higher shelf for all my 9s and 40s and never have any problems. Also, before you start altering anyth
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