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  1. John Nowlin's recommendation 25+ years ago was a 50-50 mix of Mobil 1 and Slick-50.
  2. I have several 1911 single stack guns and a 2011 Limited gun in 9mm. All are 100% reliable, accurate, and a pleasure to shoot. If you have one built or set up by someone who knows what he's doing, there won't be any issues.
  3. Well, that's your opinion and you're entitled to it. And I've seen enough first hand to make an informed decision to disagree. If you're happy with them, that's great.
  4. Even if you get a "good" one, that doesn't change the fact that many of the parts are crap to start with.
  5. +1 on the MA collator. Friend of mine had three or four Star Machines with MA System collators and never, ever had a problem with any of them. And they are fast.
  6. I use plain old Hoppe's No. 9 on a cotton patch with 0-ring jag. I only use copper solvent when accuracy starts to drop off. Lots of other options, and most are fine. But avoid mixing different brands bc you don't know the chemical compositions and some can react in a bad way.
  7. Maybe that's the case with CZ and/or Tanfoglio. But then again, engineers aren't always right. When it comes to 1911/2011, I can get a lot better and more accurate result doing it by hand than with any tool.
  8. I use Redding dies on all my presses (three 1050s, two 550s, and a single stage) and have none of the issue you describe. The only time I bend a decap pin is on the rare occasion that a case isn't properly seating in the shell plate and ends up sideways. Even then, it take all of two minutes to change.
  9. I would start by checking your mags to make sure rounds aren't feeding nose down. Also check to see if the barrel is overhanging the frame/grip. As for changing the angle or lowering the ramp surface, that shouldn't hurt anything or cause a problem with feeding. Chances are you can probably move the whole ramp forward and keep the same angle without any issues, but I wouldn't recommend you do that without seeing the gun.
  10. Nothing special about the mil stuff in terms of pf. Federal Hydra-Shok 124g runs 1120 fps which comes to 139 pf. Probably about the same for most +P+ 9mm ammo.
  11. Some disagree with the advice in that piece re: having the extractor hook contacting the case recess. It's pretty simple to set up the extractor to work properly and 100% reliably without doing that. Plus your rounds will feed smoother and your brass won't get gouged up.
  12. Most likely it's due to a stepped case. If it was a double charge the case would be intact but blown out at the bottom.
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