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  1. Spent the day dealing with a property that's part of an estate I'm handling for a friend who died back in March. So, didn't make the match. And really couldn't care less.
  2. I don't think they even make them any more. But even if they do, there's no real advantage. And the slower velocity is clearly a disadvantage. Plus, any claims as to better accuracy are dubious at best. Standard barrels will shoot half inch groups at 25 yards all day long. AET isn't going to be any better.
  3. Ok. But that's what the plants are for. And they can handle probably millions of times the trace amount of copper contained in that tiny bit of water. It's going to have zero impact.
  4. Who says it's not allowed? And what makes you think that tiny amount of lead is going to have any impact on the environment?
  5. Looks identical to the PT aggressive.
  6. I agree. But seems like most of the newbies and some of the older Limited shooters are drifting to Carry Optics. A lot of the local matches CO is the biggest division by number of shooters. Below is the breakdown for our September match. As for custom Limited guns, I have three in the works right now. All in .40 SW. One is a SV 5.4", the other two are a 5" on a Cheely XWF frame with Warwick slide and SV barrel, and a 6" on a PT frame with Caspian slide and Bar-Sto barrel. Division Limited 18 Limited 10 0 Open 3 Production 11 Revolver 0 Single Stack 3 PCC 3 Carry Optics 23
  7. Did this earlier today while shooting a Bill drill at 10 yards. About as close as you can get and still score them. Time was 2.49, which is pretty good for me.
  8. Just fyi, direct from SV, all new production barrels are CEVM 4340 with 1:24 twist. As for the AET barrels, everyone I know who had one found it to be slower. The AET in my 5.4" SV Limited gun when new required 5.7g N320 to make major with a 180g bullet, whereas all my other guns required 5.4g or less. That gun and barrel now have 70-80k through them and I get to 170 pf w/5.2g N320. I have a new 5.4" Limited gun with 4340 barrel on order, so it'll be interesting to see how that compares.
  9. Hammer - EGW, SV, Koenig Sear - EGW Disco - EGW Springs - Wolff (19 lb mainspring, standard 3 finger sear spring) As for drop in, chances are you can polish your contact surfaces and install the parts and get a half-decent result. Definitely better than stock. But if you want to get a top-notch trigger, it's a pretty safe bet you'll have to work the hammer and sear contact points, which requires tools and some understanding of what you're doing to get right.
  10. No problem. And you're right. Instead of being a p*ssy and complaining, I should just go shoot the match and see how it goes. Which is what I'll probably end up doing.
  11. Seems some like to comment on other people's results with no idea what their circumstances are or anything about them. I know people who just to be able to shoot a match is a major accomplishment. I don't dig at them because they're not shooting 90%. I guess if that makes you feel better about yourself, great. Doesn't say much about how all those tiny stages make for a great match. The stages are posted if you want to take a look and comment.
  12. Not sure what I'll be missing out on. Is it the stage that's one popper and three paper targets? Or the one that's two poppers and three targets? Or some of the others? I can set that stuff up at home and shoot it all day long. Probably be about as exciting as shooting some bill drills. A single popper at 100 yards is challenging too. It doesn't make a good stage for a LII match.
  13. I agree the IL match had a lot of high round count stages. But most were well thought out and gave the shooter some options on how to approach them. So it wasn't a total hosefest. As for the heat, etc., I was also pretty tired at the end. But it wasn't much different than any other big, single day match in the midwest this time of year. Just comes down to being in decent shape, being prepared, etc. For those who like small stages and low round count, that's great. One or two, is enough for a LII. Five seems excessive. Doesn't matter if those stages are "challenging," "interesting," or whatever you want to call them. For the WI match, half the stages = 58 rounds. That seems pretty unusual. And probably not something most people want to drop $500 and two days on.
  14. I was squadded with Max Klatt at the MI Sectional and he let me check out his Honcho. Told me he was running a 6 lb. spring. And btw, he was high overall for the match. Very nice guy too.
  15. Yeah, seriously considering skipping it. I'll have to eat the match fee and hotel cost (nonrefundable). But I'll save $150 on gas, 9 hours drive time and two days of my life.
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