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  1. Another vote for Defiance Machine.
  2. H&M do great work. Been using them for quite a while and never had a problem. Extremely fast turn-around too. But I thought you had to prep before sending. At least that's what I've always done. Might want to check on that to be sure.
  3. Not a problem if you're using an aftermarket barrel.
  4. If possible, get a punch with a delrin insert to prevent marring the sight. Brass or aluminum will also work, but might make a mark. Remove the adjustment screw in the center of the sight and spring under the leaf, then drift the sight out. It's a straight cut, so shouldn't matter which direction you go. The front should just drift out unless it was installed with loctite, in which case you'll probably have to heat it a bit to soften that up before you drift it out. On the front, you want to put the punch on the dovetail portion, not the blade. If you wack the blade, you'll probably bend it. And even a tiny bit will be noticeable.
  5. The double undercut is not so great if you have small to medium size hands. Had that on my SV and my support hand tended to float around because it wasn't wedged in between the trigger guard and the mag well. Went to a single undercut grip plus oversize magwell and problem solved. Now my support hand is solid and it makes a big difference. On the PT grips, I also prefer the old style to the Evo. One because it fees better and two because they don't make an arched MS housing for the Evo.
  6. I'm guessing this is post number 18,091 on the topic. Anyway, I say vegetable oil for the cold weather crowd and Crisco for the warmer climes.
  7. Yep. And when it's kydex v. Cerakote, kydex wins.
  8. I have the competitive AR in mine and no issues with it. Also, just fyi, they're coming out with a Diamond AR. I have several of those in bolt guns and they are outstanding.
  9. I don't see anything about slides on their site. I also don't see any slides on JEM's site.
  10. One of the reasons I like Caspian slides is I can order them without that bevel at the rear of the ejection port. It not needed because I set mine up to eject to the side, not the rear. And I don't like the way it looks. Finish on those parts is nice.
  11. I agree that Caspian quality is pretty inconsistent these days, but I've honestly never had a slide from them that couldn't be cleaned up and used with good results. And I'm very picky with my stuff. I haven't used an STI part in 20+ years, due to constant quality issues. I've never seen a CK slide, but I have one of their frames right now and to say the machining is rough is an understatement. Specs appear to be ok, but the machine work leaves much to be desired. If it was my own build, I'd use something else. Guess I'll try to get my hands on one of the JEM slides to check it out.
  12. I've never used a JEM slide so I'm interested in knowing how they are vastly superior in every way. I've been using Caspian slides for 20+ years and never had an issue. I have seen some variation in finished dimensions, but I've never had to send one back due to being out of spec..
  13. Much better. I would move the corner at A (in the original photo) up a bit higher. That should do the trick. Go slow, take off a little at a time and keep checking until it's where you want it.
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