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  1. Yeah, those shoes are probably collectors items selling for $500+.
  2. I think for $4300 I'd rather have another SV.
  3. I'd love to show up at a match with one of those. And I want a pair of those Vans.
  4. I don't have any experience with Fusion slides, but it does look like they stopped the cut a bit short. You should be able to finish it off pretty easily with a keyway cutter if you have one that's the right size. Also, just curious, but what exactly are you building? Slide racker on a .45 is a bit unusual.
  5. Well, the SAAMI spec for .40 crimp is .423. Also, crimping for .40 is the same for pretty much all semi-auto rounds. Basically, you're just removing the flare on the case, and maybe .001, or at most, .002 more than that. There's no reason to crimp any more, and at a point, more crimp can potentially cause problems with accuracy. Also, if the crimp cuts through the bullet coating, you'll get barrel leading. As for the press, the amount of effort to add an additional .002 crimp should be barely noticeable. So, something else must be going on. I would also add, that if the .423 crimped rou
  6. Green Mountain bags are another good brand. They used to be very popular, but I don't see them much anymore. They're still available form American Mountain Supply. And they're still made in the USA.
  7. One of the major manufacturers, think it was Federal, but may have been Winchester, told me probably 20 years ago, that the only difference between the two is the hardness of the cup. The type and quantity, etc. of the priming compound is exactly the same. I doubt anything has changed since.
  8. Tried the annular cutter and thread die because the barrel is going to be cut down anyway. Results were less than stellar. And that's not going to work because the whole reason for doing this is to pin and weld a muzzle brake for use with a suppressor. If the threads aren't true, that means baffle strikes and other bad stuff. So it's definitely going in a lathe. Just was hoping for an easy solution or someone I could send it to because I have a bunch of other projects in the queue and not enough time as it is. Guess it's just going to have to wait.
  9. Yes, and I don't have access to anything that big. Looks like I'm going to be taking it apart.
  10. I'll have to look at that and see if it will work. The receiver is just sheet matal, so I'd have to make a block of something to go inside for support, assuming everything else works out. Starting to think it might be easier to just remove the rivets. Shouldn't be that hard to put it back together with a hydraulic press.
  11. Here's a photo. The barrel, trunnion and receiver are all riveted together. I'm trying to avoid taking them apart.
  12. Anyone know if it's possible to thread an AK barrel while still mounted in the receiver and who can do it? And just to clarify, I'm not interested in the Roadkill approach of doing it with a threading die. I want to mount it in a lathe and do it right, but don't want to have to take the whole thing apart (and put it back together).
  13. Yes, actual performance data is certainly valid place to compare. And you can search the pages on this very forum and compare the number and scope of complaints regarding products from STI, SV and various others. I think even a brief review will reveal who puts out more junk parts and has more product failures/warranty repairs, etc. And it's not even a close call. Well, some people seem to be arguing along the lines that if a person buys a pair of Chinese made Timberland boots for about $80 and another person buys $300+ US-made Danner boots, they both do the same thing
  14. Well, to start, that gun is built on STI frame with a plastic grip. So cheap, subpar parts to start with. And what barrel and other parts is he using? If they're STI or similar, just more junk. So I'm not sure how you can even suggest that's comparable to an SV. If you want a closer comparison, maybe start with that package, then upgrade to a PT frame, aluminum trigger and metal grip. That'll add close to another grand, which puts you in the same price range as a SV limited gun. Or, if you don't agree with that, go check some of the other big name companies. What does a high end Atlas
  15. Nope. I'm grabbing an AR or AK.
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