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  1. Yes an extra bit of protection with a bungee to help keep gun in holster. I only use it to keep it from getting knocked out when I sit in a chair with arms or from falling out when I RO in USPSA in case I hook it on something since my focus is the shooter. Almost no one that plays somewhat seriously in that sport shoots with a real retention holster so this is the next best thing IMO. But this is all off topic. Thank for the info on two guns. Hopefully the RM\MD agrees.
  2. Thanks. I use a bungee anyway since I RO and want to avoid accidental drops if I bump something
  3. I shoot RFPO but want to also shoot PROD. I know in USPSA there is a rule about using or wearing more than one firearm at a time, but in the case of Steel Challenge I would be using: 1) using one (RFPO from a bag) while only wearing the other (PROD in holster) 2) using and wearing one (PROD from holster) while never touching the other (RFPO in a bag somewhere) I can't find any rule in the SCSA rules dealing with this issue. Do I need to bag my production gun while I am shooting my RFPO gun then?
  4. If you choose to shoot PCC, you choose to have the RO in your hip pocket. If you choose to shoot PCC at a range without remote timers, you choose to risk no score stages due to timer issues. I happen to RO them like I do everyone else at the start. During the run I try to keep the timer facing up and away from me towards the gun and if possible lower than the shooters strong arm and about as forward as his elbow. It's a little awkward running around stretched out partially sideways the entire run but you adapt. As he approaches the last array I stick the timer closer if possible. Then I hold it there until I see him relax. Then start giving commands. Have yet to get run into or have someone complain about my proximity to them.
  5. My comment was referring to the use of hammer fully down in one rule but only hammer down in the other rule. I know why they want hammer down.
  6. I get that. I'd just like the rule book to be more consistent in it's language. Avoid the gamers and rule-nazis alike.
  7. And which of those makes are at or near the top of the list in terms of use in this game in production?
  8. I understand English just fine but I am a stickler for consistency of language when it comes to rules and contracts and similar items. When one rules explicitly says fully down else apply the safety and another rule says decocker is ok (even though most do not put hammer fully down) those are not consistent. Instead of "fully down" it could say "fully decocked" and define decocked in the glossary then there would be consistency of language. Remember there is no intent, only the plain language of the rules. But with things like this, lack of commas, etc it's not always so plain now is it?
  9. Would have been more clear to just say "pull the trigger"
  10. This does raise a question in my mind. says "hammer FULLY down" yet a decocker rarely makes the hammer go FULLY down. The Prod/CO rules say "hammer down" is but that is not FULLY down. Much like facing downrange versus facing directly downrange or standing in the box versus standing completely in the box. So should a decked gun need the safety on? I get that says fully down or cocked. Nothing in between is supported.
  11. I am not a fan of RO'ing PCC especially the really quiet ones on hoser stages. It can be very hard to keep up, keep out of the way and not get swept while sticking the timer closer to the muzzle. Last shot is all that matters so what is what is focus on trying to get the time to pick up. Rest is safety stuff and I hope the ARO is watching other things.
  12. I can visualize a few cases where hardcover as a mover in front of a stationary shooting target that is in the open at the start can happen. It would only matter if the activator itself was a scoring target though and the scoring target intended to be covered is not available anywhere before the activator in a typical stage plan.
  13. Not sure where you'd never have to use an activator under the new rules. Even if it's in the open prior to activation and you shoot it in the open, you still need to activate it before last shot or it's 2M+FTSA regardless of your hits on it. It is a moving target (even of the mover is no shoot) so it must be activated. Disappearing only matters if it's NPM or M after activation
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