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  1. Wow. I just replaced the a bunch of the main cam block and related parts and I added the new cam block bracket that keeps the cam block from moving so much. Now I am having an issue with the pivot block rocking. I have to call Hornady again. Not sure if there is a better case feeder that works with the LnL AP that is not 3D printed and require me to turn/rotate case tubes.
  2. I just dealt with this. Build Stages > Add Stage > set name, target counts, etc as usual > Check "Classifier Stage" and enter the classifier code as 20-01, 20-02 or 20-03. No "CM" or anything else. Uploaded to USPSA fine.
  3. Fine, ignore the colloquialism as a metaphor for squibs not being a super rare thing. They happen. They can happen to anyone and can happen with factory new, factory reman and your own reloads. That is all I was getting at.
  4. Not trolling, but it is fun thinking out of the box. You guys all lack problem solving skills. And apparently I need to stop letting people shoot matches when the have a single squib because apparently that means you have unsafe ammo. And when you come back to the next match, I shouldn't let you shoot then unless you can prove to me that you have fresh ammo? I never said that squib after squib after squib is not unsafe ammo and should not be dealt with. I didn't raise that rule completely out of context of this thread.
  5. Even factory ammo has the occasional issue. Just like DQ's, its not a matter of if, but when, it happens to you Anything is better than a zero on a stage, especially if you are trying to maintain overall match position at a major. The rulebook does not say that is not a firearm but it does not say that it is not either. However Troy taught my RO class and he said, once the gun is disassembled its no longer a firearm so the muzzle/sweeping rules when at a safe table don't apply because its not a gun at that point. Would you have a concern if I had a just a barrel in hand walking around th
  6. If it happens a lot, I agree that its an ammo issue that needs to be resolved. But if finishing a stage, even with a crappy time, is enough to win/place at a major, then why shouldn't someone be able to resolve an issue with a squib if it can be done without muzzling yourself with an assembled firearm?
  7. You obviously lack imagination. I'll let you figure it out
  8. he either dropped a loaded gun and was thus in the CoF so he's DQ'd, or he dropped a loaded gun that was not supposed to be loaded and he is DQ'd for that.
  9. They are the ones I like to ask to show clear and then we go through the whole process again, at my s l o w p a c e
  10. As a target focused shooter I find unpatched targets highly distracting and they almost always impact my performance on that stage. I get not getting stopped when its one target that isn't patched, but once you get to 3 or 4 or more that are not done, I think it should be a valid reason for the RO to stop the shooter and give a reshoot. But there is no rule to support that, unless the RO just says stop and its an interference call. But then the RM/MD should be getting involved, etc.
  11. Our steel challenge matches just dropped from all 8 stages to 5 per match due to shooter request.
  12. A hurried ULSC keeps me from making a stupid mistake and trying to for that make up I just noticed 5-10 seconds after I was done shooting, making my HF lower than it would have been had I left the mike or delta.
  13. To be clear, I am only talking about loaded per glossary definition and the WSB saying that it's a loaded start. Empty chamber and magwell without rounds in it is the situation I am concerned with here and if it's coaching or a valid condition to start the shooter. The starting paragraph of 8.1 only references loaded chamber. Of course this is easily rectified if they just change that bit from "fails to load the chamber" to "fails to load the firearm" then this all goes away and the contradictions disappear
  14. Though I will admit that 8.1.1 and 8.1.2 reference loaded chamber, but most WSB's say "handgun loaded and holstered" and that is the condition that must be met by definition. So once again the rulebook is contradictory. Can't start until the firearm is in the ready condition but the ready condition (if called out as meeting 8.1.1/8.1.2) requires loaded chamber, though we can't require that condition to be met. 8.1.3 lets the WSB state whatever we want and that is usually just "loaded and holstered" or "loaded, safety applied, stock on belt" for example. So then you go by the definition of
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