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  1. Paint the upper corners black and make it NPM\hardcover in those areas to make it general metric shape?
  2. I really like the 147gr 9mm reman RN from freedom munitions.
  3. Depends on your gear. My MecGar mags have standard body and springs but just a dimple to stop follower for 10 rounds. It's no different than loading standard capacity mags.
  4. It's after the start signal, so he has three choices Shoot it without a dot Waste a chunk of time turning on the optic as long as it is within 2 minutes (5.7.4) Take a zero/DNF for the stage (9.10.3 since a draw to notice there is no dot is reacting) Don't think the firearm is "unserviceable" as it still goes bang.
  5. Are you not technically stowing a magazine by inserting it into the firearm????
  6. I agree with sarge but after reading it multiple times I think he is wrong per the rules. I hate that we have to hand hold and correct a shooter's self inflicted disadvantage. An advantage, absolutely, but if you want to make things harder on yourself in this "free style" sport then why not? Not very free style now is it
  7. Even if their own actions put them at a disadvantage? The rules are enforced when it gives a shooter an unfair advantage, not the other way around. For example, if one is backing up and firing at a target and steps out of bounds, thus making him farther away from the target, is that a procedural since it was not an advantage for the shots fired? If he turns around and fires at other targets then he may get the procedural(s) as he is closer to the target and gaining an advantage.
  8. I get that. The rules are the to prevent unfair advantages. We penalize for things that become an advantage (not all foot faults are an advantage for example) but it seems like we need to not allow a shooter to put themselves at a disadvantage on their own accord at the start. Like my example of loaded and holstered specified in the WSB. If the shooter doesn't load his gun, it's that the ROs problem and he/she can't ask Are You Ready? Sorry for diverging from the holstering topic.
  9. All seems counter to everything else being on the shooter if they choose a disadvantageous starting position. In sarge's example if the WSB says gun load and holstered and all mags on belt he could not have then let the guy start (if he didn't have the one mag in his pocket that is). Why do ROs need to cater to someone not getting an advantage because of their own mistake?
  10. If someone wants to face up range because they misread the WSB which says facing downrange, and I ask then if they are ready and I get no response, then I can start them without a reshoot? It's not like they were facing downrange on an up range start and getting an advantage
  11. But is it ok to start the shooter if they appear ready but it is a disadvantage to them?
  12. While holstering is not defined, it may be worthwhile to consider it to be "breaking the envelope of the holster" with the firearm, intentionally or otherwise. If you are breaking the envelope of the holster without intending to holster the firearm where you are "safe" and end being holstered then you have possibly swept yourself anyway.
  13. This is why I want to see a schedule of updates and have changes and rulings officially enforced only once they are in the next update scheduled. We don't need an interpretation or change of a rule two days after they publish a new book to be forced upon us.
  14. I just bought one. Trying get started in this game too. After a bunch of research the reviews seemed just as mixed on the benelli and other options. I like the extra options the Versa Max includes in the box. Haven't tried slugs yet but I've seen videos of guys making hitd from 40 to 100yd on steel consistently
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