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  1. Clearance the trigger guard or the trigger itself? Got pics? I just put the CGW trigger back in and have it adjusted nicely right now.
  2. I installed their package on my P10-F OR and took the trigger back out for the OEM. I kept getting pinched between the trigger and the trigger guard. Rest of the kit is installed though
  3. Either let it stand as a stage win, or create a second match with just the retries as entries and upload that match separately. Either way USPSA gets their money and the classifiers attempts all get counted
  4. 25 minutes to my home range. The other two I mainly go to are 1.5 and 2 hours away. Gotta do whatcha gotta do
  5. Here you go https://uspsa.org/viewer/2021-USPSA-Competition-Rules-March-2021.pdf All the PCC rules lined out just as "clearly" as pistol rules are.
  6. I suppose it depends on one's interpretation of "manipulating" is when you look at the definition of "Handling" in the glossary as what the competitor here did was not casing/uncasing his PCC as that had already occurred so that exception does not apply here Could he have won arbitration? Possibly
  7. Then you are fired. Rules are rules and are meant to be enforced equally for everyone. What happens when you let your local shooter slide on this over and over and then they spend a crap load of time, money, PTO, etc going to PCC Nats only to get DQ'd first stage for doing it because you let them get away with it and it became second nature to them to just do it? Sure it is their fault for not knowing the rules, but you sure didn't help them any,
  8. This goes against the RO training however. In my range portion, Troy handed out cards with different scenarios for the shooter to perform for us to try to catch and assess any penalties. One was "foot outside the shooting box". We wanted to call procedurals for that but he showed us the WSB again and it did not make any comment about "from within the shooting area", so no penalty was to be applied in that case.
  9. But they were not running shooters right then, from the video it looks like the squad just came back from a reset. But that does not matter. CRO has oversight of the stage The PCC tables there were well marked. The rules are readily available. There is no defined time limit to make ready when given the command. There is no reason a PCC shooter can't uncase at the PCC table then step over to the safe table to finger bang his gun. The bay in this video has it's own safe table so he would not have had to go far to the table, or he could have just waited for the make ready command on the line. The issue is entirely what happened off screen after the case was unzipped and before the rifle was visible
  10. Its up to the MD/RM but if you are physically unable to perform weak side, then you should get no penalty and be allowed to shoot strong side only. I currently have a broken finger on my strong hand. I borrowed a lefty holster as I am unable to safety grip the gun with the right hand, let alone be able to draw and transfer to the left to shoot. I can just get a mag with my thumb and index finger so reloads are seated with my knee. Entire match was WHO and no penalty on the classifier as there was no advantage at all by not doing SHO at the required time.
  11. As for what times you need to move up in class, that is highly dependent on what stages you are shooting and how well you shoot each one since the combined times is what matters and all stages have equal weight. So you need to do better on all stages or really kick ass on some stages and keep the status quo on others to be able to move up
  12. SCSA classification is easy. From the SCSA site: Its just that the 2nd line is the best time you have ever shot a stage in the last 2 years, not just the latest match Unlike USPSA, there is no rolling window or anything like that. You get classified as soon as you have times on any four official stages. After those 4, its always your best time relative to the peak time
  13. There were cameras and mics on most stages, not all, but most. I am not sure what they actually broadcast but I know that my "regular" squad was on a few times as my friends were letting me know. Many of them were clamped to the EZups and we'd forget and stand in front of them or hang on the EZups probably making the camera shake (the wind at time probably didn't help with that either)
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