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  1. This is why I want to see a schedule of updates and have changes and rulings officially enforced only once they are in the next update scheduled. We don't need an interpretation or change of a rule two days after they publish a new book to be forced upon us.
  2. I just bought one. Trying get started in this game too. After a bunch of research the reviews seemed just as mixed on the benelli and other options. I like the extra options the Versa Max includes in the box. Haven't tried slugs yet but I've seen videos of guys making hitd from 40 to 100yd on steel consistently
  3. broadside72

    Production to 15 rounds instead of 10.

    Well you switching to limited doesn't take away a division a lot if people like exactly the way it is. Unlike your comment that takes something away that already exists
  4. I really wish they would publish an update schedule for the rules book. Continuously is stupid, monthly and even quarterly is too often. Semi-annually for an official rule book update seems reasonable. It will let the official rulings have time to be digested and discussed and get enough feedback on the current set to make adjustments (like to non-existent wall supports and standing definition). We can't be expected to know the rules when they change too often and not having official rulings in a singular and specific location hurts everyone.
  5. broadside72

    Standing Definition

    It's funny that after months of the proposed rules being out, none of these issues were found until after the rules were published. I'll admit to not catching these things myself when I reviewed the changelog.
  6. broadside72

    Advice for First Time USPSA Competition

    Shoot in revolver as he just might win! First in a field of one!
  7. broadside72

    New 10.2.1 and Non-Existence

    Wouldn't be an issue if they just said they were "ground". But even then it's inside the shooting area even by today's rules so it should be fine.
  8. broadside72

    Council after the COF

    My local club has a new shooter course required for all first time shooters at the club, unless you can provide proof of satisfactory safety (several sanctioned matches, etc). I think it is a good idea. But even then, some people are DQ'd from that squad.
  9. broadside72

    Council after the COF

    At a local match with newer shooters (I'm just now approaching one year in this game myself) I might mention something to them after the fact if they get really close to 180 only so they learn and if I do comment I will usually discuss the circumstances that caused it like backing around a corner so they can better assess the situation next time and be more conscious of those situations as they continue to shoot matches. If done right, I don't mind someone commenting if I get close after my run, but I usually ask when/where I did it so I can make mental note of the conditions and improve myself. At walk through we as a squad will often look for potential 180 "traps" and those that run the timer or tablet keep an eye on those areas especially. We don't want to DQ anyone but rules are rules.
  10. broadside72

    USPSA Division for New Shooter?

    I started in single stack shooting major. Moved to production with a newly acquired SP01. Did my own pro package install and polishing. Not hard just annoying at time with my fat fingers and the small parts. Plus a yellow recoil and black hammer springs. Great for slow 147gr loads. I put the factory from back in for 124gr. The gun runs awesome. You could shoot limited 10 and run cocked and locked and you have more options for holster and mag type and placement. But shooting minor is a disadvantage there in my opinion. Start in production and get used to the reloads and stage planning. Get classified and make C or B class and then decide if you want to move division or not.
  11. broadside72

    New 10.2.1 and Non-Existence

    Like I said earlier in the thread, it should have been declared same as ground. Then there would be no issue
  12. broadside72

    2019 Rules are released...

    The single stack holder change I like for competition but there is something nostalgic/classic about a 1911 riding high on the hip
  13. broadside72

    2019 Rules are released...

    Would have been better off simply defining as "semi automatic handguns without internal or external hammers" or something like that
  14. broadside72

    Production to 15 rounds instead of 10.

    I get it. Its not a "shall" rule though, it's an option that if used then the MD "shall" inform and enforce. At least here I have yet to hear of competitions being targeted and talking to my LEO friends they have not heard of charges for "large capacity mags" unless they were part of a larger crime. That said, I'm not risking my CCWs or FFL with a firearms misdemeanor charge. And for out of state matches keeping larger magazines at a friends or relatives and having them shipped is not always an option. I'd prefer production to stay at 10 rounds so everyone can play equally. If you want more, shoot limited, there is little difference in gun restrictions now anyway
  15. broadside72

    Production to 15 rounds instead of 10.

    I have yet to see a match in a western restricted state apply 3.3.1