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  1. You missed the point. I didn't say change "if finished", but at "if clear". If you have already unloaded and showed me clear, you are crazy to reload and purposefully take another shot. The time time wasted is almost always just as damaging as the penalties or other lost points. Is it possible that it could happen sure. But all the ones I have seen (and done myself) come after "If finished" which I have no issues with, not after "if clear".
  2. If you can't see or feel the outer edge then you do not know where the shooting area ends since the shooting area includes the fault lines and shooting boxes. For all I know that's a 2x12 laying there and I have 8 or more inches before I'm out of the shooting area
  3. no "prizes", just 100% raffle, the number of tickets you get is your overall placement (or by division). Then random draws to select winner and a random draw to select from list of items. so your performance is rewarded by higher opportunity to win something cool. then regular trophies/plaques for top 3 in division/class
  4. Might be nice to throw in a cash raffle. I am familiar with the 50/50 type where you buy tickets and you can win half the collection. But maybe to a 40/30/30 where all shooters (staff included) can win 40%. Then there is a drawing for staff only for 30% (so possible to win 70% if you are staff) and then 30% for the match host. Or do some other reasonable split to help keep staff wanting to help.
  5. I see the other way since the "Shooting boxes and fault lines are considered to be part of the shooting area.", thus the entirety of the fault line is part of the shooting area. Also, the shooting box and fault line (not the "shooting area") MUST provide physical and visual reference to the the shooter. If you have no reference to the complete fault line or shooting box, e.g. the outer edge covered by dirt, then it is not legal.
  6. Since you are allowed to stand on and hang over the fault lines as long as you are not touching the ground, not having the physical and visual reference on the OUTSIDE of the fault line makes it not legal in my opinion.
  7. The level 2 at my local has folks going bay to bay with snack size cups or meat proteins, cheese, fruits, bits of energy bars. Cold water and Gatorade at each bay as well. It is pretty nice. Nothing heavy, you don't get lethargic. There is a lunch break with a real lunch but you don't need to eat much then if you don't want because you have good snacks throughout the day. As for shirts, I can wear a cotton t-shirt anywhere as long as it isn't too gaudy. But a nicer "jersey" is good for wearing to the local matches but I don't think they are good for everyday wear (often very gaudy or "loud"). But depending on the match price, I want more than a $8-10 tee with some screen printing. I don't mind prize tables and raffles but definitely after the match but please don't require that you be present to win. Some of us have limited time, planes to catch, long drives to make, etc. Staff reset is not hard if there are three staff at each stage and each bay has a paster gun. The RO/ARO need to walk to every target anyway, so the third can be following pasting. Only pasting white/black would take extra time and the movers and any steel. But most stages don't have those
  8. I wanted that Top D shooter at my first major!
  9. Range fees per head and possibly per bay USPSA fees per head Range improvements and facility fees (renting picnic area or reserving parking) Targets, paint, tape/pasters, target sticks Water for 2-3x number of shooters+staff Staff meals, lodging, and travel Loss of revenue due to staff discounts (might be 150 shooters but if 30 are staff shooting for free...) Insurance Marketing Any range/club/match swag
  10. I don't care that classifications stay at whatever highest class one has reached. The percentages going down is fine too, it just means that it takes extra work to start moving up again.
  11. If it's dislodged from the arm then it fell IMHO
  12. But even if that's what it said I still think the RM was right since the shooter engaged the array before reloading and starting on the second array
  13. He engaged the first array. Specific wording of the WSB is required here to be able to say more definitively. If it is simply "engage one array, then reload, then engage the other array", he could have shot at one target in either array (hit or miss) reloaded and then shot everything else. Since he engaged the array ("A grouping of more than one target.") by shooting at it once, he met that requirement. Had it said "engage T1-T4 or PP1-PP4 then reload, then engage remaining targets" that would be different. And since it said "engage" that does not mean hit. If 4 rounds were thrown at the poppers and one was a miss the RO has no way to prove the shooter did not engage the missed plate unless the shooter never moved/transitioned. The RM was correct here. I like the wording in the 03-05 WSB linked above. No ambiguity there.
  14. I usually see that when there is an incomplete upload or only partial match completion
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