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  1. broadside72

    Scoring a noshoot question

    I now rescind my "wut?" above if this is the case. I couldn't figure out what the OP was getting at.
  2. broadside72

    'Safe Action' Definition

    They let you use that soap box in matches?
  3. broadside72

    'Safe Action' Definition

    Doesn't mean we can't have a discussion and try to understand the rules and how they are or are not applied.
  4. broadside72

    Pinning retaining strap

    Or use the QLS attached to the Safariland belt slide attachment on whatever belt you have now. That is what I do. The belt slide is screwed to the female QLS and then have 3 male QLS attached to other holsters. Of course your holsters need to fit that bolt hole layout, but if it does, buy a second one and cut off the hood/strap and swap as needed.
  5. broadside72

    Newb Practiscore Question

    My match from Sunday disappeared. Waiting for it to show up in recent. As long as the matches end up at USPSA for classification, that is all that really matters to me.
  6. broadside72

    Newb Practiscore Question

    I have had it move off my upcoming and into recent after disappearing for a day once so far in my measly 8 matches. Every other time its in recent before its off upcoming if the MD gets the scores submitted same day.
  7. broadside72

    How slow is slow enough?

    My friends are always telling me I am overly logical and on point. I enjoy banter and teasing and controversy, but I hate to turn off new folks on any forum even if I am new also. Besides I need the lower ranked shooters to stay in the game, keeps my higher in the pack! back at ya
  8. broadside72

    How slow is slow enough?

    I have been shooting USPSA matches for only 4 months and am middle of the pack (match overall) pretty consistently in the 7 level 1 matches I have participated in. Within my division I am top or near top in points (prior to penalties being applied, about 5% are M+NS combined unfortunately and shooting major helps). My time is what is hurting my HF and ranking/placement. However, I am fine with this. I spend my time building the muscle memory and proper decision making skills during stages. I am not slow, there are plenty of folks that walk stages and just have fun shooting. I have found that in my short time doing sanctioned matches these four things have made the most improvement over time: Walk the stage several times and make a few plans. Step away and run the plans through your head several times and chose ONE. Walk the stage again according to your chosen plan. Then stick to that plan at the the start signal (as best as possible) Move with purpose. Does not need to be fast, just with a conviction and according to your plan. Speed comes automatically Assess but don't obsess over what went wrong HAVE FUN
  9. broadside72

    How many of your hits are alphas

    7 matches to date. A 71.1% C 20.8% D 3.15% M 3.78% Thanks goodness for shooting Major! Single Stack in .45 However steadily improving with fewer and fewer Mikes and Deltas each match. Missed "C" by 0.47% for initial classification.