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  1. Talk to your local USPSA club and see if they want to start offering it, perhaps volunteer to help run it.
  2. I just setup the MFB on my LnL and hung the collator off the Hornady case feeder tub. The spring tube was a bit tight and would hold the feeder head up allowing multiple bullets to fall through. All I had to do was unscrew the spring tube half way out of both ends of the plastic ends to give it slack and the head falls normally. So far at least. If it gets gummy then I might add a spring to pull it down but so far so good.
  3. I am trying this and it seems to be working for me, at least improving things. Thanks!
  4. He is only getting away with no DQ because "are you ready?" happened and he was no longer under 8.3.1
  5. And if I flip the safety off on my holstered 1911 I go home. That is the comparison I am trying to make.
  6. PCCs are getting a free pass here. Pistols have safety on or hammer down requirements when holstered/staged but a PCC held in the hand before a start signal don't have a DQ rule for no safety enabled. The fact that the shooter popped one off before the start signal and did not appear to be in the process of starting a COF (starting to move) seems like a unsafe gun handling to me, but hey apparently the rules are black and white and set in stone as written even though "but not limited to" is first line in bold print.
  7. Fine it's an AD but there is no such thing as an accidental discharge in my opinion, especially the case described in the OP. But again first line of 10.5 is includes but not limited to
  8. I will say it again and no one has offered an exception to this 10.5 Match Disqualification – Unsafe Gun Handling Examples of unsafe gun handling include, but are not limited to: therefore a specific rule is not required for DQ under 10.5
  9. And is this really any different than a "staged firearm"? There are specific DQ rules about NDs for holstered/staged firearms.
  10. 10.5 Match Disqualification – Unsafe Gun Handling Examples of unsafe gun handling include, but are not limited to: If the RO calls it, and the RM and MD support it, then it stands. If shooter wants to go to arbitration, it's their money and the staff stands by the committee decision.
  11. This is semantics I think. I am calling the leg the entire piece that goes from the ground to the top of the wall structure since it is typically a single piece. But the leg in the rules is only the part below the physical portion of the wall that defines the edges of the invisible wall that goes to the ground per the rules.
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