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  1. I am running a Tanfoglio Gold Custom and with the mag limitations and plunk test, I had my barrel reamed to 1.170 to accept my Montana gold bullets 124gr JHP and Round nose. The JHP still stick in the lands so I have opted to just load the RN at 1.160. I was running a STI DVC previously and that would accept just about anything with MBX mags but I loaded to 1.170.
  2. Where are you located? Not seeing any decent prices on ammo around Minneapolis.
  3. .357 SIG cartridge is a PITA to reload when you first start, fun to finally get 100% success on reloads. Do you have a cartridge gauge? I had this problem several years ago and re-sized the loaded cartridge, its not ideal. Going forward, I would suggest a .40 cal de-bulging die, run the cases through that before sizing the the case during reloading. I also use a redding tapper crimp die for the last step.
  4. I was using 7.7grs of Hod Longshot under a 124gr JHP MGB for a PF of 167. I also ran 7.9 at if I was traveling to make sure I would make major. My OAL was 1.170 for my STI DVC. I will be testing loads for my new Tanfoglio Gold Custom team 9mm Major, might take more powder with the V12 port barrel.
  5. I vote for Tanfoglio as well. Just bought a new Custom Gold Eric (old series, replaced by the Domina (sp)), well priced at ~$2K new but you have to add mount and optics or maybe just mount for you (Speed Shooters.com) Works well with the Safariland holsters, the czechmate will take a specialized holster.
  6. When I was choosing a bullet for USPSA, I tested both the 124gr JHP and FMJ from Montana Gold bullets. The JHP actually had a higher velocity under the same powder charge and it was easier to make power factor. I never heard that JHP were more accurate and for my game not sure I need the extra accuracy.
  7. Hello, New Tanfaglio 9mm Major owner, looking for pointers and website links Searching the forum is not fruitful. I am looking for the sight mount and sight ideas for the Gold Custom Eric (2007). Also, besides Henning, who else works on tuning the guns, this trigger is not as good as my CZ TSO. Also, looking for all the other items I need to deck this out as a USPSA race gun. So, I need magazines 3-4 140mm and at least one 170mm. Also need known good load data for these. I prefer Hodgdon Longshot and 124gr bullets since I used that in my STI DVC and have a lot of both.
  8. I had looked for barrels for my Steelmaster and could not find, ended up selling the gun.
  9. Here is another one since you might be able to find it. Hodgdon LongShot slow burning, gets the velocity you want with less whip.
  10. @Whoops! Thanks for the info, can you send me some pictures of the mount and SRO? I have a Trijicon RMR that uses ambient light and I really like it, do you happen to know if the SRO is same type sight? What exactly do you mean by stroke the slide and are you using aftermarket magazine base pads, springs and followers for the mags?
  11. Oh and any load data for the Gold team gun? I have only heard that it takes more powder if you are using the barrel with the popple holes.
  12. The CZ 75 TS Czechmate and Parrot both shoot 9mm Major ammo, though fine print says they can handle IPSC PF of 160 where USPSA is 165 and we all load hotter to make sure we always meet the PF and sometimes to maximize the comp. I ran across someone selling their Czechmate and they also reamed the barrel. Not sure if that is necessary or not. My STI DVC took the longer AOL just fine. So, I am not seeing a ton of USPSA current (>2018) youtube videos of people shooting the EAA Witness Gold Team Eric gun. Is this still a goto gun for Open division? I have to say the base pri
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