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  1. Firmware is out for bluetooth. The only issue is the menu is hard to find, it defaults to m/s instead of f/s, otherwise it will be a great addition to the labradar unit so you can monitor it and change it while someone is shooting and not have to get close to a muzzle.
  2. Banacek

    Why are handguards so expensive?

    Nice find @Chip3!! Thanks, I need to replace a junkie one that came on my Stag AR and did not want to buy a ton.
  3. Banacek

    Re barrel or buy new

    Nowadays the re-barreling of rifle is standard practice and if you get the work done without too much expense. I have only done it once and the rifle had a great action. Just get a good barrel and get the install done right.
  4. @38Superman, thanks for the link, great reading. @Leam, I just started shooting 6.5 Creedmoor (RPR 1:7 twist) and REALLY like the Hornady 140 ELDs. Hornady just came out with an awesome 88 gr one that I am going to reload for the .224 Valkyrie (PSA upper, 1:7 twist), I have not done a lot of heavier bullets for 223 yet but was going to get a .223 bolt gun to match my 6.5 CM and use as a trainer. I am going to try the 88 gr ELDs with that gun and update but that will be awhile.
  5. Banacek

    I Am So Lucky To Have Won!

  6. Banacek

    Losing a brand-new magazine

    Label EVERYTHING, I have lost stuff and no one would know how owns it. I need to get the black sharpie out!
  7. Banacek

    Bullet pullers

    I like the hornady bullet puller. It fits into a press and has different collets for calibers and you can easily pour out the powder into your container. It might mar some softer bullets but I still shoot them. https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B000PCZZO4?tag=amz-mkt-chr-us-20&ascsubtag=1ba00-01000-s1060-win10-other-smile-us000-pcomp-feature-scomp-wm-5&ref=aa_scomp
  8. Banacek

    Newbie .223 reloading questions

    H335 looks good for metering, I like CFE 223 but buy what you can find. Check out this website for details on what powders look like. http://www.ilrc.ucf.edu/powders/sample_detail.php?powder_id=768
  9. Banacek

    Newbie .223 reloading questions

    It all goes back to how much you are reloading and how much time you have on your hands. When I was younger and money was tighter, I went with the hassle of swapping out my powder drop for each caliber BUT I would reload ALL the brass I had for that caliber and would be "done" for awhile and swap it back. Now, I swap back and forth so much in my reloading room that I have a powder drop for each caliber and a powder baffle in all of them, etc. ALSO, what powder do you plan on using because my favorite powder (Varget) does not meter well in my dillon powder drop, so I switched to CFE 223 but I only use that for my 3Gun and plinking ammo. For prairie dog shooting at distance, I go back to my RCBS chargemaster and meter each powder drop. I do not have experience with your Hornady LNL powder drop (I do have one but never use it anymore) to know if / what powders bridge and do not meter consistently.
  10. Banacek

    Getting Started with Precision Rifle

    Back up a second. How ready are you to shoot, if not that ready, see if there is a league shoot in your area first. League shooting is more laid back and people have more time to talk to you. Talk to the people there and take a lot of notes, take pictures of what the other guys have and get an idea of what you are getting into. I brought a gun and some stuff the first time I want to a 600 KD league night shoot and was just going to watch but the league director had me ranged in at 100 yards to confirm my gun and scope could reach track out to 600 yards. It was great!
  11. I of course 2nd what Hi-Power Jack said, buying a used gun you do not get the fast depreciation of a new gun and lets you get used to a model before with the ability to sell close to what you bought it for. You might even like the gun and just get mods done on the gun and keep it. I did that with an older STI Edge and ended up selling the gun to a friend to get him into shooting.
  12. Banacek

    Newbie .223 reloading questions

    X-Die is full length sizing die, correct? If so, then you have to lube the cases and why lube cases you are going to sort and possibly get rid of. Not sure though, I had once looked into the X-Die but the one thing about that is you are assuming you get all YOUR brass back when done shooting when I would rarely expect that unless I was shooting a bolt gun.
  13. Banacek

    Newbie .223 reloading questions

    OK but that means you already deprimed the case and if you are just sorting brass than you might want to add a Lee universal decapping die if its not already on your lists somewhere. Some guys (not me but I might in the future) decapp and then clean the cases especially if they use wet media since it does a great job on primer pockets.
  14. Banacek

    Newbie .223 reloading questions

    That Hornady LNL swaging looks nice and faster than my dillon swager but get one of these as well. I check 10 in a row than spot check but if they are military crimp, I check them all. BALLISTIC TOOLS - SWAGE GAGE™ PRIMER POCKET GAUGE
  15. Any good mods I should consider for my 10MM Tanfoglio Hunter?