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  1. Banacek

    GBW brass

    I have loaded about 1500 rounds and fired 300 of those. I can not tell the difference from my range brass reloads comparing them after being fired. I did a good amount of research before buying this stuff, did not read or hear anything that would discourage me from buying it. I have only shot the .40 cal but have read about others reloading the rifle brass with no problems but I do not have any personal experience with the rifle brass.
  2. Banacek

    Fair price for Steal Master

    I just sold mine for $2400 with one mag. after some hard negotiations since the new DVC is selling for X dollars more. PM me if you want more info. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  3. Banacek

    9mm dies for 38 super?

    I know longer shoot 38 super, check the classifieds for my die set and case guage. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  4. Banacek

    Need 124gr. Gold Dot Powder Recommendation

    I would recommend my favorite powder, Hodgdon Long Shot. Slower burning and can get you to your desired velocity. Not as snappy as the faster powders. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  5. Banacek

    longshot in 38sc

    We were in Colorado at the time of load development and were using 7.9 grains of Longshot under a 124gr JHP Montana Gold bullet with a ~1440 fps. We tried the FMJ bullets but they were slower. Once I moved to Minnesota and bought more Longshot (different LOT and lower altitude, so checked velocity) , I went down in the amount of powder since the power factor that you needed was lowered by USPSA.org. So work up from 7.4 or so grains of Longshot.
  6. Banacek

    longshot in 38sc

    I and my friend use Longshot for 38 super and love it. It is my goto powder for many calibers. I also use it for 9mm Major loads. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  7. Banacek

    New Vortex PST 6-24x50

    Great info. I have been looking at the Athlons and was just at a PRS match yesterday, two shooters were running Athlons (one Argos and one Cerus (sp)) Both had good things to say and shot very well.
  8. Look at Ruger RPR, love mine and have seen many of them at PRS matches and FTR.
  9. I agree with NateTSU! Do NOT agree with Stuey, you can get 6.5 ammo in droves now with no wait or little wait and anyone getting into PRS should be reloading anyway, buy projectiles, and brass and those are now in stock at any of the major re-sellers. I am buying Peterson brass from Graf & Sons, projectiles from Midsouth (had great deals on 250 packs of projectiles) I love my RPR (Ruger), just did my first PRS skills builder match yesterday and got 9th overall out of 30, the RPR is dead nuts accurate, there were two other shooters with RPRs. Sorry, just re-read your post, did not see you had a 50% off coupon. In that case you cannot go wrong with the Seekins and you will get your money back long term. Good luck!
  10. I have read velocities from both rifles with Comps and without. Do you have the comp in the correct area (just behind the unit) to pick up the projectile shock wave that triggers the unit?
  11. Banacek

    Same bullet weight, different velocity?

    I agree with the premise just surprised to see that much difference from a 4.75 inch barrel. I stuck with the JHP since it helped power factor.
  12. Banacek

    Same bullet weight, different velocity?

    Could be, but I have not seen that translate to my 223 reloading and that is with a 20 inch barrel.
  13. Banacek

    Same bullet weight, different velocity?

    I ran into something similar many years ago when testing round nose bullets to JHP (both MGBs). Another shooter and I wanted to see which fed better in our race guns. We found that the JHP was almost 100 fps faster. This test was done over 10 years ago.
  14. Banacek

    Perfect Powder Baffle

    I like the powder baffles in the tubes for more consistent throws but that powder quick disconnect, not sure the real value, I take the entire tool head off and dump powder plus I have a powder tube for all my tool head and die setups and not sure this would have changed my thoughts on having the entire tool head setup and ready to go for each caliber.
  15. Firmware is out for bluetooth. The only issue is the menu is hard to find, it defaults to m/s instead of f/s, otherwise it will be a great addition to the labradar unit so you can monitor it and change it while someone is shooting and not have to get close to a muzzle.