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  1. At my first or second level 2 match, the stage is unloaded gun on table start position. I step to the line. Heard RO say something that I thought was "make ready", so I drew gun from holster and placed it on the table. The "Make Ready" that I thought I heard was actually the RO saying something to the scorekeeper or someone in the squad. RO then asks "do you understand the course of fire", which is my first clue that he probably didn't say "Make Ready" "Aw, sh*t" goes thru my mind as I glance back at him. He looks down at my empty holster, then sees the gun on the table, then looks
  2. Here's what I see... 5.6 Firearm Shooting Sequence Steel Challenge is unique in that competitors compete in multiple matches simultaneously. 5.6.1 Competitors are permitted to shoot multiple firearms as they compete during the event. 5.6.2 Any specific shooting sequence for competitors shooting multiple firearms will be determined by the match director and each competitor will be made aware of these requirements in advance of starting the match. 5.6.3 At tier 2 and 3 matches competitors are prohibited from shooting back-to-back. At least one other competitor must shoot the
  3. Not sure when this went up on Practiscore, but says registration opens Jan 1 ... https://practiscore.com/us-steel-shoot-2019/register
  4. Lol. Yep, been pretty low profile for a bit. I’ll give you a shout next week for lunch, or a cup of coffee somewhere.
  5. Assuming you mean USPSA... 1st Sat - Johnson County http://www.jcssa.com/ 1st Sat - DoubleTap Ranch http://www.doubletapranch.com/D.T.R._Front_Page.html 2nd Sat & Sun - ETTS http://www.ettsgunrange.com/etts-calendar/ 3rd Sun - CTASA http://ctasa.club/match-calendar/ 4th Sun - Collin County USPSA https://www.ccidpa.org/ccuspsa.html
  6. But shouldn't this thread be in the Humor section? (now before anyone gets too upset, all I've ever shot in USPSA are Glocks...mine were just never purdy-enough for photos)
  7. Didn't get to see Harmon's run but was very entertained by two other shooters on different squads failing the 'counting' part (but not 'Bill Drill' 6-in-one-target like one would first think). First shooter put two into the second target before he remembered to reload...(after the string, he glances at toes, shakes head back-n-forth several times...deep breath, deep breath...) On the next squad the shooter put 4 into the second target before shouting a few 'colorful' adjectives...(then after the string, she GLARED at the target for about 1 minute while holding her strong hand on her holster
  8. I rarely sit down during the course of a match and never feel physically or mentally 'zoned-out'. I attribute that to adequate hydration and improved physical fitness (started a consistent exercise program 18 months ago, and have never felt better). So...I agree with the other postings... +1 on the hydration (cool water works best for me). +1 on the exercise regimen - resistance training & cardio work (walking, running, elliptical).
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