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  1. Here's what I see... 5.6 Firearm Shooting Sequence Steel Challenge is unique in that competitors compete in multiple matches simultaneously. 5.6.1 Competitors are permitted to shoot multiple firearms as they compete during the event. 5.6.2 Any specific shooting sequence for competitors shooting multiple firearms will be determined by the match director and each competitor will be made aware of these requirements in advance of starting the match. 5.6.3 At tier 2 and 3 matches competitors are prohibited from shooting back-to-back. At least one other competitor must shoot the
  2. Not sure when this went up on Practiscore, but says registration opens Jan 1 ... https://practiscore.com/us-steel-shoot-2019/register
  3. Lol. Yep, been pretty low profile for a bit. I’ll give you a shout next week for lunch, or a cup of coffee somewhere.
  4. Assuming you mean USPSA... 1st Sat - Johnson County http://www.jcssa.com/ 1st Sat - DoubleTap Ranch http://www.doubletapranch.com/D.T.R._Front_Page.html 2nd Sat & Sun - ETTS http://www.ettsgunrange.com/etts-calendar/ 3rd Sun - CTASA http://ctasa.club/match-calendar/ 4th Sun - Collin County USPSA https://www.ccidpa.org/ccuspsa.html
  5. http://texassteelchallenge.com/index.html Just saw this open up today. Anyone here know much about the range/club putting it on?
  6. Noticed in the 2017 WSSC squadding link that the stage names accompany the squad numbers. Have the stage names been mapped to squad numbers for this match? Be nice to know.
  7. Didn't see this in the thread or on the website... What time does the shooting start for the afternoon squads? (I'm assuming morning squads are 8am)
  8. Tried BBI, Bayou, Precision. CimarronBullets.com is my favorite 9mm 125g. Used the 147g as well, just prefer the recoil impulse of the 125g. hy-tek coated hard cast. he makes several colors from which to choose. haven't seen better prices. great guy. local to DFW area.
  9. Current rulebook has no reference to power factor in D.2 of the rulebook - must have been dropped in latest revision, as scoring moved to sound-actuation on last shot fired. Here's the 2011 SC Rule...references power factor in the context of an impact-actuated stop plate And then in the 2008 Steel Challenge match book...reference to the power factor is for impact-actuated stop plate
  10. http://www.shootsteel.com Recommend the AR500 1/4" plates (they are half the weight as the 3/8" plates) - as long as you're shooting 9mm-.45 (excl .38-super). I've been using a set of their plates since early this year - no pot marks / divits on any of the plates. We've been using 9mm, with some .40 For the 6" to 12" round plates, add a shepherds hook or two from Home Depot for easy setup / takedown
  11. For a $5 increase I wouldn't give it a second thought. If you went to $20 first gun & $10 second gun - it's still a bargain. Not sure why you're covering more than match fee for helpers.
  12. DFW area - steel matches are $15 members, $20 non-members, $5 for 2nd gun.
  13. Local DFW - www.cimarronbullets.com Great product/prices. Shot 400 of his 147's and 125's today.
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