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  1. where did you get that right side mag release.



    1. Bdh821


      It’s a SV metal grip. They’re the only people who make them. 

    2. Todd4611



  2. For me, this is enough lefty controls... the right side safety is nice and big too!
  3. They're all open guns, so I wouldn’t use lead/painted/plated bullets. But theoreticaly yes, the chamber should be tighter
  4. My KKM barrels are substantially faster than my STI barrels. I dropped my powder charge by 1 full grain
  5. I must be missing something, I can’t find said review
  6. I’d run an X5 with the Romeo 3 Max when that is available. I personally love shooting open, but also quite enjoy shooting CO. If I couldn’t afford an open gun I’d shoot CO and be content.
  7. Infinity enhanced signature series steel skater terrain as they’re the only ones making them with a right side (lefty friendly) magazine button
  8. This is absolutely HILARIOUS! If only people knew the story....
  9. This is what I’ve told so many people but everyone still seems to chase the flattest shooting blaster
  10. Your reload is very slow. Practice that.
  11. Ok I lied it was a Romeo 3... She said Max had one on his gun tho.
  12. Everything I said in this post was a lie
  13. I have 2 LSI builds with a SVI steel grip. I would have got a LSI steel grip if he made them for a lefty (right side mag button). Glenn does exceptional work and I highly recommend anything he makes
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