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  1. Also that means I need at least 1, 170mm stick for my CO gun..
  2. Use what you shoot best. I do know they're not checking PF
  3. Use what top shooters use.... https://brekkecustom.com/index.php/product/4-compxtension-barrel/ I’d have gone that route if I didn’t have MPXs.. but I love my MPX at the same time
  4. wow, I just realized I'm not talking about the same shoot... In my defense, I am signed up for both!
  5. Also, it does not say who to write a check to on practiscore. Do I write it to Chad Stanton or to Area 4 Championship
  6. They're not doing D zone anymore?! A match jersey from techwear would be nice!
  7. STI kept sending me new guns and theyd break the comp between 2000-6000rds maybe. I don't really remember as it was a few years ago. Just search for DVC open cracked comp.
  8. Geez maybe ill change mine out as it's one of the few parts I havent changed yet.
  9. I can't say I've had this happen or heard of it happening. Crazy MPX's... My post adds 0 value to this topic. I'm just posting to get to 50
  10. I’ll sell you one that was supposed to be on my build... but I’ve shot his primary gun obviously. It’s a great setup. I’d def consider switching from a MPX if I wasn’t so deep into MPX world. Less s#!t to clean... less moving parts.
  11. It'll def look sweet! Post pics when complete!
  12. I'd be afraid of the bolt cracking... I know Sig has had heat treat issues with the MPX bolts along with everything else they make. I currently have a bolt I sent back to Sig that was cracked and waiting for a replacement. They said there's none in stock. I'd imagine heating it up to 10 million degrees for the PVD process would make it more likely to have issues? I'm also not a metallurgist so don't quote me..
  13. Does the invite extend to me also?! I will admit I wanna do this too!!
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