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  1. Maybe we should start a PCC major match video thread great shooting!!
  2. Lena told me she shoots whatever is given to her. I shoot 115s with 4.5gr of Sport Pistol which is about 140pf. I use either plated or FMJs. I do NOT use painted bullets Basically the gun needs to have the entire gas system cleaned regularly to be reliable. What does that mean? Every 6-800rds is what I do. I’ll wipe down the BCG every 3-400 and oil. I’ll take the extractor off the bolt and clean behind there every 3-400 also. Other than mid Atlantic, which I’ll consider an anomaly, my MPXs don't malfunction.
  3. How often do you clean the gas system? Put in the TTI extra power spring for the +11 extensions When have you last changed the extractor spring? How often do you clean behind the extractor? What is your ammo load data? I assume you had a failure to extract that was jammed up with a loaded round. This would cause the loaded round to be stuck on the magazine feed lips causing you issues to drop the mag out.
  4. I'd love to try the JP-5 to compare to my MPX. Especially since it's lefty friendly. Considering it's price point, it's on par for what I paid for my 2nd MPX after doing the minor modifications to it. Granted I paid Covid pricing on my 2nd MPX...
  5. As I’ve stated before, I’m posting my major match videos for all to watch and enjoy! Thanks!
  6. This is great news to hear! I'm glad you're back out on the range competing and most of all having fun! I have been told, "you're too young to shoot pcc" but at the end of the day I enjoy shooting PCC so I don't care what anyone says. Just like every division, there will be the top shooters and the average shooters. To beat the top 5% of those GMs takes real skills as we are competing against those within our division and classification. PCC is actually what rekindled my love for shooting USPSA back when it was starting to fade. so I appreciate PCC and PCC shooters more than I did prior to shooting it.
  7. By far, MPX magazines will never have issues
  8. CMMG does a delayed roller blow back and the 1 example I saw was a continuous jam machine. The few things I do know, a side charge handle isn't what will make you shoot in the center of cardboard or hit that steel at 25 yards... It also wont make you move any faster... or make you GM All that being said, I'd be very interesting in trying out the JP-5 now that I know it has a lefty mag button. I think JP needs a lefty on their team
  9. Really?!?! I didn’t see a lefty mag button but I could be wrong. I don’t care about ejection in front of my face.. hmmmmm, any pictures?
  10. Which is exactly why I run a MPX
  11. Does it have an ambi/lefty friendly magazine catch button? If not, it's a huge fail in my eyes
  12. This is one of the reasons why I shoot 115s at 1200+fps. I've never had that problem
  13. Buy a Hiperfire Eclipse and don't look back.... My friend had the AR Gold PCC trigger and ended up returning it. I know a lot of people here will also say get the Hiperfire Eclipse. Good luck with your trigger journey
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