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  1. Sig MPX Gibbz lower is what I had before bailing on blowback PCC... JP-5 is very intriguing but I'm so deep into the MPX world
  2. I had a perfect double this past weekend at a club match. Target was about 1yd away. It was called an Alpha Mike.. After watching my hat cam, it was 2A.... oh well...
  3. @3:29, I was disoriented because at the second target of the stage I shot a no shoot because a piece of brass deflected off my arm and landed behind my red dot. Never had that happen before. So consequently I shot another no shoot which is why it was a very slow 3 shots. @4:51, I didn’t get a procedural. I could tell I was back in when I let the shots go but it sure doesn’t look it. I edit this on my iPhone. So in other words I can’t add stats per stage… and I have a hard time justifying buying a computer to do fancy editing.
  4. JHPs are pretty easily obtainable. RMR... New England reloading... Everglades.....
  5. All matches are posted on practiscore or on Uspsa’s website.
  6. after shooting with Corey this weekend at A8, his gun ran flawless and looked very soft shooting compared to other PCCs... buy it
  7. welcome! Come shoot some USPSA with us?!
  8. Tough call. My MPX’s run very very very well. I rarely have a malf. But when I do hate it. I’d want to make sure it’s the newest generation MPX to trust my life with it. And send back to Sig after 20k rounds for a full service.
  9. The Florida Sectional I shot last December allowed for PCC starting pointing at a target while shouldered... 15 yards, first shot around .50 with a .12 split and a 3-4" group if you wanna call that a group. 115gr @ 141ish PF ~ 1220fps Don't overthink these minor details. Shoot as fast as you can to get A's. Transition/move as fast as possible. Come up with the best stage plan you can execute without messing it up. Don't over think it and just execute your plan. The way to win a match is to have the least amount of f*#k ups
  10. There is so many dependent factors What gun/barrel are you using? what magazine does it take? probably other stuff that I cant think of right now... That said, I load my pcc 9mm ammo to 4.5gr of sport pistol under a 115rn @ 1.125" to launch out of my Sig MPX Competition. I came up with that length based off pretty much nothing. It's proven to run reliable in my blaster and I didn't put anymore thought into it after that
  11. Mark is busy building my lefty blaster!!
  12. First time I shot a friends really light PCC with the ECL trigger, I bump fired it with easy. It made me giggle as I’ve never done it prior to that. I’d say just shoot it and don’t worry about it
  13. Thanks! it was a very fun match!
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