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  1. I just put a new extractor spring and insert I got from ILWT. I put the original donut back in as my ILWT kit didn’t come with donuts. I ran 450rds thru it after spring replacement and it ran mint. My factory Timney MPX competiton trigger worked flawless and had the least amount of deformation on it. My Timney DH3 has almost as much as the ECL now. But the DH3 stopped running.
  2. Does this upper setup have a guaranteed that you'll do GM classifications? If not, not interested...
  3. Does anyone have this issue? I’ve had 5 triggers in my Sig MPX Competition, and they all have done this. I hit up a local friend who has the same exact trigger setup and his hammer does not have nearly as much deformation as mine. I have maybe about 1500 rounds with this hammer. It’s a Hiperfire Eclipse. I must add, I have not had any trigger assembly related issues so far with this setup (I think). I still have had the random failure to feed issue. This past weekend at my first match of the season, I had 2 failures to eject.
  4. Which is a big reason I went MPX.
  5. I have a MPX competition and my brother has a GMR13. Shot them both back to back and it’s a tough call on which is “better”. It may be a factor of what’s available as there was a very recent post about not being able to source a Sig MPX competition. Not sure about GMRs I love the MPX. They can be finicky at times as they’re a maintenance nightmare. Rob from ILWT suggested if I want it to run 100%, clean it every 1000 rounds. The gas system is a PITA but it is what it is. I’m currently building a Maxamundi replica PCC as a backup. I’m sure the differences will be inconclusive at my shooting ability. All of that said, I 100% agree with chillywig’s statement
  6. But $350 for a ~4.5lb 2 stage trigger... The stock Timney in the MPX Competition would be a better option IMO. But if it works and you like it, that’s all that really matters
  7. For the barrel/comp pinned welded with matching smoke composites carbon fiber handguard, I believe it’s $500.
  8. I got one one of these coming once they’re coated. He is still taking orders and shipping within the next few weeks. Also, this upper setup makes you shoot as well as Maxamundi
  9. Quick update... I have removed the DH3 trigger as it has been rittled with problems shortly after posting about it. The hammer would reset, but won’t drop when pulling the trigger. I contacted Timney about it. They sent me some replacement springs which did not solve the problem. I returned it for a refund. I have since installed a Hiperfire Eclipse. Hopefully this works better.
  10. or call Glenn's cell.  713-823-1676.  I do know he is very difficult to get in touch with.... keep calling/emailing.  He makes quality product.  He posts a lot of facebook too

  11. I'm 100% positive Glenn from LSI makes right side mag button steel grips as mentioned above. Try emailing him...
  12. I was referring to my local laws for threaded muzzle devices on 16" barrels. I should have clarified. Thanks for the correction
  13. I've pinned/welded a few comps. Just make sure you're happy with your choice. We arent allowed to have flash hiders in my state. So a compensator it is. Worse case, buy a thread protector and pin/weld it. I know rocksett is also an alternative. At the same time, if a law enforcement officer is checking your muzzle device, you're probably already in trouble for something else
  14. Yeah, that’s my fault. My only point was it’s simple to get 5 grains of powder in a 9mm case. I will say I don’t know what “they’re sized more than yours” means If you get powder all over the place from minor pf loads, slow down. I have all the roller bearings on my 650 too to make it smoother. Also the delron ball and I clipped a coil off the spring. That helped a great deal.
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