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  1. Bdh821

    The "John Wick" STI Has Landed

    This is absolutely HILARIOUS! If only people knew the story....
  2. Bdh821

    Open Gun "flatness"....video

    This is what I’ve told so many people but everyone still seems to chase the flattest shooting blaster
  3. Bdh821

    Critique my El prez..

    Your reload is very slow. Practice that.
  4. Bdh821

    new Romeo 3 "max,pro"

    Ok I lied it was a Romeo 3... She said Max had one on his gun tho.
  5. Bdh821

    new Romeo 3 "max,pro"

    I’m also 16
  6. Bdh821

    new Romeo 3 "max,pro"

    Everything I said in this post was a lie
  7. Bdh821

    Steel Grips... LSI? Limcat? SVI?

    I have 2 LSI builds with a SVI steel grip. I would have got a LSI steel grip if he made them for a lefty (right side mag button). Glenn does exceptional work and I highly recommend anything he makes
  8. Bdh821

    Most reliable slide ride optic...

    I do reload my own ammo. 2 of the guns I have the DPP on are open division guns shooting major pf. They are frame mounted dots tho. Regardless, I’ve seen countless people have issues with the RTS2 shutting off at major matches whereas I haven’t had 1 issue. I think c-more resolved the issue at this point.
  9. Bdh821

    Gas pedals for lefties

  10. Bdh821

    Most reliable slide ride optic...

    I have 4 DPPs. One with probably 35k+ rounds on a CO gun. I haven’t had one issue with all 4.
  11. Bdh821

    STI 2011 Right Side Mag Release

    The only grip I know of with lefty friendly controls... it’s a SV Infiniti steel grip. I sent all my MBX magazines back to the factory for the ambi cut in them. I ran the mitchel right side mag catch on my DVC open, and it wouldn’t always drop the magazine. I’d have to manually pull the magazine out on occasion which isn’t conducive to being fast on the clock. Lone Star Innovations may eventually make a lefty grip, but not yet. If you pester Glenn enough, maybe he will sooner than later
  12. Bdh821

    Nationals Survey

    Very well put. I agree
  13. Just put 320 grams spring/follower in ppq mag. My mind is blown!
  14. I’ve used my PPQ mags with TTI base pads at major matches. No issues.
  15. I’ll have to try that tonight! I already have the TTI base pads and I have a grams spring/ and what I’d assume you meant to say was follower, in a X5 mag. Thanks!