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  1. Bdh821

    Newest holsters for open.

    This isn't the Everglades MRH
  2. Bdh821

    Newest holsters for open.

    I have used a Racemaster for the past few years. Just switched to the Everglades magnetic race holster. It is better in pretty much every way shape and form IMO
  3. Bdh821

    Thumb Rest Recommendations

    Gotta have a thumb rest!
  4. Bdh821

    Tool-less guiderod on Open 2011?

    This is when I pull out the backup gun
  5. Bdh821

    Lefty Thumb Rest?

  6. Bdh821

    Defensive ammo?

    So my open gun I run 9.0gr of HS6 with a 5" barrel. My pcc is a SBR at 8" so prob not much faster. I'd love to try them in a 16" barrel. All of this is obviously pointless but fun to think about
  7. Bdh821

    Defensive ammo?

    I shot some 9 major ammo thru my PCC. It does 1500fps out of a pistol. I can only imagine how fast it's going thru the rifle
  8. Bdh821

    Backup guns

    I had 2 DVC Open guns. Having a matching set of custom builds being made currently. I still have a DVC Open 9mm for sale.
  9. I'm not a fan of JHP's for the same feed issue I had back in the day with one of my DVC Opens. I ended up switching to RMR 115 FMJ. https://www.rmrbullets.com/products/327143758192672-9mm-115-grain-rmr-full-metal-jacket-bullets-new-made-right-here-at-rmr I also polished the feed ramp and chamber with a felt bob and compound which probably didn't do anything..
  10. Bdh821

    Lefty - new to OPen

    You should help a fellow local MA business, Evil Hand...
  11. Bdh821

    Another new Massachusetts shooter

  12. Bdh821

    Stock 2 failure to extract issue

    Buy a Shadow 2 or an Atlas open gun
  13. Bdh821

    DVC open

    I have one for sale...
  14. Bdh821

    Lefty - new to OPen

    I second this product! +1