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  1. Bdh821

    Backup guns

    I had 2 DVC Open guns. Having a matching set of custom builds being made currently. I still have a DVC Open 9mm for sale.
  2. I'm not a fan of JHP's for the same feed issue I had back in the day with one of my DVC Opens. I ended up switching to RMR 115 FMJ. https://www.rmrbullets.com/products/327143758192672-9mm-115-grain-rmr-full-metal-jacket-bullets-new-made-right-here-at-rmr I also polished the feed ramp and chamber with a felt bob and compound which probably didn't do anything..
  3. Bdh821

    Lefty - new to OPen

    You should help a fellow local MA business, Evil Hand...
  4. Bdh821

    Another new Massachusetts shooter

  5. Bdh821

    Stock 2 failure to extract issue

    Buy a Shadow 2 or an Atlas open gun
  6. Bdh821

    DVC open

    I have one for sale...
  7. Bdh821

    Lefty - new to OPen

    I second this product! +1
  8. Bdh821

    Desert Eagle .357 Mag "Open 10" gun

    Nice! A friend and I did the same with my DE 44 mag! I was amazed with how fast my friends splits were, while throwing fire balls!!
  9. Bdh821

    New 2018 STI DVC Open

    Hit up Ryan Youngblood, Alex Bowen, and David Cupp. Sounds like they didn't throat the barrel. Demand a fast turn around time. Follow up with them on a regular basis to make sure they follow through with their time frame. Sorry to hear you're having issues. My replacements have worked flawless...
  10. Bdh821

    MBX magazines

    I switched to Mbx mags a while ago. Haven't had any issues at all! I recently sent all of them back to Mbx to have an ambi cut made in them to work in my new custom build that has SVI signature series metal grips. Stupid lefty... I can't wait for my custom builds to be complete!
  11. DPP 2.5moa, same as open guns and CO guns
  12. Bdh821

    Reloading for PCC

    I'm using my CO load, 147 plated 3.1gr TG out of my 8" PCC. Not sure on velocity but it meets PF out of my Walther Q5
  13. Bdh821

    Primers choise

    Winchester small rifle for 9 major.
  14. Bdh821

    Zero - What Distance?

    I've been wondering the same. My variable is my PCC has an 8" barrel. So does that effect those numbers? I'm running 147 Xtreme on 3.1gr of titegroup, my pistol load. My PCC is a CMMG MK9 8" SBR with a DPP on the lowest leupold mount
  15. Bdh821

    ring on nose of Xtreme 147gr 9mm

    I had the same exact issue with the same exact setup. Switched to a Redding seating die with the micrometer. Problem solved.