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  2. I'm guessing the "retro" division aligns with the "unnamed organization's" Classic division? Doubt I can make it, but nice to see people putting on a big match!
  3. Pin loads for this season,, which starts the 4th although I cant make it. So be august for me. 255 Bayou, 6 inch barrel RIA SS 45 ACP 4.5 grs AA2.. 743 FPS, for 189 pf,,, Chrono in the heat probably 90 yesterday,, 742,742,745,741, 745, 742 , 743... Seems like I won the SD game.. am thinking of bumping it up to 4.6 grs and finishing loading this case before I switch my press over. I have a case of soft, coated 230 gr bullets Id like to try. Oh because it does matter, my club shoots 5 pins front of a 4X8 plywood, so about 3.5 from rear of table.
  4. My experience defies this logic, I've been running an aluminum comp (1/2 the weight of the steel comp and a half ounce lighter than the Sebo comp) for more than two years and tens of thousands of rounds and have yet to change my factory slide stop.
  5. I have never ONCE cleaned a primer pocket, other than a hand reamer on crimped brass.
  6. I understand what you're trying to do, if you start with a TS barrel, thread it yourself and trial fit you can get what you're looking for
  7. then there is also the Oneguyitis,,, A MD that cant delegate, micro manages everything, keeps the stage layouts a secret, wiith only one copy of the stages that he wont let anyone look at., runs himself ragged . Help that does come early stands around most of the time with no direction,, and then next time dont bother showing up early at all. Then said match directors seem to be the first ones to boo hoo they dont get any help. But to the op,, showing up early and doing walkthroughs while folks are building stages is a dick move. If I was MD I would put the range off limits until after the shooters brief to non registered help. You pre walks probably arnt helping you much anyways. Shouldnt take more than 5 minutes and a few trips pasting and watching a couple runs to get a game plan,,
  8. When the comp is screwed all the way in, the guide rod hole is clocked at 12 o clock (comp upside down.) The reason for that half turn out. I like it to be like the oe comp where the last turn tightens the comp to the barrel and not just the guide rod holding it in place.
  9. Because nothing looks funnier/more ironic than someone who went to the expense of a 5lb PCC shooting with a 60 round (loaded) mag on a 30 round COF??
  10. I’m not 100% famaliar with break cleaner what happens if you use clorinated (i’m aksing just for knowledge not because i used it)
  11. Compare them in your gun/guns and find out. That's the only way to know. For me there was a slight difference. Shooting 10-shot groups at 25 yds, the 0.355 bullets would mostly have a nice 2" or so group with 1 or 2 shots being a little further out making it a 3" or 3.5" group, when most were in the 2" group. The 0.356 bullets kept everything in a nice 2" group for me, no little flyers.
  12. Every gun is different so there is no absolute answer. You will know soon after you test. Many times you just need to do your own testing.
  13. Nitro Fin 2.0 on my DVC 40. It was fit and not a drop in part. Works very well.
  14. I have been shooting .356" diameter 9mm coated bullet. I have been looking at the Blue Bullets and their bullets are .355". Is the one thousands of an inch going to make a difference. I have ordered a small batch of their .355 and .356 bullets to try. Just wondering if people are ordering the standard size Blue Bullets or ordering the special order .356 size bullets? I am thinking of switching to the Blue Bullets to get a steady order of bullets coming every month with their subscription service.
  15. I used to shoot at an indoor public range, that had the cables with clips to hang paper targets. I would load full power H110 under a 180,, IIRC like 28 grs ? was awsome,, Range was dimly lit, setting that off not only lit up the place, everyone else's paper targets in the lanes next to me would blow sideways. Dang,, now you guys got me aching for a new S&W model 69 as a hiking gun and I JUST found one of my grail guns,, a 2.5" 386
  16. While I cant speak for how it works. This statement is FALSE.. Liquid wrench is basically alcohol, unscented gasoline and propane propellant. Hornady 1 shot is vegetable oil based, Google the product then SDS... for safety data sheet. Will give you ingredients of most chemicals, You may have to look up the names, as often mfg's like to use big fancy words for simple ingredients, Saying that Dillon lube is lanolin and alcohol. which you can buy in bulk and mix, probably has some kinda soap in it as well to get things to mix,, but honestly a spray bottle is $15 and will last a gazzillion rounds. I am all for a bargain but some things just aint worth my time.
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  18. I'm sure it's not *necessary* But I'm not buying processed brass, I'm using range pickups. And I'm planning to automate. So, there's no extra effort on my part, and I feel like it would get rid of brass with debris, .380/.38 Sup cases, etc.
  19. The trick to getting it to cycle is 40gr high velocity ammo, 37gr doesn't work as well if at all. As Maurice mentioned you may also get light strikes if you run a light hammer spring.
  20. I find holding my breath has negative side effects! I have heard many people say build upon successes. Guess that’s the hard part, build but don’t let them go to your head.
  21. Hey thanks Captain obvious. No it doesnt work, Blue, green, orings, tiny split washers,, de greased THEN blue green orings tiny split washers, Ive torqued snot out of them and nope they dont work, Absolute piece of garbage part. Only good thing is in general a FLGR is a solution to a nonexistent problem so when the end flys down range, your gun will still cycle.
  22. years ago i was reloading on my 550 and right at down stroke there is a huge bang. same thing, check fingers, check drawers, deaf, etc. turns out it was my double garage door spring deciding to break. great timing.
  23. Mine really likes the Aguilla. It runs reliable and accurate.
  24. I clean my 97 when it starts either looking dirty or feeling gritty. Probably not more than 500 rounds between cleanings. I do like to take the opportunity to inspect for wear and issues. Like Hansb57, I want to shoot it a bit after a thorough cleaning, to establish confidence before a match that it is going to run like it should. I get higher round counts between cleanings on my Sig, like 1000 - 1500, but that is not due to any sort of reliability issue, it's just that I fire a lot more rounds of 9mm in practice than I can comfortably fire of .45 ACP. After 2-3 weeks, I start feeling guilty, and give all the guns a good scrub.
  25. Put a dab of blue loctite on the guide rod threads when you clean the gun and the 2 piece works fine.
  26. Question for Paul...so there is nothing illegal about dry fire in your backyard in Florida correct?
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