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  2. Since it does not adhere strictly to printed rules, probably not. There is a Covid Pause in rule book editions, maybe they will formally apply it next year.
  3. I understand that Blue Bullets and Eggleston are proprietary coatings where as all the others are Hi Tek...results may be different with various powders?
  4. Good question. I will just contact GGP because I don't know the answer to that and I was making an assumption. I'm glad you asked me.
  5. Just stuck a blue bullet and a hunk of fiber optic rod in a vial of tight group, will report back in 5 years with results
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  7. TG is also famous for damaging FO rods in front sights.
  8. read the description . it does not dissolve polymer coating https://www.alliantpowder.com/products/powder/sport-pistol.aspx
  9. Its not when fired that the KNOWN issue with Tight group affects coating. If you load enough for use in 30/40 days . Your only going to see increased smoke . With little to no leading. Now if you load enough for 12/18 months. Their is a KNOWN issue of TG Attacking, breaking down the coating. This info is available from the manufacture. (coating) If you reserch this issue you are going to find . That Sport Pistol was developed for Federal to cure this KNOWN issue. Tight Group is not the only powder that does this. Probably just the most one used.
  10. Out of curiousity I did a search and RSR Group has this brand listed under Ortho. I don't have a dealer account so can't see pricing or availability https://www.rsrgroup.com/search?Category=5&Facets[exclusive]=on&Facets[DEPT][]=zzz_5&Facets[MAN][]=zzz_orthos&LastFacet=MAN_zzz_orthos
  11. Really!! You think the nitrogylcerin still exists after the big fire and that it has time in the barrel to react with the coating? Ive shot over 100K SNS bullets through a CZ75 shadow and a Shadow 2. Smokes like a mf but no leading ever. How does this stuff start.
  12. WxGuy

    Shadow 2 trigger pull

    To continue your journey for a lighter DA, polish the heck out of everything moving in the trigger group. The 11/11.5 spring works for me in my S2 OpticR.
  13. Ok, I like the Leupold mount and DPP setup better than the other. My holster works with both, but I can’t even remember the brand/model number of my holster and nothing printed on it I Can see. [URL=https://photobucket.com/u/ramairfour/a/6f70c06e-47d1-49b4-82bc-f0787880bf73/p/d017a802-83ba-434f-a1e1-2b7b12a83e62][IMG]https://hosting.photobucket.com/images/uu220/ramairfour/8867FB05-8B5F-413C-9112-665AD2901CD8.jpeg?width=1920&height=1080&fit=bounds[/IMG][/URL] [URL=https://photobucket.com/u/ramairfour/a/6f70c06e-47d1-49b4-82bc-f0787880bf73/p/2bb04a61-6a30-4ad7-805e-113d78e9600a][IMG]https://hosting.photobucket.com/albums/uu220/ramairfour/Beretta/image.jpg1_zpsskt37vn0.jpg?width=1920&height=1080&fit=bounds[/IMG][/URL] I have looked at the 92X RDO and LTT RDO pictures. I like the LTT better. No slides in stock.
  14. My problem with the Vertec grip is it feels like a rake handle, too round. Just squirms around in my hand. And points weird. Maybe too many years shooting Glocks, who knows... I tried getting used to it, but it never feels right. I'll just use my home-made wraparound conversion grips until someone comes out with something better.
  15. I just started running a Triarc 14.5” barrel and the accuracy has been stellar with the short time I have ran it. About 800 rounds and hitting 6” plates at 200yds without much effort. It’s not in a Triarc gun. I put the Triarc barrel in Wilson Combat receiver set. It’s currently my favorite AR. My buddy runs a Ballistic advantage 13.9” and smokes most of us with it. He and others I have talked to, love that barrel, especially for the price point. Mind you, our matches do not require us to go past 200yds for the most part. I will I’ll say I have not had the time to measure groups at 100 yds with the Triarc but will be here soon. Also I have zero experience shooting the bullet weights you are interested in. I have been only running 55gr Bullets through mine. Something to know about Triarc barrels is they are ported for suppressed and non suppressed operation. I do not feel my current 14.5” is over gassed and I run a normal gas block. I run a Surefire Warcomp and the gun runs as flat as I need it to. As far as Triarc handguns, you could not give me one. They have a lot of work to make that platform right from what I have read from numerous sources.
  16. I can’t find the video off hand, but in one of his videos he explained that he uses a Burris fastfire mount for a marlin, the screws line up perfectly.
  17. Thanks for the info. I went ahead and ordered some of the TF basepads. I've also got the Black Scorpion Gear CO holster on order. Should be in soon. I'll post some pics and feedback when I get it in. As for a dot, I settled on the Holosun 507c. Just waiting for my optics plate to come in. As far as guide rods go... does any Glock guide rod work or do I need something that is PDP/PPQ specific? Enjoying the trigger on the PDP so far. Best striker fired trigger that I've come across. Only other issue that I've had with the gun is my support hand pinches my right hand middle finger against the ridge on grip where the ambi mag release can be moved to if you're a lefty. Thinking of getting a dremmel or shaving that ridge off with a file.
  18. You'll have to ask him since it's you who cares Which other discipline?
  19. I have just figured that ^^^ out. It does help. Interestingly, I was able to undo that button screw without effort on my main gun, and I was unable to unscrew it at all on my backup. Main gun has a few thou rounds more and has been run harder; I presume more heat and vibrations. I guess I need to shoot my backup gun more. I did install Eemann reduced catch spring in my backup gun. Certainly feels lighter but I think mag catch angle is more important for me. May still put the reduced spring in main gun too. It was kind of a bitch to do though as I couldn't figure out how to put the trigger bar support spring back without removing the trigger bar / trigger assembly. Which means I had to take out the sear cage too. In retrospect, may be that support spring would've gone in from below. On a separate note, as I was browsing Eemann's site, I found that thumb rest slide stop and couldn't resist...Feel a little dirty now. Walking it off saying aloud "don't blame the gamer, blame the game". We'll see if it does anything. I have just tried LOK brass grips and found no difference on timer. I am sure it was failure to activate. I wasn't hyper amped and it also was a coldest match day on the year. That said, after just installing the mag catch spring and examining catch itself, I am not sure if I can bind up the mag by pushing too hard. Each leg has its own individual slot and there's metal between those slots. Seems like it would serve the same function as bending the opposite leg in.
  20. tim_w

    SP01 slide milling ?

    @ SGT Well finally a properly made and machined mounting system then. To be clear I have not seen the CZC system in person only online. So completely open to its qualities. But I do know it is possible so no reason to disagree with you. So does the plate fit tight against the front and rear wall of the slide pocket. Then does the plate have a front and rear lip of its own that the optic nests in like the plate to the slide? I ask because there are plenty of systems that use bosses studs but still have bolts shear. Now that can be because of loose tolerences. That is why I had preferred that direct fit as it creates a tight slip fit with the walls capturing the optic plus the bosses and then bolts for compression force. Personally, I really like the slightly lower mount hieght. I seem to transition easier back and forth between irons and optic. But that is personal preference and not the focus.
  21. There is absolutely no way this potential issue was not discussed by the USPSA Nationals scheduling committee / President et all before making the decision. The fact that there has been no official announcement restricting the match based on the States statutes indicates they are shielding themselves from any possible liability / litigation from this activity. No skin in it for me as I’m not a participant but as a paying member of USPSA my expectations of the organization setting a positive / clear example is a requirement. Obviously there is considerable sponsor $$ involved as well as $$ to be made in the local areas for food/lodging/travel etc. so I doubt anyone is going to say “stay away”…
  22. Yep, magnet is basically my 5th pouch. 4 DAA pouches on my side and magnet about 11 o’clock.
  23. I went with Fire4Effect in the summer of 2019 when they first came out with their mounting system for the RMR/SRO. I’ve since shot that gun over the last 2 seasons with no issues whatsoever, loss of zero or any concerns with the slide cuts. F4E did the lightening cuts bc back then the 45 oz rule was still in effect. In 2020 had my second Shadow 2 done up the same by F4E. I had them do the slide cuts even tho by then the weight limit was raised just so the two guns would be exactly the same. Again, no issues or concerns. While I recognize other custom shops have figured out their own ways to mill the narrow Shadow 2 slide to accommodate the wider screw hole pattern of the RMR/SRO/HS footprint, there’s a lot of meat holding the mounting screws the way F4E does it which gives me peace of mind.
  24. So you think of the magnet like a 5th pouch? Did you have 4 in pouches and one on the magnet for 5 on belt plus one in gun?
  25. In March I added a magnet to my Prod belt for mag-on-table-start stages, plus my usual 4 mag pouches. At Locap I ended up using the magnet to hold my starter mag instead of carrying it in my pocket like I usually do. At a sectional this year, due to proliferation of 6 shot arrays on one of the long courses, I think I brought one more mag to the line for 5 on the belt and one in the gun. But 99% of the time I get by with 4 + 1 mags.
  26. I can only hope that karma visits the folks running these scam sites. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
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