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  2. jpm2953

    Using 231 or WST for .45 ACP major

    I use 231 for my major load. Not exactly your recipe but 5.0gr under a 230 jacketed RN 1.250
  3. jpm2953

    Trigger Pin

    I replaced mine with the floating pin before I even fired a shot with the gun. The TRS from CGW dropped .5lb off my trigger pull
  4. chase214

    Which recoil spring to use

    Wolf springs are the best
  5. Dlister70

    Tactical Sport .40 mag lip measurement?

    Thank you very much for taking the time to measure the mag! Mine were all higher than 9.8, mostly higher than 10mm. I adjusted them to 9.8mm in the front and back, and they ran great when practicing today! I appreciate the time you took to do the measurements, as I couldn't find anything officially stating them! That was very helpful!
  6. chase214

    Removing shell latch on left handed versamax

    I would contact someone that works on them ie. Rci, rose action sports ect
  7. chase214

    Pcc Muzzle break

    What's the deal with the pcc muzzle breaks if seen some that a really long. My question is most loads of seen would not produce enough gas to work the comp and has anyone tried pistol breaks
  8. I saved a few dollars and went with the Raptor LT, have them on both of my ARs. I think the LT model is one of the better values on the market right now. It works just as well as the all metal Raptor IMO.
  9. bulldog009

    What kind of bullets are you feeding your PCC?

    Blue Bullets 147gr RN over WSF. Same load I use in my 2011.
  10. chase214

    To mpx or not?

    I want to get into pcc just unsure if I should go mpx or build ar
  11. Is there any left side mag release lowers out there
  12. chase214

    Low recoil buffer for non adjustable gas

    Jp silent captured buffer makes a world of diff
  13. Startingover

    How heavy, is too heavy?

    It's this one in 12.5" https://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/forend-amp-handguard-parts/handguards-amp-rails/ar-15-o2-lite-free-float-forend-keymod-prod88143.aspx
  14. bigdave24

    TS trigger freeze

    Have you checked your pre-travel screw? That’s what affected mine.
  15. Open can be totally reliable. It is very simple actually - buy a Czechmate:).
  16. chase214

    Left hand

    Tikka t3x is my choice
  17. Iv heard 73 eld and 8208 with nammo brass you can get them up to 2900 out of a 20 in 223
  18. chase214

    Recommendations for first chassis rifle?

    I bought a tikka t3x and put it in a mpa chassis
  19. No worries, what brand and thickness are the moonclips?
  20. chase214

    224 Valkyrie...Long Range AR15!

    Iv looked into them but I'm gonna give 22 grendel a try
  21. Southpaw

    Forcing you to stay inside FFZ

    Yes IPSC is basically the opposite of USPSA on this. In IPSC if you leave the shooting area you must return through same spot as where you left. In USPSA you're not allowed to tell a shooter they can't run outside the fault lines, see rules quoted by Chuck. Sounds like off limit lines wouldn't work either in this case of just stepping around a wall since they must be at least 2 feet from any fault line, so there'd be a gap there a shooter could fit through... well at least some shooters could fit through It's pretty bad the MD threatened to DQ shooters if they didn't follow an instruction which is not legal in USPSA. If an MD wants to prevent shooters from running through a certain area he needs to put up physical barriers like walls or barrels. It's not too hard to drag a few barrels out and put them in a spot which would discourage taking certain shortcuts.
  22. griffin838

    Is there a trick?

    Thanks to all. It helps knowing that is not uncommon to see one like this (seemed like it would be to me). Anyways, Remington sent a prepaid labeled container for it, so a resolution is hopefully in sight.
  23. I use cuda lube on mine
  24. BlkEagle


    Rudy Project USA Shooting Teams Shooting Teams VIP Link for Shooters - http://bit.ly/rudy-gen18. Catch a glimpse of what is coming in 2019... #rudyprojectna #rudyprojectshootingteams #rudyprojectusashootingteams West Coast Area Captain/Marketing Manager Rudy Project USA Shooting Teams USPSA LIFE / CRO  NRA LIFE Member http://bit.ly/rudy-gen18
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  26. The secret to a reliable open gun is the mags. Any reputable smith can make a great open gun. Let's face they are all using the same parts. If their reputation is solid they know how to make those parts work correctly and play nice with each other. Ammo usually comes down to the bullet profile that works best for your gun. Your smith should be able to work with you on this. My year year in open with a custom built gun by a very respected smith was a nightmare. Very rare to finish a stage without some type of issue. Spent many hours on the phone with my smith. Tried "custom tuned" mags from the "best" in the business, factory STI, factory SV. Had issues with all and was about ready to hang it up. Talked to MBX and placed an order from them. No changes to the gun at all. The MBX mags have been 100% for two years. That the next gun I had built I bought the mags first and sent them to the smith. No other issues. Ran right out of the box. The cookies are really good.
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