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  2. One of our LGS's I visited a few weeks ago had Wolf 55grn fmj for $628.00 a case.
  3. I specifically went into this match with the "dont say f#@*" during video. I've unsuccessfully done that this entire year haha
  4. Great shooting. The only thing we have I. Common, other than our gun, is we both use f*#k to comment during hiccups. LOL
  5. I barely won PCC at A7. Watch my video and feel free to give feedback!
  6. We had a local match and description says shooter must shoot t1 to t4 behind the shooting area, then the rest on area A and area B
  7. I'm right handed and left eye dominant. With open sights I place the handgun in front of my dominant eye. I find this more relaxed than tilting my head. I experimented a bit with grip panels to make me naturally position the gun right in my grip. A thinner right panel will make the gun point slightly to the right and vice versa. With a red dot I place the handgun/dot in front of my non-dominant eye. This makes me use target focus and seeing clearly with my dominant eye, the non-dominant eye picks up the dot. I prefer to not lean, tilt or fight eye-dominanc
  8. I'm good for a year with no slow down. Having said that, I will slow down a bit just to be sure. After the scare my new "zero level" will be 50k primers. Probably more over time.... I'm only 2 years into loading, but it seems that bullets and powder can always be scrounged up.
  9. Okay! Thanks! My Glock OEM barrels have spoiled me badly. Now I have to refine my technique and tighten my specs if I want to run the Apex as issued. I'll give your tip a shot. Thanks!!
  10. belus

    CZ SP01 Production

    Shooting it stock for a couple matches is a good plan. You may want to make sure you have the recoil spring weight you like first though. I don't think either the Tanfoglio Stock II has or CZ S2 has an advantage over the other. I shoot CZs because I was invested in that platform when I started and I haven't had to change my belt up as I experimented within the CZ brand. If it's important to keep the same magazines/pouches get an S2, if it's not then the Stock II would do fine. The Stock II seems preferred by people with larger hands. Within the CZ brand, I think it's worth upgrading to t
  11. Thank you for the feedback. I've only encountered this issue because of the tight chambered Apex barrel I have on my M&P. I say "tight" because from what I gather from SAAMI chamber dimensions, case mouth diameter of a loaded 9mm round is spec'ed at 0.380". My reloads that measure 0.380" with my Mitutoyo calipers don't want to spin when I plunk them in the Apex. My Hundo gauge will only sometimes complain about these rounds and I thought it was tight! My Dillon case gauge is happy with almost anything. I'm not getting many that fail in this manner though. I haven't
  12. 9mm can be a finicky beast with oal and crimp. I never new how much until I got a Faxon G34 barrel. Nothing would fit I was going nuts. Anyway here’s what I did. Take a factory round measure the crimp. All the ones I measured were .375. Pull one. Set up your machine to have a long oal, but crimp to .375. You now know that crimp won’t be a factor. Start plunking your round and shortening till it plunks, and falls out. Subtract about .015 and that’s your oal for that bullet in that barrel. Now you can work on enlarging your crimp to around .378-.379 or if you chamber allows to .380. With a Glock
  13. I've had issues at 1.135 and 1.126. Not sure if I should try longer or shorter. Not sure I want to, lol
  14. Now that helps. If this is an issue with a single bullet profile (my previous assumption was this occurred with all ammo) it's going to be OAL or bullet geometry related, almost guaranteed, as case, mags and gun geometry are all pretty much constants. Since there are lots of folks shooting blue bullets in TSO's my wager would be on the OAL. I don't use blue, so can't provide any guidance there. My BBI loads are around 1.12-1.13.
  15. Hi Everyone, First post here but i have to admit i've been learning from the forum ever since my first PCC purchase in March of this year, so it has been a long time coming. I have a 7" FM9 that i have only about 150 rds through that I really bought for my wife. The pistol had of course an AR10 spring in it with their factory buffer and the slimmest CH i've ever seen and it was a BEAR to charge. Really impossible for a 125 lb girl. Did some research and went with the JP SCS enhanced drop in kit and a nice ambi charging handle and she can charge it fine and it made an
  16. It is not magazine related. Pretty sure we have isolated it to a bullet profile issue The PMC and Black load fine. The Blue is giving me fits.
  17. Today
  18. Same here, I generally don't buy ammo or reloading components locally and haven't for many years. Didn't and wouldn't buy any last night. More curious what others are finding. Tough to find online now at all. gerritm
  19. Buy two of them and alternate. That’s what a lot of PRS people do. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. I've never found that to be true. 40sw is easier to load for and is not at all finicky. If your pistol is set up correctly you will have no more wear than a 9mm or 45. I shot 40sw minor for steel, major for Limited and major for Open for years. I now shoot 9mm minor and major for Open. I can tell you 40sw is waaaay more forgiving, especially in Open major.
  21. KlausN

    CZ SP01 Production

    I like the shadows better and for me the difference in price between a so01 and a sp01 shadow (standard version not czc or cgw) is worth the price. I would pay the difference just for the easier maintenance. The difference between a s2 and a Tangfolio stock2 is harder to answer. The shadow 2 has more support and “followers” in the US but for me it boils down to grip. While the shadow 2 needs less “work” out of the box the Tanfo large frame just fits me better and points better. That said I shoot my CZ the most because the upper I have works for CO and production it has interchangeable pl
  22. havent bothered to look at a local ammo price in 20 years. Always cheaper and easier to order it. Same with primers and powder. When the prices of components went way up 15 or so years ago the LGS's never lowered their prices back down even when components came back down.
  23. Cheely E2 is a far better choice than LSI. Much better QC and small parts fit.
  24. It’s almost like the mag isn't seated all the way. Maybe your bumping the mag release just enough so the mag backs out slightly. Is it your first mag of the stage ? or after a reload ?
  25. Unless your pistol is actually a steel gun built for low power loads, in a USPSA built-to-run Major loads Open gun, if you want flat, shoot near-major powder charges and light bullets. You want soft, download or change powder to lower velocities and run as light bullets as work 100%, but the dot will move more.
  26. We shot a small indoor USPSA match last night at a high end, very nice public/member range. Walked around to check what they has in ammo. Found .223 55gr range type ammo in 100 rounds boxes in stock limit 2 to non-members @ $79.95 per box. Also found 9mm 124gr RN in 50 round boxes for $39.95. I know ammo cost has skyrocked like I have never seen before. Being on a few mailing lists have found .223 online when available for about .60 per round in 1K cases. Double the cost. Understand supply & demand, but curious what have you found locally, if available at all? I al
  27. Bumping to share some 9mm load data that may be of more interest to European shooters (due to the bullet used) Powder: Vectan Ba 9 1/2 Primer: Magtech SPP Case: Mostly CBC (Magtech) with some S&B OAL: 1.07-1.08" (can't seem to get very consistent OAL) Bullet: Ares 9mm polymer coated 125gr conical nose (RNCNBB CEPRX) Data below is preliminary based on only 5 rounds per charge weight. 3.8gr: Average velocity 1026fps, 128 PF 4.0gr: Average velocity 1049fps, 131 PF 4.2gr: Average velocity 1091fps, 136 PF Based on this, I'm
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