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  2. Is anything else out there close to the KL12 now for an open shotgun? Performance-wise, I mean. Other than the Limcat, I guess, since that's the same platform.
  3. I got my hammer adjusted and serrated the ramp and ran a few hundred more through it with 100% success. I started with 200 in the hopper and now have 500 in there. I have not tried less than 200, so might be something to having enough in the hopper. Will have to see when I do some loading and actually use the primers. I have not yet seen a single upside down primer, so feeling pretty good about it so far.
  4. Thanks. What are the V5 improvements?
  5. You might love it! Only trying it will tell
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  7. I have a PAL filler and it works great. It's actually a really nice piece. And way better than doing them manually with a tube. But it's still slow. I just thought this would be faster. The thing probably would be great if it was made with quality parts instead of crap.
  8. I used to clean my RF100 all the time, even Federals left a smear of dust in the bowl of it. It's like people forget all the threads on tuning it, or the FA hand held unit. It's a no win situation for companies. Don't make new products and people bitch, make new products and people bitch.
  9. Greetings Gang, I have a p320 that has not been sent to sig for the voluntary safety upgrade. I purchased a x5 grip for it and currently use the original 4.7 inch 9mm slide and barrel with it of which works flawlessly. Is it possible to fit a x5 slide or x5 legion slide onto it? Thanks! KG
  10. I just put a .250 SDM Super Sight on my 4" 617, and a .160 rear blade. I'll let you guys know how it works out on Monday. If the .160 isn't tall enough, I've also got a .196. The stock sights were as useless as the stock sights on a GI 1911.
  11. Yeah, this little beast is all steel and the magwell is brass... We shall see
  12. The collator definitely works better with 200-300 primers in it at a time. With my unit, it’s only when the hopper gets down to 10-12 primers in it that the light sensor times out and stops because no more primers go down the ramp. If I refill at that point, the collator will resume counting from where it left off unless I hold down the button and reset the unit. Maybe try a couple hundred primers in it if you haven’t already and see what happens.
  13. I have 100 Winchester small pistol primers in the hopper. They're getting picked up by the rotating plate, but apparently they stay there. They never get dropped at the ramp. It's the same with both plates. I think the light sensor just turns the hammer off when you get to 99 so it doesn't overfill.
  14. I shot a lot of revolver but only in the Classic division in ICORE. 6 shots only with speedloaders. I have shot Single Stack in USPSA for about 10 years and love it. For variety I have recently started shooting Limited. No way at this point I would start over with an 8 shot revo and moonclips.
  15. Don't know but my TS 40 likes 4.1gr of Titegroup with a 180gr Blue bullet. I'm thinking that your gun would likely be similar in preference.
  16. I will agree with you about the extra shot, plus the fact that most Taurus revos have ported barrels and no place to play in most of the gun games we partake in.
  17. Steve, yours is not the only one, mine is just like yours pictured and it has run great since I got it and did a bit of work that I knew would need to be done to it.
  18. Better or not, It's one shot less than the 929 and that 8th shot is worth the extra $$$.
  19. V4 was the initial fix for dot shutting off
  20. This is what I run, the bolt is great to lock back with a short stroke set up, but I don’t have the LRBHO set up for mags. Before I ever got the JP bolt my LRBHO would not work on a constant basis so I ditched it. Only time I lock my bolt back is to insert or remove the chamber flag.
  21. Sounds like mine. Winchester small pistol doesn't hardly make it to the ramp. I ran one sleeve of CCI small pistol and 97-100 worked fine.
  22. JP and several others have short stoke factory bolts now to work with LRBHO. @davscoNo disadvantage to a LRBHO on a PCC. All I use mine for is a convenient way to flag or make ready.
  23. YVK

    Red dot for G17

    Don't want to speak for GJM but I think what he said was that the USPSA data he posted reflects competitive use distribution. Not proof of intent. I've had SRO on my carry gun and wouldn't hesitate to carry it concealed. I just found it slightly too big. My carry guns have RMRs on them which are the best compromise of duty grade, concealment, and battery life for me. RMRs, however, are not competitive at higher levels of USPSA performance. We can use up a lot of bandwidths arguing this point; the better way of settling it is going out, shooting matches, and posting results.
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