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  2. Hi-Power Jack

    Tangoflio Limited 9mm Experience

    1. Big advantage to buying used and local, is that you can probably shoot the gun before you decide That gives you a LOT of useful info re: the gun 2. I'm not familiar with IPSC, but in USPSA, shooting 9mm in Limited is a handicap - you need Major PF and most people shoot a .40 Major rather than a 9mm.
  3. Hi-Power Jack

    Best 3 gun scope?

    There has been a LOT written here about this topic - to summarize, Very High regards for Razor and many people feel the $300 savings for the C3 is definitely worth it. If this is for night only, do you need the 6x magnification ? If not, you might be better off with a red dot with no magnification and/or a green laser ???
  4. Pic from the other side Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. I´ve been offered a Tanfoglio Limited in 9mm from a fellow shooter in the local club. It´s been running in IPSC standard division the past 1-2 years. It´s been upgraded with complete Henning trigger, Magwell, springs etc. 5 extra extended mags to accommodate 20 rounds. It seems like a very good deal as I´ll probably be looking into half the price of a factory new model without any of the upgrades. I´ve searched in here to get all the input needed on the Limited model (not the Limited Ultimate) but cant seem to find that much info - any other models it is to be compared to? What´s your take, anything i need to pay special attention to? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Hi-Power Jack

    FNG here, would like some pistol advice

    Well, I'm 74 years old, you young whippersnapper. If you're not going to be competing, why not a very nice .22 semi-auto pistol ? And, I wouldn't rule out the optic sight so easily, now that you're middle aged. If it is going to be a 9mm (great choice, BTW, I'm going all 9mm myself), you are in the right ballpark with the guns you've mentioned. Unless you're thinking of carrying one of them - if you have CCW, you should be thinking more of a plastic gun - I like the S&W M&P Compact in 9mm, with a laser sight All very personal - and depends on what exactly you're planning on doing with the gun.
  7. Hi-Power Jack

    Not Bad

    And, what scope ?
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  9. Archer

    X-Carry slide cut: DeltaPoint Pro?

    Romeo1T has been known for over a year now, but I’ve never seen one in person. Photos indicate an aluminum build, steel shroud with rear sight, and supposedly much more rugged. It might also be the Romeo1PRO being referenced on the SIG website in a few places. Presumably the Romeo2 being referenced is sized to fit the optic cutout flush on the muzzle end of the cutout, as the current Romeo1 does in the current cutouts, because without the lugs found on other designs you would be relying on the screws alone to handle recoil loads. The cutout would have to be about 2 mm longer to handle the DPP. Hopefully all will be much more clear after the SHOT show.
  10. Archer

    Upgrades to new P320x5...

    Definitely do the trigger upgrade. I’ve been working pretty hard with my X5’s for 18 months, never quite getting the performance in terms of speed and accuracy I have been getting with my custom .45 ACP 1911’s even though it’s minor caliber, and my 1911’s are always run well over 165 PF. I figured that 30 years of carrying really good single actions needed retraining for the relatively crappy trigger on the X5, but I never quite got to where I wanted to be. Dropped in the Grayguns competition kits this week, and boom. Unbelievable difference. For the first time I’m much faster and more accurate on standard drills than I was with ol’ slabsides. Do some homework before going for the tungsten guide rods, a few people have been peening the hell out of their barrel lugs with them.
  11. mikamarj

    Mark 7 Presses worth the money?

    I had RL1050, now have Evolution Pro. Evolution is way better, totally worth the price.
  12. Schott

    Freedom Ordnance FX-9

    So I’m having, really bad feed issues with mine. Seems strange that there is about a 1 centimeter gap that each round has to jump from the feed ramp to the chamber. I’m getting misdeeds about a third of the time. I’ve tried various different brands and loads of ammo, which does not seem to make any difference.
  13. himurax13

    Slide Serrations Hard on Hands?

    Well if you are slingshotting instead of using the area between your support hand thumb and middle finger in an overhand fashion, I could see how that could happen. Sent from my VS987 using Tapatalk
  14. Use some dykem or a red marker to color the flat part, then insert it into the gun as far as you can and rub it up and down. When you take it out, the color will be rubbed off showing exactly where to remove material. Use a pillar file if you have one and take off a little at a time until it goes in and moves up and down the full range of motion. Then be sure to test before loading any live ammo.
  15. Like others have stated, shoot them.
  16. bubbau

    WCC Headstamp

    Based on my experience it is crimped.
  17. funkymonkey1111


  18. XL6504ME

    Mark 7 Presses worth the money?

    3995 for the basic machine, 2 k for a dillion 1050 hard to justify the difference . my 1050 works great.
  19. jskd82

    Franklin arsenal vibraprime

    I rolled up a piece of 800 grit sandpaper and ran it thru the hole in the tray a few times and then followed it up with some 3000 grit sandpaper. After that I put some imperial sizing wax on the 3000 grit sandpaper and ran it in the hole again. Now Mines works great and if it does get stuck I just shake it or tap it and it falls right in. It rarely gets stuck now but if it does, it just take a tap or two. I had the hornady version and that one was really bad.
  20. mich3210

    Upgrades to new P320x5...

    I'll look into the tungsten guide rod and a 14# or 15# spring. Thanks for the info. I'll probably run stock to start but will be upgrading those and the trigger within a few months I'm sure.
  21. Well I put the new Brazos trigger group in my sps limited gun and it feels great. Breaks at 1.5lbs. But the thumb safety needs to be fitted. I watched tons of videos, read articles and looked at all the pictures I could find and I just don’t know for sure which part of the lug I need to file. My lug looks different then most I’ve seen online. May have to take it to the smith. Everyone says it’s easy to do, and I’m sure it is if someone could show me where I need to take some material from. It gets stuck on the sear. I can kinda see where the lug hits the sear. But I don’t want to mess it up. Anyone have some suggestions ?
  22. Silverscooby27

    My PCC comparison, JP is worth it.

    I’m running t1 ammo, but it’s a little expensive. They load with TMJ ammo, 30.4 cents per round for the bulk stuff. TMJ so no exposed lead base so you won’t have to clean lead out of your comp. Loaded longer than regular factory stuff, around 1.155 compared to 1.123 for Atlanta Arms, for example, but still functions fine in the mags, feeds fine. I used it all last year for both my wife and myself, thousands of rounds, only ever got one round that was a dud, a short 1.112 ish long round. I plan to only use T1 brand PCC ammo this year. You mght also consider Federal Syntech is making a new PCC round in the coated red bullets. I personally prefer copper bullets, though . i zeroed everything to 12 yards last year, primary optic, 45 degree secondary optic and the laser. It worked fine, but my area (area 8 has a PCC specific match, level 2 for which I’m expecting some long distance shots. This year, I zeroed to 25 yards for the primary optic, 12 for the side dot, and 12 for the laser. Hope this info helps.
  23. Demp223

    Bluetooth hearing protection to make phone calls

    Another vote for Peltor tactical 500. Get the gel cups for them as well. AS much as i like getting to the range middle of the work day, as a self employed individual I still need to answer calls for work.
  24. robert.a.brewer.

    Shadow 2 style mag release for CZ TS TSO and Czechmate

    Did you put your catch in a vise to drill it? This is my current project at the moment. I have access to a drill press and want to use that to drill and then turn the tap in the press chuck by hand, to start it straight. I bought a Dormer M3 tap at Amazon, but received an empty little red plastic case in a huge 15 x 15" envelope. Kinda funny, but disappointing.
  25. If you know the guys at Wilson well enough, just order the delayed blowback barrel & bolt from a CMMG Guard to get the best qualities of the Banshee and drop them off at the shop for a custom build. Get the best of both that way!
  26. caspian guy

    Not Bad

    Nice shooting what rifle?
  27. CHLChris

    X-Carry slide cut: DeltaPoint Pro?

    I had typed Romeo3 from memory. That's a really big optic so it doesn't surprise me that I was wrong. Romeo 2, huh? And what is the Romeo1T?
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