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  2. muncie21

    Prima sv update

    Thanks for sharing @B_RAD the PF with the xtremes is a bit too close to min for my liking, however this info provides a good starting point for me. Thanks!
  3. xjwalt666

    Shielded Thumb Safety

    Ive been looking between the DAA and the PT also and curious about this as well. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  4. xjwalt666

    RTS2 Mounts

    I recently got the everglades mount also but have only mocked it up so far. Havent shot with it yet. I went to this after using a sideways mount with a slideride so it'll be a big difference Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  5. igolfat8

    TSO questions

    Thanks for all of the feedback folks. I've shot Glocks for many years and am accustomed to its grip angle and I like how close I can get my high grip to the bore axis. I have a couple 2011's but don't shoot them nearly as fast and consistently as my Glocks.
  6. 38super

    Open 9mm ejection problem

    I'd grind and file, just so you learn what ejector length and face angle do. Make sure you can eject a loaded round. Order two.
  7. The problem is the ROs and/or shot timer sensitivity. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Dillon Powder Check Little Use $65 shipped. PayPal Friends and Family
  9. In my past three matches I have had four reshoots because the timer didn't pick up the gun. my question to the group is, what muzzle device is going to send the most energy back to the timer?
  10. vinceislander

    Laser practice systems for dry fire training

    For a while, I was using a laser cartridge during every dry fire training session but found myself looking for the red dot rather than calling my shots. Bad habit... I put it away and may consider using it sparingly to mixed things up. It did help with diagnosing my DA trigger pull resulting in low right shots (Southpaw here)
  11. Dr. Phil

    Moving Targets

    2 thoughts on a mover. Taught my sons to shoot a mover with a motorcycle tire with cardboard inside and a paper plate taped to it. Rolled it down a slight grade. (while I stood behind a big tree) It ran about 20 yds. He got really good with a .22 and got so he could hit anything! He was awesome on the Texas Star and Polish Plate Rack when he was about 12. We held right on the leading edge of the plate from about 15 - 20 yd. Thought #2. I made a simple mover with a cable, magnet, switch and trolley for my range. 30 ft in about 5 sec. Same thing can be done for dryfire inside a basement with clothesline and a simple trolley. Imagination counts! Have fun inventing...
  12. Ssanders224

    Shadow 2 owners do you shoot 147 during competitions?

    As has been said, It's hard to beat Precision Delta's 147 ammo for an off the shelf Production/ CO round. It was specifically designed for that purpose in mind. It makes about 130PF in a G17, and is a true jacketed bullet, and runs very clean. It runs on sale from time to time for $215/case shipped, so check frequently. https://www.precisiondelta.com/products/9mm-147gr-fmj-remanufactured-ammunition/
  13. That's the next step of decisions if I go the Open route... my brother in law has a custom built open gun in 38 that he would sell me for a good price with powder, mags, etc, but I'm hesitant on the 38 part... I have a good supply of 9mm brass, and a good source. I've done some research into the 38 super stuff and it doesn't seem like things are nearly as readily available for it as 9mm. Brass only has a couple of sources, and I don't know much about the projectile selections. I know it has its advantages over 9mm when you look at case capacity and that sort of stuff however.
  14. CrashDodson

    Crash Log

    I shot the Cowtown Classic match in Cresson on the 12th. I was shooting my new limited gun that I didn't have many rounds through, but I couldn't get the optic mount off my other gun to run it in limited. I let a buddy shoot it at our local match and I put about 400 rounds through it in practice without any issues. It ran great at the match, its operator, not so much. This was my first match in 2 months and it showed. The first stage or two I was really uncomfortable but it got better throughout the day. My wrist didn't bother me as much as my stupid broken toe. I finished the match 5th/41 in Limited with one limited stage win. I had 4 mikes and 9 D's. 1 mike I got popper f'ed but the the other 3 where on paper shooting while entering a position. I was not letting my sights settle and not calling the shots. I have a good focus for practice until Doubletap in a few weeks.
  15. jrn1975

    320 compact / carry guiderod & springs

    I have been looking for a guide rod for the compact / carry models myself and have only found one which was the DPM systems recoil reduction system. I have no experience with their products however they do allow you the ability to use "different" springs.
  16. Sliv2

    Shadow 2 owners do you shoot 147 during competitions?

    I've subscribed to most major retailers that stock it, and order it as it becomes available.
  17. JBP55

    Connector Trigger Pull Comparison

    I have used many springs including possibly 100 made by Zev. I had this conversation with Zev and voiced my concern for the misleading advertising. I have compared the so called 2 pound spring to other 4 pound springs and they are basically the same. Zev stated that their best complete trigger kit including the so called 2 pound spring resulted in a 2 pound trigger pull weight. I have worked on more than 100 Glocks and tested the trigger pull weight on each one a minimum of 10 times. I am willing to bet $100 No Zev FPS is actually at 2 pounds which would give a trigger pull weight approximately 20 oz. lighter than a 4 pound Wolff spring. Try running a Glock with a FPS that is only 36% as strong as the OEM spring and let us know how it works. Put your money where your mouth is!
  18. It depends on what kind of powder you use. The above results is typical for a fast burning powder, which is appropriate for a shorter barrel. Switch to a slower burning powder for a longer barrel.
  19. Thomas H

    Match DQ Fair or Not?

    We aren't DQing the gun. As such, "the gun" isn't the point. The person is the point. The person committed an unsafe act. We don't care what gun was used, or even IF a gun was used. (Ex: DQ due to handling ammunition in a Safety Area.) The person was unsafe. Therefore, the person is not allowed to shoot after that point in time in that event, period. If there were any guns left to shoot, they don't get to shoot them. The argument of "eliminating someone from competition with a gun that they didn't violate any rules" doesn't hold, because what the person is holding at the time isn't the point. We don't DQ guns. Or divisions. We DQ people for specific actions. After the DQ, they no longer shoot. Now, if people want to change the rules so that people can keep shooting in another division after they DQ in one, then as Zack says, people should contact their Area Director regarding that. Personally, as other people have pointed out, I'm thinking that would defeat the general idea of DQing people who aren't currently acting in a safe fashion with a firearm, and also means that people will then turn around and sign up for a second division to keep shooting---which would be right after demonstrating that they aren't being safe with a gun. (Personally, I wouldn't want to be the match director who DQs a guy in one division, lets him keep shooting, and then has the guy cause an injury in another division due to unsafe gun handling.) I don't LIKE the current rule. However, I understand it and think it is the best choice possible at the moment. Just my opinion, though, and as Zack said--if you want it changed, then talk to your Area Director.
  20. StandardError

    Shadow 2 weight sanity check

    Hi everyone, I had a chance to actually weigh my shadow 2 and it came in at 45.8 ounces (after using two different scales) with an unloaded mag. This seems rather light given that the OEM listed weight is 47 ounces. Or is this within reason? My gun has grip tape on it as well, but has been refinished in chrome. Does any of that make a difference?
  21. AmarokTactical

    P320 X5 Thread

    Are we sure these photos are with unloaded mags? With 23 rounds of 147gn bullets, mine comes in at 45.5oz - people would likely have to be swapping out the grip weight, guide rod and probably shoving other weights into the frame to get it that heavy.
  22. dkamps

    TSO questions

    I'll start this off saying I have not owned one, I have handle and shot them on multiple occasions. I was going to get one. I shoot glocks and a STI DVC. The angle is more comparable to a 1911, but definitely different. Id say a bit more beretta/sig-ish. Overall its comfortable and points nice. It doesn't feel as fat as the 2011 does. I am more consistent upon presentation with the 2011, I have more left and right deviation with the CZ... I can chalk that up to having many more rounds through the 2011. The safety on the CZ is not as positive, nor in as ergonomic of a spot (IMHO). Bore axis is lower on the CZ. I can keep my 2011 just as flat as the CZ, they recoil differently, but id say one isn't better than the other. Id still like to get one, put a few thousand rounds down range and see if I'm better with one. The mags/cost/etc seem like a much better deal. You will love the TSO if you choose to get it.
  23. One other thing to consider is time and funds. Obviously, to be good at 3 gun you will need to focus more time on each of the disciplines and that will require more funds for ammo, gear etc.. Personally, if I wanted to shoot a gun with a dot I'd go for an open gun. Whether to go for 9mm or 38 Super is a personal choice though, at least in matches I shoot, I see more guys having issues with 9mm open guns than the 38 super guys. But that is a limited sample
  24. rocket99

    P320 X5 Thread

    33oz here Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. zzt

    Why are my bullets suddenly tumbling?

    Another thing to check is the comp, especially if you have just reattached it. It is possible that the tumblers are just nicking a baffle and deforming slightly. It is also possible that you have a little bit of crud on the barrel crown.
  26. Yeah, I've been loading the same load on my 550 for a few years now that is dialed in just where I like it for 9mm minor. That being said, to switch over to major will just be a new set of 9mm dies in the extra tool-head I already have. I have similar reservations about the shotgun, I enjoy it, but it is probably my least favorite of the 3 guns, which may be why I haven't been in a hurry to replace it... And you bring up an interesting point, UML (my club was an early adopter of UML) has a 2 gun division with just pistol and rifle, but they have to follow tac ops rules, so the open gun would be a no-go. But there is the 2x4 division where you have Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, and PCC, and you use 2 of the 4 on each stage, and everything goes, so the open pistol would be fair game, but I would still be down a shotgun... Decisions decisions
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