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  2. I am using the "support arm" that came with the Raptor. I assume that is what you mean by "new spring plate" or are there different versions of the Raptor plate? But, I have been using the raptor with the plate it came with for some time before these stovepipes starting happening. Also, when I substituted in the bolt carrier group from my father's mpx`it included the factory charging handle and spring plate and recoil springs etc and the stovepipes continued in my gun. And when I put my group including the Raptor into his mpx it ran without stovepipes.
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  4. Talk to Tom at MOA Precision or Mark at Roth Performance if you want a shotgun that runs and runs. JM Pro.... Not the best shotgun to put money into. Now Stoeger M3000 has ton of potential and Tom at MOA can tune em pretty sweet.
  5. RA Ultramatch Mod 2 - 16 Intermediate is amazing! https://www.rainierarms.com/rainier-arms-ultramatch-mod2-223-wylde-intermediate-800-gas-block-tin-extension-16-polished-10960/
  6. Tried the past few days to order some stuff, shows 'Site Can't Be Reached'. Has your webstore changed or is it down?
  7. There is no trip hazard. There is a moving platform upon which the shooter steps onto to see targets. In close to 14 years or so of shooting Area and National matches, I have never seen a fault line design so a shooter could not step on it without acquiring a penalty. In the spirit and literal interpretation of the rule infers the fault line must be above the surface so as to allow the shooter a physical touchable reference point. In fact, in the RO and CRO classes, it was mentioned that fault lines provide the shooter the ability to gauge they are still in the shooting area without having to look down. The dirt was explicitly arrange so the shooter could not step on that part of the fault line without incurring a penalty. Furthermore, notice the other legs of the fault line, there is no dirt piled up. So the other legs of the fault line comply with the literal and spirit of the rule(s).
  8. My 650. I just have the rollsizer sitting on a box for now. Once my RL1100 shows up and I mount it to my new bench, the Rollsizer will go right next to it. I ordered one of the Hasgrok Feedinator's to try with the Rollsizer.
  9. Eh? Of what values and what does it signify on that chart?
  10. Well just installed stretch 16 on a new build. Will testing hopefully this weekend
  11. So there I was reloading along on the 650 tonight like no one's business when suddenly the ram would not fully bottom out on the downstroke. I could get close, but every time I was met by stiff resistance. I pulled the cases off the shellplate after giving the machine a quick once over visually and finding nothing obvious. The shell plate would advance but still the ram would not achieve full travel. FINALLY I noticed that a magic marker had worked its' way under the ram between the ram and the bench top and preventing full travel. (The 650 is mounted on a Dillon strong mount.) So, I guess storing junk under the strong mount isn't such a good idea.
  12. If you have access to a single stage press, put the die in upside down and use a brass rod or small punch to push it out with the press.
  13. My XL has been great. I just shot a match where both days we started out looking at the sun over the back berm and it didn’t faze me at all. One stage I could barely see the target but I could see my dot. Only 2 thousand rounds through it so far but it’s has definitely been worth the switch for me out here in the desert. Now we just hope they hold up.
  14. I thought about spraying silicone or some kind of lubricant on it but I don't want to contaminate the rounds
  15. There needs to be time for lunch, but see more and more picky eaters. To me providing cash for the ROs to bring their own or making a sandwich run to Jimmy Johns or the like seems the way to go. As a shooter having food available for purchase is convenient, but if I know ahead of time to bring a sandwich I will.
  16. What is your feeder mounted on? On mine it was where your digital counter is.
  17. You can get 100% alcohol on amazon and thin the Dillon lube waaay Down. I would cut it in half for starters. Dillon is way too rich in stock form
  18. I have this happen a couple of times. I put the die in a vice, and hit it with a propane torch. When it gets hot enough, I can pull the case out with vice grips. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  19. I don’t understand what you’re saying in the first paragraph Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. I have my Ammobot with all of the sensors, my Mr Bulletfeeder Pro and a new bench to mount it all on. The wait is killing me!
  21. Grip the case rim in a pair of vise grips (tight as hell) and try to get it to spin, then gently rotate & rock it back out. Failing that, drill and tap the primer pocket to thread in a bolt so you can use THAT to pull the case out. I’ve had to do both.
  22. I used one shot for years then the corn cob clean. I had no issues with it except the cost and shipping hassle. Then someone asked me if I saw the article regarding problems with power after running a cleaning cycle. I never had a problem I knew of the but the thought was planted. Then I tried dry lube. Works great and cheaper than one shot. No need to clean anything. I load 9x25 and they don't work well even in carbide dies without lube.
  23. Since I adjusted where the tube drops the case, and the height of the tube above the feed arm I have had zero cases fail to properly feed into the machine in over 10k pieces of 9mm brass. I added a digital counter and I did 5,353 cases without one issue in just two sessions. No bent pins, either. I have it dropping the case about as close to that bent steel guide piece as possible, which seems to prevent it from bouncing. You may be able to see it in this test video.
  24. Odin does have a 16.3 in rifle gas barrel in DMR profile. I've got a 3 gun 18in rifle gas barrel of theirs and it shoots lights out. Wouldn't hesitate to buy one of their barrels. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  25. Meaning this will function properly with your 5.25” barrel?
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