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  2. I’m glad Bob took the time to write all these articles for mags. Really good info
  3. What ? How is the stage designer responsible for what the shooter does especially in this case of opening a door....a car door at that. Do i think the IDPA goofy stages are a good idea...No...but that doesn't mean the shooter is not solely responsible for acting safely according to the rules.. I'm sorry for this person. I wish it had not happened, but don't blame the stage designer.
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  5. Thanks for the info everyone. I think I read every article Brazos had on the site. I may even print them fpr future use. (I hate reading on my phone when my hands get dirty) I installed an aftec extractor because I had one laying around. When I inspected the original after removing it I found the tooth chipped just a tiny bit when inspecting with magnifying glass. Should have the new ejector in early this week and installed by the weekend. And have the new mount and SRO installed. Then some good ol range time is in order.
  6. Interesting that Limcat worked over a RIA....
  7. thanks. Good point on the trigger. I used the G2S because I had one on the shelf, along with a SD3G. Geissele told me the SD3G would not reliably reset in a PCC. I’ll have to look at the trigger suggestions. I know that Hyperfire 24C comes highly recommended, but I’ve seen a couple of guns with those triggers go down. I’m not sure it was completely due to the triggers, but it makes me skeptical. I will definitely address the trigger before I work on short stroking.
  8. Yeah, you better get some 10 rounders. Acquaintance moved there and just possession is a big no no. Friend left all his high caps with a relative here so he can load ‘em up when comes to visit. Think they also have some rather draconian firearms ownership laws too.
  9. I got my first open gun in 2013 and a few long time open shooters said click switch because you could theoretically bump the non click switch and dim the dot. So I always used click switches. But i never came close to bumping the knob, ever, so take that advice with a grain of salt.
  10. Noooo well, I'm gonna keep my Black Scorpion regular ones too I guess
  11. Just a reminder you can’t use those for all divisions if you decide to shoot USPSA
  12. Seems pretty clear to me. USPSA Competition Rules Loaded firearm A firearm having a live round, empty case or dummy round in the chamber or cylinder or having a live or dummy round in a magazine inserted in the firearm.
  13. Speak for yourself. Many of "us" do understand them.
  14. I'm gonna try the Black Scorpion magnetic pouches, does anyone have experience with these?
  15. New contacts for my younger daughter in the mail. Reached my city on Monday, 11/23. As of 11/28, they still had not gotten to my mailbox. My experiences with USPS the last 3-4 years have steadily gone down hill.
  16. What state? In Colorado you're allowed to possess magazines that you owned prior to July 1st 2013. The law is silent about what state you were residing in at the time.
  17. If you shoot anything besides a 38, HKS is often the only game in town. I have a Safariland for the J frame, but I use HKS for the 44 mag.
  18. That's only for the 38 caliber stuff. For the big 6 shot guns there's only one flavor of moonclips for each caliber. A bit of movement in the moonclip is fine, especially for the 45's and 40's.
  19. I have 2 plastic with regular switch, 1 plastic with click switch and an aluminum with click switch. I like the the plastic with regular switch the best. The aluminum one goes out of adjustment on the elevation on occasion. It is mounted on a 9mm PCC.
  20. I use a 14 pound Wolff recoil spring. I tried 12,13 and 15 pound springs. 14 felt the best to me with my load. I know some guys use and like the lighter springs without issues. As far as the recoil spring for your load. That’s something you will need to workout. If I was starting out with your load today. I would do the same I did before and get 12,13,14 and 15 pound springs and see which one I like and is 100% reliable.
  21. I got a Vortex 4-12 x 44 scope for $99. I don't think it is a over the top deal but I was needing one and they were on sale.
  22. I’m turning my TS to a poor mans S2 will post when done
  23. kinda late for this, but didn't see anything posted. any great deals out there?
  24. Anyone have any experience with these? Looking for something one handed to use at matches instead of an Uplula. I do have one of the ETS pistol magazine loaders, and it is just finicky as hell. The Uplula works great if you have a table top to work off of, which isn't always the case. I know that you could hold it against your body, but that isn't nearly as effective as having a flat, horizontal surface. Yes, I could just use my thumb, but I would prefer not to. A couple of old injuries to my hands makes that a major pain in the posterior.
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