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  2. It will be just by the nature of it. I think we will be around 40 revolvers this year.
  3. dthomas1003

    2018 STI DVC Limited reviews?

    We're here to help...lol
  4. Distant Thunder

    Dave Dawson??

    Good news for sure.
  5. Just4FunLP

    Lawton's Wants to Make Production Master: Please Help!

    Thanks rowdyb. I use Stoegers dryfire book, and I loaned out his live fire book. Ive been working through his dryfire books for years now. I did work through his first live fire book and found it to be a big help. It forces you to work on a lot of skills that aren’t very fun, like shooting difficult targets around barriers and such. Maybe I’ll try Anderson’s book. Ive tried many different grips in the past. The Vogel grip is my all time favorite. Wrists twisting upward and creating all that tension really works wonders. The same is true for tightening the heels of my hands at the back of the grip. Also, shooting with my finger on the front of the trigger guard provides amazing control under recoil. It’s almost like shooting a rifle. The only problem with these techniques is that they take more time to aquire the grip. That’s every draw, mag change and move between shooting positions. It also seems to be a little slower between targets. When I took lessons from Shannon my biggest question was if he thought it was worth investing the time to make a big change in my grip. After he watched me shoot he said my grip and accuracy were fine. I needed to speed up. He was seeing the gun just sitting out there doing nothing before I broke my first shot. A lot of this is from that DA trigger. He worked with me for a long time to get me to break the shot as soon as I extended the pistol. Of course this was on very close targets. He said I had to know in my heart that the shot was going to be in the A zone and just pull the trigger. I’m able to do this now on close shots, but ten yard targets are a little different. I digress.. Basically I’m pretty satisfied with my grip when running a stage. I’d say my favorite all purpose grip is pretty standard stuff that Max and Shannon show in their videos. One thing that may be a little different is when my weak hand first makes contact with my strong hand I like to have the four fingers of my weak hand pointing slightly up. Then as I roll my hands out and extend my arms the index finger is applying a lot of upward force to the bottom of the trigger guard. When it’s done, those four weak hand fingers are actually under tension as they’re bending upwards. At the same time I’m getting a fairly high placement on the thumb side. Just before the buzzer goes off I cock my fingers on my weak hand up slightly to remind myself to make them land in that position. This finger tension definitely requires grip enhancer, especially in the Florida heat. I can achieve this grip when drawing on a field course, when reloading and changing positions. If I get this hand position right and the strong hand is high in the beaver tail, the gun feels like it’s welded into my hands and I can run it fast with confidence. It’s making this happen consistently on very fast draws that’s causing me issues. I’ll need a lot of reps. I really like Max Michel’s videos. He discribes his techniques step by step and is right to the point. He can cover everything you need to know in about 60 seconds. If you didn’t get it the first time, just watch it over and over. All th information is there. When he draws, he brings the index finger of his weak hand up to the trigger guard and then rolls the hand onto the strong hand as the gun comes out. This works awesome in most situations, but when I draw fast I end up slamming my index finger into the trigger guard so hard it hurts. I’ve even thought of covering my index finger with something to cushion the blow. I’ve been consentrating on making the move from the holster to the sights on target position one fast smooth movement. Maybe a little slower getting my grip in the gun in the holster, but making up for it with speed into target. It seems to be helping. Today I was watch a video of Stoeger shooting a classifier and noticed him wiggling his fingers just befor the buzzer to keep his hands sand arms loose. I do the exact opposite. I tend to tense up as I prepare not go. I tried it all loosey goosey a few times and it seemed to make a big difference. Wow. We’ve just about written a book and haven’t even moved onto the second target.
  6. toysejr

    Xdm 5.25 holster

    I use a comp-Tec international with a shooters connection ultimate competition belt Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. MattLowery

    2018 STI DVC Limited reviews?

    Thank you sir. Just made the decision harder. Lol
  8. dthomas1003

    2018 STI DVC Limited reviews?

    https://dawsonprecision.com/grips-sti-2011-hicap-polymer-enhanced-by-extreme-shooters/ Same grip as the DVC. Put this on the Edge and then you'll have the grip you want and still be ahead of the game.
  9. DesertTortoise

    CZ tso Trigger delay

    I think it just needs more over travel. I don't think you have a problem gun and I'm sure CZ / CZ custom will take care of it, but it's an easy fix. If the adjustment screw is set to the very limit over time it can work it's way out to where it's not functioning. This will feel like you are really pulling hard (15lbs+) and then it fires finally then it may not reset https://czcustom.com/knowledge-base/general/how-do-i-adjust-the-over-travel-screw-on-cz-pistols.html
  10. iflyskyhigh

    Frontier CMJ 115gr 9mm CMJ data?

    Not sure if Frontier has changed, but when I used their bullets in the past they were plated bullets, much like Berry’s or Extreme. I will say they were some of the best plated bullets I have ever used. Local gun shop was blowing them out. I bought em all. Several thousand. Have exactly 100 left. [emoji3] They were the 147 gr RN BTW. Plated bullets are usually oversized, like lead bullets. Most manufacturers recommend they be loaded somewhere between lead and FMJ velocities. I’m shooting Precision Delta JHP with HP-38, which is about the same as 231. Here is the data I have from a recent chrono session. Powder / Pistol / load / results. HP-38 G34 4.3 grs 1116 FPS 4.6 grs 1169 FPS 9.4 SD / ES 28 4.9 grs 1286 FPS 9.7 SD / 24 ES HP-38 P80 4.6 grs 1089 FPS 14. 9 SD / 41 ES 4.9 grs 1168 FPS 8.9 SD / 22 ES HP-38 G19X 4.6 grs 1089 FPS 14. 9 SD / 41 ES 4.9 grs 1171 FPS 4.9 SD / 11 ES HP-38 Shield 4.3 grs 1019 FPS Shield 4.6 grs 1065 FPS 9.7 SD / 24 ES 4.9 grs 1132 FPS 11.6 SD / 29 ES Proceed with caution as always. I will say all of these loads are from one manual or another I own. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. MattLowery

    2018 STI DVC Limited reviews?

    My brain is telling me to go with the edge. It’s just that the DVC fit so well. Ive shot an edge. Back in the day I was shooting an Executive. I’m just getting back into the game now and I’ve got a budget that I can do either gun. The DVC being at the top end.
  12. dthomas1003

    2018 STI DVC Limited reviews?

    Having played with both, your money would be better spent on the Dawson tuned edge with 5 mags. The Edge is a fantastic gun and you get 5 mags.
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  14. ChuckS

    Frontier CMJ 115gr 9mm CMJ data?

    Frontier bullets are copper plated, not jacketed. They are softer than jacketed. Find a lead 115 gr load and some say to reduce the load by 10% and chrono up to what you need for velocity and accuracy. For plated, I have just started with lead loads and worked up. Later, Chuck
  15. MattLowery

    2018 STI DVC Limited reviews?

    I looked at one today. But I’m on the fence about it. I could get a Dawson tuned edge with five mags for about the same price. But on on the other hand, the DVC absolutely fit my hand better. I’m pretty sure it’s the extra under cut on the trigger guard that made all the difference. I can tell you it was a lot heavier than I thought it was going to be. The fit and finish on the one I saw today was as perfect as my beginner eye could tell. No gaps or machine marks to be seen. I wish someone who who has been shooting one would chime in.
  16. Huskylover87

    Frontier CMJ 115gr 9mm CMJ data?

    Hello, i recently just bought my first press. Found a 1 stop shop for all my reloading needs locally. I’m being extremely cautious as it’s my first time. I’ve tried to do a lot of research about the basics of reloading before beginning to reload. I cant seem to find anything on data for Frontier 9mm 115gr CMJ round nose bullets. Heres the components I currently have: Winchester 231 powder Remington Small pistol primers Of course the Frontier bullets. I have tried to search Frontiers site.. They don’t have any data as of yet. I tried Winchester’s site.. they take me to hodgens data which gives me data for 2 loads, a lead bullet and a hollow point. I’ve read that it takes more pressure to send a jacketed bullet down the barrel than a lead bullet. So that data is no good in my opinion. I’m looking for a light load to start because well, I’m new to this and am being very cautious. Anybody that can help with this?
  17. tomjerry1

    Is 38SC dead ?

    To make a 9mm bullet travel fast enough to make power factor is the same, whether 9mm or 38 super. 125 gr bullet has to go 1320+ fps, 9mm or 38 S/SC. The case volume is the difference, there is less volume in the 9mm than a 38 S/SC. I would venture to say compressed for the 9mm, think this maybe the reason there are stories of bullets growing in length, crimp or not. In my short life(61), and reloading experience, compressed loads are used cautiously with the fear of over pressurizing the chamber. I'm not an expert on this subject, no chemical or mechanical degrees, but experience in the occasional HOT loads, there are reasons for SAMMI specifications. I know there are a lot of 9mm major shooters out there, and have no problems, but I also go to shoots, and read forums, like this one, and see the majority of gun failures are 9mm major, not to say 38 S/SCs don't fail. It's a personal preference, and everyone is different and excepts what comes with it. The price of 9mm brass is not an argument when you are talking about 4 to 7 thousand dollar guns.
  18. Thetimb

    Mark7 Evolution

    super easy to do. I am waiting on the powder sensor before I start cranking out a ton of ammo. I have all my sensors/stages dialed in. Just waiting on that before I attempt to do 5k-10k 9mm. I really wish the primer collator was ready. I am sick of filling primer tubes with a Dillon RF.
  19. FedEx delivered my new PX4 from Langdon Tactical today. Initial trigger gauge readings - 6 lb 9 oz DA, 2 lb 14 oz SA. Took it to the range for a little shakedown. Amazingly smooth, accurate and off the chart flat shooting. The only thing I don't like is the stealth decockers. Langdon Tactical has a new lever called "The Fugly", which is between the stock giant bat wings and the stealth levers. Langdon was out of them when I ordered the gun but they were supposed to be in today. For competition I may actually go to the full size slide release as well. Going to run it in IDPA SSP. Initial impression is that this gun is fantastic and don't know why it is so underappreciated. Kudos to Langdon Tactical Technologies! Aimee is a pleasure to work with.
  20. Yes. I have a shooting budget and plan in advance to shoot one major match per year and two local matches per month during the season. But this is a relatively small line item.
  21. mala_in_se

    Gaming your Glock! - USPSA Production Legal Mods List

    Are threat bevels/glove bevels legal for production? Scalloped magazine release cuts?
  22. Sarge

    Is 38SC dead ?

    a 9mm case is a very tough little case. Even 38 is hand loaded above saami spec to make Major PF.
  23. Nevadazielmeister

    Is 38SC dead ?

    Do you think maybe there are less tolerances in the 9mm Major vs. the 38 Super Comp? When I see a 9mm Major cartridge I can almost hear the case stretching and grunting, panting a little bit, maybe a whimper. But the 38 Super Comp Round looks just right. Not too hot, not too cold. The goldilocks round, right?
  24. 45 Raven

    Ideal barrel length for SSP/ESP/CDP Divisions

    Shoot the gun you are most comfortable with. Practice with it. Shooting typical IDPA courses of fire, time spent agonizing over increments between 4" and 5" barrel lengths is counterproductive, IMHO. Spend your time focusing on delivering a winning performance in each match, and don't worry about the barrel length.
  25. DesertTortoise

    PD Palm Swell Grips

    The "version 2" SSI scales are really grippy and fit my large hands well I haven't tried any others to compare though. I don't think they could have more grip without drawing blood
  26. HowardM

    New to multigun

    As far as barrel length personally I run a 24 inch on my M2 however i run a 12 round extended tube and if I had it to do over again would go to a 28 inch barrel to come come to flush with my tube personally think that is the way to look at it keep barrel length equal to tube length personally the longer the barrel the better as far as shot pattern goes can’t see running a longer barrel then tube but no reason not to run the same length as the longest point will dictate movement
  27. darthdively

    scopes for AR.. 1-6, 1-8?

    thank you all for your feedback! i got an atibal 1-6. and also going to consider getting a burris RT6 also for my other AR and swap back and forth to see what i like for my different purpose rifles thanks everyone! Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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