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  2. Sometimes a broken firing pin or spring will cause it to not retract.
  3. I have one and it makes all the trigger variations a LOT nicer...it does raise the weight a bit but I didn't notice a difference in splits
  4. @ziebart I lost a belt a few years ago at MN Tri Gun on a stage..I was using a Safariland belt and I had previously thought that the velcro wasn't as good as it should have been or maybe that was due to the number of attachment holes on the belt. I ended up using a DAA belt that I drilled individual holes for where I wanted ELS mounts. It was ridiculous and isn't very adaptive but it seems to hold a lot better especially on long stages with 50 shells on my belt. Anyways, good tip and thank you!
  5. MaxDeMarzi

    SIG P320MAX

    No wonder I can't find any in stock. Anybody selling?
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  7. I think the majority of people use dummy loads without primers for the weight. I would also highly recommend you practice that first DA shot and then do the dead trigger trick. It will really steady out and take the fear away and smooth out the DA shot after your draw.
  8. It's possible I've been barking up the wrong tree altogether. While the amount of lead buildup I'm getting is clearly problematic, and may still be the primary cause, I managed to reproduce some of the symptoms with a clean gun and fired cases at lunch today. The firing pin was stuck forward. Sometimes, the shape of the dent in the primer allowed it to push the firing pin back into place as the action turns the cylinder. Sometimes, it stayed forward, effectively locking the cylinder in place. Pushing the cylinder out with my fingers was enough to pop the firing pin back in all cases, but the l
  9. Strange? I have the 9, 40 and 45 MBF powder funnels and they work with .355 - .357 in 9 and the other two with .001 oversized coated bullets with zero tipping issues. My 1050 is running at 1600 rph, Ammobot, rock steady. Check the size of the expander plug part and make sure it's the correct diameter. It should be .358.
  10. Or pics for simpletons like me
  11. Interesting. Could you explain how you did this?
  12. This is what Ive been doing as well. I'll practice DA a little bit too but most of the time I'll use the dead trigger technique.
  13. quite honestly, I thought I was going to be able to simply "magically be good with it" but that's not the case
  14. Thank you, I think I can visualize what you're saying. I still need plenty of work on steel as well.
  15. There were cameras and mics on most stages, not all, but most. I am not sure what they actually broadcast but I know that my "regular" squad was on a few times as my friends were letting me know. Many of them were clamped to the EZups and we'd forget and stand in front of them or hang on the EZups probably making the camera shake (the wind at time probably didn't help with that either)
  16. okay thank you for the correction. I went and read a few of the posts about taping the optic lens and I'm going to do that Wednesday and see how it goes.
  17. Learn to build your own, be done with it !!!!!
  18. Like I said, this is something you can easily look up on the USPSA website or app. 19-04 HHF, Carry Optics: 10.0767
  19. The Ralston part is the mailing address, which is nowhere near the actual range. Latitude/longitude to the front gate of the range: 41.001888, -96.103791
  20. This was my first nationals and honestly I was unimpressed. I have been to Level 2s and a lot of locals that have had more interesting stages. Luckily I didn't run into the restroom issue. I am an average B shooter but MD/RM and help run my local club so i understand that side of things as well but this is supposed to be one of the premier events for the organization and it felt cheap. Many stages were not fun for the major shooters. While legal they did ask a lot of those shooters where the 2 extra rounds were a big advantage to most shooters. Box to box stages are not fun but the
  21. Thanks Echo. I just ended up taking it out. Not too much pre travel anyway. I really like the trigger though
  22. Hi, Carry Optics, if possible Best regards, Armin
  23. The mechanics of picking up the dot on the draw and keeping it in your field of view are easy once one reprograms the draw to come up to the level of the eyes and one stops looking at the gun for confirmation. It shouldn't take months to do that. What's more difficult is training the brain to use the eyes differently. Completely opposite, in fact, from what most people are used to doing. Tape over the front of the lens will not lie
  24. We see a guy with an Open gun, we know to double up on hearing protection. Even over the interent.
  25. In what division? They are different, based on the division. I'll note---no matter what, you can always go to the USPSA website, go to your classification record, then click on the little calculator-looking thing on the right. It is a classifier calculator, and you can use it for all classifiers and all divisions. Similarly, if you have the phone app, you can do the same.
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