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  2. Just has to make the min pull weights of "2.27kg (5lbs.) for first shot or 1.36kg (3lbs.) for every shot", that's from the rule book how you get there other than polishing doesn't matter these days pretty much change trigger parts and springs as you wish.
  3. Noticed your location. Small world.
  4. My 92FS Brigadier is also modified to be a G, but I don't shoot major matches, so I'm not worried about being called on it. Not sure why they're so hesitant to make official, published rulings or interpretations on these things, they seem to agree that the modification is not problematic, but won't make it official. And it's not an "option" on the gun, it's a whole different slide. The G decocker conversion kit for the FS slides isn't the same internal parts as the G decocker unit on G slides. It is however made and sold by Beretta, so it probably could be considered an OEM part. Probably...
  5. I previously read the thread with Troys email. He states: "It's in the rulebook. Small parts, internal parts, etc., can be swapped providing that the swap doesn't render the gun ineligible for the division." Sounds like a non answer answer... he does not actually say that the specific alteration is allowed in production. Changing to a G safety is affectively disabling the OFM intended safety mechanism for that firearm which is against the rules in Production and may render the gun ineligible. Hence this thread. I'm still going to do it since it's what I want and I don't believe that most match directors/RO's are going to bust me on it unless they are sticklers.
  6. I've used a 13lb. recoil spring with OEM firing pin spring and it worked fine. As long as pulling the trigger doesn't move slide out of battery then you should be fine. Might not work in a Gen 5 though as spring is under less pre-tension. Also agree with bowenbuilt on that being a good spring setup.
  7. Try N-100. I've used it for over 20 yrs. Runs in my Colt series 70 S/S and Para P-14. Never had a problem shooting major for USPSA or IDPA.
  8. This is one of those things where common sense needs to prevail. it's very clear that the rule is meant for things like bullets being stuck in the barrel, or if the competitor somehow got dirt or mud stuck in the barrel. A stuck case was clearly not intended to be part of that rule.
  9. That was not my quote you cited but in the original thread.
  10. When the cylinder is open and you are loading it, too much pressure on the cylinder and it wants to come out. The yoke screw is what is holding it in place and is being hammered back and forth causing that dimple. It also will happen if the yoke screw is a bit loose. This is one reason that I like to reload strong hand and not weak hand. The newer yoke screws are spring loaded on the tip to save $ on fitting and assembly back at the mother ship. The older ones were solid and fit better with no movement and you didn't see this happening as much back then.
  11. I would use MOJO, Joe's work is awsome and the prices are pretty damn good.
  12. I have an 8# Keg of Green Dot . Not much reloading info out there for 45 acp in semi auto. I will be using 225 gr. cast bullets for IDPA and USPSA. IS GREEN DOT A CANADATE FOR SOFT FEELING LOADS?? Anyone using Green Dot. afish4570
  13. Now if I can just figure out why the metal grip sticks on draw if not drawn perfectly vertical I will really like this holster.
  14. And her you go, not totally comfortable but definitely better than it was.
  15. Screw it together like so with the middle screw going through the thy pad and the new piece of aluminum. The bottom one gets the nylock nut on the other side. Don't forget to use blue locktite.
  16. The simple fix is to lower the thy pad. All you need is some new longer screws from the hardware store, a nut and a piece of 1/8" aluminum. Cut the aluminum to size, drill some holes and countersink the top bole
  17. I really like this holster but in its stock form it stabs me in the leg all day. I've only had it for a few matches and the paint is actually worn off a little bit here on the corner where it jabs me.
  18. Just wanted to say thank you for everyone that posted here about the Lee APP. I probably wouldn't have even thought about it if not for this thread. I got one from midwayusa using my birthday discount, it was so cheap it was practically free lol. I can't believe how fast it is.
  19. Picked up my honcho today. Going off of the serial numbers, they are making less than 100/year. Or maybe they just have an inventory of frames they are building from.
  20. I have an 8 # Green Dot to use for 135 gr cast for 9mm IDPA loads and 163 gr cast RNFP for 38 spec. IDPA. Not much info on competition for loads with this powder.
  21. Really, at what point? The closing? Or ejecting?
  22. B585

    The Sig Armorer?

    The trigger is a huge improvement. Shorter pre-travel, Much more crisp break, shorter reset, and basically no over travel. I never checked the weight, but I can say after having one done, I immediately sent my other gun. I can’t comment on the barrel fitting. I will eventually get that but currently my gun is accurate enough for USPSA.
  23. 625 JM IDPA gun. On the yoke slot where the screw holds it in. There’s a shiny notch. What would have caused it?
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