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  2. Does anyone have a review on the Nevermiss alpha hanger? I'm looking to put together a rig for single stack and will be using a GX holster and trying to decide on what hanger to use .
  3. I have a MKIV 22/45 Lite with the VQ accurizing kit and the TK flat trigger. Love it. Installed it in a friends gun as well. The TK trigger has pre-travel and over travel adjustments. The plastic on the over travel screw doesn't like brake cleaner. I shoot double stack Para 1911's with 2.5lb triggers and the break on the VQ/TK combo is more crisp than my 1911's.
  4. If it’s a competition built pistol it should not lock back.
  5. I had similar things happen with an RA140 trigger. Turned out that the disconnector spring had compressed and was basically ineffective, so the disconnector wasn't catching the hammer after cycling. I replaced it with one from a mil spec trigger group, having to put the tapered end down to fit in the bottom hole but it functioned fine and has been normal since.
  6. Kung Fu Hustle Ode to Joy The Brothers Bloom
  7. We live up in Benton and help run matches at Keystone Sportsmen Assn near Muncy. We also help and instruct at National Range & Armory over in Williamsport on Saturdays. Come over and see us sometime soon! We hope to run an Intro to Competition class on March 21 if we can get enough students. If you have any questions about other local stuff don’t hesitate.
  8. What kind of lower did you get? Just a mil spec AR or PPC specific? I have built and bought guns. If you like to tinker building is way cheaper. Even buying the MPX or JP you will find yourself wanting to change stuff around just because. If you are looking to go cheap there is the Ruger PCC gun or heaven forbid a keltec sub 2000 I have not heard much about these but bet this would be a fun one to try. And they always seem to be in stock too https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-ar-v-16-9mm-1-10-lightweight-m-lok-moe-ept-pistol.html No matter what you do you will
  9. Hello: Is it a bushing barrel Fat Free? Thanks, Eric
  10. I was waiting to buy an Evo for that new primer system and now I'm stiluck with only the apex as my buying option, good, bad, or otherwise. I think it looks promising, the cast doesn't bother me since dillons are as well.
  11. Use what top shooters use.... https://brekkecustom.com/index.php/product/4-compxtension-barrel/ I’d have gone that route if I didn’t have MPXs.. but I love my MPX at the same time
  12. They chrono should be at least 5' from the muzzle of handguns to avoid false triggering from muzzle blast, and 15' for rifles; you can get closer if you install baffles with a small opening to shoot through.
  13. Yes you could cut one off, but I always bring 6 mags to the SC shooting box ( except Outer limits = 5 ); In the event I get a reshoot of a string, have a gun malfunction / jam that I end up ejecting a bunch of rounds prior to shooting, or other issue, it is good to have 6 mags. I often see a shooter have to reshoot a string and then either reload a mag from the half empty mags, or yell to a buddy.
  14. If you already have a lower, I would look at Taccom. I'm not sure of his stock , Tim is a member on the forums and lurks from time to time. He makes great stuff at reasonable prices. I have 3 of his barrels for my PCC's
  15. If you have the 550 and are upgrading to the 750 you should be fine with the casefeeder and Mr bullet feeder. My MBF is in station 3 on my XL650 which is fine without the powder check die if you are experienced in reloading. If not, or you use a small volume powder (titegroup) get into the habit of looking into every case.
  16. I guess you're resurrecting a 8 year old post because you couldn't find any new content to post on?
  17. Practicing properly. Practicing the wrong way no bueno.
  18. Does the flat trigger have over travel adjustments? I would love the VQ kit but with a flat trigger
  19. How do you guys like that over travel screw? Looks like the VQ is the way to go!
  20. Hello, has the boat arrived? Getting all my stuff together for the new dot install. Looking forward to testing it out. Thanks, Eric
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