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  2. I use nothing but Ibejiheads bullets for all my match loads. Though I've never specifically used that weight 9mm. As a general guideline, start with the loads listed in reloading books for cast lead bullets. But unlike cast bullets, you will get almost no leading from these bullets. And as a general guideline, using the same powder charge and OAL you use for jacketed bullets, the Ibejiheads will give you about 40 fps more velocity.
  3. yup that is what I meant, typo. thanks for the data
  4. I took a 2x4, same height as the case feeder, then notched it 1" down & 1" in so the original MBF Bracket slid over it. Added a thin plate to the flat side of the wood for support. Then screwed through the 2x4 to the shelves & bench. There's an extra hole in the MBF Bracket & I ran a screw through that into the 2x4. Solid as a rock and then can add attachments to the 2x4 for tools, etc... to hang from. All stuff I had on hand, since I can't get out to shop due to the Pandemic?! Fits right into the look of my Bench and Works great.
  5. .308" is the bullet diameter +/- .0005". Land diameter on a .308 barrel is a nominal .300", custom barrels can be .001" tighter. Bore diameter is .308"
  6. Your math on the illustration isn't accurate but that's probably irrelevant to the conversation. Unless you are shooting bench rest you need neck tension. I use .003" measured by the difference of a resized case neck prior to seating a bullet, compared to the neck diameter of the finished round. You need .003" for semi-auto, .002" for a bolt action. You can increase neck tension by spin polishing the expander button in a power drill. I use 400/600 grit wet/dry paper to reduce diameter. 1000/1500 for final polishing. Go slow. Remove only .0005" to no more than .001" of material at a time and retest by resizing some brass. .306" expander ball will usually net an internal diameter of .3055" to .305" because the neck will spring back a little after the ball passes through. You can buy pin gages and I have an assortment for the different calibers I load. A set of .3045", .3050", .3055", .3060", .3065" .3070" or simple .001" increments would allow you to measure actual internal diameter of any resized case (.30 caliber). .305" internal neck diameter works well for me across all of my bolt actions and semi-auto .308's. No crimp is needed or wanted.
  7. My private range was reopened today with appropriate social distancing rules. No matches yet however which is fine. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Too many things can contribute to a loss of accuracy and a rifle that was shooting under 1/2" groups normally doesn't go belly up in under 200 rounds. Thoroughly clean the barrel. Use a copper fouling remover, Sweets, or something similar and follow the directions. Follow it up with oil and dry patches to stop the chemical reaction. Make sure your scope base, ring screws and action screws are all torqued to spec. I bump the shoulder on my bolt action rifle rounds -.0015" (+/- .0005") from their fired measurement. If you don't full length resize, you should consider it. Without shoulder bump gages (Hornady Lock-N-Load, RCBS micrometer, Mo DeFina micrometer, Sinclair International) it's virtually impossible to know what you are doing. Gages provide measurements that can be repeated. Unless your magazine will allow for long loads, you will be reduced to loading rounds one at a time if you exceed COAL" by a lot. Finding an accurate load that feeds and functions from a magazine is a win/win, allowing you to make quick follow up shots. Consider the following bullets too: Sierra 123 grain Match King Lapua 120 grain Scenar-L Lapua 123 grain Scenar Lapua 136 grain Scenar-L Berger 130 grain (VLD, Match, Hybrid) The lighter bullets will shoot great using Varget and RE-15 saving the H4350 for heavier bullets. www.accurateshooter.com has a lot of load data and conversations in their forum regarding 6.5's of all types.
  9. Today
  10. I think you meant 1.2oal, not 1.12 for n310 For what its worth, I use n320 5.0gr at 1.18oal under 180gr precision delta heads and see no reason to change.
  11. I can’t quite figure out what you did. I wasn’t really looking for the lightest weight. I wanted a hand guard that covered more of the barrel. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. The set screws are for the old puck & rod style mounting. Mines the newer bracket style. Here's pics of mine both sides, then some pics from Rick he sent me when I got the brackets.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Might be against the grain & conventional wisdom on this one, but I'm choosing to start in Open. I know myself well enough to see that the characteristics of Open division is where I'd gravitate towards anyway, and I want to avoid the buying/selling/trading up of other-division-specific equipment along the way if I were to start elsewhere.
  15. anybody know what size for allen key for these. My eyes have gone bad.
  16. Thanks, I'll have to take a look at the instructions and give it a shot.
  17. done properly they can all result in a top quality barrel.
  18. That pretty cool man, you handle that s#!t like it's a 22
  19. I've got about 5k rounds through it. Everything seems good to go
  20. Thank you! Someone posted barrel coating issues at 7k rounds so interested to know how common that is.
  21. Just had a co-worker test positive over the weekend. My desk is adjacent to said co-worker. Myself, two other grunts, Supervisor, Dept. Manager, GM of branch are all on forced quarantine working from home for at least one week. Infected co-worker was last at work 13 days ago when they left to work from home out of precaution. I'm not too concerned... May end up getting paid to dry fire and get some loading done!
  22. 2k plus still going strong. nothing broken
  23. For a lot of the cast round nose bullets this can be true, but not for these in general. They have a slightly more forgiving ogive. Just a little better than say the big ole fat RN ogive on Blues or the old Acme profile, which certainly often require a shorter OAL. I load them at 1.125" and they plunk & spin in all my 9mm pistols, even my CZs. I can kind of feel it touch the rifling in my Apex M&P barrel, just maybe, barely, but it still spins. I'm sure there are some leades out there which will require a shorter OAL for these bullets, but most should be fine with 1.125" and Ibejiheads RN. A lot of them have been run through my guns.
  24. Hi, I shoot the VR80 in the Open division and so far the gun has been 100% reliable for me (only ~800 rounds through the gun though). Does anyone have a high round count VR80 and how has the gun held up? Any broken parts? Thanks.
  25. I am in the exact same boat.
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