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  2. Noticed that Sellier & Bellot FMJ 2903 is listed in my table as having a G1 BC of 0.255, while the manufacturer webpage states 0.300. They are also apparently a little unsure as to whether the bullet is 55 grain or 3.60 gram. https://www.sellier-bellot.cz/en/products/rifle-ammunition/rifle-ammunition-fmj/detail/180/
  3. I had my tile in the middle of a large polycarbonate suitcase and it worked! I can't speak to an aluminium case, but a pelican case should work.
  4. The VR-80 buffer tube is commercial, you will have to replace it with a mil spec tube.
  5. I am also considering an SRO for Shadow 2 OR, and I am in Europe too. I think I would go for the 5MOA, it would replace my Vortex which is 6. In the end dot size for pistol practical shooting is not that important, and as probably everyone already knows, on presentation a larger dot is not easier to find than a small one. Where did you pre-order, and price?
  6. As far as my chrono experiences goes: I started with a shooting chrony. It was meh. It was cumbersome, would not work indoors due to not wanting to buy the indoor lighting kit and extrapolating the data was a chore. The labradar has been an excellent tool with little to no frustration and is far superior to the shooting chrony or any other chronograph I have used thus far. I can use it indoors with no problem, it tracks my 22 up to my 308 and all the pistol calibers I use. It quickly tells me the Powerfactor when working up loads for USPSA matches. I love it. The price was a big leap compared to others but the overall convenience and little to no possibility of shooting and ruining it made it all worth it. I highly recommend it. Going from a shoot through chrono to a labradar is in comparison going from a single stage press to a dillon 650. They both work but one provides a much improved and more productive overall experience.
  7. I received shipping notice today. (Tuesday) FedEx slow boat delivery, shows to be delivered Aug. 1st???? Jeez, they using a horse and cart???? Pony express???? Paddle boat????
  8. Nothing in my mailbox yet..
  9. Found a large test done by Lucky Gunner Labs in 2013: https://www.luckygunner.com/labs/brass-vs-steel-cased-ammo/ 10,000 rounds were fired through each of four Bushmaster AR-15's with 41 cm (16 in) barrels. Muzzle velocities and accuracy was presented for these cartridges: Federal 55gr – Brass-Cased – Copper Jacket Wolf 55gr FMJ – Steel-Cased with Polymer Coating – Bi-Metal Jacket (steel and copper) Brown Bear 55gr FMJ – Steel-Cased with Lacquer Coating – Bi-Metal Jacket (steel and copper) I asked the author, but the raw data was not available anymore. Anyway, the following tables are based on reading the graphs: Muzzle Velocity (3.56 g, 41 cm brl) Muzzle Velocity (55 gr, 16 in brl) Rounds Meters per Second Rounds Feet per Second Federal Wolf Brown Bear Federal Wolf Brown Bear 0 913 911 919 0 2995 2990 3015 2000 908 908 911 2000 2980 2980 2990 4000 899 910 908 4000 2950 2985 2980 6000 892 899 887 6000 2925 2950 2910 8000 896 872 872 8000 2940 2860 2860 10000 881 881 860 10000 2890 2890 2820 Barrel Accuracy Barrel Accuracy Rounds Milliradians Rounds Minutes of Arc Federal Wolf Brown Bear Federal Wolf Brown Bear 0 1.2 1.2 1.2 0 4 4 4 2000 1.0 1.2 1.3 2000 3.5 4 4.5 4000 0.9 1.3 1.2 4000 3 4.5 4 6000 1.2 4.1 1.7 6000 4 14 6 8000 1.2 3.5 3.2 8000 4 12 11 10000 1.2 3.5 3.8 10000 4 12 13 i.e. 1.2 mrad = 12 cm at 100 m i.e. 4 moa = 4.2 in at 100 yd
  10. I am having some of the same problems with my gun and can’t get them fixed. Sending it back to Sig and see what they say. I won’t run factory American Eagle 124 grain. Driving me crazy. It is a great shooting gun for the two rounds it will shoot in a row. Also having the same wearing issues.
  11. Try the Aimpoint Acro. Me and my friend have been shooting ours for a while now and the only issues we’ve run into have to do with loosening of the plate that comes onto the slide. I’ve taken the sight off two or three times since I noticed a very slight amount of wiggling and reapplied your normal Loctite, but now I cleaned every surface properly and decided to try the stronger version of Loctite. Let’s see how that goes. I know that the SRO for example will be tons better than Acro when it comes FOV, but for know I haven’t come across any issues with the durability with the Aimpoint sight itself. For me atleast, that is very important, because I want this to be as trouble free as can be; just load and shoot, without worrying about tinkering with your equipment or that it failing on you. I bet this is true with many other CO/Production Optics shooters, especially when many of them/us are coming from the very maintenance free Production class... In all honesty I have to say that I haven’t got tons and tons of rounds through the Acro yet, but I’m fairly optimistic at this point.
  12. with my iron sights, would there be any penalty ? So lets say i am shooting CO. halfway through the match my optic goes down. i happen to have back up sights that work and shoot the rest of the match with them. would this be allowed by the rules?
  13. I talked to someone in the parking lot about where to go to sign in and stuff, was that you? I was one of like 5 women there and I'm pretty tall and easy to spot haha
  14. thanks! Kinda curious....If it goes into a Pelican case does it still work? I'm guessing if its inside an aluminum case it blocks the signal.
  15. I just filed a little material from the top of my magazine release rather than trim the magazines. A normal blowback bolt doesn't have an actual bolt with lugs to clear, so I found that lowering the mag in the magwell made it much easier to charge if you inserted the mag on a closed bolt. The lugs weren't gouging the hell out of the brass on the backstroke either.
  16. Keep it for large primer cartridges. I know your list doesn't have one NOW, but you will! I just re-added a single stage press in my garage!
  17. Who are the few that do? I have not seen a GSF barrel for a Glock from anyone in a long while other than Barsto
  18. Clearly defined at the shooters brief. Then, when I finished a course of fire and looked down at my foot on top of the 2x4, it was clear that I had touched an “ object on the non cover side of the fault line” (from the rule book) and earned a procedural.
  19. No expert here, but I have had to work through accuracy issues and this is a few things that helped me. I started shooting with ONLY one goal in mind. SEE THE SIGHT LIFT. That was the thing that helped me the most. I suspect that part of the reason that helped was I was getting a perfect sight picture and then jerking the trigger. Also as I got more into USPSA and started to practice shooting at weird angles, shooting in and out of position, etc I figured out my wrist tension was inconsistent. I don’t know if that was an issue back when accuracy standing still at 10-15 yards was an issue, but I suspect it was. This is similar to what Memphis said. I also think it would be wise to verify that it’s not just the sights or how you align them/focus on them. I have purchased 3 used guns which were sighted in from experienced shooters and every time I found I would shoot high with them. My groups were good so I assume it is just the way I align/focus on the sights. I always just adjusted the sights and the guns worked fine for me. The good news for you is that you aren’t pulling them left or right.
  20. Yes there is plenty of room to make a cut for a CZ custom plate on the OP slide, it is a deep cut. Note how far the cut is into the CZ logo by the 9 x 19
  21. Had this come up at a recent match. Interesting to hear different view points on retreating and acquiring a target versus breaking the 180 in the process. Conversation mostly centered around safety and new shooters.
  22. The m17 rmr plate from springer.
  23. George16

    P320 X5 Thread

    Go to Home Depot or any hardware store and buy some M4 x .7 x 12mm metric screws.
  24. Probably be better off finding a local guy to do it. I’ve found most builders don’t want to mess with small jobs like that.
  25. I started out with a 550 and ended up reloading 6 different calibers on that one machine. 4 years later all within the same year I ended up getting a good deal on a used Super 1050 and I reload all of f my 40’s for competition on that. I also ended up with another 550. I now I have a 550 for small primers and the other for large primers. It is nice to be able to run my smaller batches on the 550’s and to not have to change the priming system from one to the other. If it’s paid for it doesn’t owe you any money!
  26. alma

    P320 X5 Thread

    Tungsten guide rod. Springer Precision .375 base pads and competition floor plates. Go Guns *thumb rest [generic]*. Still easily makes Production weight.
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