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  1. Are you just using the super thin SV/ST Followers and modifying them for the P10 mags?
  2. I'd pick 110 degree dry heat over 80 and humid heat every time lol....wait why am I moving to WI again? Dammit!
  3. I'll take your loaders for $110 shipped if you're willing.


    Tom Black

  4. It is the PERFECT airport belt. I don't even take it off when I go through the arms above your head scanner anymore.
  5. I have 2 of the noose belts.....one I wear literally every day, and the other is for my comp rig lol
  6. I have one from NERD that’s thicker and more comfortable
  7. If you broke your Kneecap it would be giant and filled with fluid, at least mine was. I took a puck to mine when I was younger and just chipped it and it was like 3x the size! May have tweaked some ligaments or something. Id say for sure if it doesn't start feeling better get it checked out, knee issues suck
  8. Good stuff man Transitions always can use work, going to add this to my practice repertoire! Merry Christmas to you as well.
  9. I tried all 3 variants of the Taccom pins. Older Standard style, fat head and new standard style. For whatever reason when my hammer hits the pin, it yaws it in the firing pin channel (Taccom bolt) and causes it to hit the side of the firing pin hole. Chews up the head of the firing pin in 100-150 rounds. The design on the CMMG whatever makes it different (maybe shoulder area of pin) works great and doesn’t show the same wear/damage.
  10. I had trouble with all the Taccom pins, swapped to CMMG and haven’t had an issue.
  11. I checked mine out as well, I was worried about that, it looks fine and shoots well, so time to grip it and rip it lol
  12. I think my issue is finally fixed. I tried a CMMG firing pin and ran 210 rounds through my gun. Primers all look great and the pin has 0 chewed up issues like the previous pins. CMMG pin which has more rounds on it than all my other pins Other pins both with less than 200 rounds on them For whatever reason this CMMG pin works better with my bolt.
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