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  1. I saved them this time, so I can stick them back in LOL
  2. They always fall out so I just don’t use them. Trigger has all the over travel it could ever need lol
  3. I don’t use an over travel screw. But they are in the trigger and you just move it in and out.
  4. Got it sorted. Tore it apart and noticed the sear spring wasn’t as tough to pull up as they usually are, so replaced that. Also where the sear interfaces with the hammer there was a slight burr and that edge was not all even. Honed it and put it all back together and so far it’s working as it should. Thanks all for the assist on that one, that was a new one to me!
  5. The other odd thing is it’s intermittent. It does it sometimes and other times it’s fine. Which is why I thought the trigger return spring/mag release spring screw was loose at first.
  6. Everything is stock except the hammer spring
  7. Yes that’s the issue, what’s the fix lol
  8. Why would it all of the sudden start doing this though? It was fine with no issues before now.
  9. I’ll put in a new spring and see if that changes anything. If I need a new hammer and sear after 10k rounds that’s going to be disappointing.
  10. I was messing with my backup gun tonight and noticed some odd behavior I haven’t seen before. When I pull the trigger in SA, sometimes it catches the hammer. If I let off the trigger it basically decocks the gun. If I continue to pull the trigger there is some rearward movement of the hammer and eventually it drops. I checked the trigger bar spring to make sure it was sitting right, checked the trigger bar spring screw as well and it’s tight. I thought maybe it was because of a mag, but I tried it without a mag in the gun too and it does the same thing. It does it with the slide on too, I just had it off in this video so I could watch the sear and see if I noticed anything. Video here: Thought I got the hammer “decocking” in first video but missed it. Here’s that: Any ideas of what this might be? I’m guessing maybe a sear spring or something with the sear? Stock hammer and springs are in the gun as well. This gun doesn’t have many rounds on it either maybe 10k or so.
  11. Are you just using the super thin SV/ST Followers and modifying them for the P10 mags?
  12. I'd pick 110 degree dry heat over 80 and humid heat every time lol....wait why am I moving to WI again? Dammit!
  13. I'll take your loaders for $110 shipped if you're willing.


    Tom Black

  14. It is the PERFECT airport belt. I don't even take it off when I go through the arms above your head scanner anymore.
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