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  1. It's evident from the stand point of quality and material this thing is not made for Heavy use. It's for your weekend relaoder, 500 to 1k loads per session, then take apart and clean.. You get what you pay for. It is what it is..
  2. I'm going to recieve mine on Monday, I don't even want to open it up. Might as well send it back for a refund until they figure this out.,
  3. just recieved an email my order is being shipped out, Yeah!!!
  4. Gauges have tighter tolerances then barrels, like mentioned above if it plunks your barrel, your good to go
  5. You can always have the barrel reamed to except longer OAL..
  6. Everglades v2 JHP
  7. As soon as I started reading your thread first thing that came to mind was the cam under the shell plate.. Had a very e similar problem recently and in fact it was cam.. Glad to see it worked for you as well. How do you like the 750 compared to the 650..
  8. Gunzilla with Teflon brushes
  9. Like I said, Adam will make things right!!
  10. Adam will fix the problem.. They will make it right!
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