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  1. I also have an svi 5.4 sight tracker.. I load 4.7-4 8 gr N310, fmj bullets out to 1.200 oal..mix brass, federal primers.. Për Casey suggestions.. This load is money for my sight tracker.. You are GTG!!
  2. That is one bad ass!!!! Blaster.. Enjoy
  3. Just have Dillion send you a new one, problem solved.. Had a similar problem, nothing I tried work gave up and called dillon, they sent me a new one.. 15k later and still working strong..
  4. It's not the Arrow , its the indian, but it is always nice to have a good looking arrow!!
  5. Darrel try prima SV..
  6. That is a big diamater bullet.. Yes dump acme and stick with blues.. Simple to load, accurate..
  7. The limcat is made out of steel.. Very rigid.. You can adjust the tension on how firm you want the mag held in place.. The GR has similar adjustment and it has a pivot point where you can adjust the angels of the mags.. I. E.. Up, down, side to side.... Depends what you prefer. I use my GR as my first mag choice due to all the adjustments and the limcat is my 2nd mag choice..
  8. I use grams guts exclusively, they just work.. Always tune your feed lips to proper specs for reliability.. Atlas gunworks has great running vid on there YouTube Chanel..
  9. Who sells these, curious??
  10. I have both, they are both great mag pouches
  11. Try a different sizing die if you have one.. Thats definitely a problem..
  12. Furrly

    CHA-LEE's Tale

    Still a Very Solid performance, Congrats...I saw that Kid from the Philippines shot the prior weekend at our Local Match out here in So Ca, blew me away how good he was, astonishing!!! not to take anything away from you Charlie, I think you are an incredible Shooter!!! I always enjoy watching you shot..
  13. mags need to be tuned
  14. Furrly

    CHA-LEE's Tale

    Congratulations Charlie, it's alway fun watching you shot.
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