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  1. Furrly

    1911 weaknesses

    I clean my 2011s and mags after every outing, matches and practice.. Rarely have issues.. If I do it was a bad round..!
  2. Furrly

    Rollsizer vs CasePro

    Turn time on a roll sizer
  3. Furrly

    Atlas titan or atlas nemesis???

    My Nemesis took 3 months to the date..
  4. Furrly

    SVI Sight Tracker vs Atlas Nemisis

    I own a both, the difference is negligible. The nemesis is heavier and bulkier over all. If you don't mind the weight differences the nemesis is a great gun.. Svi is also a fantastic shot. 14 month waite and about 1k more in price.
  5. Sear Leaf spring not on correctly, has to sit on top of the sear. Plenty of videos on YouTube on how to install. Very easy to install but also very easy to install incorrectly.
  6. Furrly

    Winchester primers.......

    Next to federal primers, Win are 2nd best. Not a fan of CCI
  7. Furrly

    650 difficulty with sizing die

    Try a different die, if you have one.. Lee's tend to run Tighter tollarances.
  8. Furrly

    No muss or fuss 2011

    What are you using the gun for..
  9. Furrly

    thoughts on second shot always to the left

    Grip harder with your support hand ?️
  10. Furrly

    Upgrade STI tubes or buy MBX

    These are gen 2 mags http://www.1911store.com/sti2011magazine-1.aspx
  11. Furrly

    Upgrade STI tubes or buy MBX

    As stated above, grams guts, TTI basepads and your good to go.. I have both style of tubes.. Run with no issues..
  12. Save your money and get a Nemesis
  13. How do you like that grip.
  14. Furrly

    Clean powder at low velocity?

    It's a great major PF powder, much better then N320 in my opinion
  15. Furrly

    Clean powder at low velocity?

    I don't have any issues with N310, it's actually my preferred major PF powder.