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  1. Furrly

    CHA-LEE's Tale

    As always, well done!!
  2. Waite for black Friday everyone will have major sales.. At least 10% off most stuff.
  3. Noble sport Prima V is a great powder, hard to find though!!
  4. Trigger squeeze is the difference or anticipating recoil
  5. Take the shroud off the optic, it will reduce a little weight and make it look less bulky.
  6. Just switch, you won't regret it.. You will become increasingly frustrated with the ALPHA X
  7. Where are you buying the HAP from
  8. If you don't mind cleaning the comp a few times a year then go ahead and use coated otherwise use JHP and you won't have to worry about it all..
  9. You should only have to adjust the flare one time per caliber, empty the powder hopper and processed, it's a quick process.
  10. This has ONLY happened to me when a mag was dropped for a reload..
  11. I don't run my press automated, if that's what your referring to, however manuel with the Lee U die it runs perfect. I do lube my brass with lanolin and alcohol mixture..
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