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  1. I just replaced mine recently, the spring wore out.. Dillion sent me a new... Wasn't sitting my primers correctly anymore.
  2. I have been tossing the idea about that set, what are your thoughts on those dies???
  3. https://www.amazon.com/vdp/4b7321f9283448ac822ac442ef12a27c
  4. It has 2 levels, when they are turned on its on the lower level, none amplified, The 2nd level amplifies the sound..
  5. I've been using these for about 2 years now.. They have been solid.. https://www.jbtools.com/3m-tep-200-personal-protective-equipment-peltor-93824-tactical-earplug/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI3_Ol09f36gIVfT2tBh0SPwQzEAQYBCABEgJgWPD_BwE
  6. Anything loose??
  7. I bought 3 pack, so far so good, have worked great with my PT Evo steel grips..
  8. It's still in development, long way out..
  9. Big thumbs up for the sig Max XL. Great class size, weight is spot on as well as the 6 MOA dot.
  10. Zeiss lends wips followed with a terry cloth
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