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  1. Cha-lee Thanks for your feedback, What sizing die do you use... Thanks
  2. That's all I use for 40cal, 9mm and 9mm major
  3. If you don't mind I slightly used one go on to the market place on the forum and ask if anyone has one for sale.
  4. https://thebluebullets.com/product-category/40-10mm-400/165-gr-round-nose-flat-point/ Close. They are back to around 8 weeks for orders
  5. Those variances are non issue.. Keep loading
  6. There going to release the 2.0 after nationals
  7. We had a local GM that was sponsored by the Glock Store. They built him an open glock gun he could not get it to work if his life depended on it..
  8. Atlas Gunworks can get you a an open gun into CA..
  9. This is intresting, this happened to one of my shooting partners a few months ago, they replaced the optic because they said it was unfixable.
  10. I use a small peace of duck tape over the dust cover or electric tape if it is DLC coated
  11. That's hilarious!! Clean...Reload...Shot.....pick up... Repeat!!!
  12. Dominate defense, outstanding belts..
  13. Everglades ammo 10%.. prices are back to normal, for the most part!
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