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  1. agree 100% , you will not beat there quality, customer service is excellent!!!
  2. I have been shooting uspsa just about a year and half.. Just turned 50, I'm on the verge of making master class in limited division.. What's helped me the most is, the obvious, lots of dryfire... , movement is key , this allows me to know where I can make up time.. I. E shooting on the move where I know I can execute excpetable hits.. But the most important one for me is come up with a my own stage plan that I can I execute on a dime once once I visualize the hell out of it.. Visualize, visualize, and visualize.. GL.
  3. Furrly

    CHA-LEE's Tale

    can't waite for the feedback!!!
  4. FP are finicky with certain pistols, try round nose bullets,,,I do not think it is a recoil spring issue since it is doing it when you manually cycle the gun...unless you want to load shorter...that might be tricky due possible high pressure ...
  5. could be a bullet profile issue, or possible a magazine issue,...i.e ..springs , followers...what factory stuff where you running before ???
  6. could be under powered for that Comp..up the charge ..do it in steps
  7. did you plunk the round into your barrel???
  8. have chronoed the round, probably under powered ??
  9. GR are great, I have several, to bad they are going out of business.. Next best thing is Limcat, somewhat pricing but well worth it..
  10. drop the charge 10% of your 180 load , you will be good to go !!!
  11. 2011's do not like short OAL ammo.. the longer the better, keep shooting with what works!!!!
  12. Make sure they plunk into your barrel.. You may be too long.. Otherwise the egw sizing die or Lee U die as stated above..
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