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  1. I've owned one for several years, absolutely the best holster I've owned
  2. I started in limited, now shot open as well. Primarily sticking to limited while my eyesight allows me to.
  3. Work on doing evething else faster other then shooting faster, that will make huge improvements on your results
  4. I don't own a 38sc but the Shooters that run them, 3n38 is there go to powder.
  5. I have been waiting for 115gr JHP to top up for some time now, can not find them anywhere...
  6. any spring modifications to your STI or is it stock??
  7. This is what I did with my 650 and 1050, not a single Jam!!
  8. Thanks.. They say it makes the gun run hot, any truth to that??
  9. How do like this powder for 9 major
  10. I own both type Pistols, They are great in there own way!!
  11. Lastcat-I'll give you the secret time for a case of primers
  12. I own a nemesis and have owned a honcho, I personally prefer the nemsies.. The Over all balance, weight, sight tracking just works for me..
  13. I have owned and shot mostly all well built guns by reputable builders.. Svi stands above and behond them all. Svi's built quality, material, fit and finish is like no other. My personal take on it!!
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