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  1. With out a doubt blues are my choice, easy to load feed exceptionally well through my guns, accurate. I also have blasters that don't feed 401.
  2. When did you place your order and pay your deposit??
  3. Lucky you.. Next week is 14 months for me, there telling me another 2 to 3 weeks..
  4. Important thing is lesson learned with out any major catastrophic event. we have all been there..powder check station is good to have a as well. if your press allows for it. GL
  5. Visualize as much as possible your stage run before you are on deck, the stage run will all come from your subconscious mind, it will seem you are shooting in slow motion. you will be astonished on your results..
  6. sorry to tell you but he longer wants to make them...I have buddy that's been trying for 3 months to get one and to no avil. He wants to sell the business
  7. That thing is sweat, dig that serial #
  8. End of this moth will be 14 month for my limited blaster.. Should be ready soon për Svi
  9. https://www.midsouthshooterssupply.com/item/00130majorpistol8/shooters-world-major-pistol-smokeless-powd
  10. Transitions should be close to your splits
  11. Furrly

    Next Level GM

    ... True that
  12. Furrly

    Next Level GM

    Why are you the a_hole
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