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  1. https://www.mightyarmory.com/collections/sizing-dies/products/mighty-armory-40sw-sizing-die-click-here These are newer versions
  2. There initial offerings of there dies had issues, there version 2, which you should have, appears to have worked out the kinks doesn't mean some don't fall through the cracks. If yours has been working then don't worry.. Kmc may have an issue with his due, that's why I suggested he go back to his original set up.. Process of elimination
  3. MA dies have been know to have out of spec issues.. I myself have ran into those problems.. They are great dies when they are right.. For the sake of process of elimination I would go back to his original set up and start there.. The Redding seating die should not be a problem however if the internal spring is binded or bent there can be a setting problem.
  4. does the romeo mount work on the FTP optic..and vise versa
  5. Go Blue, you will not regret it!!~
  6. 4.7-4.9 1.185 oal n320 4.2-4.4 1.185 oal of 310. Just depends on barrel but this range is where you will be.
  7. MG take more powder to make PF.. I would start at 10.0 and do layer loads of increments of..0.1 but you should be right there if not close..
  8. You have a short throat, ream it out or just change bullets..not all bullets work on all barrels.. Harsh reality! GL
  9. I would also like Kenny contact info. Thanks
  10. I found that when I dropped in the doppler it flared the case to much for my liking, what I would recommend put an empty case in each station start from there.. Might have some miner adjustments.
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