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  1. Your pulling off the target before your 2nd shot is complete..when transitioning target to target.. Take that extra split second to see the dot on the target when the 2nd shot is made.
  2. With that many calibers you are loading stick with 750.
  3. Thanks Chucks.. Should have never gone in that direction..
  4. 8.3 to 8.6 of hs6 I would suggest go longer. 1.180 if possible.. Thats what I load for my open gun.
  5. Based on my own personal experience I've shot over 30k coated lead bullets over the last year and half and have yet to experience it or experience accuracy issues. I do clean my blaster after every training or match session..
  6. Why are you so concerned with leading.. I've never experienced that with any coated lead bullets.. Deos it exits, I'm sure it does?
  7. Blues bullets are great bullets.. In my opinion Some of the best on the market.. they come in 355 and 356.. I would buy a sample pack of both and see what works best for your intended purposes..
  8. I would say he is way off. https://www.grafs.com/retail/catalog/product/productId/77203
  9. Great primers, have shot thousands without incident!
  10. https://www.grafs.com/retail/catalog/product/productId/77203
  11. need to make sure you have a power factor of at least 125 if you are going to shot minor in USPSA.... for your current intended purposes the accuracy is irrelavant
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