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  1. The GB post state for for everything... Regardless, 5k is fair for the whole set up
  2. Furrly

    G17 - Trigger Reset Issue

    There is your Problem, ZEV!!!!, return everything back to stock and your problem will go away..it's a harsh reality...good luck
  3. Furrly

    Best open gun for under $4k?

    Lot's of people on here are tossing venom custom around as a quality builder for right around that price or less..
  4. Offer 5k and let the negotiations begin
  5. Furrly

    Is vvn320 worth the extra cost

    Prima SV is what I use.. Great powder!!
  6. Agree.. Both... Haha .. Taken care of..
  7. Hi yeee all Recently ran into an issue with my 650 casefeeder retaining screw that holds the casefeeder in place against the post. The threading that sits inside the casefeeder that holds the screw in place came undone.. Was advice to drill a hole into the pole and use a metal screw to hold the casefeeder down.. For some odd reason I seem to be having a problem drilling into the post. Maybe I'm just being a wuse and need to put more muscle into the drilling process.. Any help or suggestions would greatly be appreciated.. Thanks
  8. Furrly

    SVI wait time

  9. Furrly

    SVI wait time

  10. Furrly

    Transitions to new positions

    Transitions and Movement !!!
  11. Furrly


    Very cool, thanks again
  12. Furrly


    Then stick with it.!!
  13. Furrly


    Where did you locate them.. There hard to find in my size
  14. Furrly

    CHA-LEE's Tale

    Thank you sir
  15. Furrly

    CHA-LEE's Tale

    CHA-LEE, I run mbx mags exclusively with my 2011 blasters, my feed lips are also ding up, what type of file are you using on the feed lips and what are you using to polish the underside of the feed lips... Thanks for your response