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  1. Basically Robert is saying to have a 10/16 barrel without cuts (or more to the point, move the "compensator cuts" further down the line) on it so a longer handguard can be used. The 10/16 shroud is magnetic, so its not aluminum. Therefore if there are less cuts then it's going to be heavier, possibly negating the weight savings?? I think this is what may be lost in transmission.
  2. @JohnnyD & @tomv if I may ask, what lower receiver and what bolt were you using when you were using the old Taccom barrel and had no issues with JHP? Not relevant now with the cool new super feed but was curious for educational purposes. JHP bullet overall length would be usefull too if you have that handy : )
  3. I had the same issue with JHP it was a horrible relationship for me, but eversince Tim introduced the super feed, it has solved my issues, home life has been great again : ). Tim at Taccom is a great guy, easy to talk to and a beautiful mind. It doesn't hurt that his stuff is reasonably priced when he could easily mark it up. I have JP and Taccom barrels (super feed) both work well with JHP. To the OP: you have a JP lower, so take note, unless anything has changed in the last year you will need a JP bolt or else you will not be able to seat a magazine with a JP lower + Taccom bolt. Suggestion, buy a Taccom ULW super feed barrel if you want to save money and send a JP bolt to Tim to mill the notch for the super feed ramp. Or you could just get a JP ULW barrel if you want to.
  4. Good luck on your progress... I like your state of mind, and also your choice in colours! More yellow please! : ) I am curious, for your G26 CO pistol do you just use a Glock 17 magazine with 140mm basepad?
  5. Man this is the LAST place I would expect to see a Shadow 2. LOL. (The magazines were probably not loaded to division capacity.) https://www.cbp.gov/newsroom/local-media-release/border-patrol-seize-methamphetamine-and-loaded-weapon-checkpoint
  6. I have had this experience too with my GMR13. I can't comment on other brands of bolts, but unless you can try ahead of time it may be safer to buy a JP bolt if you have a JP lower.
  7. Thanks for the clarification. I was guessing that the 1lb 9oz included the handguard.
  8. Thanks for taking the time to post your review.. I have been eyeing this setup for a while and really like the design.. very out of the box : ) Did you supply your own barrel or did Brekke supply the barrel? Also you mention 1lb 9oz. Is that weight for the barrel + extension, or does it INCLUDE the HANDGUARD?
  9. If you do come up with a good solution, please do share. I've been stewing on it for a little bit but haven't had a clear solution. I'm sure there's demand for it. : ) Super long set screw on the back and the knurled knob on the front?
  10. I am totally backseat quarterbacking this... the main difference between the original folding side charger and the new competition handle from my observation is that the competition handle only unfolds just enough to allow it to unlock. That is why the rear of the competition handle is longer - has that toenail wedge at the end that limits just how much it opens. You can probably convert your original side charger if you can find a way to limit the amount it opens to just enough so it unlocks, then screw in a knob at the front end. Maybe put an L bracket at the HINGED end to stop it from opening all the way?? I kind of dropped the though experiment cause there was just not enough to work with. Your call though. Buying a lever for $200+ to cut it down is just a hard pill to swallow. If you do make a mod I think there is a market for it cause I'm certain a few people who bought the original handle at launch are kind of bitter that JP is charging $200+ for a whole new assembly instead of just selling that modified lever.
  11. If I am mailing a small item that may break or puncture out of the padded envelope (for example a Glock connector or some fragile part) I put it in a federal tray first. This allows the part to be protected while keeping the package lightweight and still be able to be sent first class under 4 oz. They federal trays are also great catch all trays. My Dillon 550 has a habit of spitting out spent primers on my bench like spent sunflower seeds for some odd reason and once I figured out where they were going, put a tray there and pretty much took care of the problem. For a few years now I have been saving a bunch of trays in the hopes of having an "Ah ha!" moment. No luck yet.
  12. I have an older JP SCS (gen 1) that was made for the GMR. It consists of tungsten (? I think) weights and has 2 separate carriers, each with 2 weights. Therefore 4 weights total. Each carrier + 2 weights is 4.5oz. (Therefore the total weight of the gen 1 system, carriers and weights is 9 oz.) I haven't used this setup in a while since I upgraded, but was wondering.. Can I remove one of these carriers and run it in a JP-15 in 223? That means an SCS with a 2 weight system (instead of 3) weighing 4.5oz? I will ofcourse change the spring as needed. My JP-15 has a low mass LMOS carrier and adjustable gas block. Has anyone tried this? Just have free time as we all do and looking to dust off and repurpose some parts. Is length of the reciprocating mass an issue? If so I think I can add a delrin spacer in there to lengthen the reciprocating mass as a "placeholder" Thanks for your time and humouring me. The SCS looks like this.. notice that the carrier is two pieces, so one carrier can be removed.
  13. Try stronger ammo or if you want to keep the SCS, try using a softer spring from JP. I actually prefer the softest spring recommended for 9mm. https://jprifles.com/document_pdfs/JPSCSPACK_800.pdf
  14. JP applies the coupon first, gives you the invoice then you can pay off the discounted balance with the gift cert.
  15. Yes they did that for me. Don't forget that if you pay by check up front you get free shipping.
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