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  1. Do you know if PD is shipping the 3900 bulk pack via UPS or will remain with USPS? I will order regardless but prolly need to warn my mailman : )
  2. This is pretty trippy. At first I thought it was a mirror image flip, but the buttons on the Holosun 510 is on the "correct" side. This really a leftie? Neat.
  3. Does anyone have easy access to the new JP ULW barrel / shroud? I broke down and ordered a new upper to add to the collection. I was thinking of trying out a Smoke Composite handguard for it - and thankfully I tend to overanalyze things and realized that with the compensator holes on the shroud, it is not as straightforward to order a new handguard. I guess I can wait until I get it but I am impatient. : p Can a good Samaritan measure some dimensions for me? 1. The distance between the front of the upper receiver and the rearmost comp cutout? 2. The diameter of the shroud? 3. Though inconvenient, unless you're in between cleanings or have an uninstalled barrel, the diameter of the JP "cleaning gate" near the barrel nut? Much appreciation in advance.
  4. Sniperboy

    Nationals Promo

    Kind of annoyed at the conspiracy but welp, there's always Black Friday : )
  5. Sniperboy

    Nationals Promo

    It's been down since Monday. All you all crashed it!! : ) That or its a conspiracy to not honour the coupon. (Doh!)
  6. One last thing - just don't even bother with the heavier trigger return spring. I have found them about as useful as magic vitamin supplements. Great idea on paper but useless in practice - and more likely will cause problems.
  7. All Glock shooters are poorer for our loss of you Daniel. My USPSA Glock has your trigger from many years ago and is my favourite setup. I've studied your work and I think your triggers are the most innovative, intricate, brilliant and daring out there (while still being safe) - and I hope you one day come back : )
  8. Good to hear. I personally stick exclusively with Glock OEM minus "-" connectors since I have had bad luck with aftermarket connectors. You can salvage the Ghost connector by tuning it to your gun - by bending it inwards or outwards (there is a video and FAQ on Ghost's site) but in my experience the process frustrated me and I just stuck with OEM minus. Reason I did not suggest the connector at first is because the typical failure for me is a totally dead trigger and not partial reset. I guess this is another thing I can file to the data banks. In other news Glock striker spring cups make GREAT filler items when you need the extra $2 to get free shipping. There are two things that are constant and inevitable in life. The sun rises and sets, and you will eventually lose a cup or two.
  9. For an at home approximate test, what I do is (while unloaded ofcourse). 1. Rack slide, pull the trigger back, pin and hold the trigger preventing reset. 2. Hold the slide firmly and VIOLENTLY rack it BACK repeatedly while pulling UP. What this does is tries to separate the striker foot and the trigger bar, forcing it to 'slip' which should not happen in a safe situation. 3. If the interface of the striker and trigger bar cruciform is suspect, this usually reveals any issues that results in failure to reset, dead trigger, doubling, weak reset etc. Not a replacement for live fire but if it fails in this dry run it would likely fail in live fire.
  10. If you do not have access to an OEM slide, then the last resort is to change the connector for the OEM or another brand. It is worth the 5 minutes if you have another connector handy. I highly doubt the maritime cups will fix the issue if the OEM trigger return spring + 5lb striker spring is still a no go which is baffling.
  11. 5lb striker + OEM trigger return spring should always work. This is probably an indication of a deep seated issue. As with all Glock issues, troubleshooting is an iterative process... This similar issue happened to a friend of mine recently.. here is how we fixed it. 1. Replace the current slide with another slide (all internals identical). OR (each fix independently remedied the problem) 2. Replace the aftermarket striker with OEM striker. One last thing... did you remember to put a striker sleeve in your brownells slide? Another local guy had reset issues because he forgot to install this. Basically with aftermarket slides there is a chance of vertical fitment issues with Strikers and trigger bars.
  12. Replace the extra power trigger return spring ( Trigger Spring - Ghost 6lb) with the OEM spring. I am guessing this is your issue, if it is, it is the easiest way to fix it while still maintaining a good feeling and safe trigger. The extra power trigger return spring almost always causes more problems than its worth, and we at my local range have made some nice and safe triggers without it.
  13. That is a very clever idea.. I am thinking of just bolting one of these to the handguard!!
  14. Lloyd Cernelius got back to me and he does indeed sell these. Thanks for the heads up mach1soldier. I really appreciate you and the others taking the time to comment. These flag were a wild hair for a while for me : )
  15. Thanks for the feedback guys : ) I was not sure of how durable the screen printed ones were but I'll consider that when all else fails.
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