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  1. Sniperboy

    CZ Shadow 2

    May I ask, why do you remove the overtravel screw? I don't particularly rely on them, but am curious as to the logic behind it.
  2. Sniperboy

    What non intertia bullet puller for coated bullets

    I use the Hornady collet puller. One of the best things I bought next to a vibratory primer tube filler : ) can't believe I went so long with out those two wonderful things. It will grip onto xtreme coated bullets. It will leave a mark but I don't worry about it and reuse the bullets anyways. I repurposed a cheap ass old Lee single stage press I had in my trash heap, so I am happy about that too.
  3. Sniperboy

    Shadow 2 DA pull - anything else I can do?

    Just to close the loop on this for posterity's sake. WIth the long weekend I tore down the SP-01 again. Realized that my CGW hammer and CGW disco nose/beak was rubbing on the frame (Gotta love not cleaning the gun and the parts leaving tracks). I finally built up the courage to sand it down just half a hair and I now got 6.5lb DA and 2.75lb SA. DA ignition does not seem affected. OK thank goodness, this has been keeping me up nights - I am happy now and can put this dog to rest.
  4. Sniperboy

    Magazine alternatives for the TS

    Just got a tactical sport and looking for alternatives too.. thanks for starting the thread. Surprised that Mec Gar doesn't make them, they make Tanfo large frame mags after all. What's the consensus for basepads for limited division?
  5. Sniperboy

    Shadow 2 DA pull - anything else I can do?

    Man were you tying jugs of water to a string to your trigger?? ; ) Good to hear you got that gremlin knocked loose from the machine, and quickly. That would have been annoying if it persisted. Your new numbers look great!
  6. Sniperboy

    Shadow 2 DA pull - anything else I can do?

    I have to say that is the lowest I have ever heard a DA pull can be - low 3s?! Wow... are you sure that is not just an 8.5 lb hammer spring cut in HALF?!? ; ) Now that is just cruel. "Light polishing", those are fantastic numbers especially with an 11.5 lb spring.
  7. Sniperboy

    Shadow 2 DA pull - anything else I can do?

    The location on the trigger shoe and the angle you pull the trigger gauge back does have an impact on the trigger pull weight. Getting lower on the shoe and angling the gauge downwards instead of pulling straight back does give an illusion of a lighter break. Just be consistent. There is definitely a practical side of just dealing with the pull, but there is enjoyment to be had in tinkering which is a hobby in itself. I think you can enjoy both just as long as you don't let chasing numbers really get you down, or get you trapped in analysis paralysis : ).
  8. Sniperboy

    Shadow 2 DA pull - anything else I can do?

    Do the lifter springs under the trigger affect DA pull?
  9. Sniperboy

    Shadow 2 DA pull - anything else I can do?

    If you are bored and have a few beers you want to put away on a lazy Sunday afternoon, try temporarily replacing your CGW hammer with your stock hammer (you can use your old disco as well - for this purpose I kept my old hammer, disco and strut in together). (I know hammering out the hammer strut is a pain in the ass if you did not buy a spare strut)... I've tried this myself but I am curious as to what your results are. My DA pull went down when I played musical chairs and temporarily put my OEM hammer back... so I just accepted it. I would accept a super crisp SA for maybe a heavier DA.
  10. Sniperboy

    Walther PPQ Q5 ???

    Evan, did L&M do those slide cuts/windows for you too? Mark Housel is the O.G. for slide milling and is the bomb : )
  11. Sniperboy

    Shadow 2 DA pull - anything else I can do?

    Which hammer are you using? CGW, CZC or the OEM?
  12. Sniperboy

    Shadow 2 DA pull - anything else I can do?

    Had the same annoyance with my SP-01. I get 7+ lbs DA with an 11.5lb mainspring, when everyone else seems to get 6.5lbs and less. It may be just the luck of the draw. By the way that is a SWEET hammer strut you got there. How did you polish it and get it so rounded?
  13. Sniperboy

    G26 parts compatibility

    If you want to be technical, I think the locking block, slide lock leaf spring are specific to the sub compacts.
  14. You just need a longer lever, sir (see PDF). : ) Science!!
  15. A very novel solution. I think you're right Polymer.