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  1. Thanks for the update Tim. I've been looking for an old TACCOM upper to try out but I'll hold out for some of this sweet sweet, new technology. Good luck with your projects.
  2. I saw that today! Your 15/22 barrel release is great news. I am sure you will sell a lot of 15/22 barrels Tim, but I think you should just jump back in and re-release your complete 22 upper with an updated 5.5" ULW barrel, I'd buy one.
  3. A curious build. I can guess that ball is a weight? A few guys at the range fabricated their own, but I never thought of using a recycled "Buzz Ballz" liquor jar as a host ; ) Just kidding ofcourse, I too am curious how that ball is fabricated and whats inside. Its very clean. and speaking of interesting, the magic rocks and the T-rex skull on the floor certainly catches the eye. Thanks to all for sharing pics.
  4. For the CR Speed versa mag pouches, you can adjust height by rotating the belt clip 180 degrees. It's rudimentary but works. Can you do something similar with the GHOST pouches? (Basically rotate the pouch 180 degrees and use the belt clip "upside down". If the mounting hole between the pouch and belt is off center it may work.
  5. Have not bought ammo from them but was hit and miss on other items. Sometimes its quick, sometimes it takes forever. Seems they have an established MO when it comes to customer support too as per the comments here.. I tried to cancel an order that took forever - and I forgot the rep's flippant response.. it was something along the lines of "Gimme a break", "Whats your problem", or "You're going to regret it..." Responded with an intent to do a chargeback and that was that. Never went back ever since. Just be aware of the risks involved with ordering from them. If you are willing to wait then it may be worth it.
  6. Hobbies are important. If you can prove to yourself you can accomplish your goals, if you have the right mindset, then you can easily transfer that mindset to other avenues in life. You're my hero and congratulations. More videos and more of that yellow burning rubber please!
  7. I tried the Stock 2 - and it was such torture trying to tune it to an "acceptable" trigger pull. Kept on getting light strikes, even with Win primers that I just gave up, and it was not for lack of trying. I was obsessed with getting the platform to work but the relationship ended up being like a bad marriage. The CZ SP-01 (shadow 1) on the other hand was a total breeze to tune. Got the trigger pull I was happy with and it eats everything. If only I could take back the hours and days upon weeks spent on the Tanfo. If you like the larger grip I hear the Shadow 2 has a similar grip to the Stock 2.
  8. Basically Robert is saying to have a 10/16 barrel without cuts (or more to the point, move the "compensator cuts" further down the line) on it so a longer handguard can be used. The 10/16 shroud is magnetic, so its not aluminum. Therefore if there are less cuts then it's going to be heavier, possibly negating the weight savings?? I think this is what may be lost in transmission.
  9. @JohnnyD & @tomv if I may ask, what lower receiver and what bolt were you using when you were using the old Taccom barrel and had no issues with JHP? Not relevant now with the cool new super feed but was curious for educational purposes. JHP bullet overall length would be usefull too if you have that handy : )
  10. I had the same issue with JHP it was a horrible relationship for me, but eversince Tim introduced the super feed, it has solved my issues, home life has been great again : ). Tim at Taccom is a great guy, easy to talk to and a beautiful mind. It doesn't hurt that his stuff is reasonably priced when he could easily mark it up. I have JP and Taccom barrels (super feed) both work well with JHP. To the OP: you have a JP lower, so take note, unless anything has changed in the last year you will need a JP bolt or else you will not be able to seat a magazine with a JP lower + Taccom bolt. Suggestion, buy a Taccom ULW super feed barrel if you want to save money and send a JP bolt to Tim to mill the notch for the super feed ramp. Or you could just get a JP ULW barrel if you want to.
  11. Good luck on your progress... I like your state of mind, and also your choice in colours! More yellow please! : ) I am curious, for your G26 CO pistol do you just use a Glock 17 magazine with 140mm basepad?
  12. Man this is the LAST place I would expect to see a Shadow 2. LOL. (The magazines were probably not loaded to division capacity.) https://www.cbp.gov/newsroom/local-media-release/border-patrol-seize-methamphetamine-and-loaded-weapon-checkpoint
  13. I have had this experience too with my GMR13. I can't comment on other brands of bolts, but unless you can try ahead of time it may be safer to buy a JP bolt if you have a JP lower.
  14. Thanks for the clarification. I was guessing that the 1lb 9oz included the handguard.
  15. Thanks for taking the time to post your review.. I have been eyeing this setup for a while and really like the design.. very out of the box : ) Did you supply your own barrel or did Brekke supply the barrel? Also you mention 1lb 9oz. Is that weight for the barrel + extension, or does it INCLUDE the HANDGUARD?
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