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  2. Very fast powder, tred lightly.. I use it for 40 major.. Not minor.
  3. You might want to think about a narrower front sight that has fiber optic Personally I prefer a 130-5 rear notch and a 110 front sight on a 5 inch slide My eyes pick that up the fastest with good accuracy. Unfortunately for me it was found by trail and error, went through a lot of combinations until I settled on that
  4. Appear to be 1911 rails from the picture on the website with the rear sight
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  6. Thinking about making an "Open minor" gun for outlaw matches with a P320 and the JTTF Compensator kit from Parker Mountain Machine. Anyone tried the kits out yet? You have the option of getting a single port comp (which uses a Compact slide) or a double chamber which uses the Subcompact slide. I've only been able to find a smattering of match videos on youtube, but no real discussion of results. I've spoken to PMM and gotten their take on it but I'm curious to hear from users. Any reliability issues? Worth upgrading to a 1911 style guide rod so you can tune better? Their testing shows how effective it is in a Ransom Rest, but what's it like under real world uses when being shot by hand?
  7. Might be a bit much as a first press. Got a chum who owns one who can help out? On the other hand, you might be very good at tinkering.
  8. Not my first press - well over 140,000 rounds loaded (on a 550). I think I'll manage to tweak it into shape
  9. I will testify for JP, they are awesome!!! Any parts make the gun better!
  10. If the mags will get to capacity in 40 S&W at 140mm this is just another great option for limited from CZ. It'll come down to preference as it usually does but for the price, for me, it would be worth it. Excited to get ahold of one for sure. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  11. This problem is solved by a frame mounted red dot since those sit forward of the ejection port. Is frame mounted optic allowed for carry optics?
  12. There were several Honchos at your state match recently. Steven Sanders and Wally Burbage both shoot limited in 40 and have videos on their social media pages.
  13. Schultz/NISA in Muskego Oconomowoc Sportsmen's Club in Concord Wennequah Gun Club in Lodi Ripon/Fox Valley in Ripon Saukville Sheboygan Rifle and Pistol club isn't USPSA affiliated but has action pistol events.
  14. Sarge, it's the Go Fast Don't Suck Postal match. The match this entire thread is about. It helps when clubs set the stages up correctly
  15. What year was that? Had to be more than 15 years ago
  16. I don't mind doors and I think they have a valid place in our sport, provided the prop is constructed properly (meaning, it presents a fair and equitable challenge to each shooter). Just because some people have a problem negotiating that obstacle isn't a valid reason to eliminate them entirely. Doors, stomp pads, swinging bridges, etc. aren't a shooting challenge element any more than say, moving, or reloads on the clock. Neither of those involve firing shots but are accepted as reasonable challenges. What they (doors, stomp pads, swinging bridges, etc.) do is serve as a distraction. Distractions cause a shooter to 'think on their feet', and being a dynamic activity, it adds some spice to the challenge. If we eliminate everything that isn't actually a shooting challenge (acquire, aim, press, fire) what's left? Bullseye?
  17. The TSO already does this. The DWX still is interesting though
  18. There is a range in saukville that should be hosting matches. My home club in Muskego, schultz rod and gun club offers uspsa, steel challenge, idpa and a summer pistol league. Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Tapatalk
  19. Are the frame rails 1911 style or cz style...that would make a difference
  20. I have one coming and will report back...
  21. Plus/minus 2,000 rounds. My first Gen 2 went a little longer but ran fine. I have not had a single issue with my 3 MPX’s. For what it’s worth, my Hyperfire Eclipse triggers have been fine. I know that guns are like Chevy and Fords.....all good but people have their own preference. I shoot a lot of Outlaw Steel and Steel Challenge matches and for me, the very light recoil impulse from the MPX was the best choice for transition target to target speed.
  22. Thanks for the range report. Got an email sent requesting a set. Hopefully they have a template from your order. I tried the Velocity model at the Open Nationals. Loved the lenses, hated the frames and need a more adjustable nose piece for my “asian fit” bridge.
  23. Would the CMC AK trigger work in this? What are the aftermarket options for thumb safeties?
  24. just get rid of doors. Opening a door isnt a shooting challenge. Its also a no reason sweeping DQ trap They frequently dont work or get pulled too hard. I mean, really put up some vision barriers to go around get the same thing
  25. Yeppers!!!!! However, there are loss brass matches. I suspect to keep the match moving along and eliminate potential delays. However at RIO the CRO/ROs pick up the brass at the conclusion of the match. Although, I think a boy scout troop or Jr ROTC should perform a community service and pick up our brass.
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