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  1. 10k blue bullets all over N330 and very little build up in my Coda comp. What actually was built up came off after a few minute soak. I think most people that have leading problems is because either they're melting the coating with the wrong powder or over-crimping.
  2. I don't know of any PCC shooter that doesn't start with the muzzle pointing towards their first target, especially if they're not moving. I can't even begin to count the number of targets I've shot from the belt (or otherwise "not shouldered") presented with "one target and move" stages. The rulebook doesn't make exceptions for opinions. Cite the rules or it's not a DQ. The inability to simply pull out a printed rulebook at a match (yes you can pay to have one made) just leads to more things like this where a shooter gets the screws because match staff doesn't know the appropriate rules and just "guess" based upon their opinion.
  3. If I can manage to get my round I'll get it but when I was shooting factory ammo in PCC there was far too many other rounds laying around and the last thing I want to do is send someone's 9 major down the barrel that makes 200PF out 16" of barrel.
  4. I found my PCC to be the same way with their 125gr RN bullets. They look to be using the same profile as Missouri (who say to load to 1.080"). I asked Blue about it but they refused to comment on *any* loading data. My initial load was 1.125" and it passed the plunk test but when put into chamber by force it became extremely difficult to eject. It's most certainly a bullet profile issue because 124gr NATO WWB is close to 1.155" yet it has no problem getting stuck.
  5. The one I ordered from Shooters Connection for my QC10 fits like a dream and changes the dynamic of reloads exponentially. I wish they had a better way of applying their logo either engraving it while on the mill. I peeled the sticker off as I can see it not lasting forever and leaving a nasty gooey spot later on.
  6. Every target vendor is slightly different. Having shot targets from four different vendors and each were slightly different. With that said, if you expect someone to be within 1/32" on a target overlay then why not on distance? Do you also measure everyone's start box and expect those to be within 1/32" as well? Unfortunately, if HQ came out with a tolerance on things then people would just abuse and use the tolerance exception as an excuse for sloppy work.
  7. Until someone makes a set of calipers that can measure 100 feet we'll always have to have some level of acceptance for things being slightly off. Measuring tapes capable of going 75' have a good amount of flex/stretch in them so when you're laying out something like CM 09-09 you can easily end up with +/- several inches. Myself, I try to get within an inch on distance and placement of target stands but there's absolutely no reason we cannot be accurate to 1/8" as far as target height and overlaying no-shoots or hard cover. The stage diagram clearly show what to do.
  8. Even more reason steel should be painted after every shooter, regardless of the match size or level. If one can of paint per 25 shooters is too much of an expense for a match then there’s much bigger problems going on here.
  9. PCC and Limited Glock 35 for any monthlys that offer second runs. Any single runs or big matches will always be PCC. I simply pull off the Blade-Tech holster (I don't like race rigs) and change to different magazines. I stuffed magazines for almost 15 years of Production, I'm done with that nonsense now
  10. If you're not using some type of a proper belt made for carrying a holster, whether you plan to shoot once a month or 8 times makes everything else irrelevant. A proper belt, whether a reinforced leather one made for a holster, CR Speed (or any kind of 2 piece velcro design), or one of the "Instructors" belts is as important as your choice of footwear. Unpopular opinion: The vast majority of people who shoot don't pickup their gun outside of shooting a course of fire.
  11. VC forces you to think rather than rely on muscle memory to just have a rooster tail of brass flying out of your gun. If you cannot follow instructions on the COF then you should be penalized accordingly. Can You Count is a perfect example of this. Plenty of people practice bill drills but how many of them still end up with an extra shot and hit because the failed to think?
  12. There are a ton of different people making magazine releases but I've been unable to find is a comparison of the aftermarket ones versus the OEM one. Does anyone have any photo or links? My hands are odd, short fat fingers with a big palm so the gun fits perfectly with the exception of shifting the frame in my hand to depress the button. Thanks!
  13. I had this happen to me this past weekend on a stand in the box classifier and ended up with a reshoot. Although we cannot place the burden on the shooter to advise the RO that they have a "forward throwing" comp, if I'm with a new RO that doesn't know me, I give them the courtesy. No rule is going to work to fix this issue unless every single club used the exact same timer and timer settings. A shooter shouldn't have to tune their gun to shoot at a particular club.
  14. N330 left in the hopper for about 3 years, chronos the same as it did 3 years ago.
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