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  1. That's one of the reasons I'm trying to give MDs and their crew a break on the pricing because everything is getting stupid expensive before we even consider the price of components/ammo. My raw material cost went up about 15% a few months ago and so far I've managed to not increase my prices.
  2. If you're a match director, I'm offering kits at $70/each. Your name should be listed as the contact under the https://uspsa.org/find-a-club page or otherwise be able to provide sufficient evidence that you're responsible for the design/setup/operations of the club. https://www.fgsengineering.com/product/3d-stage-builder-kit-uspsa/ to see what all is included, but everything is pictured below. Take advantage of this special pricing by sending me a PM on the forum or email me at INFO at FGSENGINEERING dot COM.
  3. Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 Magazine Safety Flag https://www.fgsengineering.com/product/smith-wesson-mp-15-22-magazine-safety-flag/ Perfect for Steel Challenge or anywhere else a safety flag is required. This locks into the gun just like a magazine and physically prevents the bolt from being closed. Easy to use and no worries with having to deal with flags that fall out or ones that you need to stick into your barrel. Lanyard hole fits 550 cord. Frankfort Arsenal Rotary Tumbler Wrench - "FART Wrench" https://www.fgsengineering.com/product/fart-wrench-frankford-arsenal-rotary-tumbler-lid-wrench/ Easily open the lid of your tumbler without the need to use other tools, potentially damaging the lid. I print these STUPID THICC to be sturdy and reliable for the long haul. Hundo Wall-Mount rack https://www.fgsengineering.com/product/hundo-case-gauge-wall-mount-rack/ As expensive as the Hundo is and the ability to destroy it's usefulness with one drop off the bench, I couldn't find any better way to protect it than to make a holder for the wall. Well, yes, you can buy a Pelican case but let's face it, those are expensive! Classic Targets now available for the 3D Printed Stage Builder Design Kit https://www.fgsengineering.com/product/no-shoot-targets-uspsa-ipsc-classic/ https://www.fgsengineering.com/product/uspsa-ipsc-classic-targets/ Dillon Powder Measure Knobs https://www.fgsengineering.com/product/dillon-powder-measure-knob/ Because of higher demand for larger quantities, we've increased the discount when buying 10+. Simply put, you're not going to find a more popular product of it's kind out there. We've sold thousands of these over the past year and it's still our most popular product. As always, coupon code benos10 will knock off 10% of your purchase and shipping is free over $49. Dealer inquiries are always welcome and most of our products can be tailored to your branding if you desire a private label.
  4. Our stage design builder’s kit contains everything needed for almost any USPSA stage imaginable. We’ve provided enough targets, props, fences, and other materials so you can easily build a Nationals-quality or just a fun 36 round “hoser” stage. Everything is printed to approximately 1/24 scale so other items of the same scale can be used (die-cast cars, model train accessories, etc.). This is convenient for use with 1″ grid paper or paper cutting mats for laying out detailed stages that you can ensure will fit your shooting bays without any guesswork on setup day. $99, free shipping to USA MADE IN THE USA. Not just "printed" but also our raw polymer is from the USA. We don't use junk Chinese materials. https://www.fgsengineering.com/product/3d-stage-builder-kit-uspsa/
  5. TMJ or JHP bullet so you have an enclosed base a N330, it's literally made for 9mm.
  6. Depending on how the clubs were initially numbered, a good indication may be how low of a number one has. For example, Ashland is KY01. Of course, I suppose this will only get us on a per-state basis.
  7. I've ordered from these guys several times and they ship quickly. They only let you order what's in stock, no 8-12 weeks of them holding your money while waiting on shipment like some vendors are doing. https://kcbulletcompany.com/
  8. Given the nature of the 750's feed like the 550, the chances of the entire magazine detonating are pretty slim. With that said, I've crushed the heck out of some on my 650 and still no kabooms. I loaded probably 100k on my 550 over the past ~15 years with never a detonation.
  9. Thanks for the welcome, Brian! Simply put, I 3D print reloading and shooting accessories. Chances are you've seen my stuff on eBay but buying directly from my website not only is cheaper for you, it's cheaper for me (eBay fees are ridiculous!) Come have a browse and find something that you didn't know that you needed
  10. Most of our products, being 3D printed, are not going to be restricted with issues related to ITAR, or other bans on imports. You will still be responsible for any import duties, VAT/government theft, etc. but we’ll still ship it. The following countries (part of E-DELCON) gives us door-to-door tracking and you can immediately order from the website: Australia Belgium Canada Croatia Cyprus Denmark Estonia France Germany Gibraltar Hong Kong Iceland New Zealand Poland Portugal Thailand United Kingdom If you want to order outside of this list, we’ll still happily take your order but manual processing must be done to ensure that we can send the item and that the appropriate laws are followed.
  11. After having been a competitive shooter and reloader for the past 15+ years, I decided that some of the homemade items I’ve crafted over time would be beneficial to others. With the advent of 3D printing and CNC machining now being available on a small level without an initial six-figure investment, we’re able to bring reasonably priced products without sacrificing quality. All our products are 100% American made here in my own workshop using only domestically sourced polymers and are fully compliant with California Proposition 65 requirements. Using discount code “benos10” will get you 10% off your total order https://www.fgsengineering.com
  12. Sailer ran away with it once again but the difference between 2/3/4 was the equivalent of one Mike and a No-Shoot....i.e. stupid close.
  13. The new stage setup diagrams on the 19 series classifiers are absolutely horrible. It wouldn't surprise me that half the clubs out there have an issue with the setup. We went from very concise diagrams in the 99 and 06 classifiers with a nice page layout to the 19 ones that look like they were thrown together in MS Word on a Friday night before a match.
  14. Next time, read up on Appendix C2, give your 8 rounds and go on. It's no one else's business you're using mixed ammunition and if you're challenged by a match official about your ammo, that's well within their right. Volunteering that you're shooting 5 kinds of ammo is just a waste of time and resources.
  15. If you stop yourself, wait for the RO to start talking to you or using improper range commands while trying to figure out whatever is wrong with your gun and then get your reshoot.
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