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  1. and here is me tuning my AR with stickers
  2. 3:29 got some a-ta-ta-ta, or..? 4:51 proc? would be good to add some numbers: HF / % or dunno, win by
  3. The next question is..The bolt weight ..in or out ?
  4. it is always the same pack of problems • disconnector little f*#ker spring (should be changed once a year) especially ECL • firing pin + spring (should be changed once a year) • too long/short stroke can cause a list of problems
  5. i would prefer my gun to shoot 100% when i would need that
  6. it become even louder!:D wife sends you her regards
  7. yeah! great idea! :DDD need to tell it to my wife (she sits near me usually)
  8. Can you please show on pic/video what did you do exactly..coz i have a bit of the same problem..it's not bothering me for now, but could help to solve another problem
  9. Got the roller cam and a new spring and a ball combo.. Didn't help = / This thing keeps screaming in my face Tried to put the shaft higher or lower..it just screams It comes from the vibration of case insert slide&cam (yes, oiled) If i push it with the finger it shuts up..but i can't come up with what could i do to make in pressed all the time
  10. can't decide between a 115/131PF load and a 115/138PF load.. both at 1.157" 131 gives +30 accuracy (about 1" inch at 15y) 138 gives +20attack speed and +7dmg..but -20 accuracy
  11. Sup guys Start position: 15y Gun: shouldered / dot on the target Throwing there fastest splits you can do Your honest hand on the heart: what is the average group in inches there will be and the split times ? + Bullet weight/PF if known
  12. been there had that b) / c) 2lb + fast fingering + weak grip = bump I choose to put stronger (red) springs in my Eclipse. + check if your F.pin spring weared off or not..but sounds that it's not that case
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