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  1. You may check the firing pin spring. I had a massive slamfire problems because of that. It was compressed + the large amount of shortstroke made this thing cycle
  2. Just buy a new mag (or add some new +10% wolf springs) and test if it's mag related or not..and then -> As was said before the bolt is too fast or bolt is too slow..
  3. Man, i'm doing same test and have an almost same equipment for a year or so.. And was asking the same questions so far 12.5" / ECL / Hydr First i started with MBX buffer system and their Yellow spring kit Then it was Sprinco Red with Hydr 5007 Then it was DBRS Taccom Now it's a A5+5020SS + JP Carbine 308 + my ammo for dunno 130 pf or so The only item i need is a ESSB but i can't buy it here in Europe i have switched from green ECL springs to Red for now (it's 3.5lbs?) dunno what to say..Didn't managed to make a hole2hole or even to
  4. No, the missing tip is much-much bigger, like 10 times..Other thing to consider is..If a broken tip was sticked there i think it would not let the ammo to being chambered and would cause an out_of_battery explosion..or could..dunno..m.b. someone wants to test it? Stick something there and load 30 rounds..anybody ...? guys...?
  5. cold welding cured my Pin ! wamen!
  6. omg it's not for fixing a pin! :DDDD it's for fixing a hole in the bolt
  7. I was about to test it out but Corona hit the fan and i'm lockdowned now I realy hope that the problem was in a Firing pin spring *see image* Left combo is a failured one. Right one - new. See how spring being much shorter. Fired only 2-3k rounds with this spring+pin..So it could be the cause. Traaa started ..broke the tip of the pin..Tip made a hole.. Or a piece of breechface made a Traaa as a Comrade 5322 said Btw thanks for the idea with JB Well ! Gonna try it
  8. What burr? it's not a burr it's more of a notch gonna stick it with a booger
  9. Can any 1 help with minor pcc load for 124 fmj + n340 (got a bunch of it) ? btw what CO stands for ?
  10. Facts: • ECL trigger with lightest springs for a year or so • For this test the build was shortstroked balls deep. I don't think it's related coz it's only 1 coin more than my usual build • I released the trigger right after 2nd shot. / total of 30 rounds • After "the thing goes Traaa" maneuver i loaded some more rounds and only then i realised it's not working any more and the pin is done. • Pin is broken in two places. Tip and the middle • Later evening i found that (see image) Dunno how and dunno how will it affect my shooting from now on. Any ideas? could it
  11. So I was testing some stuff when the occasional uncontrollable bumpfiring happened. After that i have found that the firing pin is done. It's barely noticable so i put some slowmo to you guys.. hehehe :] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wiVYwbnERwM&ab_channel=FxPew So What do you think A: Broken Pin caused these extra shots or B: s#!t occurred and broke my Pin at the end *sound from Who Wants To Be A Millionaire tv show*
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