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  1. and here's i am..using 2 pairs of gloves.. one on another lol
  2. Any help plzplz ? I'm a midway in tuning my MBX buffer + their yellow combo spring Shooting factory 124 Sellier&Bellot / 124 STV Scorpio Gun is 12.5" ADC 9, blowback And i can't tune it properly ! ____ Blue inner spring with second hole (short) + BCG weight removed = Double Feed + FTEject + funny fullauto mode (It's was not funny for a RO) Blue inner spring with first hole (long) = Double Feed + FTEject ____ Green inner spring with first hole (long) = seems ok, But FTEject 1/100 rounds ____ Red inner spring (long) = Ok, but heavy dot movement to 2 o'clock doubletapping (6 inch from 20 yards) Red inner spring (short) + 2 coins buffer = Better (faster), but still dot movement to 3 o'clock doubletapping (5 inch from 20 yards) any ideas, what can i try to make movement flatter?
  3. Got a neck pain after 200 rounds..so i have already ordered that thing too
  4. Hi all Noob here with a silly question I live in a Europe so i'm very limited to choices. Couple of days ago got my 1st carbine. ADC 9mm 12.5" blowback. Going to shoot factory 115 or 124 Currently i have only 2(3) options with buffer choices. 1) MBX , but A2 Rifle lenght https://cesar-shop.com/product/mbx-recoil-reduction-buffer-system-ar-9mm 2) JP SCS Gen2 9mm https://www.brownells-deutschland.de/AR-15-SILENT-CAPTURED-SPRING-GEN-2-9MM-J-P-ENTERPRISES-452000217 3) There is also a third option on Brownells https://www.brownells-deutschland.de/AR-15-9MM-HYDRAULIC-RECOIL-BUFFER-KYNTEC-CORPORATION-100033218 KYNTEC AR-15 9MM Hydraulic Recoil Buffer.. But it's not available and they don't know when it will be back in stock. 1 Question. What should i choose in that particular setup (12.5" blowback + factory ammo) 2 Question. Do i get it right? MBX A2 / A4 difference is only in a spacer ? Can i put this A2 thing in my carbine tube without a spacer? (and it should work too ) sorry for bad grammar
  5. And the question is: Where can i get that system in Europe ?) Any retailers? Help...!:(
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