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  1. Thanks as always. Yes I've run about 400rds total, a mix of Geco, Fiocchi and Magtech through the Redback and haven't had any stoppages. Maybe Lee at ASL was just trying to sell me more Fiocchi
  2. Handled a loaded magazine while in the safe area. Luckily nobody saw, but I've been very careful and it hasn't happened again.
  3. Hi, I think I've seen you post this on the IPSC Facebook group, it's good stuff, thanks for the content
  4. I remember one of the guys at the factory told me that it could be a bit picky with regards to ammo. How long do you load your rounds?
  5. I bought this one: https://bjorntactical.com/product/pro-competition-holster/ Again, I haven't been able to try the gun in the holster yet because of the pandemic and not being able to travel to Switzerland
  6. I got a Guga Ribas universal closed holster myself, it's ok but it feels a bit blocky. I ordered a custom one from Denmark, but haven't been able to the gun to test the holster.
  7. What kind of parts did you get? I'll be visiting the factory at some point and will likely pick some up direct.
  8. HI Kommbat, thanks for this information. No unfortunately I haven't been to Switzerland since 2019 because of Covid. So my gun has been stuck there this whole time. Hoping to go this summer for the Eidgenössischen Schützenfest. I'll be sure to get a set of spares off Armin. With the 11lb recoil springs, do you install any recoil buffers?
  9. Interesting, did the primer-only detonation have enough power to cycle the slide? I guess in the heat of the moment, the natural instinct is to "tap rack and bang" anyway.
  10. I do wet tumble, but I let my brass dry for a LONG time. Still, can't rule out that being the culprit.
  11. Nearly the same thing happened to me. Recoil and noise all seemed normal. Gun "cycled" enough to cock the hammer, but didn't eject the case. Gun went click. Racked out a soot-covered case. Almost carried on with a new magazine, before I decided to check the barrel just in case. Glad i did, bullet was also lodged 1/3 way down the barrel.
  12. I think this describes me perfectly. When shooting doubles, I've caught myself myself freezing on the trigger on the second shot, and noticing my gun dipping down. But it's not a jerky dip down, as you would see in a real flinch, it feels like a smooth motion as if I was steadily wrestling the gun back down from recoil. The general method for fixing this seems to be to grip less hard with the strong hand, and make up for it with more weak hand grip?
  13. For Ba9 1/2 using 125gr coated bullets, my final load is 3.9gr, OAL 1.08" for an avg velocity of 1030fps They're loaded that short because I'm shooting a CZ SP-01 Shadow, and also because the bullets are conical nose ones
  14. I use 9 and 91/2, but the load data they publish on their website is pretty far off.
  15. The primary optic on my rifle is a Primary Arms LPVO and I have an RMR on an Arisaka offset optic mount. The Arisaka mount lets me mount the red dot at either a 35 degree or 45 degree angle. 45 degrees is the standard, but I do like the 35 degree option as it lets me maintain my cheek weld. The main issue with the 35 degree angle is that the windage turret of my scope obscures about the lower left quarter of the red dot. I'm wondering if this reduced field of view might be a problem or if it's an acceptable tradeoff.
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