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  1. For IPSC shooting, I think front sight focus is absolutely fine because the A zone is so large compared to the bullseye on more traditional precision shooting targets. I also shoot WA1500/PPC, and use an occluder for my left eye as I find it impossible to focus on the front sight with two eyes open.
  2. Just give the slide a good tap forwards to make sure it goes into battery after!
  3. Do you guys have any kind of safety course like the Canada black badge course that you have to pass before shooting USPSA?
  4. I shoot in a region where you get DQ'd if the muzzle is pointed at anything but the berm. And that includes during the reload, gotta keep the gun flat during that
  5. A decent magnet will be so strong that you will have to slide the magazine off it (like you would draw a magazine out of a pouch anyway).
  6. Try shooting off a rest for more stability if you're trying to sight. Just make sure you're resting your wrists on the rest, and not the gun itself as that will affect the point of impact.
  7. Yes, an error when setting up sights. Any error at close range is magnified the further out you go. If you miss the bullseye by 1" at 10yards, that will translate to 5" at 50 yards. A 1" error when zeroing is no different, because in practice, you are missing by 1" because of the bad zero.
  8. https://www.rifleshootermag.com/editorial/hitting-a-high-or-low-angle-shot/83768 basically, when you shoot on an incline, you have to work out the actual horizontal distance between you and your target, and hold for that. Let's say you're shooting at a target 1000 metres away at a 20 degree incline. With a bit of trigonometry, you can work out that your horizontal distance to your target is 940 metres. So instead of holding for 1000 metres, you would hold for 940 metres. If you did hold for 1000 metres, your shot would go high as expected.
  9. It helps if you have a question. My 9mm is sighted in for 25m, and at 50m, I find I have to hold just under the black on a standard 50m bullseye target
  10. 10.5.3 in the rulebook You can put a gun down during a course of fire, but you have to comply with a number of conditions. You have to maintain full contact with the gun all the way until it's on the ground (ie. no throwing or dropping it). You have to remain within 3 feet of it. And quite importantly, the gun has to be either unloaded (empty chamber, magazine out, action open) OR the firearm is in the "ready condition". So if loaded, the hammer should be down or the safety should be on. I could be wrong though with my interpretation of the rules.
  11. I guess a shooter should deal with this by safely placing the gun on the ground and then fixing the belt, then pick up the gun again and continue with the COF?
  12. Bit confused here. Are you saying that if you think of properly gripping the gun, you'll end up with a bad grip?
  13. That was the advice I was given in my first "official" IPSC match this weekend. I thought...how bad could a miss be? You just lose out on the 5 points you could have gotten for an alpha, right? Well at the conclusion of the match (with 3 mikes), I found out that misses were actually penalised. I had thought you were only penalised for not attempting to shoot at a target. Just one of the many takeaways from my first match. I still came 10th out of 39 in my division, so I guess all those years of shooting experience helped somewhat.
  14. To my knowledge crimp just ensures the round will feed? So if it passes the plunk test, it's good to go.
  15. Blackstone45

    CZ Tuning

    My first handgun was a second hand SP-01 Shadow which had been tuned by its previous owner with a competition hammer, trigger and competition sights. I picked up a Shadow 2 earlier this year, and wasn't impressed. The single action trigger had noticeable creep on it (maybe it just needed a few hundred rounds through it) and the double action trigger was much worse than my tuned Shadow 1. This was rather disappointing since the Shadow 2 had been marketed as being competition ready out of the box.
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