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  1. I've invested in an Armanov floating toolhead and some floating lock rings. I plan to use that toolhead for my 50m PPC precision loads.
  2. That's an outstanding group - what velocity are you getting with that load?
  3. Seconded this, would love to get a RHT holster for the Redback
  4. I'm by no means a high level shooter, but I follow the school of "grip very hard with support hand and keep a relaxed grip in the firing hand". I know what you mean about applying some pressure with the firing hand pinky to help lock the firing hand wrist. I do that too but only when shooting one-handed. If two handed, my firing hand remains neutral and relaxed.
  5. Sorry if this is a silly question, but is there any reason why a 9mm revolver might be inherently less accurate than one chambered for 38spl?
  6. So basically, there's no reason why the Shadow 2, a gun made for production division, doesn't have a decocker?
  7. I believe decockers have heavier triggers, but I could just be perpetuating a myth.
  8. I've narrowed down the culprit to CBC headstamped brass. S&B gauges, plunks and spins freely without fail. It does make sense, CBC brass seems to be thicker or "harder". I've found there to be a lot more resistance when resizing CBC brass vs S&B brass.
  9. Out of curiosity, why does JHP seem to be the most accurate bullet type? Pretty much all of the PPC/bullseye loads use JHP
  10. Yes I'm using the RN side of the Dillon seating die. I'll look into the MBF powder funnel, I assume that it just replaces the Dillon powder funnel thing and flares the case mouth in a way that allows bullets to seat straighter?
  11. Quick update, about 30% of my rounds aren't spinning freely after plunking in my CZ and SIG P210 barrels. Using the sharpie method, it looks like they're catching at the base of the bullet. What's the cause of this? There is quite a visible bulge which I believe is normal. But perhaps this is too much?
  12. Re-adjusted my seating die with cases in every station, and getting pretty low variation in OAL now (only around .002")
  13. So when setting up the dies on my progressive press, I adjust the depth of each die in turn. I settled upon a OAL of 1.095" for my 9mm. But once I started running the press, the OAL would increase, and vary between 1.099-1.103". Ultimately, it's only about .004" variation, and i believe well within what is acceptable. But why is the OAL longer? Is it because when loading progressively, with cases in every station, the seating station is subject to varying resistances? If I run these rounds just through the seating die again with nothing else happening on the press, it gets them down to the original 1.095" with .002" variation at the most.
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