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  1. Does anyone know if a STI 2011 holster will fit a STI 1911 Targetmaster? Is the 2011 frame wider than the 1911 frame on account of it being a double stack design?
  2. Do we have any optometrists here? I have an interesting issue that I recently discovered. I am strongly right-eye dominant. However, with two eyes open, when I focus on my front sight (so I see one front sight, two targets and two rear sights), the "weak eye" rear sight is stronger and clearer. This is a problem as it's very hard to ensure the front sight is perfectly aligned when the rear sight is faint and blurry. Furthermore, I noticed that when I'm focusing on the front sight, the dominant image of the sight I see is what my weak eye sees. The front sight is at an a
  3. I don't think it's a sizing issue anymore. I resized 20 cases, and they all dropped into the gauge perfectly. But after I loaded them, a couple ended up like in the picture. I suspect it's the bulge at the base of the bullet. The crimp is at 0.377" so I don't think that's the issue. I'll give my pistol barrels a good clean and then plunk test all of the "failures". Sounds like an issue that's just inherent to coated bullets and mixed brass.
  4. That's probably bad? If I recall correctly, the 125gr polymer coated bullets I'm loading have a diameter of .356 or .357 I did notice that a couple of my bullets appeared to be tumbling downrange.
  5. Thanks for all the replies so far. I'm currently loading on a Dillon XL750 with all Dillon 9mm carbide dies. I used to load on a single stage press with Lee dies. I took the rounds that were failing and put them through the Lee factory crimp die, and that has fixed them. I definitely feel some significant resistance when I put the rounds through the FCD. I think the FCD fully resizes the case, whereas the Dillon crimp die just crimps the neck? After checking the round after it's been through the FCD, I can see clear marks near where the bullet bulges out the case below the neck. I'
  6. Is this the trashcan or the practice ammo pile? I wouldn't mind throwing away just the cases, but it's finished rounds that are being gauged
  7. About a fifth of my rounds are not gauging, the rim ends up poking out of the gauge (not my image, but indicative of the issue). These rounds plunk fine in my CZ and SIG P210 barrel. I used a marker and found that the round is getting caught above the rim. From what I've read, it's an issue with case bulge at the bottom where the resizer can't reach. Do you guys experience this too, and how do you deal with it? It hasn't been a problem until this weekend when I had a malfunction. I couldn't diagnose it as I was on the clock, but I think the round didn't chamber and the
  8. Looks like Eemanntech now have Redback springs https://dealer.eemann-tech.com/en/718-phoenix
  9. How far do you guys disassemble your gun down to before cleaning with the brake cleaner?
  10. Shots going low and left for a right handed shooter is a sign that he is milking the gun with his firing hand, causing shots to be pushed in that direction. Try telling him to relax his firing hand a bit, and squeeze harder with his support hand to compensate.
  11. I had one squib that I almost didn't catch. I think the recoil and noise felt normal, but I was probably wrong. My next shot went click. I racked the slide and out came a case covered in black soot. I thought this was odd, then decided to carry on. But at the last moment, I thought I'd better check the barrel, and I'm glad I did. The bullet far down the barrel enough to allow another round to chamber. I inspected case, and the primer strike mark was very shallow. I'm still not certain what caused the squib, but I suspect the case wasn't fully resized, the bullet might have come loose, and so t
  12. Thanks as always. Yes I've run about 400rds total, a mix of Geco, Fiocchi and Magtech through the Redback and haven't had any stoppages. Maybe Lee at ASL was just trying to sell me more Fiocchi
  13. Handled a loaded magazine while in the safe area. Luckily nobody saw, but I've been very careful and it hasn't happened again.
  14. Hi, I think I've seen you post this on the IPSC Facebook group, it's good stuff, thanks for the content
  15. I remember one of the guys at the factory told me that it could be a bit picky with regards to ammo. How long do you load your rounds?
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