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  1. Yeah most of the brass I pick up is newly fired factory magtech, that could be it.
  2. I'm finding "return stroke" of the case mouth expanding step requires a lot of force. So after the mouth has been expanded and I'm lowering the ram, the case seems to get stuck when the now-expanded neck is trying to exit the expanding die. It requires quite a bit of force get past this. Is this normal? I'm using a Lee single stage press, with Lee carbide dies, loading 9mm. I don't tumble my brass, just give them a good wash.
  3. First get confident that you can pull the trigger in DA quickly and without disturbing the sight alignment. A good dry fire drill I use for this is to use a shot-timer. Bring the gun up on your dryfire target with your finger on the DA trigger. When you hear the beep, pull the trigger straight back without disturbing the sight alignment. The goal is to be able to pull it so fast that the hammer drops before the starting beep ends.
  4. There is a reason Olympic shooters (and presumably bullseye shooters) wear an occluder over their non-shooting eye. For static, precision shooting, there is no benefit to having both eyes open. I find it much easier to focus on the front sight when I only have one eye open. As IVC said, when you have both eyes open, your brain wants to start jumping focus between the sights and the target.
  5. Yeah I ran into a similar problem recently. I was shooting around a barricade and messed up my positioning so that it was blocking the view of my right eye. But because my left eye was unobstructed, my brain just went with seeing through the left. Until I brought my sights up in front of my right eye. Then my brain got very confused.
  6. A lot of good followup posts here. Before I understood the concept of being able to focus and converge on different things, I tried very hard to focus and converge on the front sight at the same time, because that's what I was always taught ("to focus on the front sight"). With two eyes open, this resulted in me seeing two targets, and it was almost impossible to shoot this way because I got very confused about which target to aim at. It was a lot easier for my brain to ignore the extra pair of sights when converging on the target instead.
  7. A crystal clear front sight is more important than a crystal clear target. Having perfect sight alignment is much more important than having perfect sight "placement". Because a small error in sight alignment will translate to a large error downrange. Bullseye shooters will generally use the 6 o'clock hold, with their point of aim somewhere in the white below the black bull. This provides them with a good reference point to aim at, without requiring them to focus on that point. The other reason they use 6 o'clock hold is that it puts the black sights against a white background. Hope this makes sense.
  8. The key is to not be distracted during it. No point pushing yourself to dry fire for an extended amount of time if your heart isn't in it.
  9. I assume because tilting a gun affects the point of impact, bullseye shooters will use a straight gun because that is what their gun is sighted for.
  10. I cant slightly when shooting right-hand-only because it feels more natural. I cant more when shooting left-hand-only in order to help bring the sights in front of my dominant right eye. However, if I'm shooting bullseye or other precision, I don't cant at all.
  11. No, I believe MM is making a reference to the scantily clad women shooting guns that feature in most of Taran's videos, and is sarcastically referring to them as pro shooters
  12. You're very right, now I'm struggling a bit with the Trainer
  13. So 100lbs corresponds to the 'Trainer' model of the Captains of Crush grippers, so it's pretty reassuring to hear that it's not a ridiculous amount of squeezing force required
  14. I move the gun back a bit, turn my hand 90 degrees clockwise and break my wrist to present the magwell. Why? Because in our ranges, the muzzle cannot point above the berm.
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