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  1. I agree with Sarge. Generally it's up to the CRO on the stage. How often to change depends on the stage and target(s). A 'head shot only' target might only last for 3 squads or less. A full target might last 4 or 5 squads. The more hard cover/noshoots overlaying the target, the faster it gets hard to score.
  2. What is this stop shooting that you speak of? If you stop and lose the challenge, the stage gets scored as shot including penalties for everything you didn’t engage. Best to finish the stage THEN call for calibration.
  3. This has been mentioned before. Every I RO a match, I get some guys that apparently think that their time to unload and show clear counts for score. As the RO, I back them up and insist on seeing a clear chamber. I’ve irritated many but saved several from your fate. The verbal confirmation you should be hearing is: If clear, hammer down, holster.
  4. I think that it depends on your goals. For example, I have no interest in putting in the time and effort to get to GM. I shoot for 3 reasons: I like getting out and making noise and putting holes in targets. i enjoy the people that I meet and shoot with. I think that a certain amount of training and practice should be required to hold on to my CCW permit. like Sarge, I don’t shoot in the rain or cold. That’s not enjoyable.
  5. So, I’ve been looking at this one. Pretty pricey, which is why i haven’t pulled the trigger. https://www.diamonddcustomleather.com/products/alaska-hunter-hip-holster
  6. So, I tried a dovetail plate on my SP-01. I found that I had a hard time acquiring the dot because the sight was set so high. The plate was also a bit unstable. After struggling for 2 years, I went with a PPQ M5 match that has a milled slide and multiple plates included. I’m very happy with this setup.
  7. I really appreciate that you stuck around and helped out with the squad. Most people get angry and/or upset and storm off of the range.
  8. I turn mine off right before I holster, if I remember it. Otherwise, it’s easy to turn off in the holster.
  9. ok, I looked up the WSB on the USPSA site. Here's the relevant quote: engage T1-T4 with only two rounds each, make a mandatory reload using a magazine from the table only, then engage T1-T4 with only two rounds each. Reading it, it plainly says that only 8 rounds should be fired after the reload. So, my call would be 1 extra shot. under No other penalties. Before someone asks, no extra hits because the number of hits on targets don't exceed the total number specified for the stage. Bill Hayden
  10. Agreed. A good CRO keeps all of their hard cover in repair. When hard cover is hit, duct tape, paint or your favorite repair method is in order. That said, it can be a challenge at level 1 matches when the barrels are already pretty shot up.
  11. I’m abbreviating them as UMP in my designs....
  12. Get a router with a separate guest network. There are many on the market. The shooters get guest, which can be throttled. With staff and scoring devices on the private net. Should fix your problem.
  13. Well, I guess I’d better hold on to that 6 gallons of 40 that I was going to take to the recycler because nobody around here wants it! Might be a good investment!
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