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  1. Get a router with a separate guest network. There are many on the market. The shooters get guest, which can be throttled. With staff and scoring devices on the private net. Should fix your problem.
  2. Well, I guess I’d better hold on to that 6 gallons of 40 that I was going to take to the recycler because nobody around here wants it! Might be a good investment!
  3. Many short grip pistols have grip extensions that slide onto the magazine. That’s how I would present it.
  4. For my local club, the match fee is cut in half ($5 instead of $10). We also get service hours counting towards our 16 hour obligation.
  5. We used these at the 2017 Iron Sights nationals. They worked pretty well in the Utah sun.
  6. No, it’s not an automatic reshoot. This is a case where you should have finished the stage and asked for calibration. As the RO, ive had this happen at a level 2 match. My response when the shooter looked at me and said it didn’t go down was ‘if you are finished.....’. Later at chrono, we found out that he was shooting sub minor ammo.
  7. It takes a LOT of shots to ‘wear out’ a barrel. Besides, if lead in the barrel is a problem, just cut the top off and empty it. It seems that this might be an excuse hiding as a reason.
  8. Did the RO use an overlay? Grease ring at the perf or not, if they can’t claim it went through hard cover, it’s the bullet diameter as measured by an overlay.
  9. Scored as shot. There’s no basis for a reshoot in the rules.
  10. At club matches, not all that are serving are trained ROs. Of those that are trained, some say ‘it’s a club match, I don’t need to be as exact.’ Bad habit to get into. If I’m going to RO, there are three things that go into my pocket: 2 overlays and a zip tie. Use the overlays as needed to score the target. If it’s close, use them. If the perf is covered by tape/pasters, use 2. The use use of the zip tie is left to the student.
  11. Just finished working Ryan Rocks. Without going to look, about 10-15% were PCC.
  12. You don’t DQ them. They do it themselves. You just call it.
  13. 2ait until you DQ your son! Done that.
  14. I’m also an “older dood” (senior division) and a CRO. I went to my level 1 class to understand the rules. Then I started working matches and found that I really enjoy working with shooters and “making the sport possible”. So I’m classified as a C shooter. I really don’t care. I enjoy the sport. My work gives me more vacation than I know what to do with, my children are out of the house and the wife needs a break from me sometimes. Upside: meet new people, travel to matches, shoot major matches without paying a fee (most of the time), most of the shooters you meet are good people, you make the sport possible. downside: it doesn’t make you a better shooter; it might make you a better gamer, you HAVE to call penalties (including DQ) when deserved, you always have ‘spirited conversations’ when you make a decision that the shooter or his buddies don’t like, there are a few buttheads out there shooting. All in all, I enjoy the role and look forward to each match. im scheduled for Battle in the Bluegrass and Ryan Rocks Charity blast so far this year. If you are going to either one, look me up or pm me if you want to talk. Bill
  15. Staff won’t fill the day. Either you end up with short squads(bad) or just 2 or 3 squads, which kind of wastes a bunch of slots. As long as everyone pulls their weight, which they usually do, it’s fine.
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