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  1. Bhayden

    Perforation Scoring

    Did the RO use an overlay? Grease ring at the perf or not, if they can’t claim it went through hard cover, it’s the bullet diameter as measured by an overlay.
  2. Bhayden


    Scored as shot. There’s no basis for a reshoot in the rules.
  3. At club matches, not all that are serving are trained ROs. Of those that are trained, some say ‘it’s a club match, I don’t need to be as exact.’ Bad habit to get into. If I’m going to RO, there are three things that go into my pocket: 2 overlays and a zip tie. Use the overlays as needed to score the target. If it’s close, use them. If the perf is covered by tape/pasters, use 2. The use use of the zip tie is left to the student.
  4. Bhayden

    Where are all the PCC shooters???

    Just finished working Ryan Rocks. Without going to look, about 10-15% were PCC.
  5. Bhayden

    When to become RO

    You don’t DQ them. They do it themselves. You just call it.
  6. Bhayden

    When to become RO

    2ait until you DQ your son! Done that.
  7. Bhayden

    When to become RO

    I’m also an “older dood” (senior division) and a CRO. I went to my level 1 class to understand the rules. Then I started working matches and found that I really enjoy working with shooters and “making the sport possible”. So I’m classified as a C shooter. I really don’t care. I enjoy the sport. My work gives me more vacation than I know what to do with, my children are out of the house and the wife needs a break from me sometimes. Upside: meet new people, travel to matches, shoot major matches without paying a fee (most of the time), most of the shooters you meet are good people, you make the sport possible. downside: it doesn’t make you a better shooter; it might make you a better gamer, you HAVE to call penalties (including DQ) when deserved, you always have ‘spirited conversations’ when you make a decision that the shooter or his buddies don’t like, there are a few buttheads out there shooting. All in all, I enjoy the role and look forward to each match. im scheduled for Battle in the Bluegrass and Ryan Rocks Charity blast so far this year. If you are going to either one, look me up or pm me if you want to talk. Bill
  8. Bhayden

    Staff Day

    Staff won’t fill the day. Either you end up with short squads(bad) or just 2 or 3 squads, which kind of wastes a bunch of slots. As long as everyone pulls their weight, which they usually do, it’s fine.
  9. I will have them go back and show clear. I will also explain that how fast they get the pistol back in the holster doesn't count for score.
  10. Bhayden

    fault line on USPSA vs IPSC

    In USPSA, there would be no penalty unless the action was forbidden in the WSP. Any shots fired must be within the fault lines.
  11. Bhayden

    Where is the "Make Ready Location"

    Agreed. There is no "make ready" position. The RO generally doesn't give make ready until the shooter is at the start position. The shooter must remain under the supervision of the RO per 10.5.1. That being said, I have seen some stages where the start position is anywhere in the shooting area. If you are changing start positions, for goodness sake, talk to your RO. the other thing that I see a lot of is optics shooters wanting to take a sight picture at make ready. A target may or may not be available from the start position. I've had instruction from RMs and MDs to allow them to move to take said sight picture. How do you guys handle it?
  12. My question would be: How do I make it happen all the time???
  13. Bhayden

    Springer Dovetail mount loose

    I threw the thing away and used the one from the CZ custom shop.
  14. Have one on each of my SP01s. No problems at all. Each of these have about 10k rounds through them.
  15. How long has it been since you pulled the pin and cleaned the channel? I had the same thing happen at the gator Classic last year. (Much rain) Got water in the channel and there was enough gunk to make it light strike.