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  1. Are you offering to show up at zero dark thirty to set up the match by headlamp? That's what it takes for an early start if the match can't set up the day before like Rio Salado.
  2. Here is a screen cap of the latest A2 Facebook Page. Yes, there is a prize table:
  3. OK, then kiddies, I am going to pause this for now. If any real info comes available, I will make sure it gets posted here.
  4. The matches that I have worked in St George had match hotels and you could have the cash equivalent of the double occupancy match rate and stay where ever you wanted to. I do recall giving a copy of the room receipt for their records. There was also travel expense reimbursement but the details escape me as it has been almost 2 years since my last major there. Lunch on the range was covered also.
  5. It's a 2 season black comedy - drama sort of thing. Give it a watch on Amazon Prime (Not *The* Patriot, just Patriot)
  6. That is what ET is referring to: The Area 2 FB page. This thread is fine here but I would not expect for any official from the match to post here.
  7. There is some new traffic on the A2 FB page...
  8. That probably won't happen. I don't recall seeing the match staff showing up here much if at all. Best to go direct. If they are not responding, don't know what to tell you.
  9. I couldn't find the thread. Guess it got lost a long time ago. It was pretty funny and I do recall that Sig Lady objected.
  10. Oh boy! We haven't talked about "titgroup" for years!
  11. I have been using the Pro Chrono for at least 15 years. It has always been close to match chronos at major matches. I really don't have a indoor facility where I can go downrange to set up a chrono, so I never used it indoors. To be fair, outside is available most of the year around here . If, I was limited to indoors and doing a lot of load development, Lab Radar would be my choice.
  12. good series. Both JK's are good!
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