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  1. Tell me your old user name and I will get the staff on it!
  2. Do you know what your old user name was? I'm thinking an Admin could get things fixed.
  3. If I wound up in this situation, I would expect to hear from the MD concerning the details of this decision and more importantly, what they would do if confronted with the possibility of weather issues. If they learned they made a mistake by waiting too long, I think I would consider going again. If there was no explanation given, I would never go to a match run by that MD.
  4. John, Thanks for the explanation. As you pointed out, this forum is about competition: (from the guidelines) Intent This Forum is for firearm, technique, and conceptual discussions pertaining to training and competition. (And various unrelated topics.) While the occasional defensive shooting post is not prohibited, in general, defensive shooting discussions or debates are discouraged. And please, no hunting or "killing animals" (of any kind) threads. In this case, the discussion of qualities of PCC vs pistol is fairly agnostic and valuable. Let's try keep it on the competition side. My POV: last year I shot all PCC matches except for one. I brought out my open gun for the last match of the year. By the third stage I found myself thinking "damn, this thing is loud!" (and that is with heavy muffs and plugs!). But, the PCC is still not quiet. I guess a can would help but it is not allowed in USPSA.
  5. Now that folks have had some time to cool off, we decided that this thread should be opened. But, let's review: "What's your best argument in favor of a PCC?" Note that the title says "in favor". If you are not "in favor", please do not contribute to this thread. Any folks who do not follow this advice, will be dealt with individually. Enjoy! The Mods...
  6. Either 10.3.1 or 10.6.1 would cover the OPs scenario.
  7. Yup, it's fun. And if it annoys certain people, even more fun.
  8. I suggest you give Beven Grams a call. He has working this problem for near 15 years. https://forums.brianenos.com/forum/97-grams-engineering/
  9. 5.4.1 All persons on the range potentially exposed to ricochet debris or bullet fragments are required to wear eye protection. All persons on the range where the sound of firearms being fired may potentially cause hearing damage are required to wear or use adequate hearing protection.
  10. 4 is all that is required for initial classification... "To receive an initial classification, a member needs to have at least four unduplicated scores in the USPSA classification database."
  11. Take a look at the 18-X series. They are new and some include movement. Also, use the following link to see what has been run in the past at your club: https://uspsa.org/classifiers-by-club
  12. The spelling petal is a work around for what the forum software does to *thumb rest [generic]*...
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