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  1. ChuckS

    Database of Classifier Stage Setups?

    You need to be logged into the website to see the diagrams ETA: You will find the diagrams under club resources...
  2. ChuckS

    RIP Aretha

    Queen Of Soul...
  3. ChuckS


    IMHO, giving up valuable field of view in the small dots we use is just not a good idea. If you are worried about your dot failing, get a better dot.
  4. ChuckS

    40sw open comp

    Here ya go:
  5. Hi there, My friend and I were at LGW last Friday. We talked to a gentleman who worked there that said he shot USPSA at OK Corral. I was just wondering if the guy is a member here. Being of solid super senior status, I have no clue as to his name. I just thought that one of you may be that person. Please PM if this may be you. Thanks, Chuck
  6. ChuckS

    Virginia count xtra shot

    WSB said 3 shots, so #4 is a penalty no matter why it was shot. 4 holes in the target? Extra hit.
  7. ChuckS

    How many stages is your local?

    6, sometimes 7.
  8. A shooter who provides an Amazon gift card to the RO to use for scoring may like the outcome
  9. ChuckS

    local club says I can't shoot Appendix.

    I moved this thread to the Steel Challenge so that at least I, won't be confused about what game this is. And the OP asked about SC rules, local rules and AIWB. Please take any pro/con discussion to another thread. Thanks! Chuck
  10. ChuckS

    local club says I can't shoot Appendix.

    6.2.1 USPSA Divisions recognize different handguns and equipment (see Appendix D). Each match must recognize at least one Division. When multiple Divisions are available in a match, each Division must be scored separately and independently, and match results must recognize a winner in each Division.
  11. ChuckS

    Here’s a few printable dryfire targets

    They were originally from Visio drawings. I scanned the drawings from the rule book and created a drawing layer over the scans. All I can say is that they are more or less proportional to real targets. As for scale, print them and measure them!
  12. ChuckS

    Invisible Men Stage 1

    Way too much running. The way to think about T-9 and T-10 is that they are at rest at the end of their first swing. I would have to see the target in person but I think it will be a bit slow due to the load.
  13. ChuckS

    Defensive ammo?

    Just a friendly reminder from the forum guidelines: Intent This Forum is for firearm, technique, and conceptual discussions pertaining to training and competition. (And various unrelated topics.) While the occasional defensive shooting post is not prohibited, in general, defensive shooting discussions or debates are discouraged. And please, no hunting or "killing animals" (of any kind) threads.
  14. ChuckS

    Getting disabled vets in the sport

    A lot of good discussion here but I did hear from the OP. He said this: " I Was hoping for recommendations on where to begin to get this idea to a full blown nonprofit. " So, if anybody has any ideas to help Corbin on this worthwhile effort, please post them! Thanks, Chuck