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  1. Stand by, this thing is still under construction. ETA: Some background. After I got the Rio Salado cancellation email, I suggested to my partner that we should try to have a SS match that weekend since there are plenty of shooters around here that like to go to that match. He agreed so I decided to get in touch with Steve Horsman just to let him know what we were doing. At the time, we had no real plan to run THE match! During the call with Steve, we wound up with the conclusion that we should scale things up and do THE match for at least one year. We brainstormed a couple scenarios and came to the decision that we wanted to do a Level 2 USPSA match. So, in order to get the Form C started, we posted an event that was correct for likely less than a millisecond in order to have a match link. So what we know for sure: The WSSSC will be in SoCal for 2020 in February. The match will be a combined Single Stack and Revolver match. Everything else is still preliminary except we are almost positive that Larry won't have to go topless. Things will be posted as they fall into place...
  2. 10.4.3 A shot which occurs while loading, reloading or unloading a firearm. This includes any shot fired during the procedures outlined in Rule 8.3.1 and Rule 8.3.7.
  3. And that is why Slide Glide Lite exists Says the guy with 25.535 rounds of PCC happiness with the products... As the webpage says: 60+ degrees F for Slide Glide, 30+ degrees F / All Firearms for Lite
  4. The OP asked if it is legal. The question is answered. If anyone has anymore comments on legality, I will happily re-open the thread. CLOSED
  5. Gary, The conversation has sort of wandered around. Could you please clarify as to what exactly was the "holster call" and "pocket call"? Thanks! Chuck
  6. This, right? Unconventional but legal since it was scored as 2 targets. USPSA targets can be presented at any angle. There would need to be a non-scoring border added to the cut edge. See Pardon the "B" zone as this is an older Sketchup object
  7. Got this email this afternoon: Western States Single Stack Championship 2020Due to unforeseen circumstances, the WSSSC match has been canceled. We appreciate everyone who has supported the match during its great run. We will keep you posted with any future developments.Thanks Steve Horsmanwsssc1@gmail.comFor those that have already paid and registered, your full receive should post to your statement in the next few days.
  8. Found this on FB: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=129330881796737&id=121786812551144
  9. There is this on the PS page: Registration to the match is now on hold as we are awaiting direction from the Rio Salado Board of Directors. We expect their issues to be resolved in a few days.
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