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  1. Yeah, back before 8 round minor in revolver, I made it a point to NEVER watch a revo walkthrough
  2. ChuckS

    Farthest shot in a uspsa match

    I think folks are gonna be shooting 50 yard IPSC targets (6 rds in 5.7 seconds) in Mesa this weekend!
  3. ChuckS

    New security question

    Send a PM to an admin and they can change your username. 2 accounts is a no-no...
  4. No problem. If anyone is interested, check out what they do there: https://www.rsscaz.com/ Just Practical Pistol has 9 different periodic matches!
  5. If you really want to get a good look at the stages, volunteer to RO a revo squad. With most of those folks shooting minor, you totally get to see multiple 8-round stage plans.
  6. A little info on Rio Salado from an outsider who has been there many, many times. They should be commended for getting an early start building stages. Their matches there are normally rock solid. See the graphic. This range is used by many clubs and individuals. The pistol bays (P in the image) and the Training bays (T in the image) are in high demand. The bays circled in back may be that way also. If one want's to get the build started early, the stuff that in those bays will be used by the other clubs. Shutting down the entire range for 2 weeks (or more) is not acceptable. The build schedule could be compressed but the (mostly unpaid) build staff will not likely be good with that. So, put up fault lines, walls and barrels. Targets can move, swingers can be changed. It's all good.
  7. ChuckS


    2008 version of the USPSA handgun rules...
  8. Better yet, start your own thread in Range Diary: https://forums.brianenos.com/forum/155-range-diary/ That way you will have only one place to post and receive feedback. It save searching everywhere! There are beginners to GM's there! Good stuff!
  9. ChuckS

    Holosun 510c and astigmatism

    And do your self a favor, and go see a real eye doc and not just an optition I hear that but I had no choice since I was growing my own sunglasses. As long as I have you here, let me say this: Be sure to get looked at by a real eye doc, not just an optician. When I was getting laid off from work, I hit everything covered by insurance and I went to the local lasic wiz. He gave me the total scan and he re-did a couple tests. He then asked me if I had one complaint about my corrected vision, what would it be? I told him that my OD corrected vision is nowhere near as sharp as my SD. He then told me why. I had this thing called EBMD (google it if interested). I must of had it for decades and no other guy saw it for at least 30 years! He did a treatment and the dot was round again! He also identified me as having near-moderate cataracts at the time. later, he did the cataract surgery. So now there is very little residual RX in either eye and my distance vision is 20/15. I need simple +1.5 readers and I have some stick on bifocals for my shooting glasses for when i CRO. Go see a real doc!
  10. ChuckS

    Holosun 510c and astigmatism

    You need to replace the lens for your OD for target focus. Due to the magic of optics, your eye sees the dot as the same distance as the targets. Fuzzy targets, fuzzy dot. Before my surgery, I had 2 lenses for my OD: one a couple yards past the front sight for shooting irons and one at my "distance" Rx for shooting a dot.
  11. ChuckS

    Uber Eats

    I stole this from FB :
  12. ChuckS

    Holosun 510c and astigmatism

    Is your dominant eye lense set to distant?
  13. ChuckS

    Shooting glasses lens color advantage?

    I use target orange but that is for cardboard targets with a cardboard-colored desert behind. It makes the target stand out a bit. I would suggest that you try to borrow some different color glasses and give them a try in your terrain. If possible, either have a separate pair of clear lenses or glasses for the early morning or late in the day stages.
  14. ChuckS

    Holosun 510c and astigmatism

    You should try to take a look at one. I can't think of a reason it would be any better for you. I have astigmatism and have been dealing with red blobs for a long time, up until cataract surgery. With new lenses, there is just some traces of astig. The dot that I really liked prior to surgery was the delta point 7.5. For close hoser stuff, center the blob and shoot. The blob was sort of triangle shaped so I could pick up the peak for more precision stuff. You are wearing corrective lenses, aren't you? Later, Chuck
  15. I always thought that Rio Salado locals have a great advantage all the time due to the very very deep talent pool that shoots there weekly A GM buddy described it as a gladiator camp.