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  1. No problem. 2 things I always do when walking the stage is look behind big poppers for little poppers and make sure I know which are forward falling and which are rearward falling.
  2. Practiscore has all steel set as hit for scoring. If there is a miss (standing plate/popper in your example) the RO would just tap the M button to add one mike. The steel "A"s would decrement accordingly. If the RO is sure that the plate was not shot at, he would also add a procedural. BTW: The penalty for a miss on steel is 2x the scoring value or -10 (rule 9.4.4.) Not shooting a steel is -20 points in penalties and the 5 that you left on the table. Not the best strategy for a stage win.
  3. Yup, things may change during the build.
  4. I have seen a couple cases of this. 9 Major and 40 Major
  5. I have shot open for ~17 years and only used WSP. No issues.
  6. I bought one a while back. No liner included. Perhaps thing have changed?
  7. If you didn't install a liner, there is none! From the catalog:
  8. I must admit I have never seen open bolt allowed in any WSB I have came across (or authored)
  9. Threads merged. Please keep related info in one thread. It is much easier to follow the conversation (also did a minor title edit...)
  10. We seem to be no longer talking about firearms. Closed...
  11. The certificate has been renewed. As you were...
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