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  1. I worked the Barry's Steel Open in St. George this year. The match had 97 PCC shooters and I probably ran about 70 of them on our stage. My non-scientific (I didn't take notes since my job was to run the stage) observations are: 1) MPX malfunctions were more common than AR9 malfunctions. (This was a 2 day, 650 round match in a dusty environment. Perhaps a blowback could muscle through were a piston gun had issues) 2) The majority of obvious Glock-style magazine problems had MBX extensions. (Just trying to stack 50-60 tapered case rounds in a straight mag tube is really pushing it. The curved mag tubes are an advantage) So what I came away with was neither platform is perfect.
  2. Google for Max Leograndis videos on You Tube and Instagram. Watch how he does things
  3. We're back. I am opening this thread since this is a real match management issue and should be discussed. I have had to deal with this both as a competitor and match official and I am curious as to what people think. Don't let it get personal... Thanks, Chuck
  4. Sigh. Again, keep it polite or it will be closed....
  5. That was always the key to the supersonic swingers at area 2. They would hide them behind barrels so you would only see them straight up. You had to remember an index mark (like the fake hoops) and just blast at the first sign of brown. Back to the thread: taking banners down does change the stage. I get the desire for Sponsor visibility but we are using mesh walls for safety, among other reasons, so putting them on the COF walls is not smart to begin with. But experienced people would at least slit the banners to reduce wind resistance. Better not to have them.
  6. Perhaps a system that uses the small sized water molecules is the answer?
  7. When the wheels fall off, always record the time and score. always! It may be needed.
  8. Dave Re put some stuff together a while back on the care and feeding of the slideride. Check out the linked articles here: ETA: Blue locktite works just fine...
  9. The OP case seems like the guy had too long ammo and the bullet caught the rifling and caused the event. The "squib" was really the bullet getting stuck and being pulled from the case (that the guy hid in his pocket). Zero time and score per the rule quoted by Bret. (After seeing jcc7x7's post just now, I have to ask: are we trolling for answers for our RO test?)
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