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  1. Oops, just to push this thread back to the OP, we just had a match where the forecast of rain turned out to be accurate. The sticks were left long for bag support and I don't recall anyone complaining about the long sticks. But then, I think the 10 pounds of mud on each foot helped distract them I wound up helping run a bottleneck stage and did not shoot the match. But, from previous experiences, once on the timer, I don't even see stuff like long target sticks.
  2. <soapbox> Unfortunately, this is not confined to USPSA. This seems to be society in general. I don't have to think, I'll ask Alexa. Tech can't fix it all... </soapbox>
  3. ChuckS

    STI customer service issues

    From the forum guidelines: Brian's Forums is not the place to resolve customer service issues or disputes you may have with a manufacturer, dealer, gunsmith, or individual. Closed...
  4. ChuckS


    Well, there was an RO at a Western States Single Stack Championship that got real interested in the proximity of my holster and mag pouches to my hips. He looked creepy close so I just said that if he wanted to get any closer, I get dinner, flowers and a movie first. He seemed a bit put off by my offer...
  5. ChuckS

    40 ss?!?!

  6. ChuckS

    2018 USPSA Nationals

    This ought to keep the internet up late. I looks like only the optics nationals has clear stage preview time. From the matchbooks Optics: FRIDAY, Oct 19th 12:00pm - Registration & the Range Opens MONDAY, Oct 22nd 7:45am – Squads 101- 118 final day 1:00pm – Squad 119 – 136 final day <last squad time 1645-1730> Factory Gun MONDAY, Oct 22nd 12:00pm - Registration Opens TUESDAY, Oct 23rd 6:30am – Registration available 7:30am – Shooters Meeting 7:45am – Squads 201 – 218 compete 1:00pm – Squads 219 – 236 compete THURSDAY, Oct 25th 7:45am – Squads 201 – 218 final day 1:00pm – Squads 219 – 236 final day <last squad time 1645-1730> Limited THURSDAY, Oct 25th 12:00pm - Registration Opens FRIDAY, Oct 26th 6:30am – Registration available 7:30am – Shooters Meeting 7:45am – Squads 301 – 318 compete 1:00pm – Squads 319 – 336 compete Also: with sunset ~ 18:50, there is not a bunch of time for changeovers..
  7. ChuckS

    Accurate, soft shooting .45 load?

    And likely not major. ?
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    Turned into a discussion. Closed
  9. ChuckS

    2019 Canadian Nationals

    IPSC Open major PF is 160. Bring your cheater ammo...
  10. ii was added in Feb 2017
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    Yeah, on the Practiscore website. Look up the match under the main menu item "matches", select the match you want to look at and then select "View Squadding" ETA: You will likely have to click " Print Squads (HTML) " to see some of the names that are marked as "reserved" on the default squad page.
  12. Better go read 16.2 ii again. USPSA Bylaws – Last Revision 2/13/2017
  13. While we were napping, they changed the bylaws...
  14. ChuckS

    Tactical Performance Center UT

    FYI: SGU will be closed April 25 - Aug 21, 2019 https://www.stgeorgeutah.com/news/archive/2018/08/30/jcw-st-george-regional-airport-to-close-for-4-months-in-2019/#.W75bXvZryUk