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  1. ChuckS

    Glock 34 Trigger

    I had the safety reset problem after putting a Ghost connector kit in. My fix was to go back to the stock trigger spring. ETA: It is working fine with a 4# striker spring. ETA: It even worked fine with a Zev 3# striker spring in a CO top end that has moved on to a new home...
  2. Got it. Here are the stage diagrams from 2018 & 2019. Just ignore the static steel stages Berry Steel Open 2018 - All Stages.pdf 2019 Berry's Steel Open Combined Stages - revL 05APR2019 (modified).pdf
  3. "Berry's Steel Open" uses multiple formats. They do Pro-Am, Steel Challenge like and just plain field courses scored time plus. Search YouTube for videos...
  4. Except in Production and Carry Optics
  5. The OP asked what he should do with multiple loads for a Level 2 match. He did not ask what you all think about chrono and each other for that matter. Stay on topic. Off topic stuff hid.
  6. Here is the rule: 5.5.4 All ammunition used by a competitor must satisfy the requirements of the relevant Division. (Appendix D) So, if there is a chrono being used to verify division requirements, supply 8 samples of each load. Odds are they will ask WTF, so tell them the story and see what the RM says...
  7. This thread was moved from What I Hate to here so there may be any comments. Uncle Mike was a fixture at the Norco Running Gun matches well before my first one in 1998. A real nice guy who offered very tasty food just when you needed it. He was part of the extended family of NRG and will be sorely missed. It was not uncommon to barter for equipment by basing the value on Uncle Mike's meat skewers! A Go Fund Me page has been set up to help with expenses. https://www.gofundme.com/f/mike-agoncillo Thanks for looking! ChuckS
  8. The bench should be fine. See if they will update your funnel. That may also be the cause of the inverted cases.
  9. Send that photo to Dillon. I forget the details but they did send me a new funnel assembly (the round one) for my 2004 vintage 650 that had that type funnel. As for the upside-down cases: bolt your bench to the wall. If the bench is rock-solid, the case feeder won't wiggle and drop cases upside down.
  10. Look at rule If it meets those limitations, it is fine in Tactical divisions.
  11. This is your quarterly AmazonSmile donation notification to inform you that CRPA Foundation received a new donation of $8,517.90. Thanks to customers shopping at AmazonSmile, everyday purchases generated over $200 million in donations to charities worldwide so far. See AmazonSmile's impact to date: $77,748.96 to CRPA Foundation
  12. The calibration ammo requirements are sub-minor (115-125)
  13. The load I use for a PCC is 5.0 Gr Clean Shot, Berrys 115 Gr RNHBTP, mixed brass, 1.150 OAL, WSP. Got an SD of 9 last chrono session. I load for ~1200 FPS. ETA: 8" comp'ed barrel
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