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  1. Slide Glide on the barrel. https://forums.brianenos.com/store/
  2. If you can't avoid it, don't post it! ETA: One more and locked the thread will be...
  3. Being a MD is very hard work and often a thankless job. That said, this thread is a match announcement and I am going to close it up. PM me if you have something to add schedule or replacement-wise. We have a match management forum for the other subject.
  4. The STI (or equivalent) mag tubes have a more gradual taper than the Para tubes. This is why the Para mag typically holds one more round than an STI tube. I actually use SPS tubes in my 2011 and I had to taper the bottom of the frame to allow the mags to achieve the full height. The Para tubes may require the same or more. Good luck, Chuck
  5. The classes that I have been to charged a nominal fee. If you have a classroom and range available, the cost is not bad if you can drum up 20 or so students. If your club is going to run Level 2 or 3 matches, covering some or all of the cost is a great way to build a local RO corps.
  6. They will help you out and perhaps even fix it for you. They may want the .psc files from each tablet so you may want to get them together.
  7. Go here and start a new topic for this: https://community.practiscore.com/
  8. Thanks, Now let's get back to admiring this classic open gun.
  9. This is just a friendly reminder from the forum guidelines: Restricted ContentPoliticsPolicy and political discussions or debates of any kind - even if you consider your opinions to be "facts" - are not welcome anywhere in the forum.Specifically including (but not limited to):• USPSA vs IPSC• IPSC vs IDPA• STI vs SVI• Limited 10 vs Limited Division• This Division vs That Division• This Government vs That Government• Gun Control Issues
  10. And your point is?
  11. Actually, the bylaws were changed. This is the 2016 version: 16.2 Competition Equipment Rules Modifications: Changes to U.S. Division rules affecting personal competition equipment shall be adopted for a specific Division no more frequently than every two years except as may be required to comply with federal laws. Those changes must be published in the corporate newsletter three months prior to effective date. This was adopted in 2017: 16.2 Competition Equipment Rules Modifications: Changes to USPSA Division rules affecting personal competition e
  12. And I can tell you, from experience, this is a great way to try and bring a barricade with you when you exit a port.
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