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  1. I use a tool like this one on my old 650. Works fine... https://www.homedepot.com/p/Blue-Max-Chainsaw-Grease-Gun-Tool-21134/303412777 Check Amazon
  2. Like your high school algebra teacher said "some day you will need this". The last match I worked I was called to a stage for a DQ. (There is a very similar thread about a PCC A/D running right now). The stage was a multi-string standards stage and the shooter let one fly after "Make Ready" on the last string. He challenged the RO's DQ call (rightfully so) so I walked him through the rules. I didn't remember the exact rule number but knew enough as to where to start. I showed him 10.4.3 and how it referred to 8.3.1. When he saw that the title of 8.3.1 ("Make Ready"), the discussion was concluded. It took just a couple minutes to do this. No drama, just logic. Being prepared is a good thing ! I almost always learn something else when looking for rule references for the renewal test.
  3. Start a thread on this in the 9/38 forum!
  4. Had the "Standby" "Are you ready?" command happen before the shot? edited...
  5. I was off to a strong start with 11 matches this year as of 7 Mar. Now between weather and virus, zip. The county ordered a 2 week closure of our range facility yesterday. I am guessing that it will extend beyond that. We have another club with a private range and one on an Indian reservation so technically things may continue. If that is a good idea remains to be determined.
  6. Trigger Tech no issue with reset with this setup. The bolt is pretty much stock (slight mod to work with the TACCOM ULW in a past experiment. I still use the weight. I believe the bolt weight is about 15 oz.
  7. My barrel is a 16" Alpha Sports cut down to 10" with 2 inches of comp ports. About 8" rifling. The whole thing sits in a can to make it non-sbr. I run 115 gr bullets at ~ 1200 fps. The comp is about effective at recoil mitigation as about 1 pound of weight on the rifle. I just see no need for more reciprocation mass.
  8. Blitz buffer, 308 carbine spring, ~1.2" delrin spacer, Spinta bolt.
  9. I have over 12K rounds on my Blitz and have zero reasons for trying something else.
  10. This thread is about PCC loads.Let's stay on track, kids.
  11. ChuckS

    Getting Old

    Last month, my friend's wife found him dead on the floor. He was 61. Embrace each day as you may not have another... And yeah, this has turned into a discussion so let me turn this around by saying I HATE that no one gets out alive....
  12. to review the guidelines on this subject: "Hate Rants Rants involving shooters, firearms, or shooting related manufacturers, such as but not limited to - IPSC, IDPA, USPSA, Colt, Brownell's, Dillon, or Match Staff - are NOT PERMITTED. Brian's Forums is not the place to resolve customer service issues or disputes you may have with a manufacturer, dealer, gunsmith, or individual." Back in the early days of this forum, there were some back and forth threads between a couple major suppliers and their supporters. There was no way to determine what was real and what was fantasy. What was clear was the heat that Brian was getting from the parties involved for letting "false" information exist on the forum. Since there was really no way to determine what was real without making it a full-time career, it was decided to just not allow it --- here. We all know that stuff happens and suppliers can have issues. Feel free to complain to your heart's content. Just not here. Thanks, Chuck
  13. No trick. Unzipped the files and changed the file name on my computer...
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