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  1. you can go back and edit the the post above. We restrict the ability to delete posts/threads.
  2. Threads merged. We only need one
  3. The NFA side charger upper has a little door that allows the bolt to be removed by providing clearance for the "gas key". It is spring loaded so it will stay up unless you push it down when seating the rear of the upper in the lower. Make sure it is closed or you will get the puff of gas you describe...
  4. Yeah, I thought a possible outcome was a tossed stage.
  5. Yup, I have seen that. And our CRO RMI mentioned that also.
  6. RM is responsible for match official's behavior. See Section 7.2 ETA: Talk to the RM. If you get nowhere there, work up the chain of command. SC/AD NROI
  7. The last sentence from 2.1.4: "Targets must be arranged so that shooting at them on an “as and when visible” basis will not cause competitors to breach safe angles of fire." I read this as "if you can see it, it better be safe to shoot it". We actually spent quite a bit of time on the range portion of the CRO class dealing with this issue while debugging stages. The reason I am aware of this is from a level 2 match last year. We had one newer shooter get DQ'ed for 10.5.2 while executing the dumbest stage plan ever. The CRO called me over and showed me what happened and it was upheld. Later on, I went to the spot where he engaged a target that was about 20 degrees behind him to the left and sure enough the scoring face of the target could be seen. I went back to the stage design section of the rules and found this gem. A knowledgeable competitor could of attempted to arb the DQ based on a illegal stage. I also thought back to the many majors that I have been to and there has always been some sort of vision barrier, wall, no-shoot or something to keep a target from tempting an unsafe shot angle. And as for retreat stages, of course you can DQ by letting you your muzzle get ahead of you. That is on the shooter. But you don't have to build retreat stages that allow for unsafe angles of fire.
  8. And don't forget that there was a can of One Shot nearby.
  9. I actually brushed some of the powder out of the gun and lit it on fire. It burned.
  10. That's what I thought. I finally have one round from that lot of ammo that did not fire. I opened the case (collet bullet puller) and found that there were just little slivers of compound under the anvil arms. I popped open a few others and found primers with parts of the compound missing. ETA: this was with "new" WSP and N-340. The cases were salvaged from loads I made with some IMI frangible .40 bullets. The weighed 125 gr but had the form factor of 180's. They were spontaneously cracking becoming wad cutters! Lots of surface in the case with little mass. Took many whacks to get the bullets out. I really should of been doing something else with my time since that was before I retired..
  11. Nope, not a chemist. but have seen this, including very quiet rounds that did clear the barrel (stopped to check and found powder all over the chamber). Guy?
  12. I had some of these that traced back to salvaged cases that were victims of an impact bullet puller. The primer compound had fractured and fallen out of the primer. I had some fire but not burn all the powder. The suffering is real.
  13. ChuckS

    DQ event

    I would hate to RM this one but as I see it, it's all on the RO for going off the COF script. He gave the LAMR command. Nothing else he did was in the rules, un-LAMR'ed the shooter, or ended the COF. No path to a DQ that I can see.
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