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  1. This just in: https://www.mannystomppad.com/
  2. The forum guidelines can be seen here: https://forums.brianenos.com/guidelines/
  3. He probably would of used some if the rules allowed it!
  4. At about 69.5, I totally agree with Mike. Also, he showed some amazing tact for the internet. "seasoned shooters"
  5. I shoot a 121 gr 9mm at ~1400 fps in pistol and 115 gr ~1200 fps in rifle (8" barrel) and I am absofrigginglutely sure what works better for distance. 3-point contact with the firearm for the win. So yeah, rifle better than pistol. As for this stage, a tough one for sure. But then, this was the nationals, right? And if one paid attention to any of the PCC only matches over the years, one would expect at least some shots well beyond the typical pistol presentation. Of the top 10 shooters on this stage (which included Gs, Ms, and one sandbagging junior C shooter ) only 2 had misses. Max had 2 but if you watch his video, he likely traded points for time on that target. He was about 1.7 seconds faster than the stage winner. Should a whole match be like this stage? Not for USPSA. One target on one stage? Deal with it.
  6. I merged the redundant treads here in the CZ forum to keep the conversation in one place. Cross posting is not necessary since most users use the "unread content" function to find new threads. Thanks, Chuck
  7. Any more personal and petty bickering and this sucker gets closed.
  8. Just to be clear, 55-70 yard targets are not "practical" for a rifle?
  9. I use the TF+10 basepads. My mags will hold 42. For USPSA, I load to 40. Mostly because I carry my ammo in 100 round boxes and to load a mag, I consume 4 rows. No counting
  10. As we said above, this thread is for feedback on the 2020 PCC Nationals. Any more non-relevant stuff will be hid without notice. And any personal stuff counts as non-relevant so cut that s#!t out...
  11. This is the rule that covers decocking the firearm: 10.5.9 Failure to keep the finger outside the trigger guard during loading, reloading, or unloading. Exception: while complying with the “Make Ready” command to lower the hammer of a gun without a decocking lever, or while initially loading a revolver with a spurless hammer. There are no constraints on how to accomplish said decocking. Of course, if one should happen to fire a round, another rule would come into play
  12. The OP created a thread for feedback on the 2020 PCC Nationals. Let's keep it on track. And the personal crap has calmed, let's keep it that way! The general match stuff deserves it own thread or reviving one from the past... Thanks!
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