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  1. ChuckS

    USPSA 1911 legality Question

    Are you gonna add a laser?
  2. ChuckS

    USPSA 1911 legality Question

    Here are the applicable rules: 5.1.3 Sights – Types of sights identified by USPSA are: “Open sights” - aiming devices fitted to a handgun which do not use electronic circuitry and/or lenses. “Optical/electronic sights” - aiming devices fitted to a handgun which use electronic circuitry and/or lenses. The Range Master is the final authority in respect of the classification of any sights used in an USPSA match and/or their compliance with these rules, including the Divisions in Appendix D. The laser clearly falls under But, gives final say to the RM. If you just want to try single stack, talk to the RM and ask if it is OK if you use the grips with the laser off (remove the battery?). Mention rule The gun still has to fit in the box and make weight though.
  3. ChuckS


    And with this nice segue, this thread is closed due to (ICORE) political content...
  4. Bummer, bad timing. I took your end of the year announcement as final. I had used nook manager to root it and kept the B&N apps so I could use the tablet as a Nook since the screen is so good. B&N rolled out an OS update for TLS 1.2 compliance that you had to do if you wanted to communicate with the mother ship. Now nook manager crashes with that build. If anybody has any ideas, I am open but I don't think NST is on anybody's rooting radar anymore...
  5. ChuckS

    Want to try CO with a DPP

    Actually, there is a forum for free stuff. https://forums.brianenos.com/forum/218-free-stuff/
  6. ChuckS

    November 2018 MOM recipient

    Long Overdue!
  7. ChuckS

    Hardware deals

    HD 8 3/$150 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07G7YZRS6?tag=hydfbook0e-20&ascsubtag=pfb-DEVTAB-1-4-FAjsJcaECGzDle5B&ref_=pfb_DEVTAB_1_4_FAjsJcaECGzDle5B&fbclid=IwAR3PNSrFCCZFU9KT-KPlxXPVZ1r7KcPcmhNYHBsugMXxGk6LgryEKKWC5Uo
  8. ChuckS

    What caliber can you shoot in USPSA/IPSC

    I commented about it also. Let's hope it gets in.
  9. ChuckS

    What caliber can you shoot in USPSA/IPSC

    I wonder why it never made it into the rules? Even the 2019 draft rules!
  10. From the Practiscore DevBlog: After Dec 31, 2018, new versions of PractiScore will no longer run on Nooks with Android 2.1. You can continue to use older app versions and we’ll try to maintain backward compatibility for wifi sync as long as we could.
  11. ChuckS

    Is there a way to use sketch up with an iPad

    This is what it runs on: SketchUp Pro 2018 supports the following operating systems: Windows 10, Windows 8+, and Windows 7+ [64-bit] Mac OS X 10.12+, 10.11+, and 10.10+ SketchUp Free runs in a browser so that may work...
  12. I ran 18-01 yesterday. All I can say everyone used most of the target surface! No obvious a-zone clustering...
  13. ChuckS

    which comp for 9mm PCC ?

    I initially tried a couple of my open loads. It was not a pleasant experience. Saw no reason to pursue.
  14. ChuckS

    Starting Position "standing in box"

    The last time we talked in and out was almost 3 years ago. I don't recall any actual rulings being identified there either. Enjoy...