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  1. ChuckS

    May 2018 M.O.M recipient

    I doubt it. Congratulations!
  2. ChuckS

    AZ Shooters website????

    My, have they forgotten about algebra yet again?
  3. I got my 650 (up from a 550) in 2004 and never had the powder check. And, I never had a malfunction related to too much or too little. With auto-index, something else has to go wrong first to distract you into double dumping or zero dumping. I also added the bullet feeder (KISS the original) and have been quite happy. My only complaint is that had I known that I was going to wind up mostly 9mm, a 1050 would of been great for the primer swage. At the time I was swapping between 45/40/9. Not so much anymore. Later, Chuck BTW: My initial time trials of the bullet feeder from full tube to buzzer was 2:04. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  4. You may want to ask a mod to move this thread to the CZ forum. And you may look around there to see if this has happened to someone else ๐Ÿ˜‰ ETA: here is a reloading-related question: Did you plunk test your ammo? If it is a bit too long, it could cause what you are seeing.
  5. ChuckS

    USPSA Arbitration Form needed!

    Thanks RT! I had some forms to scan but they were examples with stuff filled in. This really helps! We have a Level 2 next week and there is still a ton of stuff to get done! Again, Thanks!
  6. Does anybody out there have a PDF of an arb form that I can hijack? TIA, Chuck
  7. ChuckS

    Issue with older Tight Group ???

    Yup. Do some test loads and if you are happy with the consistency, use it up...
  8. Did he get a reshoot?
  9. ChuckS

    Can't Zero at 25 Yds

    Plunk test the ammo if you make it longer ๐Ÿ˜‰
  10. My 2004 doesn't show that kind of wear either.
  11. ChuckS

    Can't Zero at 25 Yds

    Yup, stumbled over my trig functions and geometry of the problem . Just push that crap aside and shoot from the rest and measure the horizontal difference in POI at 25 15 and 5 yards. If it is left - center - right then the scope is biased to the right.
  12. ChuckS

    Can't Zero at 25 Yds

    If the sight is rotated off the horizontal bore line, it will only be "zeroed" at one distance. 6" difference between 15 yards and 25 yards would be the result of the sight being off by less than one degree. Shoot the gun (use a rest) and see what happens to the POI vs POA as a function of distance.
  13. ChuckS

    Issue with older Tight Group ???

    Load up a few and chrono. Most of our powder measure work by volume, not weight. I have seen powder "fluffiness" vary from lot to lot.
  14. ChuckS

    Para Ordnance P16-40

    From the pic, it looks like something isn't fit right in that dovetail. You will need to measure it before you buy anything.