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  1. Amazing what can be done with the proper techniques. Notice how he doesn’t move anything except his arms. Good example from a great shooter.
  2. I played around this last year with setting up the “softest flattest” rifle I could. The conclusion was an sjc comp, vltor a5 buffet system(with 00 buffer), adjustable gas block, and an aluminum carrier. My rifle has a rifle length gas system and an 18” barrel. I tried 5 different comps ,3 different carriers, 4 different buffers. After mix matching and shooting the above proved to be the best setup for softness and flatness the only downside is it seems to be a little on the heavy side.
  3. Is anyone running an aluminum carrier? What kind of issues are you having if any?
  4. I’m fairly new to the USPSA revolver game and was wondering what everyone is using for a holster. I have a hogue holster currently but it doesn’t work for me.
  5. Back when I first started shooting there was a guy at open nationals without an optic on his gun. he had cut a “notch” down the middle of the slide. He didn’t win but he did better than everyone expected. Its amazing what can be done by just simply trying.
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