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  1. Minor clarification: The hit in question in the original post was a perfect, full-diameter hit, sans grease ring. SA
  2. Thanks, you guys. This is where we ended up. Nobody wants to go to war over a single mike in a local match, especially with the guy who's putting on the match for us to go shoot. The odds of it happening again are minimal. The lesson for the girl appears to be , "Hey can you show me the rule on that?" Much appreciated! SA A40822
  3. So at a recent local match, while scoring the RO noted that a full diameter hit on the target had no obvious grease ring and called it a hard-cover hit (Mike). While there was indeed a barrel adjacent to the target, the barrel did not appear to be in front of the target from the location at which the shooter engaged that target. There was quite a bit of insistence from a non-RO taper that the hit should not score because of the missing grease ring, and this did indeed end up being the call. The shooter objected, noting that no hole in the (pretty shot up before we started) barrel aligned wi
  4. Actually, I was really pretty happy with the way this went. Didn't go whine to the RO or MD, came to me straight up and expressed his concern. Start with that, and we can have an adult conversation and maybe all learn something. Thanks again! Steve
  5. USPSA production question... My daughter has started shooting her Beretta 92FS in USPSA production division. Last weekend we were firmly told that her Hogue grips with the wrap around finger grooves are not production legal, but when we went to the rule book, we (myself and the shooter with the opinion) could not find the applicable rule, and were then given another opinion that this was an older prohibition and no longer applies. I cannot find a clear answer to this one in the book: D4.21.4 says. "21.4 Grips -Grip modifications such as, but not limited to, undercutti
  6. My daughter got interested in shooting at 16 and picked out a Beretta M9, because that's what she was watching airmen carry in the USAF security forces, which is what she wants to do. I know that's not what they are carrying now, but two things here: The sig isn't available in California, and any training/practice we do is more about getting comfortable and learning to learn about things that go bang. Having her enthused about HER gun is a great step. Rental ranges are great for this, btw. I shot a LOT of ICORE and USPSA twenty years ago but just ran out of time and money with
  7. Agreed. Mine cleaned up OK and shoots pretty well....still annoying that the sight has to be waaay left to hit anything (clocked barrel), but the rust is gone. SA
  8. Yeah, Pat cost me some money on this thread. I ordered the C-Bax hanger as well. I love my speedbeez holster for my 929, but as mentioned couldn't use the drop adaptor as it puts the gun too far from my belt to be legal....hopefully the new hanger will fix that and I can get the gun down where it belongs. Anyone else need to relieve the top edge of the trigger cover on this holster for finger clearance? SA
  9. The speed beez Drop hanger put the gun too far from the belt to be legal for me... SA
  10. Yeah, I'd made up my mind to clean it up myself. But...Sometimes ya learn something asking a question you think you know the answer to already, and this is a good crowd to do that with. Thanks! SA
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