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  1. MHicks


    Was CDP originally singles stack only? I wasn't around at the beginning but it's always been 45 cal single or doublestack allowed since at least 2006 if I'm remembering. I've just seen comments about IDPA rules and Wilson guns so many times but you're lucky to see more then one at a match, may be different in Arkansas.
  2. MHicks


    Yes. Obviously proven by the vast majority of Wilson guns seen at every IDPA match. CDP would be single stack only if it was true.
  3. MHicks


    It's a division specifically based on caliber (45acp). Not a single stack division. You can shoot a 1911, Glock, S&W m&p etc. as long as it's a 45.
  4. I have just always shot the gun that I enjoy shooting the most and whatever division that puts me in that's where I'll be. It has been SS for me but not because I think I'd have a greater chance of winning in a small field. I'm just a regular "B" classification. If all of a sudden SS was one of the larger divisions I wouldn't look to move to a less populated one it would be more encouragement to shoot SS. If anyone has shot enough matches and is honest with themself they can guage their performance looking at all the results. If they eventually combine production/SS/limited 10 it
  5. Wow! That's interesting the work around of drawing and transferring the gun. Then you can move without worry of retention. I wonder if other shooters came up with that too or if others in Max's squad followed suit.
  6. What I've seen is USPSA shooters who give IDPA a try have more trouble with procedurals then with accuracy. This was before IDPA went to faultlines but you still have target priority and reloads for people first trying IDPA.
  7. I thought that at first but they were using an optic.
  8. I thought maybe the "front sight forward" phrase was a regional thing or something. Sounds like the author came up with his own way of describing whatever it is he means since no one else seems to have heard it either.
  9. In the new USPSA magazine there is an article about the CZ Shadow 2 with optic. A couple of times the author states that they are shooting a "front sight forward" array or configuration. What does that mean? I've never heard this description used.
  10. I clean before big matches. As far as mags, one range I shoot at accumulates fine powder sand in spots. Sometimes the mag will nearly disappear. My 1911 mags don't need much cleaning but my CZ tac sport extended mags are way more touchy.
  11. I said teardown is the norm form monthlies. The exception to that is clubs that offer shooting on Saturday or Sunday for the same match. Those who shoot Saturday don't tear down because the other squads shoot the match on Sunday. But that's only at one club. The rest everyone helps.
  12. All of the shooters are not there early to set up so those few who design and set up stages deserve a discount. All shooters are there when there squad finishes so if everyone helps it only takes a few minutes. The ones who get there early and set up are also there to tear down, they do both. There are a lot of ways to handle setup and running matches but a very small percentage have full paid setup and teardown crews. The only monthly matches I've shot where you don't tear down are ones that shoot Saturday and Sunday. Shoot on Saturday and no teardown.
  13. Even wihhout temporary shortages I've seen people who will only shoot IDPA because the USPSA matches require more ammo.
  14. I shot quite a bit as a kid and teenager, some hunting, birds and varmints. I hadn't shot much as an adult but decided I should have something for protection. Then I discovered cowboy action shooting and the thought of a 44 or 45 cal single action was exciting. After shooting those matches and then getting a 1911 I searched for what competition I could shoot with it. IDPA and then USPSA. The bottom line to me was that whichever competition you find first it makes you realize that there are others out there. Way more fun then plinking at the range. I used to golf and it was fun but
  15. I've seen them come around to squads and get the ammo from shooters at that time. Recently more matches have you shoot the stage and they take you to chrono and take ammo offyour belt.
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