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  1. The Gridiron SS/Production match in Linden, Ca. registration is open. First part of November.
  2. The recent big matches I've shot about 2/3 of the shooters are using an optic. PCC, Open and Carry optics. I signed up for a couple of upcoming bigger matches in Limited but changed to SS because there are a couple of other SS shooters that I like to shoot against. Plus I still like my SS gun the best.
  3. I've done nearly the same thing shooting Limited with an older CZ tac sport 40 after shooting SS for years. I've only dropped a mag when I didn't intend to a couple of times. It is different shooting a couple of arrays or extra targets before reloading. Also having an extra shot available. But I still love SS.
  4. At the Golden Bullet match in California there were 450 shooters and 30 dqs. 60+ seniors with 9 dqs. 28 super seniors with 1 dq. I haven't heard if there was a stage or two that had most of them or what. I didn't notice anyplace where you really had to watch it any more then normal.
  5. I had a great time at the match. Hadn't heard about dq's but was surprised at the number when I saw the results including a couple of guys I shoot with regularly. It only takes a second to happen.
  6. Robert, did you get in. I registered a day later and it said I could pay and squad. But squads appeared full. They were holding spots on squads to get family and friends squadded together so there were more openings then how it appeared. I had contacted registration and they put me on a squad. I was surprised at the cost and was told later that nationals was $250. Any known reason why it's so high this year. I've wanted to shoot this match but never got in and it may be hard to get into after this year so I signed up. I had to cancel all matches most of last year so didn't spend much. Looking forward to it. I told a local shooter I'm shooting the match and he's shot it before but said he's not paying that much for this years match, just won't do it.
  7. I see on practiscore that in September they show the Top Gun Championship in Tulare, Ca. Anyone know when registration opens. Also the same for Ca. State championship?
  8. MHicks

    Cz 75b optic milling

    Thanks for the replies. I've shot mostly Single stack for years and currently shooting Limited just for a change of pace. But it's hard to ignore the popularity of Carry Optics. Some older shooters (I'm 68) with vision problems but also lots of younger guys with good vision say they love it. I figure I'll give it a shot eventually.
  9. MHicks

    Cz 75b optic milling

    That would be great if it would just swap out with the regular 75B.
  10. MHicks

    Cz 75b optic milling

    I'm not real knowledgeable on all the newer CZs that are popular for Carry optics and production other then most of them don't have the firing pin block. Are the slides on other models wider at the top and more suitable for mounting optics. I'm just considering setting up what I already have with an optic to try out shooting with one and possibly shooting carry optics down the road.
  11. If it was to be tried wouldn't it be much easier to just set a minimum trigger pull weight. Whatever trigger you want but it has to be at or above the minimum. One test to do, no teardown.
  12. MHicks

    Cz 75b optic milling

    Can a regular CZ 75b with a firing pin block bL? e milled to mount a red dot directly or with a mounting plate? Some websites say no. Shadows and other but not these. Or is the only option to use a dovetail mount?
  13. MHicks


  14. 171 for me. First on practiscore was also 2014 Golden bullet. Had to skip most matches last year. Like everyone else there were some outlaw and small matches that weren't using practiscore yet. Our local club has a Tuesday night steel match most weeks during the summer. Now we sign up online.
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