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  1. Ok. If you engaged them at the start in the open then move to poc 1 and engage t3 then go back and decide to re-engage t1 or t2 you can run out in the open again and don't have to use poc2? If that's the rule currently then that's what you can do. Wasn't there a time in the past where you'd have to re-engage from cover, before they used the faultlines?
  2. In the second scenario poc2 would be there if you decide to re-engage t1 and t2.
  3. "I attended a USPSA match once where they wouldn't let me walk around with my pistol in a holster and told me to bag it between stages. I reported it to the section coordinator and never shot there again" That sounds as if the club continued to hold USPSA matches there and you chose not to shoot there anymore. As opposed to USPSA removing their affiliation. Is that correct? The above quote was not by Sgt. Schultz. Couldn't figure out how to change that.
  4. MHicks

    45acp swc

    Thanks. I did clean and then spray the cornady case lube in the die. Might lay the bullets out on something and give them a quick spray.
  5. In all sports there are techniques that have been found to work for the highest percentage of people. Then there are people who will master a different technique but if you tried to teach it to everyone you may see a lower percentage of success. Willie Mays used to drop his hands down low below his belt as the pitch was coming towards the plate and of course he was one of the all time best hitters and players. But he was Willie Mays. You'd never teach that batting technique to a young new player.
  6. I also prefer USPSA and the higher round count. There was another discussion about higher round count not making it a better match. By itself that's true. But assuming two matches both with good stages, I'd prefer to shoot more. That doesn't mean all max round count stages, hopefully a good mix.
  7. Some shooters stick with IDPA specifically because of the lower round count. Especially this last year with ammo and component availability and prices. IDPA max 18 round vs USPSA MAX 32? per stage. Having only 2-3 bays does limit clubs with trying to put 2 stages in a bay or resetting for more stages. A couple of clubs I shoot at are like that.
  8. If you want that type of match shooting experience what you've described is about par for the course. Some clubs are more effecient but with just a couple of bays their choices are limited. It is true that if you are dedicated enough, have access to a shooting bay and also have access to the type of targets and all that is used at a match, you could get some real focused practice with more rounds downrange in less time. For those that have access that usually boils down to maybe twice a year and most don't have the dedication to do that on their own or with a buddy. Also you'll usually get more shooting in at USPSA vs IDPA.
  9. MHicks

    45acp swc

    I got the Lee sizer die and ran the first box of bullets through it. Took a pretty good push. But they're loading like normal now. Hopefully just a problem with this one case. 3 more boxes of bullets to go.
  10. I find it difficult to test new grips or techniques. Most of us will alter our grip or whatever we want to test and shoot a few magazines. Naturally, it feels funny and even if you use a target and timer you probably won't see an improvement. How many rounds trying the new grip or technique would it take to get comfortable enough to really make it a useful test? I don't know but I'm sure it's a lot more then a few mags worth.
  11. If there's such a demand to shoot 22s have seperate matches, period. Optics on handguns are the future and I have no problem with Carry optics. Eventually I'll give it a try. The PCC guns are great but I think they'd be much more fun and challenging to shoot in a dedicated match with harder target challenges. Right now a larger part of the challenge is moving and safely manipulating the gun around the stage vs the actual shooting challenge.
  12. I used to mix the two more but rarely shoot IDPA now. I find that if you really plan out your movement, shooting and reloads it isn't that hard to adjust. Now with them using fault lines it's even easier to shoot both. If you don't make a solid plan you may start to drop a mag at the wrong time.
  13. Yes. I saw the results and Classic (six shot) requires speedloaders, no moonclips. They do have Limited 6 that allows moonclips. The bigger divisions Open (optic) and Limited are 8 shot with moonclips. And he was shooting a snub nose revolver.
  14. I had seen that the championship match Jerry shot earlier this year was in Classic with speedloaders. Was wondering if that was what he was shooting at this match.
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