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  1. Is there really that much more need and room for higher membership numbers? You need some new members along the way as people age or fade away from shooting. Granted it's been down some for the last year with the current situation. But other then that ,at least in my vicinity, monthly and larger matches are filling up faster then ever. Some larger matches fill up within minutes or hours. Are there that many clubs wanting to add additional days or matches every month and have staff that wants to run them?
  2. I find that with most potential USPSA shooters I talk to, if they are hesitant to get out there in front of people shooting, they will find something they don't like to convince themselves to not try. If you change the rules to fit the reason they claim that prevents them from shooting, they just find another reason not to. Obviously there are new members but that is from the small percentage of shooters who are determined to get out shooting.
  3. Great to get started. There is usually a big difference between indoor and outdoor matches but you're on your way. Have fun!
  4. I've shot 45 in single stack for years. Went ahead and got a limited gun last year just to shoot something different. Started loading 40 for it. I could continue to shoot either of them if I want to because I'm in good shape with components. But now I'm going to start shooting more 9mm in limited at monthly's because I get about 1,000 more bullets in a case compared to 45. And I've got brass.
  5. If an experienced shooter DQs on the first or second stage I wouldn't hold it against him if he packs up and goes home. Maybe with work and chores at home he can only get away for a match or two each month. If he heads right home maybe he can get things accomplished to enable him to go to a match next weekend that he wasn't going to be able to make. It would be good for a new shooter who DQs to stick around and learn as much as he can. Also if you know a shooter is always there helping build stages, works during the match and helps with teardown, if one day he needs to
  6. Thanks. No one seemed to have any idea and then it continued off topic. That could be where the phrase came from. I'd just never heard it before.
  7. Yes you'd need to allow them to carry more ammo but that in itself is a compromise away from what they actually carry. Just an example of needing to compromise in order to be able to have matches vs what people do in real life.
  8. How about people who carry a J frame or small semi auto with no extra ammo. Would you have 5 rounds or less stages or compromise and allow them to carry more ammo?
  9. In California you can't buy standard capacity mags at the store. Limited to 10 rounders. But if you already legally possess them you can use them. The standard USPSA divisions are offered at matches. People new to competition shooting probably don't have the standard capacity mags.
  10. Many people put down golf but I think it says something that a lot of the best professional athletes in the world find it challenging. Plus anywhere you travel there are golf courses. I played before I got interested in shooting matches and if I get tired of this would probably take it up again. But I'm 68 and a lot of other possibilities are too much for me.
  11. I know. I'm considering alternatives if it gets to the point where they are just going to eliminate SS, production and limited 10. I guess some lo cap shooters would rather see their favorite division go away rather then be combined with the others. I'd much prefer production and SS remain separate too but if the participation drops to next to nothing what's going to happen?
  12. If they added major but limited it to 8 rounds it's a good balance. Allowing major or minor in but allowing both to load 10 would not work. I wouldn't change production if it stands alone. This would just be a consideration in combining the lo cap divisions.
  13. I love single stack and wish there was enough participation everwhere to keep it separate. But at this point I think it would be interesting to combine it with production and limited 10. If you have the 8 major 10 minor rule. The 8 vs 10 is a pretty good compromise to decide between and be competitive. People with 45 cal glocks and m&ps could shoot either. But would it end up being dominated by 2011 shooters? Would enough of them move to this division to matter?
  14. I have fired a couple of rounds that sounded and felt lighter then normal but I've never had a full on squib with the bullet not exiting the barrel. Knock on wood.
  15. At some small local monthly ICORE matches I've seen semi autos allowed to up the attendance.
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