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  1. When you register for a higher level match you have to be approved by the match director. If approved it is YOU who are approved for that spot in the match. If you cancel the spot goes to the next approved shooter on the list not whoever the original registrant wants. If you buy a ticket to a ball game you are a spectator not a participant.
  2. If USPSA HQ wants to be able to tout the highest membership numbers possible why allow non members to participate? Those two concepts seem opposed to each other. I understand that potentially people would want to shoot a match or two before joining but they could set up a way to accomplish that. You can charge different rates or give priority registration to members to encourage joining. In at least some areas matches fill up fast already.
  3. Keep your plan simple making sure all targets are accounted for. It's easier to shoot and move without stopping or hesitating if you are confidant with your plan. As you shoot more matches you will be able to improve your stage planning to save a little time here and there.
  4. The common dq I see is simply a right handed shooter shooting downrange leaning around the left side of a short in length wall. If the next shooting position is just a step or two to the right and then quick movement downrange, some shooters will get ahead of themselves and start moving before they have pulled the gun back and they'll break the 180 moving right as the gun finally gets back from the edge of the wall. That's also a spot where they may put an ro to watch for it. Just takes a moment of carelessness.
  5. The older double ended wadcutters were designed to be flush with the case. There are newer sharper edged wadcutters that have a crimp groove with more of the bullet exposed like the one pictured. I forget if it's Garrett or Buffalo Bore that has self defense ammo loaded with them. I have loaded them for my 44 spl and 45 Colt handuns. Got them from Matts bullets.
  6. Yes. First the larger USPSA matches were rescheduled. Local matches canceled. Finally the range actually closed. Northern California.
  7. When I shoot revo it's with 6 shot speedloaders in 38 special. Coated lead bullets with a few different powders. I occasionally use a chamber brush during a match. It might be more neccessary compared to shorter cases. Might not really need to but it just takes a minute to do.
  8. Just curious. Are there many guns that will be excluded because they're over the 59 ounce limit? Did they even need to set an upper limit?
  9. I followed IVC on the same squad. 5'10" and it was a little awkward but doable. Being 9 or 10 inches shorter would have made it tougher.
  10. My comment was more about another post saying that the heavier gun made up for poor grip and trigger fundamentals. You could be right on your point.
  11. If the lighter plastic guns are better for transitions wouldn't more of the shooters who have mastered the fundamentals, grip and trigger control, gravitate back to them?
  12. Wow. Thanks. Do you know anything about the practiscore competitor app? I had already downloaded the stage diagrams.
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