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  1. No. I'm not going to set up a pcc match with no pcc match experience All I said was that I won't shoot one in a standard USPSA match, but would "consider" doing it in a pcc only match. That's not the same as a pcc shooter complaining about the pcc matches he's competed in and then it's suggested he solve the problen by running a match.
  2. I would consider shooting stand alone pcc matches with added difficulty. Not interested in shooting standard USPSA matches with the carbine.
  3. I just wasn't sure if USPSA rules allow you to stay in limited and be scored minor or move you to open. I want so start shooting some limited but only have the one doublestack 40. If it went down, depending on what broke, I could either put my 9mm upper on it or shoot another 9mm.
  4. If you go to a match shooting limited major and have to go to your backup shooting minor, will they rescore your previous stages as minor? I shoot SS but recently picked up a 40 cal limited gun. I don't have a backup gun other than shooting my SS 45cal or a 9mm if they'd rescore.
  5. With a 20 minute backup did you observe the previous sqad shoot the stage? If not, you still probably could have found one of them pretty quickly to ask how they shot it.
  6. I like the looks of those but they don't list them for the tactical sport with a thumbrest. I'll try to call them.
  7. I'm picking up a CZ Tactical Sport with *thumb rest [generic]* next week. What are the popular holster and mag pouches for these. I've only had regular single stack production gear untill now. Thanks.
  8. I started with IDPA. I much prefer USPSA after shooting both and shoot USPSA primarily. There are more of the higher level shooters in USPSA. But, I've never seen Master IDPA shooters who are "stuck" in C/D classification in USPSA. I'm EX in IDPA and B in USPSA.
  9. I shoot revolvers but only in ICORE. Classic 6 shot with speedloaders. I need to really put in some practice time to improve but I enjoy shooting Single Stack to much to put it down for a while.
  10. A lot of people also think that gun division rules are made because Wilson makes a gun that would fit that division. They know it must be true because IDPA matches are just full of people shooting Wilson Combat guns.
  11. Thanks. Got it figured out.
  12. Thanks. I've shot some production but have been shooting single stack for years. I have the cz75 single action and just for a change of pace want to shoot it in limited. I know thatminor is not the best but shooting limited would just be an occasional thing. I'd like to get a few more rounds capacity then my 16 round mags. I'll have to check out the +2 or +4 extensions to see if they work. On the road to western states single stack right now.
  13. Does anyone know if the 25 round cz75 9mm mags are legal for USPSA limited? I have 16 round mags was looking for 18 to 20 round mags.
  14. Don't use a post hole digger pr t post pounder in the last couple of days before a match. My hands were pretty sore once because of it. I've had bad luck and cut my trigger finger before a match too.
  15. If you pick up brass after each shooter finishes while others are resetting everyone gets a chance to get a reasonable amount of their brass back. If you wait till the end of the match usually a few guys will scarf up all the brass. Even with marked brass if you wait till all stages are finished your brass is scattered on half a dozen bays.
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