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  1. But does that include changing guns? That works for a 40. 45 shooter can't change to 10 round mags with the same gun. Is the 45 shooter allowed to change to his 9mm gun without his first gun breaking?
  2. I shot Area 1 but in single stack major. Couple of unloaded starts. Definitely some spots with no extra shots without a reload. Or when you fire #9 you're back to 8 shots. We had a couple of dqs. First one shooter came aroud the left side engaged two targets and as he moved forward fired one into the left berm. Second one was a shooter who had only shot 5 or 6 USPSA matches previously. Classifier with 3, 6 shot strings, shooting limited he didn't change mags between strings. At ulasc he racked the slide, pulled the trigger, boom. Didn't remove mag. I'll also be back up there for the state match.
  3. Except that a limited shooter isn't directly competing with a production shooter in a match. Sure we can look at the overall for fun to see where you placed against everyone. I would hope a shooter with 23 round mags would gain something over a similarly skilled shooter with 10 rounds.
  4. MHicks

    CZC TS Base Pad Help

    What I found is that in addition to trimming the wings on the mag the L shaped bracket allows the magazine spring to pop up and get wedged in with the L bracket causing it to lock up when the base pad is pushed all the way back. Even if you manage to install it without that happening, when you push the L bracket in the spring pops up around it. It's worse on mags when the springs don't stay straight and get twisted. I just got this tac sport but these mags are a pain. I had to use a rubber mallet also Any solutions or better base extendions? They might work better if the L brackets were bigger.
  5. Thanks. I am going to try some limited just for a change of pace from SS unless I end up really enjoying it. Haven't really paid that much attention to limited before. I had no idea as far as who uses thumbrests or doesn't.
  6. I have been a single stack shooter. I recently bought a CZ Tactical Sport with a thumbrest. I've only shot it a couple of times and the thumbrest feels good. Do people get thumbrests just because they are allowed and shooters look for any advantage, even if it's very little, or do shooters find a recognizable improvement with the rests? Shooting a classifier match tomorrow. I really need to get some practice in with this new gun though.
  7. On an 11 round stage a shooter with 9+1 must reload for round 11. Shooter with 10+1, no reload. How is that neutral?
  8. No. I'm not going to set up a pcc match with no pcc match experience All I said was that I won't shoot one in a standard USPSA match, but would "consider" doing it in a pcc only match. That's not the same as a pcc shooter complaining about the pcc matches he's competed in and then it's suggested he solve the problen by running a match.
  9. I would consider shooting stand alone pcc matches with added difficulty. Not interested in shooting standard USPSA matches with the carbine.
  10. I just wasn't sure if USPSA rules allow you to stay in limited and be scored minor or move you to open. I want so start shooting some limited but only have the one doublestack 40. If it went down, depending on what broke, I could either put my 9mm upper on it or shoot another 9mm.
  11. If you go to a match shooting limited major and have to go to your backup shooting minor, will they rescore your previous stages as minor? I shoot SS but recently picked up a 40 cal limited gun. I don't have a backup gun other than shooting my SS 45cal or a 9mm if they'd rescore.
  12. With a 20 minute backup did you observe the previous sqad shoot the stage? If not, you still probably could have found one of them pretty quickly to ask how they shot it.
  13. I like the looks of those but they don't list them for the tactical sport with a thumbrest. I'll try to call them.
  14. I'm picking up a CZ Tactical Sport with *thumb rest [generic]* next week. What are the popular holster and mag pouches for these. I've only had regular single stack production gear untill now. Thanks.
  15. I started with IDPA. I much prefer USPSA after shooting both and shoot USPSA primarily. There are more of the higher level shooters in USPSA. But, I've never seen Master IDPA shooters who are "stuck" in C/D classification in USPSA. I'm EX in IDPA and B in USPSA.
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