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  1. The riser for the HS510 does not work with the HS512. The HS512 mount is part of the sight can not be removed. I was hoping that the ADM Eotech mount might fit, but I was not able to make it work. At the moment I am using a 1/2" riser from Leupold.
  2. Hiperfire Phantom comming Shot Show 2020 : Hiperfire Phantom
  3. For those who use a 9mm bolt with an AR-15 extractor, what kind of extractor spring assembly do you recommend? Mine (SI bolt) came with extractor spring, extractor buffer and extractor donut. I try to figure out whether I have enough or too much force on the extractor.
  4. https://mbxextreme.com/index.php?page=PCC_Glock_Extension_Basepads#megadual MBX "Dual Purpose" Mega extension for Glock Style Magazines Now offering the "Dual Purpose" Mega extension. The MBX Mega extension has been a very popular product used on the Glock style 31 round tube, but we have seen a use for it to be used on a Glock style 17rd short tube. This gives the user options of capacity and overall length to suit their personal liking. When used on a short 17rd tube, it gives you 43 rounds. We have engraved capacity witness lines and reference numbers for both short and long tubes. Comes with a 22-coil spring specifically to be used with the 17rd tube with the option upon checkout to purchase an additional 28-coil spring so you can use it on both short and long tubes.
  5. This might help: http://www.ipsc.org/pdf/IPSC Competition Rules Interpretations - January 2019 - Final 30 Jan 2019.pdf
  6. Do you mean "no choke" or "no constriction"? The later would me that you can only use a cylinder choke (which mean no constrition), which would have the same effect on pattern like no choke at all. Hope this helps.
  7. Sako92S Do you have any info about this magazine or the manufacturer? I could not find anything but I really like the idea!
  8. Walli

    Burris XTR

    You will get the scope and the fast fire dot sight for that price.
  9. Walli

    Trigger return spring

    I broke two trigger return springs (Dryfiring the gun will kill the trigger return spring much faster than normal use.). Ghostholster / Angus Hobdell is offering a new trigger return spring that should (!) not break so fast. I would recommend to replace the old/standard trigger return spring with the new one. So far I was not able to break the improved spring.
  10. No, the Magpul BAD does not fit with a JP CTR02 upper, there is not enough space to work. I wish it would work, because I really like idea of the BAD. With a normal upper the BAD worked fine so far. Only slight wobble back and forth because of the play of the bolt release. The BAD did not distract form shooting or releasing the magazine. I was only able the "accidentally" engaging the BAD by holding the rifle at the far rear of the magazine wall and putting my hand on the BAD. I only fired a few magazines but so far I like it a lot.
  11. First I would like to say hello to everyone! The interesting thing is that the CZ 75 SP01 Sport (with trigger stop!) is approved. This gun is more or less a Shadow in 9x21! Also approved are: Sphinx 3000 “Competition Production Model 2005”, Sphinx 3000 “Target”, SIG “Sport Stock”, SIG “X-Five Allround”. The last one is advertised as the perfect gun for target and action pistol shooting. All these guns are not build for competition shooting, just named and advertised as such?! Sometimes it is difficult to understand the decisions taken by the IPSC board.
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