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  1. It is my understanding that the HE509T does come with an adapter plate for RMR cut. The integrated mount of the HE509T is proprietary. Adapter for RMR
  2. Walli

    SRO on a Gen 5 G34

    Yes, I do. I was luck that it did work with my Holosun 507c without any fitting. Many infos can be found in this thread: Better plate system for MOS
  3. Walli

    SRO on a Gen 5 G34

    As good as it gets without milling the slide: Forward Controls Design
  4. Which trigger springs do you have in your rifle? JP trigger springs
  5. There is an interesting discussion about PCC with some JP shooters: Lessons Learned: PCC Nationals About 18 Min. they are talking about barrel length. I fully agree with them.
  6. You have to look under JP AR Pistols: JP Pistol / SBR
  7. If you are looking for cheap mount: UTG / Leapers I have this mount for the Docter sight and was really surprised how well this mount is made for the money. Newest mount: Trex-Arms Most adaptable mount: https://arisakadefense.com/collections/optic-mounts/products/offset-optic-mount Gold standard: JP
  8. Is there a magazine adapter for Glock magazines that you would recommend?
  9. Thanks for your kind offer. I was wondering whether Lead Star did a good job designing the magazine well, correct feeding angle and internal dimensions. I am aware that JP and QC 10 did a good job, there lowers just do not have the features and price I am looking for. I feeling more comfortable with Lead Star now.
  10. Thank you very much for the responses. I get the feeling that there really is not much enthusiasm for the Lead Star lowers.
  11. I started to use the Arredondo +6 base pads exclusively. They are robust and easy to remove if you have a supplied tool with you. Arredondo Base Pad Ghost is offering a similar design that is less expensive, but the tool is working a little different: You have to push in the tabs of the base bad from the side and not from the bottom. If you apply the tool from the bottom you do not have to worry that the base pad and the spring jump out. https://www.rockyourglock.com/custom/GHO_GL_PLUS6_BLK.htm I do prefer the Arredondo, but if you are on a budget the Ghost might be
  12. Has anyone used a Lead Star 9mm lower for some time? What was your experience? Did the feed ramp really make a difference? Or would you chose a different lower next time?
  13. Did you get in touch with FM-Products? They have the reputation to be very responsive and they should have the most experience. P.S. FM lowers do have one of the better bolt hold open designs. If you want it to work, it should work with Glock oem magazines.
  14. The riser for the HS510 does not work with the HS512. The HS512 mount is part of the sight can not be removed. I was hoping that the ADM Eotech mount might fit, but I was not able to make it work. At the moment I am using a 1/2" riser from Leupold.
  15. Hiperfire Phantom comming Shot Show 2020 : Hiperfire Phantom
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