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  1. One should do a few draws at the very least? In the safe area!!!
  2. Been on here for several years,,,,,still have not made it to 50,,,,,,,,mostly just read some good stuff!!!
  3. Since you are shooting to slidelock now (on the classifier),,,,,,I think you will have to reload before leaving cover?
  4. The key words there are: allegedly reading comments Wonder why they didn't want to do it like the last time where everyone could see the suggestions????? That said, it is not all bad,,,,shot the new classifier last night at a indoor range and beat my prior one shot a couple months ago by 20 seconds,,,,,,,,,,,,,,18 less shots required, so very little difference!!!!
  5. I agree,,,,,,,match bumps reflect a good day shooting most of the time!!!
  6. jwayne

    ESP gun ?

    Would be a good choice,,,I have run a 2011 Eagle 45cp for about 8-9 years now!!! It has amazing very little recoil or muzzle flip downloaded to meet 125,000 pf in esp!!! If I had it to do over,,,might have got a 9mm------but as it is it matches the rest of my 45's and only thing I do is add a little less powder!!!
  7. Watched your video,,,,,was smooth!!! I think I will like the new classifier as well!!
  8. And you will have to have a magazine in the gun also,,,,,,,,,,,my 4" Kimber is no longer legal without a magwell or magazine!!!! Why bother to change the length to 4.375 long barrels???? On a 1911 that won't fit the new box either!!!! Looks if Bill is overstocked on compact guns for sure and at his price he will probably get to keep them!!!
  9. Lets just get on with it!!! Get the rulebook out for everyone to see and hopefully read!!!
  10. I started several years back after getting my ccw also!!! First few matches were fun and helpful due to good shooters offering tips and info on how to get better!!! It is like other things the more you practice and focsus on things that show up as weakness---the more you will enjoy it!!! I now shoot 4 different matches a month and look forward to it and being with like minded shooters!!!
  11. On top always---helps with recoil control also!
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