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  1. Just had this happen for the first time after nearly 20K of 9mm loaded using OS and the zip lock bag method. I had a batch of 300 with 10 squibs thought about half of the batch. Thought my powder bar had slipped but every one I have pulled has powder. Only thing I can come up with is the case lube wasn't completely dry when I started loading. Now I am taking the brass out of the bag and letting it sit in a pan for 10-15 min before using.
  2. Had this happen a couple months ago. Called Dillon and was told it was from over tightening the primer assembly. When I looked inside, you could see that the area around the screw hole is protruding into the channel where the bar slides. They sent me a new assembly. I swapped them out and it has been 100% since.
  3. Going to finish packing tonight. Do we have an idea on a total round count for Slugs and Buckshot (if needed)?
  4. 9mm Sight Tracker - This was taken after it's first 100 rounds, about 2 1/2 years ago.
  5. A couple local guys have been running them in our steel match. My observation is they don't run well dirty, especially suppressed. The 2 I saw go down had around 500 rounds on them since cleaned. The first one had the firing bin channel being clogged. Second was gunk buildup in the trigger. Other than that, they are a blast to shoot.
  6. I've had good luck with TTI and Dawson's. I had to trim the little tabs on the bottom/sides of the Glock mags to make the Dawson's easier to get on/off.
  7. Sierra 77gr and 69gr handloads grouped best in my JP barrel. I use these for 200+ targets. Mine also groups well with Stand 1 Armory 55's if you want light bullets. Also had good luck with Hornady steel match 75's and 55's.
  8. I've see. Some guys buy plant hangers and put a small piece of steel on it. Check out this forum, 2nd to last post on the 1st page. http://www.rugerforum.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?t=89877
  9. Great match! Stages were fun, match staff was outstanding, prize table was awesome. Looking forward to next year! Didn't have my head in it this weekend but still had a blast. Here are all of the stages. 1 was tossed before we had a chance to shoot it.
  10. I have been happy with mine.
  11. The Southern Regional was fun! Looking at the satellite view of the range, I didn't expect the 2 stages in the woods. Thanks again to Charles and his crew for putting on another challenging match. I was actually able to get all 8 stages on video:
  12. Here is what I've been using for 3gun: 147gr Xtreme w/ 3.4 gr Titegroup at 1.19 OAL shoots very soft in my SV.
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