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  1. I was able to handle it and play with an STI grip frame at SHOT. I also had the chance to talk to Bobby McGee about it. It looks like it will be a great holster. The lock works unobtrusively and it releases very smoothly. It is supposed to work with all 2011 patterns, metal and plastic.
  2. VZ Diamondbacks or Tech-well agressive G10 grips with Tech-well magazine well.
  3. I have a couple, one is a full size double stack and the other is a Commander size single stack (9mm/22 TCM). For the price, the build quality is good. Both have been reliable. Only changes I've made are replacing the front sights with Dawsons and de-horsing the thumb safeties (every RIA am I safety I've seen are crazy sharp).
  4. Thanks for the information. Looks like I'm ordering a medium curved insert!
  5. I was hoping to tap into those more experienced than I with the SVI trigger and the associated inserts. I'd like to know which SVI insert more closely matches the length of the long STI curved trigger for the 2011? I've come to prefer the long STI trigger and recently picked up a 2011 with an SVI trigger and would like to find the insert that most closely matches the STI trigger. Thanks in advance for your input.
  6. Again, thanks for the kind welcome. I spent a little time on the range today (running an STI Eagle in 9mm). I really enjoy learning new things every time I go to the range. Allowing myself to actually experience what is happening has been an amazing thing!
  7. I have played with USPSA and I like it a lot...the way I see it, there is a lot of value in all of these competitive endeavors! I'm thinking three gun might also be in future .
  8. I've been perusing these forums for some time now and I think it's high time I finally introduce myself. I consider myself a serious student of the gun and have learned a lot from the members of this forum. It all started when I thought I knew how to shoot and read Brian Enos' book when it first came out. I remember getting through the book and scratching my head, not comprehending much of what was in the book. I initially dismissed much of what I read as some kind of voodoo. I continued in my quest to become a better shooter (primarily for defensive purposes) for years and improved slowly. I got to the point that I was one of the better shooters within my circle of acquaintances. I then availed myself to several competitive shooting instructors and my eyes were finally opened to what really could be done with a handgun. The first and most enlightening of these instructors was a course with Ron Avery. I slowly allowed myself to expand my vision (both literally and figuratively) and competed in several matches, primarily IDPA. I remembered Brian's book, still sitting in my bookshelf and re-read it. Amazingly, the content of the book finally started making sense! Anyway, I may be rambling...but I find that so much of the information in this forum has been extremely helpful in my quest to improve my abilities with firearms and I want to thank the members here for being so open to sharing what you have learned. Though my firearms focus is still primarily defensive in nature, I have come to value competitive shooting as a vehicle for my own personal development. Lou T.
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