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  1. That's funny, I have to use that line next time Glossary specifies "loaded" as having a round/dummy round in the chamber or in the magazine. Having chambered a round from Barney made the gun loaded. I still really like your thinking...
  2. Are we talking theory or reality? And, in this case, it was all by the book - there is no rule that says how the command must be said or what the body language needs to be. So, it comes down to the fair application of the rules, which it is if the whole squad feels it is.
  3. It is not coaching since it is an approved command and the rulebook doesn't specify how it must be pronounced. This is the type of stuff that we shouldn't sweat - at higher level matches the RO-s will be (or are expected to be) quite professional and "by the book" so they will simply go through the paces without emotion or providing hints. At lower level matches, it's usually part of the local camaraderie and it's done more for an effect - the shooter blew that stage even if he figures out where the targets are and finishes them off. No big deal either way. Just a month
  4. The call was not correct and the RO could have even given the interfering shooter a procedural penalty per 8.6.2. However, at L1 matches a lot of things go, including having non-certified officials and all sorts of incorrect commands and procedures. It's not right, but it's just the fact of life. Think of L1 matches as training for the RO-s as much as they are training for the competitors. Personally, I would not allow a competitor to interfere like that and would award a reshoot. There is a reason RO is responsible for the stage...
  5. Not all rules are directly unsafe. Some rules are there to avoid potentially unsafe situations. For example, if you have a dummy round in the chamber or handle it at the safe table it's not by itself unsafe. Neither is not having a chamber flag if the PCC is unloaded. Changing the rule to allow handling PCC at the berm would require also allowing the same handling of the handguns at the berm, which in turn would promote berms to the safety areas. Could be done, but why? Everyone gets to handle guns in the same areas now, what's wrong with that?
  6. The problem is that the "course of fire" begins at "make ready" and not when you start shooting. If you have it on the magnet when you get the "make ready" you are having it on the magnet during the course of fire...
  7. If you want staff to reset everything, the entry fee will be higher. There are many threads about this. The latest one I saw had a good comment, along the lines of "if you go to a takeout food joint and expect the service of a sit-down restaurant you are going to be disappointed." Full service comes at a price.
  8. It comes down to speed and speed comes down to precise, relaxed movement. Tense up and your muscles will limit how fast your arms move. To work on raw speed, both reaction and movement, I set up 0.5s par time for the complete draw (about 0.2s faster than your normal par time) and force myself to get to the gun and jam it towards target, whether I get the sight picture in that time or not, whether I make it at the beginning, middle or by the end of the second beep or not, whether it's pretty or not... I am ingraining the raw speed of movement and reaction time. My focus is on how m
  9. Too much potential for dangerous activity, so it's best to keep the rule as is. It's just a matter of time before someone tried to clear a live round that is stuck because of a broken extractor or something similar. Once the barrel is clogged, it's best to eliminate the time component and take care of the situation (RO cannot allow a loaded gun to leave the line). Safety first. Allowing a reshoot on an actual squib is also not an option - I could have a "special magazine" with a powderless round that I could reload in a pinch to force a squib and get a reshoot. We sho
  10. The question is whether it is a "production gun that had some work done" or it is a completely different gun that is not on the list. Allowed modifications are covered in the rules in case of former, it's not allowed in case of latter. Based on what you say, it looks like a production gun with some work done and appears to be legal.
  11. Short answer - Not allowed, DQ per 10.5.19 (as pointed above). The "berm exception" is not for handling, just for casing and uncasing. It's an alternative to showing up at the line with a cased rifle (as a side issue, some Open shooters will show up at the line with a cased gun, then after Make Ready will take it out and holster). Any gun handling is still only allowed at the safety table.
  12. What if the shooter challenges you? Say, there are only three holes and you gave him A, M because you know the previous shooter had 2A. The shooter says "I have 2A." How do you handle it, especially if the RM gets involved? (Not challenging you, just asking.)
  13. It depends, but make sure you understand that it's not about the size of the holes, but about the ability to determine the score. Even if the holes were the same caliber, most of the time the score can be determined IF the RO notices in time and can tell how many holes were there to begin with. If you have 4A scores AND the RO sees that there were 2A holes from the previous competitor, THEN you can determine that the new score is 2A whether the same caliber or not. The other good example is when you have a different caliber, so the untaped holes are of different size and simply ig
  14. Funny timing of this thread as I just scored a case of Montana Gold 147 CMJ (with covered base), so I guess I'll be finding a use for them :-). Whether they end up in the open gun (unlikely), PCC (also unlikely, but possible), CO/Production (most likely scenario), it's all I could get at the moment and it was pure luck since as soon as I ordered it was again out of stock. The price was not bad, $352 for 3,000, so it's less than 12c/round, pandemic pricing. Strange times we live in...
  15. You like them loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong...
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