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  1. Brownells has them...the stainless slab is a special order..they are looking into that.
  2. Thanks Can you get your hands on some factory 148 gr HBWC rounds and shoot a 50 yard group....that is my typical range for testing.
  3. Thanks..if I go next year..once is enough:-)
  4. Trying to understand what the Multi-Gun Match is ...from the 2019 flyer: MULTI-GUN DIVISIONS Competitors may register in the Multi-Gun Match as an individual under a different division than the division used during the Championship. A second firearm not used in the main championship will be inspected for use in the Multi-Gun Match. See Section 3 of the Action Pistol rulebook for details.
  5. +2 On the accuracy test, recently purchased a Taurus Tracker w/6.5" ported barrel in stainless. Grabbed it because it was brand new and under $300. Beautiful looking gun, action was understandably stiff, but lock-up and timing was super. Was considering using it as an action pistol gun since it was a medium frame comparable to a S&W L frame. After getting it home I got out my gauges to check internal fitment etc. As mentioned timing, cylinder alignment and lock-up are spot on....just feels like a great gun. Where I noticed a problem is with cylinder run out. It runs from .003 to .005..the .003 was limited to one chamber. (NOTE: forcing cone and extractor base were clean) The forcing cone gives me the most concern. Dropped my Brownells go-no go gauge in and it seats well beyond the no-go level. Pics attached, for comparison dropped the gauge it in my well used S&W 686 and the gauge stills rests at the "go" level. Contacted Taurus (with pics), without explanation they simply replied that the "everything is within specs and acceptable tolerance". In all fairness still haven't fired a round with it yet...but am really interested in seeing your accuracy results...since the Taurus 692 is the one I really wanted. Comparing the 38/357 against the 9mm cylinder would be great.
  6. Been out of the shooting sports for years and would like to build another S&W "K" frame revolver.. Where can I purchase a 6" (or 6.5") indexed slab side barrel. Prefer one in stainless. I see Clark and Brownells has them....anyone else out there? Thanks
  7. Hi Ed - I'm Warren. Phone # is 913-422-8966. Give me a call, glad to help.

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  8. Sounds good..let's PM...a little late for tonight...but tomorrow might work. Thanks
  9. Thanks for the info...very interesting...looking at your links I assume you are associated with the Stick Shift? FYI: I just can't find any videos demonstrating how the Stick Shift is used (functions) so I can get an idea of it's physical dimensions etc. I have cleaned the mover a few times years ago and was considering giving action pistol another try:-) Point of impact on the mover would be sure be nice.
  10. Been away from the sport for some time...can someone tell me what sight options are out there related the Moving Target stage? Which scopes offer sight leads etc. Thanks
  11. Any updates by any chance...maybe even in Vermont...
  12. Thanks Tom.. possibly considering an open revolver and haven't shot competition in over 15 years now. Would like to know more about the "mover" scope technology, I see items like the "stick shift" and Leupold Gilmore? As far as revolver/load accuracy I like to start at the 50 and work back. BTW: familiar with the barricade, at my first Bianchi Cup I tied for first place in the barricade event with Brian Enos..we had a shoot off - he won!
  13. Thinking about giving NRA Action Pistol a go again and have interest in the "L" frame 986 in 9mm. Looking for feedback related to your 50 yard grouping feedback with that revolver - as required in the Practical event. I have had great grouping with a Manhurin 9mm revolver with light JHP rds in the 110/115 grain range but see some posts on other forums that the 986 prefers the 147 gr lead bullet. Have no idea of the actual barrel bore or cylinder bore diameter for the 986. Thanks
  14. Been out of it for a while but are there any NRA Action Pistol (Bianchi) competition (gun clubs) in NY or even Vermont. Thanks
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