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    I have been an active shooter my whole adult life. Started shooting CMP in my early 20's. Back in 2009 I decided to become a better pistol shooter. I joined a new club that has a very active pistol program. In 2015 I discovered USPSA and like the sport very much. I am an NRA certified pistol instructor and with other instructors teach the NRA classes at my local shooting club
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  1. I really like the Infinity safety on SVI Limited pistol. Though I really like the EGW safety and have them on my single stack pistols
  2. Go to Jem, I have a pistol done on a single stack frame and it is very well made.
  3. Unless you can find someone to sell you their old sear I don't think you will be able to find one. Why don't you just replace the old one with another new sear. That way they will both feel the same.
  4. Both of my pistols are like this. It doesn't effect the pistols functioning.
  5. Well I have two SVI's I have shot a Titan. Both are great pistols. But in my opinion the SVI is a nicer pistol. You are getting a one off pistol with every SVI.
  6. I would grab one if the price was right. I have two PPQ's. They both shoot great and have great triggers.
  7. PPQ has a much better trigger. Go with the PPQ and don't look back
  8. The Nighthawk I owned was well made and reliable. You can't go wrong with a Nighthawk. She choose well.
  9. I agree with Kurusty. If you like the M&P shoot it in Production. Why spend the money on a new pistol. Unless you are looking for a reason to buy a new pistol. Aren't we all:)
  10. I did this exact same thing to my Walther PPQ's. It gives a much better feel in the hand.
  11. The Walther PPQ/Q5 has a the best out of the box trigger I've ever felt. Feels good in the hand too.
  12. I have a friend that owns one. He told me it does use the Walther PPQ mags. The EDC is a very nice pistol!
  13. I think I would choose a 9mm over 38 Super due to the availability of ammunition.
  14. Never knew of this. I would send it back to Glock.
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