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    I have been an active shooter my whole adult life. Started shooting CMP in my early 20's. Back in 2009 I decided to become a better pistol shooter. I joined a new club that has a very active pistol program. In 2015 I discovered USPSA and like the sport very much. I am an NRA certified pistol instructor and with other instructors teach the NRA classes at my local shooting club
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  1. Recently got a Kimber .22 conversion kit. I have tried the Federal Champion Bulk pack and it is does not always cycle. I also have tried the Winchester M22 and that seems to cycle fine. Interesting that the Federal is rated for 1200fps and the Winchester is rated for 1255fps. Due to the limited availability of ammunition I was wondering what others have used successfully in their Kimber .22 1911's.
  2. I'll have to say I own an arsenal with a milled received and the quality is top notch.
  3. I use a CMMG SS .22 Bolt and their dedicated barrel. Great setup. I added The Taccom firing pin and extractor. I also Use S&W .22 mags with the Boonie Packer S&W magazine adaptor. So far this is the best set up in my opinion
  4. Could it be you had a ejection failure from the prior round and the case was in front of the round in the mag? If the bolt then came forward The bolt face might have had enough force to ignite the round in the mag.
  5. Just an update. I too fell victim to the 1000 round failure to eject. I contacted CMMG. They replaced the entire Bolt carrier assembly. Now the Rifle runs like a champ!
  6. I actually polish the trigger bar and the firing pin block(All surfaces). Makes a difference
  7. I was thinking you could remove the striker block and test(dry fire) the gun to see if the slide moves to the rear. If there is a burr in the hole where the striker block travels it may be causing some resistance.
  8. Jim is has a long lead time. He is a one man shop. I think more like a year
  9. It's kind of like the AR-15 thing. Its how the barrel is fit to the slide. Saying that I like a good fit between the frame and slide. I use a Gunsmith in PA who can weld and recut the rails on the frame. He has done a few pistols for me and am happy with the results. He is Jim Milks of Innovative custom guns. http://www.innovativecustomguns.com/
  10. I've not have this happen to any of my PPQ's. I'm wondering if the trigger bar is somehow bent. Here is a pic of a bar I have.
  11. Update. Rifle had some issues with longer ammo. Anything longer than 1.10 would not feed fully into the chamber due to the short throat. MemphisMechanic was kind enough to ream the throat of the barrel. I have tried ammo with 1.125 ol and it feeds great.
  12. VZ Stipple grips are very aggressive. https://vzgrips.com/products/1911-vz-stipple-full-size-grips.html
  13. This. Its the Gunsmith that will make it a high grip. I like the EGW JEM style. Its a little wider than the Ed brown at the rear of the tail.
  14. Do this and while you are at it install an Apex RAM to give you a better reset feel. Brownells
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