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    I have been an active shooter my whole adult life. Started shooting CMP in my early 20's. Back in 2009 I decided to become a better pistol shooter. I joined a new club that has a very active pistol program. In 2015 I discovered USPSA and like the sport very much. I am an NRA certified pistol instructor and with other instructors teach the NRA classes at my local shooting club
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  1. I too like the ruggedness of the MRO sight!
  2. Well that is a shame. This was on my radar. All my LWRC Ar-15's are flawless...
  3. "If you want to reduce travel and reset, there are two threads on the CZ Forum about using shims to do so. If you have basic welding and filing skills you can achieve those results without using shims. Made a world of difference on my Scorpion. " Thanks for this suggestion. I found a used trigger and will try this.
  4. If you are looking for a piston AR upper look at the LWRC uppers. I like my LWRC 12.7". They also make a 10.5" upper. https://www.lwrci.com/IC-A5-Upper-Receiver-_p_97.html
  5. Borrow a different optic and see where the rifle shoots. Maybe have someone else shoot the rifle to see if it also happens to them.
  6. Been shooting my .40 5" Walther PPQ for about two years. The pistol has the trigger bar and striker block polished. I decided to try a spring kit from Sprinco and see what it did to the trigger pull. With the factory springs it averaged 5 pounds 4 oz. After the installation of the Sprinco kit the average is 3 pounds 10 ounces. The "take up" is now very light and the release and reset are still clean and typical for a PPQ just lighter.
  7. Ok. Thanks for the info. I've read the forward triggers reduce the pull by 10%. I will get a replacement trigger.
  8. Doesn't look very fair!! I'm sure the Ninja training you received in the past helped.
  9. I also have a SS series 80 that I had a Trigger job don to. The trigger is nice and crisp. I think the little gained by removing the safety in negligible. Plus you are putting liability on yourself by removing the safety
  10. I have a .40 PRO that will do this most of the time. I would expect it to drop the slide and the slide would not drop. I stopped relying on this and just use the slide stop/release.
  11. Did you replace the factory trigger? I'm thinking of replacing the stock trigger with a Shooters Element trigger.
  12. I am happy with the way this turned out. There are a few good video's on youtube that go into detail on how this is done. Though once you take the assembly apart it is pretty intuitive on where to polish.
  13. I recently purchased a CZ Scorpion Carbine. Like the feel of the rifle. The Trigger from the factory was about 10.5 pounds and creepy. I Bought the HBI spring kit and decided to polish all this bearing surfaces in the trigger pack. Trigger: hooks(top and bottom) and the sides of the housing. Hammer: back of the Hammer and the front of the "wings". Also polished he sides of the hammer. Disconnector: top and bottom of the hooks and the sides. firing pin block lever: both sides and the top Also polished the two pins and the sides of the bushing that sits in the trigger housing. After installation I did a trigger safety check to make sure the trigger assembly was operating correctly. The end result was a smooth 5.25 pound trigger. So it halved the trigger pull weight.
  14. I own an Ed Brown 1911 and think the fit and finish is very nice. Ed Brown is close to the pricing of a Nighthawk. But you can find some deals out these for used pistols.
  15. I always liked a nice pair of checkered Rosewood grips.
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