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    I have been an active shooter my whole adult life. Started shooting CMP in my early 20's. Back in 2009 I decided to become a better pistol shooter. I joined a new club that has a very active pistol program. In 2015 I discovered USPSA and like the sport very much. I am an NRA certified pistol instructor and with other instructors teach the NRA classes at my local shooting club
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  1. Salsantini

    VP9 B!!!

    I got to handle one last week at the local gun shop. It was easy to manipulate the mag release. Well placed.
  2. Salsantini


    I have three Kimbers. The frame, Slide, and barrels are fine. Had all three rebuilt. Replaced all the MiM parts.
  3. Salsantini

    New pistol for both idpa and uspsa

    I've recently been shooting a Walther PPQ 5". good for both IDPA SSP and USPSA Production divisions. The pistol has a very good trigger out of the box and has a comfortable grip.
  4. Ok. So I reworked the trigger bar guide. I took some 440 then 1500 then 2000 grit sand paper and redid the trigger bar guide. I finished off the polish with a Dremel using a felt tip and Flitz polishing compound. The trigger pull now feels smooth. I the first time around I did not pay much attention to the trigger bar guide.
  5. Did you only polish the trigger bar? Or did you polish the trigger bar and the trigger bar guide? I'm thinking it has something to do with the guide.
  6. It is rough with the slide off. It was ok before I polished the parts. When I push the trigger bar down so it no longer touches the trigger bar guide It feels smooth. so I don't think it is the frame. The roughness seems to be when the two parts interact. Before polishing it was ok. After it is rough. I used a felt tip with my Dremel and Flitz to polish. I think I will order replacements. Install them and see if it goes back to the original condition.
  7. I polished the trigger bar and the trigger bar guide on my PPQ M2. Polished the side of the bar and the top edge. On the Trigger bar guide I polished the bottom. It is actually feels worse. I assembled the pistol correctly and is functions fine. Not quite understanding why the trigger feels more gritty. Any thoughts?
  8. Salsantini

    M&P Agency Arms FSS Fix for light strikes

    Thanks for the suggestion. I have already done this on the pistol. I have the loop bent down so the trigger is as far back as I can get it on the pistol and still release the striker.
  9. This year I installed an Agency Arms FSS Kit in My M&P 5". This is basically an Apex Kit with Agency's trigger. The trigger is very nice. But I started having light strikes every once in a while. I installed a heaver weight striker spring and still was having an issue. I didn't want a trigger that wasn't going to fire every time. I thought about getting rid of the trigger. I found a simple solution. I re installed the factory striker block which is more squared and the problem has gone away. The little extra allows the block and trigger bar to engage a little sooner. Just an FYI for anyone having issues with the FSS Kit.
  10. Salsantini

    Expected Barrel Life - Jacketed Bullets

    I have a titanium nitride finish in my barrel. It has 24000 rounds(.40 major) thru it and is still very accurate. The TN finish is suppose to extend the life of barrels
  11. Salsantini

    When do you disengage thumb safety?

    This is also when I take the safety off. Pistol is pointing down range and is in a safe direction.
  12. Salsantini

    M&P Pro 9mm

    I've been using a 5" Pro. Longer sight radius. Plus you have the benefit of the additional weight of the pistol
  13. I totally agree. I try to be reassuring and positive with all the students. If anything happens I calmly direct/re-direct the student. Getting excited does nothing but escalate the issue. We all started out in the same spot.
  14. Not sure which forum to post praise for a gunsmith that has done great work on my 1911's