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  1. Anyone ever shoot this stuff? Is it fairly clean or total dirt? Thx
  2. Well......I don't reload and only have 500 rounds of factory 9mm left and I'm not going to pay the current prices to get more. I will have to dry fire a lot, a real lot.
  3. I'm only at an indoor range so movement stuff is a no bueno.
  4. Flea

    Dot Torture Target

    Thanks. Where did you find that info?
  5. Flea

    Dot Torture Target

    I've looked around but didn't find what size piece of paper the 50 shot dot torture test is done on. 8.5 x 11? 8.5 x 14? Thanks
  6. I'm newish to USPSA and only have access to an indoor range. I'm getting low on 9mm ammo so when I shoot, it's 50 rounds per session. What would you suggest as the best training session bang for the ammo buck? I typically start my session shooting at a 3" circle at 5 yards, then 7 or 10 yards. Slow fire. 10 rounds at each distance. I may then shoot the rest of the mags from say high ready one shot at a time. Thanks
  7. What's the general consensus for how long the Talon's will stay on the grip before they start to peel off? Thanks
  8. Thanks for the input. I'm 59 just for context. I have a Gen 5 G34 with a Romeo Max 3. Only owned it a few months and have less than 2,000 rounds through it. My index is utter crap....I don't have one yet. At five yards I was getting sub 1 second hits but I sure as hell wasn't seeing a red dot. I was basically point shooting. I'm not saying that's good or bad, it's just that being a relatively new shooter, I think I should really first learn how to shoot using the dot. Then when that is second nature, good old point shooting and just relying on a consistent index with my arm position will be wh
  9. I have one book from both and that's why I did this drill. To isolate just that part of the draw. I didn't say it, but the drill was live fire. At 8 yards, I was averaging 1.3 to 1.5 seconds and that's just rubbish.
  10. I’m aware that lots of folks want to get near a 1 second draw. That being said, what is a realistic par time goal for a new USPSA shooter for the following? 8 yards Gun is hovering near right hip (right handed shooter) with support hand in chop position under trigger guard. Not sure what you would call this starting position. At beep, bring gun up and fire one shot into A zone.
  11. Anyone have any issues running either of those springs in their Gen 5 G34 and shooting factory 115g, 124g or 147g ammo? I have a JG trigger kit installed too. Thanks
  12. 58 years old and typically wear a 3.25 power contact in my right (dominant eye) for reading and a 1.50 power in my left for distance. Neither close or far is crystal clear so it's a compromise. And I have an astigmatism. With those contacts, the dot in my Romeo3 Max looks like a bunch of grapes but I can still shoot ok. It's better when I ditch the contacts and wear a pair of 1.75 cheaters. Can't read very well but the target gets clear and the red dot gets clear.
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