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  1. In Ben S's Dryfire Reloaded book, he breaks down the draw into two micro drills: 0.4 seconds to get your hands from your sides to getting your shooting hand on the gun and your support hand into your normal position to receive the gun, and then 0.5 seconds par time to go from the end of the prior position to getting a good sight picture on a target 7 yards away. I seem to be near the par time for the first part of the draw but am having more difficulty with part two. Any tips on how to speed up the second part (other than do it 25,000 times)? Thanks
  2. From your experience, what are the three most often used ESP and SSP guns seen in your matches? Make, model and caliber?
  3. Well I got a real timer and this is the second time using it. First reps are at 2.2 sec par time, next reps are at 1.7 sec par time and last reps are at 1.3 sec par time. Boy oh boy do I need lots of practice.
  4. Well I've been using the Free Shot Timer app on my phone for dry fire practice and was working on a 0.5 sec par time starting with my hand on the gun then getting the gun out of the holster and get a good sight picture and it seemed like I was sort of close to meeting the time limit. Today I used the new Pro II timer I just bought and tried the same drill with the same par time and lo and behold, it was basically impossible to get near the par time. Was quite the rude awakening. The shi&#y app time wasn't even close to being accurate.
  5. Which one did you get? I have a 1911 4.25" gun.
  6. The dowel rule is there should be no more than 3/4" dowel width between the grip and your body. Also all of the grip from the trigger guard down has to be above the top of your belt. My holster is sold as an "IDPA legal" holster. But when I first got it, there were spacers between the hanger and the holster which pushed the gun too far from my body. I had to take them out. The less love handle one got, the harder it is to find a holster with a hanger that will clear the IDPA rule.
  7. I tried what you suggested regarding getting low enough in your stance to not see your toes in your lead foot and I must say it feels unnaturally low. To the point of it being hard to hold that position without feeling tension in the quads (which I gather isn't a great thing to have). I'm not the strongest guy in the world but I'm far from the weakest.
  8. I think you're right. I tend to have a LOT of weight just on my toes. I guess I've convinced myself that "leaning into" shooting will lessen the amount I get pushed backwards after each shot.
  9. #1 is a hidden gem for sure....well played!
  10. I have a shot timer app so I can't film and do the timer at the same time. I've been focusing on 1.5 second par time. What does "everything falls apart" mean to you in the context of dry firing indoors at a USPSA A zone target 20 feet away? Would it be when I can't get a "clean shot" in the A zone in the time? I'm going to order a real timer. Debating on whether to get the CED 7000 or Pocket Pro II. Not sure which one works better for picking up dry fire of a 1911.
  11. Going a bit faster.
  12. Yep, I'm pretty sure it will be a sh*t show for a while....
  13. That certainly is the goal, but at this early stage I'm just trying to get the right fundamentals at half-speed.
  14. I'm not a competitive shooter and have only been shooting since Dec and have limited time with a holster. I've taken a draw from the holster class and have gotten some further advice from some range officers. I'm using an IDPA-legal holster and was trying to do the draw in around 2 to 2.5 seconds. Any suggestions for improving the draw with the hope of competing in some IDPA would be greatly appreciated. Two things that stood out to me are after clearing the holster, is the gun too low, and (in the side view) I sort of rock back as I press out. Don't be too mean.
  15. Flea

    Preferred grip tape

    Can you expand on the silicon carbide...what/how/who? Thx
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