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  1. 58 years old and typically wear a 3.25 power contact in my right (dominant eye) for reading and a 1.50 power in my left for distance. Neither close or far is crystal clear so it's a compromise. And I have an astigmatism. With those contacts, the dot in my Romeo3 Max looks like a bunch of grapes but I can still shoot ok. It's better when I ditch the contacts and wear a pair of 1.75 cheaters. Can't read very well but the target gets clear and the red dot gets clear.
  2. For giggles I just took a 1.5mm hex tool and pushed the bottom battery contact up a bit and now the optic turns on. I have no idea if any optic like the Romeo3 Max requires periodic tweaking like what I just did or if it was just a fluke that it now turns on.
  3. Got a new Romeo 3 Max and put it on my new G34 MOS. Have 600 rounds through the gun and the optic doesn't turn on. I'm calling Sig Wed morning but was wondering if there is a simple, secret "fix" other than putting in a new battery. Thanks
  4. Flea

    Glock Connectors

    Are all generation connectors interchangeable...can you put a stock Gen 3 or 4 connector in a Gen 5 gun? Thanks
  5. Good...bad...why? I've tried a JG trigger and am wondering how the two compare.
  6. Flea

    Glock 34 Trigger

    What do you like about the Vogel trigger?
  7. Interesting...thanks
  8. Sort of...got a stainless steel GR and a thug plug.
  9. I have a potentially stupid question...would having a heavier locking block in the gun do its part in reducing muzzle flip a tiny bit? If so, does anyone make heavier than normal locking blocks for a Gen 5 G34? Thx
  10. Got the Jager for my Gen 5
  11. Which ones do you like and which ones to avoid? Thanks
  12. Anyone have experience and can give guidance on which is the best to mount a red dot on a Glock with a C-More plate? Thanks
  13. Has anyone mounted the above two on a Gen 5 G34 (RTS2 part # MT-501)? Did you have any issues with any of the screws? Thanks
  14. Flea

    Glock 34 Trigger

    I spoke to Wolff and they said they don't make guide rods or recoil springs for any Gen 5 models.
  15. Flea

    Glock 34 Trigger

    Your spring comments were in reference to a Gen 5 G34?
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