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  1. This doesn't answer your question directly but I have the non-heavy duty pro holster for my G34. Had it for about 1.5 years and have had no issues.
  2. I've read your question but I'm not 100% clear what exactly you are asking. If you are asking what is the "proper" way to deal with recoil, then this is what I've settled on in my journey. And I am far, far from an expert. I will assume you are using the correct stance, posture and hand positions on the gun. 1. No one is stopping recoil, you are managing recoil. 2. Your firing hand should grip the gun just enough so it doesn't move around in your hand. This way you maximize your ability to run the trigger faster. 3. Your support hand should basically grip the gun as hard as you can but you don't want to grip so hard that the gun is shaking in your hand. You probably think you are gripping hard, but it's still probably not enough. 4. Lock both wrists evenly. Uneven locking will lead to the gun recoiling towards the side with less wrist lock. 5. Your hands and wrists should do all of the work, not your arms, shoulders, pecs, etc. Join Practical Shooting Training Group.
  3. Interesting...I wonder why Johnny Glock suggests otherwise.
  4. Johnny Glocks recommends to do this but I also read in other places there should be no grease on that metal to metal contact area. Thanks
  5. Lots of info on here for free. https://www.practicalshootingtraininggroup.com/forums/ has lots of great stuff and will cost some $ and also https://www.patreon.com/trainwithmax/posts has great stuff and will cost some $ (Max is one of the best in the world and mainly shoots in carry optics.).
  6. I know this thread is a bit old but I just came across the Nevermiss hanger. I have this holster/hanger set up. https://www.blackscorpiongear.com/collections/glock-34/products/glock-34-35-pro-competition-holster It seems the Nevermiss won't work with my holster since it doesn't have a triangle hole pattern to attach the holster to the hanger. Does anyone know of holsters that will work with the Nevermiss (not including a GX holster since the wait is very long) for a G34 with a red dot? Thanks
  7. Flea

    75 SP-01 or a Shadow 2 OR

    I have a Romeo3 Max on my G34. I can't say I disagree with your thinking. Just getting a little new toy syndrome.
  8. Flea

    75 SP-01 or a Shadow 2 OR

    I am unclassified, only shot one match and only started shooting in 2019.
  9. I'm considering one of these guns to use in CO. I've shot the Shadow for a few rounds and never the 75. Don't expect to get to hold or shoot the 75 since no one around here has the gun. I'd get the 75 milled for an optic. Are the grip ergonomics identical between the 2 guns? Close? I typically wear a SM or Med glove. Can the 75 be tuned to the same extent that most people do to the Shadow? Any reasons not to get the 75? Any insights would be appreciated.
  10. About two thousand rounds. No malfunctions. The trigger pull feels a bit gritty and I was wondering if the issue I filmed may have something to do with it.
  11. There was a full mag of dummy rounds in it.
  12. There is a Johnny Glocks trigger installed but the slide stop is OEM. Is it normal to see the slide stop move when pulling the trigger? Is there some type of "excess drag" going on? Thanks
  13. What off the shelf 9mm ammo do you like to train with (115, 124 and 147)? Which stuff is considered dirty? Thanks
  14. I have a Gen 5 G34 and when I try to to do a trigger pull test, I can't get a reading b/c the trigger safety doesn't get depressed by the gauge. So I've taped the trigger safety down and then have done trigger pulls. But does taping the trigger safety down change the validity of the readings? What is considered the "correct" technique to pull the trigger? I've seen Johnny Glocks pull very quickly. I've seen others pull slowly. I get meaningfully different readings each way. I can get less than 1lb breaks by pulling like Johnny Glocks. Thanks
  15. Has any consensus formed yet as to whether this is the be all, end all, must-have trigger for gun games in a Gen 5 G34?
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