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  1. How is that even possible? 1 gram = 15.4 grains, there is now way that would even fit in a case. This cannot be the (only) explanation.
  2. A 147 shouldn't need more than 3.2 to 3.4 depending on coated, plated or FJM for 130 PF. 3.8 with 124 can make FP in some guns with some bullets but on average you will need 4.0/4.1 depending on.
  3. I have one (the DAA Primafill to be clear) but I am less than impressed. Flipping primers is a pain with the straight pattern compared to the circular pattern of other designs. (Notice even Saul flips a few with his fingers in the demo videos) And while filling primer tubes the primers hang up on the hole and don't fall into the tube, there is an half hour long video on how to fix this but so far this has not worked for me. This is for LP and SP btw.
  4. Oh dear, someone makes an obvious mistake, we must be sure to call him out.
  5. Not really, I have seen (much) higher numbers.
  6. Try to adjust the indexing pawls just a tiny bit and see if that fixes the issue. Read the manual carefully to see if you have to tighten or loosen the screws and only adjust 1/16th or even 1/32th of a turn at a time. When the press is news the pawls wear in a bit and you may have to adjust the indexing, when they are worn in you hardly ever need to touch them again.
  7. If you have a case feeder it does not add much in the speed department, it is a really nice luxury item though. Without it I was loading 1200 rounds a minute, with the BF about 1300. With a bit of practice you can be pretty quick picking up a bullet and placing it on a case. This is for 9mm btw. Keep it mind that loading anything other than RN can be finicky to setup, with the FN bullets I have some that do not get flipped and end up nose first into the case.
  8. I have always used the Vibra prime and I was pretty happy with it, however it is cheaply made. The battery connection died and the motor wore out, attempted to replace but that was not a success. Ended up buying a 2nd hand RF-100 which was a disaster, ordered the RHEOSTAT upgrade and since than it is almost flawless. I have maybe 1 or 2 flipped primers per 1000 and I can easily live with that. That is with Fiocchi, S&B or Ginex primers. When the Primer Pro came out I was looking to buy it and convert the RF-100 to LP, after seeing the experiences of the first users I held
  9. What has that to do with anything? Are you just trying to make up arguments for whatever? Where is factory ammo mentioned anywhere and why would you even check it anyways?
  10. For one a case gauge does not check for OAL.
  11. For 9mm you only need to crimp just enough to take the bell out, if you do that you will not shave coated bullets. If you do you are crimping too much.
  12. Where are you located? Outside of the US you cannot reach their site for whatever reason. Use a VPN or find another source. (or PM you e-mail and I will send it to you)
  13. I tried the O ring a few days back and it worked like crap, I lubed it with regular oil and the shellplate was hard to advance and cases would not eject. Just tried it again but lubed with liquid lanoline and now it looks to work great, I have only tried a few cases so I have no idea about the longevity or how often to re-lube. This was with a #16 (.223) shell plate btw. As long as you are not sizing you can use the 9mm shell plate for .223 just as well btw.
  14. In my experience Quickload can be very inaccurate if you go beyond it's "working" boundaries. To get some coated 124's chambered I had to shorten the round to 1.04" and loaded with 3.8 grains of Lovex D032 (AA #2) Quickload predicts near 80K PSI. At normal OAL's Quickload is spot on compared to the reloading tables. Rounds shot fine with no over pressure signs whatsoever, 130 power factor. (normal load would be 4.1 grains to get PF 130) And yes, normal SP primers. I got there by shooting them at a normal OAL in a gun that would handle them and shortening them step by step shooti
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