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  1. The Leupold VX-6 with illuminated circle dot is still my favorite 3-gun scope. Weighs 16 oz, I also have a Razor 1-6 E with the JM reticle. Its my second favorite. Also have a strike eagle 1-8, and if the illumination was daylight bright would be higher on my list of favorites. I used to own a Z6i and Meopta, Burris, Bushnell and Trijicon. All gone as none of those suited my tastes for one reason or another. The fact of the matter is, there's a lot of good quality scopes these days. Theres no one size fits all scope. You gotta try a bunch to find what's pe
  2. Abandon it as a game gun.........I predict it will never be as soft shooting (or as reliable) as your good old tuned Noveske.
  3. mpeltier


    This is my feeling as well. The TSO triggers are very nice. And they fit my hand better than any 2011. The S2O in my opinion, as far as double action triggers go (if you like them, I don't) they are good, but I have factory Beretta 92's with triggers that are almost as good, just as smooth, just not as light. The grips from the factory on all CZ's are unimpressive, I changed the grips on all three of my Oranges to Lok grips. Highly recommended.
  4. Yeah, they don't have one. It was sort of a rhetorical question. They probably use a sporter chamber as well instead of a Bentz. I personally avoid anything Ruger that I want to use for precision. I have been burned too many times with inaccurate Rugers. My choice would be a Bergera B14 22, or the CZ mentioned above.
  5. What kind of an accuracy guarantee do they come with?
  6. Those gold grips aint really my style. If I had a gold tooth, maybe. Lol The grip texture was something I went back and forth on. My first thought was the Bogies. I have some Hogue G10's with a similar texture called Pirhana I think. I really do like those also. But the front and rear backstrap checkering sparked my interest in checkered grips. I am very pleased with how the checkering feels and looks. It is a similar feel to aggressive grip tape. A little finer than the pistols checkering, and it really allows the inlay to stand out well defined. They feel superb in the hand. The
  7. Yeah, I spent a lot of time back and forth with the guys at Lok to get exactly what I wanted. I did not want the bump at the top like you show. So they did not do it.
  8. What are you trying to view them on a flip phone? Just kidding, eh. Not sure how to make them bigger without getting bigger than the anemic 1.95MB max this forum supports.
  9. This is the impressive feature about the Ckye that I like so much. The legs spread and it can be made lower, the same or taller than the Atlas just by spreading them. Problem is right now that nobody seems to have any. I wanted to purchase another for my son and there's none to be found.
  10. I'm a little late to this thread, but I recently was in search for a BiPod for my Bergera Ridgeback. After reading about the different options I was no closer to figuring out what I wanted. So I broke out the CC and ordered a Magpul, Atlas BT10, Atlas BT46, MDT Ckye, Harris clone and an assortment of Rail and Arca mounts to see what was what. The mounts were from MDT and Area 419. After putting them thru their paces, the MDT Ckye is the clear winner for me. And once you add the Arca mount, rail, and barrier stop to the Atlas BT46 the price difference was not a lot between it and the Ckye. The
  11. Just wanted to share a few photos of the great work Lok grips did for my TSO's and S2O. The palm swell that these grips has and the checkering made guns that were already good, even better.
  12. mpeltier

    TS/TSO vs. 2011

    Even though I have been a 1911/2011 fan most of my life, I have never been a fan of grip safeties (always had to pin them) or the position of the thumb safety, as its too far to the rear and has always bothered me a little. I have even tried the low shelf variety, and they still cause me discomfort. Then the TSO came into my life, and all is now right with the world..... Both my 9mm and 40 hold 20 reloadable and reliable. Its all I've ever needed.
  13. Im assuming you use a BDC reticle and use the hash marks for distant shots. How do you prove and determine the value for each when the range of the targets don't match the hash marks? What do you do?
  14. Not a fan of Burris. Been thru a few of them. My method is mostly in the pre stage planning. And range work at home. Which has proven the capabilities and accuracy of my scopes elevation turret. I know it matches my ballistic table in my phone (BulletflightM). Prior to shooting a stage I draw a roadmap of sorts that has the target distances and size noted and using my ballistic calculator find the optimum zero setting for the least amount of variation between closest and farthest targets. My goal is identifying a zero with no more than +8" to -8" bullet drop or rise. Most stages f
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