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  1. You mean the bump at the top? That was their suggestion, I just agreed with it. They make them with and with out and when you order full custom as I did, they discuss everything. And why WHY does this forum move the first letter of some words to the back of the word after I type it? Geez is that aggravating. for instance when I spelled "everything" in the previous paragraph it did this = verything.e
  2. I went with Ghost for my CZ Shadow 2 and my TSO's. No complaints with the holster. I think the mag pouches are a little delicate, but an easy fix. Bullets forward for me too. https://ghostholsterdirect.com/catalog/sport/
  3. Step one: Sell the Mini14 Step two: Buy an AR15 Step three: put a good trigger and a 1-6 variable scope on it. If you really like the Mini keep it and skip to step two.
  4. I wish all my competition would rely on a gimmick instead of technique!
  5. "This is my safety sir" After the buzzer this pretty much sums it up for me until unload and show clear. Most of the guys I shoot with also. Most guys I see diddling the safety during a course of fire are LE or MIL and relatively new. But I haven't been to a big match in a while, maybe things are different now. As to re-shoots for stage malfunctions, I have seen personally at least once a big name shooter wine enough about a possible stage malfunction that they gave him a reshoot. If it were one of us mere mortals we would have been slapped down in a second. One
  6. Another option is to send the barrel to ADCO and have them turn the profile to a lighter one. I have used them for several projects and always pleased. And much less expensive than buying a new barrel.
  7. I think you miss understand my point of the barrel nut being of lesser quality. I was more referring to the design. Not all barrel nuts/handguards are created equally and the barrel nut does many things. The most common failure I have seen was the barrel nuts ability to keep the Handguard in place. This was in every case with an aluminum barrel nut. Never actually broken, or failed to secure the barrel. My game gun has a PRI carbon fiber Handguard with an aluminum barrel nut. Not the lightest on the planet but its pretty stout. Ive actually seen a few broken receivers, but every one was from a
  8. Now that's a tasty burger! I get what you guys are saying about weight adding up. Sometimes its easy to get wrapped up in the belief that lighter at all cost is better. If you feel that way, carry on. 4 oz at the barrel nut is a big nothing. Its the location that means the least to the affect weight has on balance and handling (which is also why the AR doesn't handle any differently with 1 round or 30 in the mag). I would never use a less strong barrel nut, or less desirable Handguard, here just for the sake of weight savings. Too many other more productive area
  9. I went with Loks on my CZ's. Checkered palm swells. They are incredible.
  10. 4oz? that isn't significant to me. The hamburger I had for lunch weighs more than that. 10-5.56 bullets weigh 4oz. If you use a thumb over the top grip, and like the Aero profile, go with the Aero.
  11. Lack of a Mil-spec/Mil-standard. Then add to the equation that so many are put together by back yard gunsmiths.
  12. The Leupold VX-6 with illuminated circle dot is still my favorite 3-gun scope. Weighs 16 oz, I also have a Razor 1-6 E with the JM reticle. Its my second favorite. Also have a strike eagle 1-8, and if the illumination was daylight bright would be higher on my list of favorites. I used to own a Z6i and Meopta, Burris, Bushnell and Trijicon. All gone as none of those suited my tastes for one reason or another. The fact of the matter is, there's a lot of good quality scopes these days. Theres no one size fits all scope. You gotta try a bunch to find what's pe
  13. Abandon it as a game gun.........I predict it will never be as soft shooting (or as reliable) as your good old tuned Noveske.
  14. mpeltier


    This is my feeling as well. The TSO triggers are very nice. And they fit my hand better than any 2011. The S2O in my opinion, as far as double action triggers go (if you like them, I don't) they are good, but I have factory Beretta 92's with triggers that are almost as good, just as smooth, just not as light. The grips from the factory on all CZ's are unimpressive, I changed the grips on all three of my Oranges to Lok grips. Highly recommended.
  15. Yeah, they don't have one. It was sort of a rhetorical question. They probably use a sporter chamber as well instead of a Bentz. I personally avoid anything Ruger that I want to use for precision. I have been burned too many times with inaccurate Rugers. My choice would be a Bergera B14 22, or the CZ mentioned above.
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