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  1. mpeltier

    P320 X5 Issues (Failure to go into battery)

    Have you tried different ammo yet? That would be my first move. Put the pistol in the factory configuration and try some full power factory ammo. Shoot about 200 rounds that way then see where your at. And try 124gr. as sometimes I have found 147gr longer than some pistols like.
  2. mpeltier

    Why are handguards so expensive?

  3. mpeltier

    Why are handguards so expensive?

    Exactly right. I used one on my 9mm PCC. It was adequate for that as its a toy for me. But after de burring, painting and screwing it on to the barrel nut I am of the opinion that you get what you pay for. I have and have had hand guards from PRI, JP, Knights Armament, Midwest, Seekins etc and they are worth the money for a quality precision product. I did have a friend though who loved his Yugo....go figure.
  4. mpeltier

    Basic OWB Holster for M&P 2.0 9mm Compact?

    I had Bradford Tactical make me one for my 2.0 compact. Couldn't be happier. I had the quick release clips added from the standard belt loops. I really like them, but if you go that route a true stiff gun belt is mandatory. I use the new Blade teck gun belt and its great. A 2.0 will not be a good fit in a tightly moulded 1.0 holster. A suede lined holster such as the Safariland is a little more forgiving to the different slide shape and would be a decent fit as stated above.
  5. mpeltier

    Reflex vs Tube style red dot

    I dont prefer one over the other. Its a non issue in operation. There are other factors more important to me. When you are just taking a casual sighting with one or the other, you are either looking thru a larger window or around a smaller window. But not really focusing on a target so you tend to notice things that may be or may not be important. In actual shooting, I focus exclusively on the target and the aiming point just lays on the target. I don't really even see the sight body on any of the many Reflex or tube style dot sights Ive actually owned and shot. Its just a very insignificant blurred haze. A tube style can be a little less forgiving of head position from awkward shooting positions, so I give a slight edge to reflexes sights for this if your technique is not perfected and this is an issue.
  6. mpeltier

    Trijicon MRO Advice

    Another vote for full Co-witness.
  7. I followed a thread on AR9's and compatible triggers. I did a count of what triggers were working and which ones were not. This is what I found for whatever you may find its worth. Trigger: Worked: Didn't work: Hyperfire 24 32 2 McCormack 2 4 Timmny 14 1 POF 11 0 ALG-ACT 11 2 Triggertech 6 1 Elfman 1 8 JP 10 0 ARGold (AR10) 2 1 Rise 1 1
  8. mpeltier

    PCC optics

    I had a Delta point pro on mine but recently decided to try a SIG Romeo 5X. I am so far very impressed with it and no plans to switch back to the DP Pro unless it fails.
  9. mpeltier

    Thoughts on RPR

    I have owned many Ruger firearms. Due to the lack of an accuracy guarantee I will not take the chance at the price of an RPR. Too many cases of RPR's not shooting to expectations by good shooters.
  10. mpeltier

    M&P 2.0 5" 9mm Competition?

    A new 5" 2.0 is $499.00 at buds and a 1.0 5" pro (the closest equivalent) is $574.00. Add an APEX bbl to the 1.0 and you have $275.00 more in the 1.0 and it does not shoot nearly as soft. If you don't have either, the best money would be on a 2.0 in my opinion. Shooting both my 2.0 and my Performance center 9L (with APEX bbl) the 2.0 blows it away. Accuracy is very equal but grip, recoil, trigger reset are that much better. I even have the Apex RAM and even though it helped the feel of the reset in the 1.0, the 2.0 is still much better. Both guns could benefit from an APEX trigger kit, but thats a wash between the two. The recoil of my 2.0 compact is about the same as my 9L, but I'm not using the 2.0C for competition. Of course there is the FDE color. Some people just can't get past that. I don't care what color it is (except pink, LOL) if it does what I ask it.
  11. mpeltier

    M&P 2.0 5" 9mm Competition?

    Is there something in the new rules that don't favor the 2.0? (I looked at the rules and didn't see anything) I have both and I would pick my stock 2.0 over my 1.0 with Apex bbl any day.
  12. mpeltier


    The problem is the reticle. The CMR is simply illuminated for low light shooting. The Firedot series of reticles in the VX-6 are daylight bright.
  13. Just like the carry optics discussion, this won't be a popular option with the open shooters. I like Kurts reply very much.
  14. mpeltier

    Good PCC compensator 1/2x28?

    How old......and how fat.....? Lol
  15. Not crazy at all. We use such scoring at our matches. Its supposedly to even things out for the guys shooting 308/45. But theres literally nobody shooting major at our 3-gun matches. For us it would be easy to adopt Major scoring for all Tac-optic shooters and score minor with a CO pistol. And I'm not saying its the answer, but were I the match director it would be worth a try to see if it works. I may just discuss this with our match director next time I see him.