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  1. I have no issues with mine. We were issued LE6920's and they had 16" barrels. I was very involved with the training dept and had the opportunity to sight in and test many that we had. They typically would do 2"-3" at 100yds. My 11.5 BCM is pretty much the same. Its not a DMR by any means, but is no less accurate than anything else in its class. I just had a chance to hit the range for some comparison between my personally owned LE6920 16", 11.5" BCM and my 3-gun AR with 18" WOA barrel. Heres some average targets to view. The colt and BCM were just about identical at about 2" to 2-1/2" for every group I shot. My Game gun was 1". All 3 have 1/7 twist and were shot with my 75g Hornady recipe.
  2. Thats why it was my choice. This thing just runs. This photo is without my suppressor of course, but even with it on its about the same size as a 16" AR without.
  3. Yeah, read the first line of your signature line.....and don't miss. It takes far less time to get a proper site picture and make your shot the first time than to make a shot up. If you need make up shots your exceeding your speed limit. Slow down a touch and you will get better results.
  4. That would not be a safe assumption. I do shoot Limited and 3-gun more than anything these days, but for many years I shot SS and Limited 10 exclusively. I actually took high overall in limited 10 at the Florida state championship some years ago. And I didn't win it by going to slide lock.....planning your stage to reload between target arrays with one still in the chamber is the way to do it, Every time. Accept nothing less.
  5. I would not choose it for a 3-gun scope. Not because its not clear enough, but I am not a fan of the reticle, and I am one that insists on daylight visible illumination. The 1-8 Strike Eagle is not daylight visible. I do have one on a hunting rifle, and it is one of my favorite hunting scopes for Hogs, and I used it for Carribou this August. It survived some serious punishment, and the glass is not as bad as some would leave you to believe. I just wish it had a simpler, less cluttered reticle.
  6. This is precisely why S&W re-engineered the 2.0. It wasn't consistent or reliable. Too many variables to engineer a handgun to do this reliably. It would/could be a disastrous liability issue if they said "yeah, that was designed to automatically let the slide go forward on inserting the mag and load a round, but oops it didn't do it and the poor guy got shot trying to defend himself". And then there's the warranty issue. How many pistols would they get back when people just can't get it to go forward magically on inserting a mag? They were smart to re engineer this defect out of the pistol. If it works reliably for some people that's great, but I wouldn't trust my life to it. In competition (and I've said this before) if you run to slide lock, you either didn't plan your stage right or you royally goofed. In either case, if the slide magically goes forward and loads a round for you, you'll never make up the time you've already lost. Another split second at that point to reliably hit the slide lock costs no more than you already lost.
  7. Ummm... The M&P slide lock is ambidextrous. No contorting of the trigger finger is necessary unless your a proctologist.
  8. Im assuming 5.56? in that case I would go with (and did) the 11.5". I chose a BCM for my SBR. It has been 100% reliable. I did considerable research on the subject as well as talked to the techs at BCM and came to the conclusion it is the best length for insured reliability in an SBR. Thats not to say the shorter 5.56 bbl can't be made to run, its just that often issues of reliability come up with many of them.
  9. mpeltier

    Scope help

    I recently put a Vortex strike eagle 1-8 on my hunting rifle for a Caribou hunt in Alaska. I have been shooting 3-gun for many years and wanted to try an alternative to the high dollar glass I have been using in 3-gun but similar in power and reticle. That strike eagle was on the rifle in an ATV gun mount unprotected driving and bouncing and banging around the trails for miles and miles. I never realized how rough trails could be or how wet they could be. I kept wondering if after all this abuse the darned thing would still hold zero or work at all. After we found a Bull to my liking, my son and I stalked him until we got about 220 yds away and he got up and started trotting off. I saw my opportunity and took aim. Ive been shooting long enough to call my shots and I knew it was a good one, verified a second later by the "WHACK" the bullet made. Perfect shot, standing unsupported, from 220 yds with a scope that just took some of the worst punishment you can dish out. I just wish the reticle was a little brighter in daylight. On a beginners 3-gun rifle it will be just fine.
  10. Try your local trap and skeet range on slow days. My son and I would go mid week and be the only ones besides the range master. They can usually watch you and tell if you were high low front or behind. Ill be darned, every time he would give me another bird after his input.....id dust it. For me it was most common to be behind it when I would occasionally miss one.
  11. I think you missed the context in which I meant cost to mean. I didn't mean in actual time, but more in overall performance or points on a stage in which you find yourself with an unplanned standing slide lock. When this happens, there is also an additional reaction time to consider. For most competitors its substantially more than .25 seconds.
  12. Dang, just realized I got sucked into an old thread. Lol
  13. Just build a 5" of each 9mm and 40. If you want to cover carry optics, make the 9mm a CORE. use my 9mm for 3-gun and the 40 for Limited. I don't care for any other divisions except PCC, but thats another discussion entirely.Lol
  14. Good for you to ignore them. Before long the naysayers won't even be a footnote to the games. There have been times when many things have been frowned upon by those unwilling to embrace change. Drive on and enjoy the ride.
  15. Im not sure if its caliber specific or what, perhaps thats where some confusion lies, but my 9mm 2.0 5" has the same spring assembly as the blue painted one in the picture. My 40 2.0 5" has the same spring as on top in the picture. P Taylor, what caliber is your 2.0 5"? You didn't specify.
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