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  1. mpeltier

    CZ TSO 2016

    So after looking at both of mine (a 9mm and a 40) I received both a week ago and both slides are marked "20". To clarify it seems that the 9mm is now using a MIM extractor and the 40 uses the previous type machined part. First two pictures are the spare that came with my 40 and the last two are the 9mm.
  2. mpeltier

    CZ TSO 2016

    I should have said Non-1911 extractor, as the design of a 1911 extractor acting as a spring is probably the reason its not been workable in the 1911. A 1911 tool steel or spring steel extractor is pretty tough, but not fool proof either by any means. Over the years I have use a variety of handguns in competition, and by far the most problematic extractors have been in 1911's, and not MIM. I'm not going to worry about the extractors in both of my 2020 TSO's, they gave me an extra with each anyway. Lol
  3. mpeltier

    CZ TSO 2016

    Non issue. S&w, Glock, Ruger, SIG, and many more use MIM extractors. Not a problem I'm aware of with any of them. Ive owned 7 S&W M&P's with thousands of rounds thru them. Never a problem with any of them extracting. Who are you referring to that it was a "Bad idea"?
  4. In that price range I would suggest the Bergera HMR Pro for a tactical rifle. or The Christianson mentioned earlier for a hunting rifle.
  5. Ghost has a shorter lead time. Nice holsters. https://www.ghostholsterdirect.com/shop/ghost-holster-stinger-rig-set/
  6. mpeltier

    CZ TSO 2016

    If its not lesser quality, how can they be better or not better? Trigger guard shape is just personal preference. Sounds like you prefer the older model, but its not necessarily better.
  7. Best? It doesn't exist. All scopes are a compromise in some respect. You need to prioritize what's most important to you and pick one, shoot it till you can't get it wrong and stick with it. Proficiency trumps any feature mentioned on any of the scopes in this thread. 6X, 8X, 10X no difference if you know how to use it. Kahle, Swarovski, Vortex, Leupold, etc etc,,, all clear enough for the task. The reticle is the single most important feature of my scope choice. Time and experience dictated what reticle works best for me.
  8. mpeltier

    CZ TSO 2016

    what parts are MIM? I had not heard this before.
  9. mpeltier

    CZ TSO 2016

    Why do you feel its better than a 2020 model?
  10. Yankee hill machine made such a hand guard too. Came with rail sections that screwed on in many locations. I hated them. Screws easy to loose. The beauty of M-Lock and Key-mod is the accessories that have the mount and do not need a piece of rail, but still give you a rail option if needed. The need to use accessories that must attach to an additional rail section is what's wrong with the screw on type.
  11. Do...or...do not..........There is no try...... (I can't believe I just quoted Yoda..Lol) The shotgun in my opinion is the most important gun in 3-gun to not have a miss. I do whatever is necessary to avoid this. The single most important aspect of witch is your pre stage plan and visualization. This does NOT include a miss or make up shot. Its the most difficult concept I have tried to instill in shooters. Once the lightbulb comes on though, scores go up substantially.
  12. I wasn't happy with most choices out there so I put this one together. I didn't actually make it. I had the harness made just to my specs and mounted the Kings shell holder to it. It will accommodate just about any shell holder, and is very comfortable and secure.
  13. I too use a double stroller. Storage area underneath holds my big range bag, and for the seating area I purchased four mechanics bags for ammo and other gear. It even came with a detachable cooler bag that holds about 4 bottles of water.
  14. Another pic. There also seems like more room that gets the shells flatter to the receiver than the Stoeger on the front of the trigger guard. I tried loading both week hand grab four and loading deuces both were only hindered by my arthritic wrist and fingers not co operating. lol. It sucks getting older.
  15. I'm surprised there isn't more information on these. I just received mine and its a very nice shotgun. Like all of them they never come out of the box exactly how I want it, but this ones the closest. With minimal work it will probably be my 3-gun shotgun for a long time. I started 3-gun with a Rem1100 that I worked on to get it set up for the sport. That thing ran beautifully for several years. The big dawgs claimed they were fragile and the Benelli M2 was the answer. Well I went thru two of them with lots of work and lots of $$$$ and both had a little quirk that just would not go away 100%, and always bothered me. During that time I also tried an FN SLP and a 930, and liked them less than the M2. For the last few years my only gamer shotgun has been a heavily modified Stoeger M3000 that has been a great gun, with zero issues, other than recoil being a little stout like the Benelli, but at least it has never malfunctioned. The V3 right out of the box is put together very nicely. One thing I really missed on the Benelli was I liked the 22" barrel. For me it just swings right. I shot a few low recoil slugs thru it and found them extremely soft shooting and right to point of aim at 50yds. It comes with two additional rear sights to adjust point of aim to taste. Side by side with my Stoeger the recoil was noticeably less with low recoil target loads. It did not malfunction in the 200 or so rounds I shot today. I like the manual of arms better than the Benelli/Stoger. You don't need to push a button to load a shell, just cycle the bolt. The shell cut off button underneath has been eliminated. All that's necessary to rack a shell without a fresh shell coming out of the mag tube is push up on the shell carrier as you rack the bolt. And the shell carrier needs no mods. Not once did I pinch my thumb loading.
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