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  1. ^^^^+1, I was highly disappointed when I found out they would not do anything for my broken cracked .holster
  2. mwx40x40

    Red dot for G17

    While I’m in the camp that the RMR type 2is one of , if not the best red dot on the market. I witnessed an unusual fail at a Steel Challenge match last week. The glass window fell out. I thought this most unusual, but if it’s man made anything is subject to happen. I only make this comment as some think these things are infallible.
  3. We recently have been having issues with pasters not sticking to targets and causing multiple reshoots. They are stored in climate controlled environment, but are nearing a year in age as we try to buy in bulk. Tell me what you have had good performance with.
  4. For me the deeper sight notch did not hide any of my fiber optic front when acquiring a proper sight picture. I liked it and cheaper than complete rear sight replacement .
  5. Thanks, OD green not a problem
  6. What would you recommend in a budget (under $200) red dot for rim fire rifle in Steel Challenge? Must be daylight bright on white plates if you know what I mean.
  7. ^^^^^ good info. Not only with 155, but I had good luck with 140’s too. However as mentioned above I did run lighter ,recoil spring in Glock 35, and 1911. Tried Titegroup, WST, and Bullseye, my best results were with WST, but all three would have been suitable for Steel Challenge
  8. Anyone have experience dispatching Armadillos with 22? How tough is shell ? Will 22 short get the job done? They are digging up my backyard and want to use 22 shorts for low noise.
  9. Search YouTube for Ron Avery grip. He has several short vids on this very subject.
  10. Been training a Lady recently with one of these and for the most part seems like a decent gun. However, the one issue we have run into is this gun has manual safety and I have been training her to run it like a 1911 with thumb on top of safety. With this grip she has had multiple times Gun would not fire because grip safety not depressed. Goes against my my normal train of thought to grip with thumb below safety and she was not receptive to modding grip safety.
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