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  1. mwx40x40

    Mailing ammo to yourself for matches

    When shipping UPS, do you have to declare it as ammunition,or label it as such?
  2. mwx40x40

    Adding Weight in Carry Optics

    Maybe just half the barrel ? Just a thought, probably not feasible.
  3. mwx40x40

    Adding Weight in Carry Optics

    Wonder if there is a way to do a tungsten sleeved barrel, as some do for 2011’s?
  4. mwx40x40

    Agency Arms bbl in G26 issues

    Yep, I actually did break it out, but I dremmelled a few thousandth off the trigger bar where the barrel made contact. So far this seems to have worked.
  5. mwx40x40

    Agency Arms bbl in G26 issues

    Anyone ever experience this kind of contact between trigger bar and bottom of barrel lug?
  6. mwx40x40

    Agency Arms bbl in G26 issues

    Needed a threaded barrel for my Glock 26, so I got an Agency Arms barrel. Rest of the gun is a stock gen 3. Anyway I have sporadic light strikes, but the look and feel like the gun is slightly out of battery. The light stroke Mark is at the top of the primer and the ones that go offf are well centered. Took the gun down and found interesting ding on base of barrel lug. It actually got this ding from making contact with trigger bar. thinking about filing this down or filing trigger bar for clearance . Any thoughts on this?
  7. mwx40x40

    Anyone get 20 reloadable from a G35 mag

    Would it be possible to share a photo of how much you modified followers compared to stock?
  8. mwx40x40

    G34 accuracy with light recoil springs

    +1 ,I also shoot my Glock better freestyle, but, my revolvers or 1911,s I can shoot tighter groups from a rest. Weird huh!
  9. mwx40x40

    Black Friday Deals

    Anyone spotted any deals on Delta Points??
  10. mwx40x40

    Q about RedHillTactical Kydex holster for P320RX Full Size

    ^^^^^^THIS is good advice
  11. mwx40x40

    Tripp Cobra 10 Round Problems

    It may have been a break in issue, but all I have done is leave my mags fully loaded for a few weeks and have no longer had any issues. I know this does not make sense, but my nosedive issue has disappeared.
  12. Are you by chance using Titegroup powder?