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  1. Guess I’ll be sticking with OEM and a new spring. Been getting sporadic failure to extract on G 24.
  2. Apex site says only tested with 9mm Glock’s 17;34,19 only. Anybody ever use one in 40 cal glocks?
  3. Just put it on a pic rail on a 22 Buckmark
  4. Just picked one up for RFPO. My first outing today. Wish the 3 moa dot was brighter. It’s not as bright as my DPP. Hope to shoot SC match next week, that will be my best test.
  5. Be cool to have one these for the 10/22 take down as well
  6. Wow, what an interesting thread. All I know is, if a tungsten barrel was available for a Glock, I’d buy one for my CO gun.
  7. You have all the good stuff.
  8. Thanks guys. 1.5” angle seems like solution
  9. It’s not so much the cost , as it the labor.One small bit of info I did not reveal. Our club decided to use a local vendor to build our SC steel and while they used 4” channel, they used heavy schedule thickness making the inside dimensions to small for 2x4. So , all our 2x4’s have to be run through a planer to fit. +1 for not listening for ding.
  10. That’s one heck of an indoor range
  11. Is this for and SJC frame weight? If so, is it the same dimensions as the one for a Glock?
  12. Same here , dot for me is better without glasses.
  13. 4.6 gr WST with 180 Blue Bullet OAL 1.135” makes major in my G35. YMMV if you have a chrono start at 4.1 and slowly work up
  14. We already run that orientation and still loose one to three per month. Appreciate the input though
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