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  1. mwx40x40

    Tripp Cobra 10 Round Problems

    It may have been a break in issue, but all I have done is leave my mags fully loaded for a few weeks and have no longer had any issues. I know this does not make sense, but my nosedive issue has disappeared.
  2. Are you by chance using Titegroup powder?
  3. mwx40x40

    Ruger 3055. 8 shot redhawk

    Still be interesting to see what Olhasso can do with one
  4. mwx40x40

    Solo 1000!

    Best news I have heard in a long time
  5. The little Seafood restaurant right at Hwy 56 & I26 is not bad. Not sure . But think it is called Blue Marlin
  6. Can also go to Lowe’s/Homedepot and get a draw pull. They are typically threaded 8/32
  7. mwx40x40

    Rimfire Rifle Build

    Thanks,just checked out the PMACA items. Looks like good stuff for ultimate steel challenge build.
  8. mwx40x40

    Rimfire Rifle Build

    What tube and stock?
  9. For years as a one day match it was always a sellout. So, it’s a two match now to better accommodate everyone. Very much look forward to this match every year.
  10. With the current weather we are getting, AC most likely will not be needed.
  11. mwx40x40

    ISO Load for 625 for IDPA

    ^^^^^^another vote for Clays/claydot
  12. mwx40x40

    XD Mod 2 carry/tactica trigger job

    Thanks guys
  13. mwx40x40


    There is a difference, but only a few thousandths. So it depends on holster. Custom molded kydex for 1.0 probably going to be tight on 2:0.
  14. mwx40x40

    Are we really Revolver “Enthusiasts?”

    Also just depends on where you are at and number of classic enthusiast in the area.at my home range the only ICORE match we shoot is the annual postal match. Out of the 6 shooters that showed up, four were Ltd, two classic. However, 2 1/2 hours away another club host monthly ICORE matches and 80% or more of these guys shoot Classic.