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  1. ^^^^another vote for Power Pistol.
  2. Not dying like L10, Revo, or Maybe even SS. But I can remember when signing up for a Level II matches in the Southeast , Production and Limited would be almost equally attended, with Limited typically being the largest group. Take 2020 Ga State for instance, currently only 16 in Production,6 in SS, Revo 3 Limted 35, CO 52 CO definitely a growing segment pulling not only Production shooters, but some Limited as well . Not complaining,just observation and kind of interesting how the sport continues to evolve.
  3. We have a large contingent of Limited Minor with most of our new folks as they have 9’s and want to use full mags. They understand the advantage of major,but just don’t care about the advantages of major, mostly due to cost of ammo,etc. That being said it is interesting watching Production die out,as CO and PCC continue to grow.
  4. Thanks guys. I’m going to give these .357/.358 a try
  5. I’m sure this has been covered before, but my search foo is weak. Anyway, for those loading .357/.358 Bullets in 9mm for 929 Revolver are you using regular 9mm dies? Or, a combination of 38/38 short dies with 9 dies?
  6. Does anybody offer a 40 to 9 conversion barrel for Sig 226?
  7. You may want to look into Palmetto Gun Club in Summerville. The good folks there can help you out.
  8. Killer opportunity for some enterprising soul
  9. mwx40x40

    S&W 41

    I ran this one in Steel Challenge for awhile
  10. Are double alpha belts wider than 1.5”? If so, how wide are they? I have some mag pouches with 1.5” tunnel loops and want to make sure they will be compatible with DAA belt. I have heard the belts are slightly wider than 1.5”
  11. Yep, we have trash cans on every bay, and I still clean these up after each match.
  12. No, not spraying anything on targets. Upon closer inspection, we are thinking we must have a bad batch of pasters. The adhesive on the back just doesn’t seem adequate. They almost pop straight off the roll, versus how you would normally peel them off. We ordered more from SC, but this experience has given us a lot of grief with running matches and having them fall off.
  13. Bummer. Really good 3G matches with some of the largest prize tables I’d ever seen.
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