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  1. Anyone have experience dispatching Armadillos with 22? How tough is shell ? Will 22 short get the job done? They are digging up my backyard and want to use 22 shorts for low noise.
  2. Search YouTube for Ron Avery grip. He has several short vids on this very subject.
  3. Been training a Lady recently with one of these and for the most part seems like a decent gun. However, the one issue we have run into is this gun has manual safety and I have been training her to run it like a 1911 with thumb on top of safety. With this grip she has had multiple times Gun would not fire because grip safety not depressed. Goes against my my normal train of thought to grip with thumb below safety and she was not receptive to modding grip safety.
  4. Following this. Looks like if they were going to offer safety, it would be like the one on the Shield EZ 380. on a similar note, I have a student with a EZ 380 that when shooting with thumb on top of safety, cannot always keep the grip safety depressed. This would be a disaster in a defensive situation.. So we have been looking for extended grip safety as well.
  5. I do not own either, but have just recently handled both. The Walther points better for me,and I like the feel of the grip. The X5 had the best trigger and the weight of the gun felt more neutral. Both, have a higher bore axis than I care for.
  6. Pinetucky Gun Club in Augusta , Ga, is supposed to be running an all classifier match the first Saturday in a August..Search Pinetucky in PractiScore,I believe registration is already open.
  7. Where can I purchase the box used to check SS and Production overall gun size as mentioned in the appendices of USPSA rule book?
  8. Shane and Ashley continue to do quite well with Glocks. Not to mention BobV does ok too
  9. Like that thumbscrew
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