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  1. Killer opportunity for some enterprising soul
  2. mwx40x40

    S&W 41

    I ran this one in Steel Challenge for awhile
  3. Are double alpha belts wider than 1.5”? If so, how wide are they? I have some mag pouches with 1.5” tunnel loops and want to make sure they will be compatible with DAA belt. I have heard the belts are slightly wider than 1.5”
  4. Yep, we have trash cans on every bay, and I still clean these up after each match.
  5. No, not spraying anything on targets. Upon closer inspection, we are thinking we must have a bad batch of pasters. The adhesive on the back just doesn’t seem adequate. They almost pop straight off the roll, versus how you would normally peel them off. We ordered more from SC, but this experience has given us a lot of grief with running matches and having them fall off.
  6. Bummer. Really good 3G matches with some of the largest prize tables I’d ever seen.
  7. Thanks, the rings were what caught my eye.
  8. What kind of hand held lights are those?
  9. ^^^^+1, I was highly disappointed when I found out they would not do anything for my broken cracked .holster
  10. mwx40x40

    Red dot for G17

    While I’m in the camp that the RMR type 2is one of , if not the best red dot on the market. I witnessed an unusual fail at a Steel Challenge match last week. The glass window fell out. I thought this most unusual, but if it’s man made anything is subject to happen. I only make this comment as some think these things are infallible.
  11. We recently have been having issues with pasters not sticking to targets and causing multiple reshoots. They are stored in climate controlled environment, but are nearing a year in age as we try to buy in bulk. Tell me what you have had good performance with.
  12. For me the deeper sight notch did not hide any of my fiber optic front when acquiring a proper sight picture. I liked it and cheaper than complete rear sight replacement .
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