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  1. I understand. But the Elvex as mentioned above do not require prescription. All the others do. Ultimately I’ll get the rx
  2. Yep, already have all three strengths. My desire is for some of the nicer and tinted eye wear manufacture to offer the same thing elves. i mean it would really be cool to get a pair of Oakley Prisms in 1.0
  3. ^^^I also remember those Black Magic Springs. My condolences to the family.
  4. I just wish there were more options for non-prescription full lens readers in .75,1.0,&1.25.
  5. Any idea how long the trigger reach is in comparison to regular 92? I struggle with the trigger reach on standard 92 and was hoping this one was shorter.
  6. Have not been thru all 10 + pages of this thread. But if we want successful Level II/III matches, use the formulas that worked in the past. The SS/Revo Nats held in Barry,IL.. Or, The Memphis Charity matches. These were the best attended revo matches I’ve ever shot. Also, the most fun I have had with revo. These were stand alone matches where you did not have to chose between Revo or Production,etc. I am sure there are other parameters involved, but these matches have had no equal in Revo attendance.
  7. This was in a 1.0 4.25”, but I’ve run a Stormlake conversion drop in with no issues
  8. Yes it does. Thanks Been studying the Lazy Wolf trigger
  9. Any cool mods out there for improving trigger on HK VP9....for competition use?
  10. Guess I’ll be sticking with OEM and a new spring. Been getting sporadic failure to extract on G 24.
  11. Apex site says only tested with 9mm Glock’s 17;34,19 only. Anybody ever use one in 40 cal glocks?
  12. Just put it on a pic rail on a 22 Buckmark
  13. Just picked one up for RFPO. My first outing today. Wish the 3 moa dot was brighter. It’s not as bright as my DPP. Hope to shoot SC match next week, that will be my best test.
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