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  1. I believe so. I contacted him in July. Message him on Facebook/instagram.
  2. how did you remove the vr80 bolt hold open lever?  Looks like a tab/plastic pin needs cut out and then it pulls out through the front hole?

    Or am I missing something?

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    2. pskys2


      The mag lever was what I was asking about.  On the RIA 5 rd mags that came with my VR80 I see a plastic protrusion of that wedge piece, it is what seems to be holding it in. 


    3. pskys2


      Finally figured it out.  There is a plastic tit that holds it in and it's on a plastic arm.

      When it is pushed down hard enough the actuating lever pushes out.

      Pretty simple, just took the old eyes getting some light to see it.

    4. busdriver


      Cool,  glad you got it.  Let me know if I can help with anything else.


  3. I did. Also rounded the back of the 2 tabs that fit into the upper. Before I did this it would occasionally stub a shell into one of the tabs. Which deformed the end of the shell and caused FTF. So far no more FTF. This mod also makes disassembly easier. The rounded tabs allow the upper to pivot on the front pin, like a standard ar15.
  4. The VR-80 buffer tube is commercial, you will have to replace it with a mil spec tube.
  5. I removed the bolt hold open parts from all my mags. With said parts in place the mags would not drop free. I didn’t see the benefit of LRBHO when I had to pull the empty mag out. Mags seat fine fully loaded on closed bolt. This is my opinion, and it’s worth exactly what you paid for it.
  6. I cut a dovetail in the rib and installed a brazos lightning rod (.060 fiber) sight
  7. Mine would occasionally hang up like that. I sanded off the anodizing and polished the feed ramp in the lower receiver. This seems to have fixed it. Might check the extractor notch in the barrel. Mine was very sharp and would cut the plastic near the end of the shell. Where it folds over to form the crimp. I don’t think it was causing the malfunction, but i “smoothed” it up anyway. finally, I noticed it seems to run best with lots of oil.
  8. My shroud uses the same threads as the short nut. I had planned to shorten the shroud, but the comp included the short nut. Maybe they changed the shroud at some point...
  9. I tried herter’s 1oz 1060fps and they will not cycle the VR-80. I really wish they would work because they are super soft. Even with the Taccom buffer and a cut carbine spring, they are a no-go. Maybe if you drilled out the gas ports.
  10. comps and magwells are back in stock!
  11. I stand corrected....carry on.
  12. 4.2 seems high to me too. I load 4.0 with a 124. Makes 153 pf with the pcc (16” Taccom barrel) and 133 pf with a 1911.
  13. Terrible, 9lbs. I bent the legs on the trigger return spring and very lightly polished the sear face of the trigger...... pull dropped to 6lbs. I’ll replace it as soon as something better is available.
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