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  1. I stand corrected....carry on.
  2. 4.2 seems high to me too. I load 4.0 with a 124. Makes 153 pf with the pcc (16” Taccom barrel) and 133 pf with a 1911.
  3. Terrible, 9lbs. I bent the legs on the trigger return spring and very lightly polished the sear face of the trigger...... pull dropped to 6lbs. I’ll replace it as soon as something better is available.
  4. So what is the adapter for? Does it come with the comp or the gun? I’m confused...
  5. I have the same set up, and it fires win small rifle primers just fine.
  6. I used herculiner (roll on bed liner) on an ace stock. Seems to be holding up well.
  7. I have no experience with the 510. The 515 however, appears very similar to the 503. (ACSS reticle is the bomb for long range, by the way). At any rate I've never felt the 20mm lens to be a disadvantage. I suppose for close range bay matches bigger might be better......maybe.
  8. Tac com makes a coupler, which mates 2 Glock mags together. A 17rd and a 33rd. It holds a lot, 48-49 rounds. More importantly, they work.....very well. Had high hopes for the ETS 33rd mags, but the rounds get stuck and don't feed. Salt shaker.
  9. JP instructions say to use a quarter.... As in the coin.
  10. Don't worry about the buffer retainer. It's not needed with the SCS (silent captured spring). When installing a SCS I leave the retainer out.
  11. After a phone call to JP, we may have a solution. the gen 1 SCS used stainless weights. The new version (H2 ?) Uses tungsten weights. Confirmed with scale we do indeed have the gen 1 SCS. Apparently the lighter weight SCS gives a very narrow operating window. Luckily they do offer the tungsten weights separately. As soon as they arrive I will report back.
  12. Load is 41.4grs of imr 4064, 168 nosler custom competition. OAL 2.720. rem 9 1/2 primer. LC and wra brass.
  13. The real question is, why don't they stay up...Like the nova/super nova.
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