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  1. I would check the chamber length first. It sounds like it is a bit short.
  2. STI frames with STI plastic grips. I have 2 that need long leaf springs.
  3. Find out whether you need an extra long sear spring before you order a kit, otherwise you will have to order twice.
  4. The biggest problem with 3 leaf springs is getting one that is long enough on the left hand leaf. I have many that are too short for STI plastic grips.
  5. I enjoy shooting with anyone who pitches in. Lower grade shooters welcome constructive advice. Shooters that are too serious need to be criticised and made aware that they are not prima donnas in the squad. Age sometimes has advantages!
  6. Or just use thin barrels and cone comps. No problems at all since there is minimal torque on the comp and lots of threads to hold them together.
  7. The normal request is for the opposite - 1st shot different to the remainder. Other ideas are loose sights, weak recoil spring, less than perfect barrel lockup, worn link and pin, worn slide stop, etc. Also try a slightly stronger recoil spring and see if the group pattern changes. Was your slow fire braced on sand bags? Try another shooter. Jim
  8. I used a 158 grain bullet in a 9x23 case and it was very very soft at major factor. There was more lift in the dot but it still returned. The accuracy was excellent. However all of this was using an OAL of 1.25 I think that a 9mm major load using the same bullet with the same oal and massive throating could be possible. This would be a possibility if the objective was to use cheaper 9x19 cases instead of expensive 9x23 or 38SC.
  9. Many thanks. These dimensions work out perfectly.
  10. Does anyone have standard dimensions for the cone on a compensator? This would be for a 2011 government length slide. I have just had a situation where the barrel would not pivot up into the slide lugs far enough due to a cone that was either too long or too wide. Although I fixed the problem, I would like to get better information for the next time.
  11. Shoot a flat nose cast bullet and a round nose cast bullet into a popper using the same weight and factor. The flat nose leaves a wide even indent in the steel of approx the size of the nose. The round nose leaves less of an indent and to me shows signs of the bullet fragmenting before full energy/momentum has been transferred. The impact pattern is radial and much larger than the bullet nose. I cannot say that fully jacketed bullets will give the same results.
  12. The bullet nose shape is a critical factor here. Flat noses will definitely put down poppers better than round noses
  13. I think that you may have mixed up the last statement. A 9x23 chamber is larger than a 38 super. Therefore you cannot ream a 9x23 to 38 super. The opposite is quite doable.
  14. At least no other shooter is picking up your brass at a match! 38 SC cases can disappear very quickly.
  15. This normally not possible. The 9x23 is a tapered case and thus wider at the bottom than a 38super or supercomp even though they are the same length. I suggest that the reverse is what most shooters have referred to. If you have a 9x23 chamber then 9x19, 9x21, 38super, 38supercomp and 9mmLargo will all chamber and fire.
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