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  1. instead of silicone try using baby powder
  2. Note: Pal Filler are not out of production, they are available directly from Italy
  3. The Palfiller you can buy it directly from me via email, Paypal Payment I ship with Fedex delivery time about two days. 195 euros shipped I can send with Italian Post delivery time approximately 15 days 180 euros shipped I am at the disposal for any questions
  4. boys if you have problems I am at your disposal u.pallavicino@pal-filler.com
  5. there will be problems with shipping from China ?
  6. sorry for the delay, HAPPY BIRTHDAY


  7. blueeyedme sayd : I tend to fill up 10 tubes and then do all my loading at once. If I went the RF-100 route I know I'd be mezmorized by the primers filling up the tubes every 100 rounds. Buying 10 tubes for both small and large primers for the RF-100 is an expensive venture. I know I should just change my reloading habits. The PAL at $200 runs both small and large primers and allows me to pre-fill all the tubes I have laying around. But if these things work then its a non-issue anyways. I like what you say
  8. I am a small company which sells to customers. the rule number one is customer satisfaction
  9. Video got lost so I'm reposting. Since making this I have found that the large primers run very smoothly. I was trying to force them to go faster. If you hold it slightly tilted and let the vibration take over,it works well. No shaking needed.
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