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  1. I think that's a fair assessment, lol. Nice score!
  2. I've seen more WMR around than I have LR, at least. Both are pretty scarce right now. I've had some luck at Murdoch's on 92nd and Wadsworth as well as Scheel's. You may also want to give Westminster Arms a call - they've had more ammo than any shop I've been to lately, but who knows if that's still true given how things are going.
  3. I haven't tried their speedloader pouches, but I'm over the moon with my Master-Tac moonclip holders. Maybe take a gander? https://master-tac.com/mdse.html
  4. I'm not a ballistician but I'm gonna say... yes. Just be sure to video the outcome. Are 617's that rare? I didn't think they were particularly hard to find (well, compared to everything else right now) but I admittedly haven't looked in a while.
  5. True! I was looking at my shooting history and not my dashboard, the latter of which simplifies things (it just shows your most recent classification rather than including what type it was). Thanks for the affirmation.
  6. Quick question that I *think* I know the answer to but want to double-check. I'm shooting a Level IV in May. I know that sanctioned matches require a classifier to be shot within a year in order to participate, per 9.2.5: Every shooter in a Sanctioned Match must be classified within the previous 12 months in the Division in which he/she is entered. Per 9.2.3, successfully competing in a sanctioned match counts as classifying: Shooting and completing a Sanctioned IDPA match in the last 12 months (without a DQ or DNF) also counts as shooting a Classifier in the
  7. I'll be curious to hear about everyone's experience is with these primers.
  8. Hey there Ruger clan - Can someone measure the width of the sight channel in the top strap? Trying to determine the width of the front lug shown on the right here:
  9. Archery? In all seriousness, I dunno. But I might have to figure that out sooner rather than later.
  10. Really appreciate the replies, everyone! It's looking like this might be the winner: I already order from SNS fairly frequently and use TG the least. Not looking forward to load development on a mouse gun but it is what it is.
  11. Hey all, .380 was the last of the calibers I shoot semi-regularly but didn't reload. Given the way things are continuing to go... I'm going to have to change that. However, load data is almost non-existent. I'm looking for load data using Sport Pistol, TiteGroup, or WST as I keep those on-hand at all times. I haven't ordered bullets yet so I'll take any suggestions you might have. Thanks!
  12. Yup, only one frame size. They use their own moons, though Chiappa's are worthless. TK Custom has two sizes - .357, and 9mm/.40 . I've used the latter in both calibers and they work well with Starline brass. That's the issue - you might be able to get seven holes in a 9mm/.357 gun, but there's definitely not enough room for eight.
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