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  1. Oh yeah, there's one listed right now for $1k+. Looks like it has a fair amount of upgrades but I'd hope it includes auto-targeting and heat-seeking slugs at almost double MSRP. Mine's still in the box as I haven't even had time to take it apart yet. Still, it's really cool – I'll hold onto it unless they start commanding stupid money. Maybe I'll even shoot a match with it in 2020... if we have matches in 2020...
  2. LOL. Yeah, you'll literally be dumping the gun into a trash can on a frequent basis if you're 3-gunning with it... Are these hard to come by right now? My LGS had three before the world went crazy.
  3. Oh wow. Yeah, that'll probably stand for a while, lol.
  4. I liked that stage at IRC '18... but it didn't have the spinner back then. What's the bounty?
  5. Wait until you try to insert a moonclip full of spent brass...
  6. I've been a good(?) little boy and read through the whole thread! A few quick follow-up questions: What's been more popular for opening up the gas ports - #32 drill bit (.116) or #29 (.136)? Is there any fear of going too big? It looks like most people regard the perpetually unavailable Advanced Tactical long compensator as the most effective. Has anyone used their medium version? It's actually in stock, but the porting looks wildly different. I guess the Grizzly Gunworks one is the only other option. Thanks again for the wealth of information!
  7. This is awesome information. Thank you both!
  8. All right, I guess I'm headed back to the beginning. I'll probably skip Genesis, though - the "begat"-ing gets tiresome after a while.
  9. Boy howdy, I'm late to this party. I just picked up a VR80 (also my first semi-auto shotgun) and I'm looking for a little guidance on: Break-in procedure Cleaning Ammo preferences When to use the "heavy load" vs "light load" gas ring The manual is a little... wanting. Is there a good "starter" thread for these guns? I'm sure there's a ton of info here but it's a little hard to extract from 59 pages and counting. Thanks!
  10. Ditto. Instead, I suffer in 6-shot major. Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  11. I have four Chiappa Rhinos. Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  12. They do! I have them in my big mags and they engage the lock with one round left. I tried swapping them into the 10-round tube and they still don't give quite enough room to fit #10.
  13. Oh, I am! I got a pair of 10-round tubes with some 126's I bought; I figured I can stick guts in them and have them as backup mags, if nothing else. They'd work well as a third mag, too, since there's no reload after that. Thanks for the help!
  14. Why else would I want 10-round mags?! 2011's are legal in CDP and ESP, provided they meet all weight and size requirements. Or, if you're a crazy person like me, you can mill it for an optic and run in Carry Optics. I took your advice on the followers and ordered a set. I can either learn to count or use standard 126's for mags 1 and 2, and then use the 10-rounder for mag 3.
  15. That's really good to know! The only downside I can see is that those won't engage the slide lock. For IDPA purposes, having it function is pretty handy. On the other hand, I bet I can count to ten...
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