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  1. matteekay

    .38 Special... major?

    You're not wrong. Ideally I could stick close to a .38 COL - with good 160gr round nose bullets, they tend to find the holes. That being said, even at .357 COL, having the ejector clear the brass completely out of the cylinder is a big deal on the clock.
  2. How many rounds though your 44m

  3. That’s a huge help. Thanks! What length are your Mid Colt cases? I have spare .38 and 9mm dies, so it sounds like I might be better off running a .38 sizer, 9mm crimp die and whichever seater reaches? I use SNS 160’s with no crimp groove. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I'm thinking of changing to 38 Long Colt so my K-frames can fully eject on the clock. Is anyone loading it on a 650? Do standard .38/.357 does work or do I need to mix in some 9mm? What about the powder funnel? Thanks!
  5. matteekay

    Rock Island Hi Cap pistols

    Lots of great info in this thread, but the big one seems to be the extractor. Not a huge surprise there as it's a 1911-based platform. I fit a Wilson stainless one and tuned the stock one and wound up sticking with the latter. I find RIA's safeties to be really sharp so I round them off and polish the sides (you could also fit a new one) but that's not really an operational thing... Mag tuning, as always. The MecGars seem pretty solid from the factory and didn't flinch when I added the Taylor Freelance basepads. I can fit 22 (stiff) reloadable, but I usually run 22+1 at the line and reload with 21 rounders.
  6. matteekay

    Rock Island Hi Cap pistols

    Indeed! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. matteekay

    Resizer die bulging cases near rim

    Interesting thought. I lube my 9mm and 38 Super but I don’t think I was lubing these. The Lee die is working well but I’m going to give that a shot simply because I’m curious.
  8. Hey all! Interesting issue I ran into while checking .38 Special ammo before a match. At some point during my last loading run, it looks like my RCBS resizer started bulging cases (and/or not fully resizing them) just above the rim. It’s also leaving scratches/striations down the side of the case. To confirm, I took some fired ammo and ran it through the toolhead. Sure enough, the brass won’t drop into a case gauge all the way. I replaced the RCBS with a Lee die and the problem went away. The RCBS wasn’t loose or anything. Is it possible that I wore it out? It’s pretty darn old. Reloading on a 650 if it makes any difference. Thanks!
  9. matteekay

    Ruger PC Carbine

    I have literally no way of knowing. I’m willing to bet that Ruger is going to do their best to give you a gun that won’t fail when you shoot for their factory team, though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. matteekay

    .38 Special... major?

    The funny thing about that is I thought the same thing until recently. There’s no minimum caliber for revo in the 2014 rules so I have no idea where I got that from either. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. matteekay

    Rock Island Hi Cap pistols

    Seriously, that's gorgeous. Congrats and nice job!
  12. matteekay

    .38 Special... major?

    Genius!! I taper crimp right now (as I use grooveless coated lead) so that’s an easy experiment to try out. It should get me in the ballpark and then I can start adjusting COL and charge. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. matteekay

    .38 Special... major?

    You might be right. I was thinking more of a medium burner to build some pressure but maybe that's too slow. I think I have HP38 and WST kicking around too - those would be a little slower than Titegroup but still on the faster side.
  14. matteekay

    .38 Special... major?

    That's kinda the trick, lol. I previously was using a 240gr RNFP in a .44 so it made major just by existing; 180's will need a little more juice. That's the funny thing about the Revolver division rules – you're actually allowed to use a 7 or 8 shot gun in Major provided you only ever have six booms before a reload. It's a dicey proposition as the seventh would kick you to open. That's awesome, thank you!
  15. matteekay

    .38 Special... major?

    You sure?