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  1. I'm guessing the "retro" division aligns with the "unnamed organization's" Classic division? Doubt I can make it, but nice to see people putting on a big match!
  2. I wouldn't be opposed to this, actually. Yep. If you want to weight the point furthest from the muzzle, please feel free, lol.
  3. OOO OOO OOO! I know that one! ...it's ICORE, isn't it? Right? ...guys...? The big problem with weight is the manufacturers very rarely list accurate numbers. You'll typically see the same weight for a .45 and 9mm, and sometimes even railed or not. That being said, if we WERE taking a vote, I'd just request 1-2 more ounces (so 44 or 45) as I feel that would cover railed single stacks without getting ridiculous. As it sits, I'm just going to get this gun under weight and call it good.
  4. Email Freedom Ordnance. I actually bought a spare upper from them and they had barrels to sell, as well (at the time). Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  5. Mostly referencing the joke I made to NROI about Production loaning SS some ounces. From a gaming/rules standpoint, it's a little hard to rationalize the weight limit in Production being so much higher when SS is required to have metal frames. Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  6. Looking at tri-topping a slide and having a surprisingly hard time finding a smith. Does anyone have a recommendation for a place I can send it? Preferably someone who can Cerakote or hard chrome it after. Thanks! Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  7. That's fine, and I intend to play within the rules. It's just a little annoying that Production (largely plastic guns) has an extra pound over guns that are mandated to be metal-framed. Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  8. Yup, Dawson ICE with an aluminum housing. The grip safety is a good idea; I bet swapping the stainless steel one for an aluminum one would get me most of the way there. I'm a little nervous about using an aluminum one, though; I thought most manufacturers discontinued them because the trigger "tab" was prone to bending. I'll throw it all on a scale and start swapping parts around. If I really need to shave weight, I'll probably look at frame windows or tri-topping (since it also looks badass).
  9. I had no intention of buying one - it was just a good example of a factory ported slide.
  10. I figured I hadn't harassed NROI in a bit so I sent them an email including some pictures of factory-ported slides. Troy's response is basically what you said: "as long as the milling doesn’t make a hole or slot through the slide it’s permitted. None of the examples you provided would be legal if the cuts go all the way through, and the slides can’t be swapped." Thankfully, I didn't drop $1500 on a Kimber Rapide that can't be shot in Single Stack... The gun already has a GI guide rod and is still about half an ounce overweight. I'll swap the G10 grips for those Magpul ones and see how close it gets. Next step would be slide milling, or maybe I can get it reclassified as a Production gun and free up another pound...
  11. I feel like I'm constantly confused about how much slide milling is allowed for Single Stack in USPSA. I have a partially-railed 1911, which means I'm always trying to cut some weight to make it under the 43 oz cap. I won't even point out how ridiculous this is in light of the new heavyweight Production rule changes... Anyhow, D5.21 states: • Milling of the slide to insert sights, add or remove serrations, such as cocking or flat topping, tri-topping the slide, lowering ejection ports, cuts that are minor and cosmetic in nature are permitted. • Duplicating features that are on a factory, mass produced slide available to the general public is permitted. Cuts that are designed to specifically or significantly lighten the slide, such as holes, or slots, are ruled as competitive advantage and prohibited. The second bullet seems to be in conflict with itself. Say I got a slide machined to match a S&W Performance Center 1911, Kimber Rapide, or Nighthawk President - all have ports that are clearly designed to reduce the weight of the slide, but they're also all "factory, mass-produced slides". Does this mean I can have a slide milled to reduce weight as long as it matches a slide that's on the market? How would you even go about proving that at a big match? And what about companies who make milled slides but not full guns, like Heavy Armor Division? Can they mill my slide to match their offerings since it's "mass produced"?
  12. Wait, so... do I own 170mm Staccato magazines now? That just sounds... off. They can call themselves what they want, but making your brand the same name as its product is a little confusing.
  13. I was running a .357 in IDPA for a bit. Honestly, I didn't mind the thump. The bigger issue was trying to reload those long, skinny cases efficiently, which is why I switched to a .40 . I actually just sold off my 9mm Rhinos and I'm going all .40/major from here on out. I don't notice any difference in recoil and the reload times make it worth it.
  14. My homebrew open gun is a little... different. Possibly stupid. So, just like me! I built it on a STI short dustcover frame. It's chambered in 45 ACP, with the optic milling by JL Machineworks and 8 barrel ports done by Magnaport. The frame and magwell are cerakoted Sniper Gray.
  15. I used diamond-impregnated rubber bits on my dremel. Just enough to knock down the sharpest areas (the corner and the top of the ridges).
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