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  1. In case anyone missed it, they're predicting a round count of 470. I'm bringing 700 because I suck (600 shipped, 100 with the guns). In case you need the shipping address... “Your Name” c/o Universal Shooting Academy USPSA Nationals 4330 Hwy. 630 East Frostproof, FL 33843 UPS and FedEx Ground look to be the only options for sending ammo. UPS requires you to go to a customer center and not a UPS Store (or other third party). UPS will also pick up hazmat as part of a regular route, though I believe that you can't request a pickup. Get chummy with your local gun store!
  2. Matt, did you get the sight OK?  JD

    1. matteekay


      I did, thank you! 

  3. I just converted it to 1/16 and ran a roll pin through. I might see if I can flare the ends a little, too (old school hammer nose style). Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  4. Exactly. I run Rhino's in ESR and ICORE - I'd absolutely get a snubnose version for BUG-R, but I'm not messing with downloading to 5 rounds.
  5. Ah, right, forgot about that blanket coverage. Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  6. I think the real question is - could you run .38 Short Colt? It IS a .38 or larger case It's NOT (technically) trimmed as it's a production cartridge (currently made by Fiocchi and Remington, historically made by others)
  7. Impossible to run without a moonclip, though. Brass wouldn't eject without the clip, and you'd have to reload individual rounds as there's no such thing as a 9mm revolver speedloader (as far as I know).
  8. Thanks! My sight keeps working its way loose so I think I might drill it for the bigger pin and be done with it.
  9. Possibly a dumb question, but for those of you who have switched over to a 1/16" roll pin - do you need to open up the cross pin holes in the barrel, as well? Or are they already oversized?
  10. Totally true. If I may throw out one more personal anecdote from dry fire, though - I'm finding that my first two shots are less accurate because my finger hasn't settled onto the trigger in the same position it winds up in for shots 3-8 (which tend to be more accurate). I'm trying to correct this by just working the last steps of my draw, focusing on pushing the gun forward and sliding my trigger finger into place.
  11. Those are all super helpful! This one is somewhat perplexing/alarming: Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  12. Actually, no specific concerns. Before shooting IRC out in Mesquite I was warned of the winds and the dust and I didn't know if Frostproof had any issues like that. Even hearing that it's the middle of nowhere is helpful - I'll stock up on supplies before driving in. Lucky me, I'm staying up near Orlando because kids + Florida = Disney. It's gonna be a haul. Hot and humid? In Florida?! Surely you jest. Ah, bummer. We had that at the IDPA state championship this year and it was really weird - I expected to see my hits shining through the targets ("The Quick and the Dead"-style) but instead it was just blinding, lol.
  13. First time shooting out at Frostproof. Anything specific to consider? I've been working on condensing how much I carry at matches in preparation of flying out to LoCap Nats but I wasn't sure if there were any range tips to consider.
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