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  1. I didn't have my calipers handy, but it's right around 4cm (just over 1.5").
  2. As far as I've been able to tell, they use the same cylinder blank for all calibers (including both diameter and length). I know the frame window is the same for sure. Assessing the feasibility of making a new cylinder is far beyond my skills.
  3. They sent me a refund when I asked for one. Promptly, even.
  4. It depends on how new they are. The older moons did an "okay" job (especially with Starline) but weren't as solid as TK Customs. The newer moons look to be stamped out of tinfoil and my brass literally falls out of them. I used a mix if TK Custom and Ranch Products 646 moons in a match today (all Starline brass) and couldn't tell the difference. The RP's are definitely a cost-effective alternative to the TK's.
  5. Your setup sounds fine based on this. Non-stock cartridges are allowed, and assuming your barrel isn't ported or a bull barrel or something, it would be of factory configuration.
  6. To be fair... you won that trade, lol. I want to play with one at some point but I'll likely have to buy it in order to do that (you don't typically see these sitting around at the local shops). Need to get lucky or wait for the Covinsanity to end.
  7. I did the same thing with MCE Digital Armory. They're 15 minutes away but I ordered something and had it shipped. Which is fine... until USPS sent it to Las Vegas for some reason.
  8. Hey Mark, Are you just matching the length of your current Grand Power spring? Or is there a certain number of coils you removed?
  9. To their credit, I requested a refund and got a reply within a few hours letting me know that they had refunded my AMEX. Not to their credit... I had payed with PayPal. I sent a follow-up email to let them know. They seem to mostly check email in the evenings so hopefully I'll hear back tonight.
  10. Just hit the six month mark on my Gallant order. Emailing to ask for a cancellation now...
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