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  1. That's a very good callout. I'm aware of this and load faster than I need to (in all powders, actually). I still clocked at 172ish PF out of a 4" barrel in nearly 100-degree temps at the IDPA state championship. I load to the low-ish end of my ladder but never the very bottom.
  2. I'm a big fan of WST for .45 (and now I'm using it in .40 S&W). Clean, meters well, makes power easily, and inexpensive.
  3. 6-shot, which is ideal for USPSA Revo major and IDPA. Works great for ICORE Limited 6, too, just a little extra hand-slappy.
  4. Not bad, actually. If you're into full-blown race holsters, Ghost makes a model specifically for the Rhino that works really well. I use the Chiappa/Ghost molded plastic one for the 6" Rhino - I've cut it all the way down to the front sight so it's a pretty short draw. Unfortunately, the Ghost hole spacing doesn't align with anyone else's so I made my own hanger for it. There's lots of companies making Kydex holsters for the Rhino - my favorite is Dara. I bought their IDPA holster and then trimmed it down to the smallest it can go and still be IDPA legal. Like most companies, they only make a holster for the 4" Rhino (there are only two Rhino holster drones on the market - a 2" and a 4"). The good thing is that Chiappa uses one frame and attaches the longer barrels, so a 4" holster will work for a 2", 3", and 5" (as long as it doesn't wrap in front of the muzzle (and if it does - dremel time!)). 6" models, like my pair of Charging Rhinos, have the top rail so they need a specific holster. While I'm on my long-winded soapbox... I also dabble in Kydex, so I'll probably make my own holster at some point specifically for the 5". I'll have the Charging Rhino out at the Rocky Mountain Regional and the IRC. Grab me and give it a whirl! I maintained for a bit that they'd never be as fast in competition as a Smith. I'm starting to backtrack a bit on that - with a little work (and a really good triggerman), I think they can hang. I'd never argue that they're better - only different. The difference-maker for me was having Toolguy/Protocall chamfer the ledges inside the cylinders on the .40 S&W guns. Suddenly, I can drop loaded moons from... the moon... and not have to worry about them seating all the way.
  5. You sunnuva.... That was with a 627, for the record. Which broke, lol.
  6. Those are all fine choices. The 610 is the most versatile if you ever want to toy with competing (a 4" is an ideal choice as an IDPA ESR gun). That being said, I do love the SP101 frame size. Not that I'd recommend ANYONE going full-stupid like me, but these are all 9mm or 40 and I do compete (poorly) with them...
  7. I literally built it as a joke (because the Charger platform is... sorta stupid) and it's turned out to be WAY more practical than I thought. I keep toying with throwing a 1-4x on it for the ultimate bush gun. You know, there's probably quicker ways to test it than to drive 10 hours, lol. I'm pretty iffy on the Classic at this point but it's not an impossibility. Yes? Well, it was - now that it's pirated, I'm pretty sure it's a YAAAAAAAAARger.
  8. Sometimes, it really is that simple, lol.
  9. Now, I'm not saying that I would, but is there anything in the rules that would prevent me from using my 10/22 YARger in RFPO? I couldn't find anything but I also don't shoot Steel Challenge, lol.
  10. Boy... that's ugly. Now I feel obligated to buy one.
  11. I finally switched to Starline after running the same Federal so many times that it started disintegrating, lol.
  12. Hey man, there's TWO revolvers now for State. But I've been in the exact same situation and I agree.
  13. The answer is simple: shoot revolver. You get to spend a lot of money on a gun, a lot of money on gear, a lot of time tuning everything so it all runs, and still get to finish low in overall standings. It truly is Voltaire's "best of all possible worlds."
  14. That's really cool. I can attest to the range being awesome after shooting the 2018 IRC there. Mark's got a great crew and puts on a well-run match.
  15. Did this change? The ICORE website lists the match as Nov 5 - 8 in Frostproof. Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
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