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  1. Good luck to everyone shooting this week! I'm heading out in a few hours, shooting on the Wed/Thu schedule.
  2. Covered above, but the "stow" rule is for dropped, loaded magazines (3.4.7) and doesn't refer explicitly to reloads. Dropping a loaded magazine or speed loader/moon clip does not incur a penalty as long as the shooter retrieves and properly stows the loaded magazine or speed loader/moon clip prior to the firing of the last shot in the string of fire. The reload rule is 3.4.6 and doesn't include any language about "stowing". It simply states "no magazine or loose rounds can be left behind." Shooters may not perform a reload which results in a magazine (or loose rounds) being left behind after there was an unfired cartridge in the chamber, magazine, or cylinder at the time the reload was initiated. When done intentionally, this is commonly known as a “speed reload”, but doing this unintentionally is still illegal and will result in a Procedural Error penalty being issued. Two separate rules. In the situation I presented, the shooter never dropped a magazine.
  3. Pinnacle. And it hasn't been THAT long so I don't want anyone thinking I'm ragging on him - it's my fault for not asking in advance about turnarounds. I'm on the six-shooter for a few more weeks either way, and then maybe a detour into Single Stackville for a couple months, but it'd be cool to have before next season starts in earnest.
  4. Oof. Well, I didn't like that V-Comp anyway .
  5. On the topic of smiths (not specifically Smiths ) - what's the average/expected turnaround for competition-type action work when shipping a revolver off?
  6. I shoot both, am a RO/SO, and match-direct one of each type. I don't see a problem bouncing back and forth as it's all trigger time. I think the best approach if you're going to shoot both is to learn the IDPA rulebook so you can perform well there... and then forget all of it for USPSA. Otherwise, the hardest thing is throttle control when changing between points-down and hit factor scoring. I shoot IDPA at about 85% of the speed I shoot USPSA - major scoring lets you disrespect targets a little more, whereas down-one's start adding up really quickly.
  7. I'm a big fan of the Apache (Harbor Freight) cases. I have several of these: https://www.harborfreight.com/3800-weatherproof-protective-case-large-black-63927.html I replaced the pick and pluck foam with gun case foam from Amazon and they've been great for my needs. I can fit four 6" Chiappa Rhinos with Hogue Big Butts (though I technically own a 6", 5", and two 4", lol). I also set one up for flying out to USPSA Nationals and had a pair of N-frames, my moonclip server, a holster, several post-style moonclip holsters, and 150 or so rounds of .38 Short Colt. It looks like they have a bigger version if your revos still won't fit: https://www.harborfreight.com/4800-weatherproof-protective-case-x-large-black-64250.html And they have a roller version that clones the Pelican: https://www.harborfreight.com/5800-weatherproof-protective-rolling-carry-on-case-x-large-64819.html
  8. Maaaan.... I need to get back out to Mesquite. Maybe I can convince the family that a March Vegas trip is a good idea and just duck out for a day...
  9. No offense taken! As someone who MD's/RM's... there are DEFINITELY more people who complain than help out, lol.
  10. Did I miss an open call for stage designs this year?
  11. 2018 was my first big match of any sort. I thought it was a lot of fun, and looking back, there was a good assortment of stage types. That color-coded freestyle/SHO/WHO steel stage was a hoot. I think we met there for the first time, actually. I'm tentatively planning for 2022 (the kids can get a Disney trip out of it) but I really hope the stage design improves.
  12. Oooo, the one I don't do in 1911's (though I do shoot .40 in my revo's). I use 18lb mainsprings in everything so you should be good there. For recoil springs, I run a 10lb for my 147gr 9mm load and a 15lb for my 230gr .45 ACP. You'd definitely be safe with 15lb but can probably drop it a little.
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