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  1. Lots of time spent on compatibility of parts. The whole top end is swappable with Glock so you could technically buy this as a super-fancy parts kit for something like a P80...
  2. You understand there's a difference between someone being argumentative and someone who's trying to offer their opinion, right? I'm not a member of the "volunteer or GTFO" crowd, but there's something of a disconnect when the list of suggestions is: Make the stages bigger and more interesting Make setup happen faster so the match can start and finish earlier Make everything run more efficiently Just do it like the most popular ICORE clubs in the country!! I think it's reasonable for folks who run matches to explain to you, a self-described new ICORE shooter who doesn't want to MD, the considerations you might be missing. I also don't believe the lack of ICORE shooters is attributable to the issues you describe. I think it's the inverse; the lack of turnout means less help, which in turns means simpler stages that will take longer to run and tear down. If the problem was 100% match management, we'd be seeing a good wheelgun turnout in the local USPSA and IDPA matches and then a sharp dropoff for ICORE. Instead, even having 10 people show up for ICORE feels artificially high based on the number of revolver entrants in other sports (obviously I'm only talking about our region here; I can't speak to the rest of the country).
  3. Thanks so much! I'm trying to find something that I can retrofit to a Grand Power; that may be close enough to start with.
  4. I have a favor to ask of you lovely CZ folks. I'm looking for measurements on the rear sight of the P09. Specifically, I'd like to know how long the bottom of the dovetail is from front to back.
  5. That's really intriguing. I could never get used to the Glock grip angle; even the MR920, which purports to be 1911-ish, felt too raked. I'd love to play with one of these.
  6. I never thought it was possible to "mike" on a fish. And then I tried fly-fishing. Once.
  7. My 2-3 year old batch doesn't have this problem, either. Only the cases I ordered this year. It was ultimately easier to switch moon clips so I just did that.
  8. In case folks hadn't seen it... https://practiscore.com/2021-idpa-national-championship-presented-by-beretta/register My understanding is that everyone registers, and then IDPA determines who gets in based on the points threshold per division. I might be wrong, though. The match is being held at the Cameo shooting complex out in De Beque, CO. It's one of the nicest facilities in the US (in my humble opinion).
  9. When they're crammed full of 6 billion tourists and so much traffic that it takes hours to get through Estes? I mean, yeah, you sorta can... There's a lot to see out here, but the range sits in the northeast so expect to drive a fair bit. You're closer to WY than Denver. Like Pat said, Fort Collins is close and an awesome place to hang out.
  10. I thought so, too! (About the match, not your score) Very different stages from last year but still fun and challenging. Other than CSEC Standards, which is only the latter and almost broke my match.
  11. I didn't want go mess with any of it when I went to Nationals in FL. I shipped my ammo out in advance (other than a hundred and fifty rounds in the checked hard case with the gun). I also broke down my belt and put all of the components into the hard case - I didn't want to have to explain the holster hanger and moon clip server. After the match, I burned some rounds on the practice berm, brought the rest back in the gun case, and shipped my empty brass home via USPS. It might have been overkill but I figured it was safer.
  12. 100%. Great people, great stages, fun match. Also, great work to you... champ.
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