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  1. Right. That's why the comp is really just cosmetic - the round isn't going fast enough (or bringing enough gas) to do much with it. The porting is more effective at reducing recoil but it's never going to be as good as a properly popple'd and comp'd .38 Super or 9 Major. As it sits, the dot goes to the top of the window under recoil but doesn't leave it. Yep. No one makes a 170 that I've found, so I'm using 140's with Gram's 11mm basepads and Gram's guts. I get 17 reloadable (barely), 16 easily reloadable, but they run consistently so it could be worse. I've tried
  2. I can easily do it with a revolver. ...my score will be zero since I'll just fire one shot, show clear, and reholster, but yeah, I'll beat his stage time.
  3. I guess I built mine? I assembled it, at least - some things were beyond my skill level so I had to pay someone else to do it. This started life as a really beat-looking STI frame. I built up the bottom end and fit the .45 ACP top end to it (had gunsmith help with the slide/barrel fitting) and shot it as a Limited gun for a while. I converted it to Open when I decided that I wanted to learn to shoot dots. I had Magnaport add the V8 porting and Brazen TiN'd the barrel, then had the slide milled for a Viper. The Viper didn't survive very long so I installed the sideways C
  4. Lots of good advice in this thread in terms of other options but I own the Axil Ghost Stryke Extremes so I can give you some feedback on those. Overall, I like them for outdoor work. They come with the standard assortment of in-ear tip options so there should be something that fits you. The sound reproduction is pretty natural, aside from a bit of hiss/feedback when the wind starts blowing hard as there's nothing covering the mic. One weird thing is that other people's voices come through fine, but when I speak my voice sounds like a robot. It might be the positioning of the mic, I
  5. Decided to turn my .45 ACP sorta-open gun into something closer to a real one. Took off the Viper (which smashed itself in about three range trips), added a 90-degree C-More, added a racker, added a NitroFin and ICE, had the barrel TiN'd, and added a fake comp. The racker is attached to an aluminum Viper cover plate. It'll let me easily switch back to the Vortex if I ever really want to. The comp is a Wilson bushing comp. It might be helping a little, but .45 ACP is going too slow to really make use of it. I mostly added it because the gun
  6. I picked a used Grand Power X-Calibur this week. It looks like a ton of fun, but the large backstrap that's on there is a bit too big for my hand and the gun didn't come with any of the smaller versions. Has anyone seen them for sale? Do the backstraps from other Mk12 guns fit? I emailed Global Ordnance but didn't hear back.
  7. Must have been a different one. Our shooter did have a squib. He didn't protest the ruling but it did plant the idea that got this whole thread spitballin'. Welcome to most of the rulebook, lol. Have fun at the class!
  8. Come on out! It's a lovely place when it's not... on fire. Or experiencing a pandemic.
  9. If that's *literally* the worst idea you've ever heard, you really need to hang around me more. Not even top ten!
  10. You literally said "any malfunction". I'd contend dislodged eyes and ears are a shooter malfunction.
  11. *ahem* My bad. I'm not usually this slow but I swear, October 2020 has been a month of Mondays for me. For some reason, my brain was conflating the rules when applying them to the competitor. Obviously, if the shooter can call a stop and get a reshoot when there's NO squib, it's basically a free pass to reset any stage they don't like. Yeesh. Mea culpa across the board. The rules make sense as they are.
  12. Typed that wrong (on my phone). Go back two posts and I wrote it correctly.
  13. Squib = Scored as shot No Squib = Reshoot But only if the RO calls "Stop". If they don't, and the competitor stops because of a suspected squib, it's scored as shot regardless. What do I have wrong? (Edited because I had a brain fart typing it)
  14. The same reshoot/no reshoot rule would apply if the shooter called the squib and a stop (rather than the RO). Squib = Scored as shot No Squib = Reshoot
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