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  1. I like the big dots. For me its easier to pick up. Plus it reaches a level of brightness the smaller moa RTS2 can not seem to achieve
  2. Get your butt to the range Mr! LOL Been waiting for it for months - don't let it sit around for a few more before you get it out for a test drive
  3. Yep. Shoot it outside in the daylight and you won't notice it
  4. Which grip do you like better? Which optic? And those are sweet!
  5. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1069416858 And white lithium grease
  6. How viable is it to set up a 22 AR in a very similar fashion to a PCC to use in practice? Using the same grip trigger optic etc to mimic the PCC match gun. The 22lr could also be used in steel challenge matches. My question is the recoil going to be too soft to be a practical training substitute?
  7. I have read a lot of my buddy stories on here. Never seen a I heard this happened to someone somewhere - but I can't tell you about it story. But it must be true. Its on the internet!
  8. I was looking for a 60 degree safety I could use in my 15-22 and came across these https://magload.co.uk/product-category/rifle/ They have some sweet looking stuff. Anyone ever try magload parts or ordered from the UK? No US distributors?
  9. My 2 cents JP is built like a tank MPX is built like a race car Both go the same speed I have a MPX and prefer it. Its a Gen 2. I keep it clean and it runs 100% with factory ammo, wolf steal cased cheap ammo or my reloads.
  10. I checked out the web page for info on the SPS. Says it has life time service contract for the original owner. That sounds good! It also say uses ammo 160+PF so might what to confirm it would work with a different recoil spring for minor ammo
  11. I looked on gun broker and figured they would be plenty but nope. There are a few but all look like they are more expensive than they should be. But with this one you could be king of the tactical timmys - look at how many bids! https://www.gunbroker.com/item/868852038
  12. Something tells me you'd be fun to hang out with
  13. I had been enjoying this too. Looking at his youtube and IG there are not any more videos there either? Max - get them contractors to help load ammo!
  14. I wonder back when they were quoting 10 to 12 or 12 to 14 weeks how many orders they thought they could have handled vs what they received? Also wonder did anyone ever receive a gun from the race shop within the quoted time?
  15. That's the second time here recently I saw a gun naked before coating and commented about how much I liked the color. Guess I like steel
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