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  1. Chillywig

    Rollsizer vs CasePro

    Can you take the handle off and hook up the dewalt on the manual cranker?
  2. Chillywig

    Vibratory dry cleaning case lube off finished reloads?

    That's awesome! Sounds like a Myth Busters experiment
  3. Chillywig

    9mm Winchester Black Talon

    I have some on a display shelf of old style/boxes of ammo. It is cool but a bit of a novelty. Getting someone to buy a box for hi rent - ya maybe - but a case? I like the idea of gun show black gold
  4. Chillywig

    Cleaning after loading

    I like shiny brass. I hear it makes you a better shooter and fantastic in the sack! LOL Seriously I like to run my loaded ammo in a dry type tumbler to get lube off and make sure it is relativity clean to keep gunk out of the shock bottle case gauge. I remember reading somewhere to use a specific type or size corn cob that would not get stuck in the HP of the Montana Gold 124 JHP's. What is your secret recipes?
  5. Chillywig

    Thumb rest on open guns, experiences....

    Whatever you use and practice with will feel good once you're used to it. I went without for years but now that I have one its hard to imagine shooting open without a thumb rest. Why not use every aid that is legal for that division.
  6. A friend sent me this - 15 years too late
  7. Chillywig

    Red dots in the rain

    Has anyone ever used their trigger pull gauge on the DAA race master lock???? Well here ya go! This is why I quit using the race master. Lock is great as long as nothing thinks about touching it. Like a rain cover while ROing - but you go ahead and learn the hard way for yourself and report your findings here. 3.5lb open gun+dude running=Your belt, rig and gun should be solid
  8. Chillywig

    Red dots in the rain

    LOL Have you ever ran with the gun in the holster? The whole thing bounces around. And then there is a shower cap with elastic around everything.....
  9. Chillywig

    SVI wait time

    Ya all you guys should share pics. Everyone loves seeing sweet custom guns!
  10. Best quote of the week!!!
  11. Chillywig

    SVI wait time

    Over a year to get a gun seems kinda crazy. I wonder how many are in the production line where it takes that long?
  12. Chillywig

    Limcat Razorcat VS Atlas Chaos

    When you get to this level of open guns it is safe to say they are going to preform very well. Honestly I think the biggest difference to expect is how they look. With steel grips they will both be heavy and shoot the right ammo flat. Not sure I buy into 38SC shooting softer but I have never owned a SC gun either. I think the biggest advantage to 38SC is extra case capacity for vihtovuori powders especially if you have a shorty or mid length gun where a 9mm case runs out of volume.
  13. Chillywig

    Do different mods actually pay out in open?

    Thanks. I googled it and found a rifle shop - venom tactical. Didn't think that was right...
  14. Chillywig

    Do different mods actually pay out in open?

    Who is venom custom? Web link?
  15. What gun did you get?