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  1. I may just run with my 9mm PCC 147 grain loads and try it out. I tested accuracy with the 38 super rounds and 9mm. POI was a little different but group size was about 1.5 inches for both loads at 18ish yards
  2. I have a 627 in 38 super I haven't shot in a long time. I took it to the range and tried some of my old icore loads. I am not sure what powder I used but the bullets were 125 zero 356 round nose moving at 992fps. I also shot some of my pcc 147 blue RN loads moving at 757 from the revo. I think I liked the heavier slower bullet better. So what's the new hotness for revo bullets? Probably just for steel challenge or plinking
  3. So ya TY61820 count me in a rimfire revo iron optics adder fan boy. I understand the wishing more people would participate in divisions in majors. But without a revo division I want to shoot why not just shoot my PCC?
  4. I have always wanted a 617 and finally broke down and got one off this forum. Since having it I have shot it several times, but only once is a SC match. Going against the autos makes it less appealing in a match, other than just having fun. I have autos and if you can't tell the difference looking at pricatiscore after the match it just looks like I had an off match. But shooting the 617 has renewed my interest in revolvers. We used to have ICORE matches but they died out about 10 years ago but I still have a couple of my ICORE guns. I have been thinking about using a revo in USPSA or trying OSR in SC. I know at our club there are at least 5 guys with 617s but they don't get used in matches very often. I am sure the no rimfire revo division is is why. While we are wishing how about a USPSA revolver division with optics so I don't have to shoot my 627 against open guns - talk about no appeal
  5. 9mm is really pretty versatile. Sounds like your current gun is running fine. What is it your wanting to do different from what you have done so far?
  6. https://www.facebook.com/104407380897039/photos/gm.4293517920710599/522597759077997/ @RangerTrace??? Sweet!
  7. I don't understand this gun for uspsa. They look cool and may run fine but I can't see too many people getting these for competition. It's like they asked Bobby what division did you sell the least amount of guns for - limited minor or open minor? Well lets make one gun that will do both these divisions almost no one wants to shoot minor in...
  8. I use 147 RN blues with universal at ~138 PF. I have tried lighter bullets at the same PF but for me in my gun etc the 147s seems to recoil less with less second shot dispersion when double tapping.
  9. I think its a bit of cool factor over boring FMJs. Plus HPs have a sealed base so no exposed lead. Looking HP vs FMJ from the same manufacture the cost isn't that much more so why not.
  10. I just tried googling STI. I had read this last year and thought all STI was carrying were the staccato line. I didn't realize that STI was gone. WOW! Guns do look pretty cool. But hang a little comp off the front and WOW describes the price too. I am assuming these all have plastic grips?
  11. I only try growing a few in buckets but seems like all the critters get first go at them and I usually end up with a very few good ones. With my time watering and out of pocket costs I guess tomatoes are about $25 a piece...
  12. Not knocking beretta. I have had a 92 since the late 90s. But never used it in a single uspsa match. Seems I have always had a gun that fit into whatever division better than my ol 92. If they could make an inexpensive open gun without a decocker I'd understand. Watching JJ use a 1 off gun doesn't change my opinion of my 92 either way. I bet he could kick ass with a yeet cannon. I honestly can't think of any new shooter picking a 92 to shoot in any division, over some of the other guns at the same price point, unless they just really liked the looks of the beretta or mel gibson lethal weapon fans - if there is such a thing.
  13. I am sure the new version will be fine for a long time. Kudos to c-more for really standing behind their products and supporting uspsa shooters
  14. I have a hard time thinking why would someone want to put $4k into a beretta open gun. I was going to assume the cost would be much lower? What's the appeal?
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