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  1. My Gen 2 MPX has been extremely reliable. I think the secret is cleaning and cleaning often. I just preventatively put new rings on the tappet and gas plug, changed the firing pin and extractor and recoil springs. I'm at about 10k Chris what does your cleaning and gas system maintenance schedule look like?
  2. May have to add a judge to the processing 650...
  3. The inside of the case was sparkling clean and had already been deprimed. I suspect that 22 bass may have been rolling around inside another piece of cleaned brass and ultimately landed in that case in the case feeder. Since they were already sized and deprimed I didn't notice any extra force at the size station. It did not bend the de capping pin in my Lee U die
  4. Reloading procedure Wet tumble no pins size deprime on 650 Wet tumble with pins Load on the other 650 This round took a lot of force to seat so I pulled it knowing something was wrong - I suspected a stepped case slipped thru. Its a rim fire case that some how was lodged in there good enough the deprime pin punctured it. Then powder dispensed. Mr bullet feeder dropped a 147 blue in there. And I felt the problem seating the bullet 100% WOW!!! Anyone ever seen this???
  5. CT 206 I have found the hip firing to be best at 1 piece of steel. If you double tap from the hip the second shot could easily be off the target as the gun moves a lot more during recoil if you are not shouldering it
  6. Any updates on the various suggestions here?
  7. I might have done it for 2 PCCs - well maybe 3
  8. It was a limcat with tungsten sleeved barrel. When I put a tevo mount and 510c on there it was actually 61oz
  9. I'd look at mag lips? Are they in spec/too wide in the front? Bullet profile? Would a FMJ feed from that same position? Extractor tension?
  10. I am really enjoying shooting PCC - even the harassment I get from other shooters. Coming from open one thing I like best is not having to tote around a 60ish OZ gun in a holster all day. Plus going from the concussion of a major load thru a compensator to a minor round out of a carbine is pleasurable to shoot. At the match last weekend I forget my competition belt. No big deal for PCC. 6 stage match where the only mandatory reload was on the classifier so I just stuck a MPX big stick in my front pocket in case I needed a new mag. I never did need one except for that classier. And since I was reloading from the pocket I didn't expect much so decided to hero or zero it and shot the highest percentage I ever scored - go figure!
  11. Anyone know what the buttons on the sig will look like? RTS2 buttons are kind of a pain. Rmr buttons may be the best and DPP the most awkward. I don't care for holosun buttons but since it turns its self on and off I don't mess with them much and that's a plus.
  12. https://www.the-armory.com/shopsite_sc/store/html/9mm-luger-115gr-fmj-independence-ammo-case-1000rds.html Looks like 180 shipped. Anyone try this out yet?
  13. Oal is a bit short. Any reason you're loading this short?
  14. This doesn't make sense and I'm feeling your pain. I wonder if it is possible your bolt is under gassed? Maybe the bolt is only going back enough to contact the ejector and the case rolls of the bolt instead of flying off. My load is a 147 Blue bullet making around 140 PF. But the thing I noticed is different is I would guess I launch brass at least 15 ft out and 5 ft forward. I am still on the factory recoil springs that have to have more than 10k rounds on them. Will your bolt lock back on an empty mag consistently?
  15. Not sure if any of the ILWT parts have anything to do with your issues but have only heard good things about about their customer service. Give Rob a call and I bet he can shed some light onto these issues...
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