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  1. What is/was tapatalk? I use chrome on my phone and it looks just like my desk top version. Was I missing out on something?
  2. Last match I shot at there was a guy that had a DAA racer master with a 3D printed body added on. So it was a regular race holster but covered the front of the gun like production type holster. This was for a non sanctioned uspsa type match for a FOP fund raiser. Wonder if that type of mod would be uspsa legal for CO?
  3. https://odinarmory.com/shop/ols/products/odinarmoryp320t/v/OA-P320-N-PVD-MTT Only $135. No way this fits in DAA holster. The little bump of the GO one let me stuff it down in there but it wasn't happy. I am sure someone will make a holster that will accommodate this. So probably $320ish to put thumb rest on sig P320 with holster...
  4. Chillywig

    X5 Legion accuracy

    I was thinking about the sig's slide/barrel height above the grip and looking at a M&P I used to shoot. (how awesome will the tungsten infused M&P grip be) Then I popped the top off a G-lock and was thinking about the length of the individual lugs, their shape and how the lugs would hold the slide on the frame. The sig has short lugs and shortest total frame/lug length compared to these others.
  5. Chillywig

    X5 Legion accuracy

    I have only shot mine with a dot. Started with DPP then switched to RTS2 10moa. Got my eye on a romeo xl now
  6. I wonder what they are doing for testing? I would think there has to be some out in the wild somewhere with a big hoss pulling the handle seeing what breaks first. Without testing and selling them letting the customer beta test is gonna be a potential mess.
  7. Chillywig

    X5 Legion accuracy

    I tried blues 147rn in 355 and 125tc in 356. Berry plated 147rn in 356. MG 124hp in 355. Zero 121hp in 356. Nothing shot really well. At one point I took my steel challenge ruger mark 4 out to shoot it the same day off same rest also using a 10moa rts2 to make sure I could shoot groups at 25 yards. 22 shoots fine. Legion meh
  8. Chillywig

    X5 Legion accuracy

    I shot a match yesterday and gun ran flawless - 2nd match I have used it in after having gun for almost 3 years. I was thinking about accuracy again last night after. I am running a 11lb recoil spring. I wonder if group sizes would change with the heavier factory recoil springs?
  9. Who makes these? Turns out I "need" one too
  10. Chillywig

    X5 Legion accuracy

    The 125TC 0.356 blues grouped up a lil tighter. ~3 to 4 inch vs ~5 to 6 inches with 147s. I was pushing them maybe a bit too spicy at 137 PF
  11. Chillywig

    X5 Legion accuracy

    I'll crank out some test rounds tonight and hopefully can sneak out to the range tomorrow. Thanks
  12. Chillywig

    X5 Legion accuracy

    I have 356 blues in 125 TC. And 356 Zero in 121JHP. How much better was the accuracy and what was the recoil impulse like compared to the ol softy 147s?
  13. Chillywig

    X5 Legion accuracy

    I always assumed using 356 bullets might tighten up the groups. Well tonight I shot some 356 berry 147s RN. This group at 25 yards looks very similar to the 355 147 RN blues
  14. Chillywig

    X5 Legion accuracy

    I am having same accuracy experience. About 2 years ago when I first got a Legion I wanted to make a CO/PCC that would work in both. I was using 147 RN Blues. Accuracy in MPX was good, X5 was marginal. I did this test target so I would understand POA/POI at 10 and 25 yards.
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