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  1. Finally got out to shoot this again without the brake installed. It shoots way under an 1" now - ragged one holes groups with my 77smk loads. I did notice that as the gun warms up the groups do open up a bit but still under MOA. I assume a bit of POI and group size shift is to be expected from most every gun as the barrel gets warm?
  2. Not sure you need a 20 rounder. I have one that I use as a drop mag for classifiers. I reload to big sticks too. Even using a 30 rounder to reload too its easy to get you thumb jammed between the mag and mag well. It sucks! Don't do it! Trust me and learn from my mistakes....
  3. Get the same poor results suppressed or unsuppressed
  4. Put a gun together with good components but have had a few problems. Now working on accuracy. Have shot my 77smk serivice rifle loads that shoot sub 1/2 moa out of a RR NM gun that shoot well over an inch @ 100 in this build. Tried some Hornary 68 and 73 gr factory match loads that shoot over an inch too. The WOA barrel probably has about 150 rounds thru it. I started thinking the barrel should have settled in by now and am wondering if my hand guard and muzzle device are making contact when shooting. 17.5 in hand guard on a 18 barrel. The only muzzle brake/suppressor mount that would let me attach a can and clear the hand guard is a YHM mount. Have about 0.0790 clearance between the brake and hand guard. Whats the chance these are hitting causing my poor accuracy issues?
  5. Curious - Why no silencerco omega?
  6. My mags drop freely out of the gun with the TTI magwell - unless I have a heavy big stick and pointing the gun upwards. If the gun is flat everything drops freely. Even and unloaded 20 rounders And don't drop them big sticks with extended base pads. You will eventually snap the plastic mag off where the extension attaches
  7. Curious how this trigger job turned out and if it's worth trying?
  8. Everglades is built like a tank too...
  9. I have circle dots and cmores on guns. I seem to like the RTS2s with 10 moa the best for steel and shooting fast. The big dot is still accurate enough to hit clays at 50 yards but the dot totally covers it
  10. I tried several different types of lead ammo and seen lead starting to build up in 200 rounds or less in my mark 4 lite. Switching to a copper plated bullets like cci mini mags and federal champion have caused 0 leading in the barrel thus far.
  11. I'll revise this a bit. Just got the 507 and RMR out. The 507 is very bright in manual mode. If the 507 has 10 level of brightness the RMR goes to 11 - just a bit brighter. The only time the extra brightness would be an advantage is shooting at a white target in direct sunlight. But the 507 glass is so much clearer than RMR and the go to sleep wake up features make it an awesome little dot.
  12. I have the 507 on a PCC. Where the dot is closer to your eye the field of view is fine. It came with a picatinny mount and I am using that. I really like it. My only complaint is I wish it got a bit brighter. Aimpoint RMR gets waaay brighter
  13. Barrel was leaded up pretty good. Shooting too fast suppressed must have gotten it too hot and caused the problem. Once I cleaned it out its back to shooting prefect
  14. Just got a Ruger mark 4 lite. Had sighted it in at about 18 yards last Saturday when I got it. Went out to the local club yesterday and did some plinking. I was shooting the smoke and hope stage plus did a little suppressed test to another 22 pistol for a quietness comparison. Between the steel challenge practice, shooting suppressed and having several mags along with the ultimate clip loader I shot a lot in a short amount of time. The little ruger got quite hot and the accuracy and point of impact changed significantly. Anyone else experience this?
  15. I liked it. Much like the the first two. Plenty of trying to fit a story in around all the action but heavier on the action. Only thing that gets me is the bad guys. If I was henchman #41 and watched JW kill coworkers 1 thru 40 I am not sure why I'd think I got this....
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