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  1. I've always liked the gogun "thumb assist" - what ever that means. Chet seems like such an a hole I need to learn to like something else
  2. Congrats! You will be glad once you get some range time in with it...
  3. I think they made open gun holsters for a while but stopped.
  4. Agree with this and put one more in the line
  5. That will work. I have an AR adapter one too. This can also help get your cheek a little higher as all the HK stocks are meant to keep your head at iron sight height. Just don't let a real HK enthusist see you with an AR back end on the gun or be prepared to be scowled at
  6. Sounds like you want smaller and lighter. Save up and do the cry once buy once and get the carbon fiber
  7. If you already have it go for it. HKparts has all the do dads you may want to add. Keep the A2 stock on it. The collapsible and folders looks cooler but the A2 is the best for actually shooting. You can reload on a closed bolt with a few rounds down loaded and some practice with good steel german mags.
  8. I get energizer or duracell from amazon but in retail packaging. Seems like the panasonic or other no name brands in the blister packs typically have hit or miss voltages
  9. This has been my experience too
  10. Curious if you test the voltage before putting a new battery in? Is the sight killing the battery or is the battery DOA on arrival?
  11. How long have you been being patient for?
  12. When I called Sig and said I had a broken MPX mag the first thing he asked was how old is it. Honestly I am not sure. I have 2 gen 2 MPXs bought in 2015 and 2016. Plus ordered 3 more 30 rounders from Midway in 2016. This is one of these 5 mags and they all have some kind of extension on them - TTI TF and SP. Ironically last month I ordered a 20 and 30 rounder from Midway with my birthday discount with the plan on keeping them in the stock configuration to use as drop mags when the stage required a reload.
  13. If you can't lock the bolt back how do you chamber flag - without a 3rd hand?
  14. I did. I was told mags only have a 1 year warranty.
  15. Has anyone successfully glued their broken MPX or other plastic mags back together?
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