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  1. Its a sweet looking gun none the less. Need to throw in a slow mo shooting vid next
  2. My load development testing never has shown a noticeable velocity difference between magnum and standard primers.
  3. Is that serial number not an atlas?
  4. Is c-more coming out with a RTS2 size sight with a slide ride sized window?
  5. The cases that were ejecting were not going very far from the gun. When the load/PF is correct and gun clean and functioning the empties should be going 10+ feet away from you and forward of the ejection port. 2 feet and backwards something is slowing the bolt down - dirty, low PF, recoil spring too strong, something What was that gawd awful sound in the background - donkeys?
  6. Just being nosey - but how much does it cost to keep Enos up and running?
  7. speaking of weight APPENDIX D7 – Carry Optics Division 1 Minimum Power Factor for Major Not Applicable 2 Minimum Power Factor for Minor 125 3 Minimum bullet weight No 4 Minimum bullet caliber/cartridge case length 9x19 mm (0.354” x 0.748”) 5 Minimum bullet caliber for Major Not Applicable 6 Minimum trigger pull No 7 Maximum size Handgun No 8 Maximum magazine length Yes, 141.25 mm (5.561”) 9 Maximum ammunition capacity No 10 Max. distance of handgun and mags/speed loaders from inner side of belt Handgun and Mags – 2 1/8” ( width of an overlay). 11 Rule applies Yes 12 Restriction on position of holster and other equipment Yes, see and Appendix E3 . Optic/sights are exempt. 13 Optical/electronic sights permitted Optical/electronic sights REQUIRED; must be attached directly to slide between rear of slide and ejection port, and m ay not be mounted to the frame in any way 14 Installed Flashlights Permitted No 15 Compensators Permitted No 16 Barrel Ports Permitted No 17 Slide Ports Permitted Yes 18 Maximum weight Yes . 59 ounces with optic and empty magazine inserted. 19 Handgun specific approval for Division Yes, see Special Conditions. 20 Holster and magazine holder restrictions • Suitable for everyday use. “Race gun” type holster prohibited. • May not be manufactured or cut lower than, and must cover the slide up to, 1/2” below the ejection port (belt slide “Yaqui” type holster exempt). • The drop offset type holster is allowed in Carry Optics Division as long as the heel of the butt of the gun i s above the belt per and the rest of the criteria are met.
  8. green laser will entertain your squad while shooting too
  9. Got to be something there - hard to unload show clear with no extractor
  10. CK is in stock too. Not having to wait is nice. Wonder why shooters only has regular cmores on the guns they have? I'd think MRDs are all people want these days
  11. Use a little pencil blow torch to cook out the carbon. Works in rimfire suppressor baffles too
  12. Sucks your having issues with the new gun. Hopefully they can figure out what's going on and get your issue resolved quick. Something tells me they'll get you taken care of - let us know how it turns out...
  13. This was my understanding when it comes to stripped AR lowers. If you first build a lower as a pistol it is a pistol. With a pistol you can put a rifle length barrel and stock on and still be legal. However if the first build is into a rifle then it is always a rifle and can never be switched into a pistol.
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