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  1. For 10 bucks I'm giving this a go https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0096QXC1S/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  2. And thank you for the link Several good ideas
  3. I remembered it being discussed. Just checking to see if anyone has found the perfect solution. Not gonna load my drum again without getting something to make it easier
  4. I remember someone talking about a large funnel or something... What are you guys using to dump brass into the FART drum? Or are you spilling brass all over the place like me?
  5. I have had a seekins 60 degree in my MPX with eclipse trigger for a long time now. It had been working fine for a year or more before I found out it wouldn't work. LOL I see in the above info the seekins is only a problem in the 90 set up
  6. Ironically I read this post this morning and hit the range this eve and took the lab radar with. Was shooting 22lr match ammo that was all sub sonic and could not get the trigger to pick up the sound to record velocities. I tried adjusting the trigger level and it didn't work. Then I switched the trigger source from trigger to Doppler. Bingo it worked! It just keeps the radar on. I put the suppressor on and was able to record velocities shooting a sub sonic suppressed 22lr bolt gun. I love the lab radar but the app interface sucks! Prochrono app is much more user friendly
  7. I will tell you what I just did. I had a 147 blue load I had been using in my PCC. Found it was too long for some pistols and decided to shorten it up. I didn't get as short as you need to but you can get an idea what your getting into. I do 10 powder drop average to get to x.xx grains too Load comparison shot in sig x5 legion PCC load 3.28gr universal @ 1.145 PF 128 Shorter load 3.28gr universal @ 1.135 PF 136 load development 3.00gr universal @ 1.135 PF 126 New load 3.10gr universal @ 1.135 PF 128 The New load 3.10gr universal @ 1.135 makes 136 PF in my pcc and get the ejection where it needs to be and locks back on an empty mag
  8. Sounds like two is one and one is none would describe your situation. Can not imagine where 1 mounting screw could be adequate.
  9. Chance lroy is really Adam from Atlas....
  10. That's impressive. You must have gotten majikal springs. Not sure I'd advise you change them! Recoil springs should be ready. Get some factory weight springs and look and the difference in OAL. Same for the extractor spring
  11. Gram guts are the way to go. Tuning mags is an art. I have one 170 MBX mag I used the dawson kit to tune that I F-ed up bad enough where it has been retired to dry fire used only.
  12. If shooting inside 7 yards is your POI to the right?
  13. It ejects OK? Still have the barrel with loaded chamber indicator? How's the debris on the glass?
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