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  1. For the most part ARs are legos for adults. Mix match build have fun
  2. I tried Chrome and Microsoft explorer on computer neither would let me on. My phone had an option to continue but warrened its unsafe. Must be all the pcc shooters!
  3. I wonder if it is about how the shroud that goes around the slide for holding the gun against the barricade mounts to the frame?
  4. The break down of the stage was awesome. Matt hot sauce Davis looked like he had good run but the closer examination really showed where time and points could be picked up. This was a great tutorial! Is there a place where anyone could submit a video for diagnosis where improvements can be made?
  5. Maybe 5/8X36 should be the magic 9mm thread pitch. Thicker at the muzzle and no putting the 30 cal accessories on a 9mm gun.
  6. 0.06" LOL -aluminum foil barrels?
  7. I am interested in your 929. Is it still for sale?



    1. oteroman


      Yes it is.

    2. pjb45


      Just to confirm--since I am new to wheel guns- the 929 is a 9mm?


      I am ready to purchase.


      Paul J Benson


      Text messages are the fastest way to contact me.



      It is NM number but I live in AZ now.

      I will probably use Accuracy Speaks located at Rio Salado Sportsman's Club as my FFL.

      I will need to notify them.

      Will you be sending it directly to them or FFL to FFL.  I do not want any laws broken but my understanding is a private individual can send to an FFL directly without using a sending FFL. Thus saving some money

      Please advise.

      Additionally, if you use Wells Fargo I can probably do a money transfer via the bank. A wire transfer is possible but I will need the Wire Transfer Account info from your bank---it is often different than what is on your checks.




  8. Lots of differences when you start looking at parts they are built with. And unlike the AR changing gas blocks and front sights are difficult and the desirable imported part are $$$. Arsenal and Zastava are both still imported and good guns. Looking at the chinese and Russian guns that had been banned from importation have increased in value due to availably. Banning the importation of foreign weapons is something the current admin could do by executive order and in part why these two brands have become scarce. If you keep an eye out at atlantic firearms they do come in stock and sell out quic
  9. Curious if there were equipment discussions about changing anything in CO when updating the rules - Like adding a mag well? How about for the CZ shooters in CO or production having to use SA/DA? Did these topics even come up?
  10. I would imagine since we are only cutting brass the blade life will be very long. I have been doing small batches too and have not let the blade cool but have not done that many total so I am just making an assumption on blade life.
  11. I don't think your primers look bad. For comparison I just did a ladder in 7 mag with CCI LR#200 primers because I don't have and can't find any LR mag primers. I was watching for pressure very closely and saw none and very little change from my starting to max load
  12. What kind of lower did you get? Just a mil spec AR or PPC specific? I have built and bought guns. If you like to tinker building is way cheaper. Even buying the MPX or JP you will find yourself wanting to change stuff around just because. If you are looking to go cheap there is the Ruger PCC gun or heaven forbid a keltec sub 2000 I have not heard much about these but bet this would be a fun one to try. And they always seem to be in stock too https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-ar-v-16-9mm-1-10-lightweight-m-lok-moe-ept-pistol.html No matter what you do you will
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