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  1. I think this looks sweet http://diopticalusa.com/?page_id=1219
  2. LOL! I hope the ol 26 pounder gets reliable ignition!
  3. I think the comment about the system being dirty was more along the lines of a AR or AK DI or Piston systems. I think all the 9mm carbines are dirty. Maybe with he MPX being the worst as the gas system does shoot some gas around the pistol back at the top of the bolt carrier. Truth is any gun shot suppressed is going to get more carbon and fouling back into the action. Even good ARs suppressed. Shoot half a mag and pull it out you will notice how dirty all the fresh rounds in the mag are
  4. Its what HK and clones of HK use. Instead of straight blow back it takes some of that pressure to unlock the system which makes it recoil softer. IMO PCC guns with least recoil are MPX then HK MP5 then blow back 9mm then CZ scorpion. I have shot the CMMG banshee but it was the little braced 4" pistol and so light it was hard to tell if its radial delay blow back system sucks up recoil like the MP5 In short if you don't have one you need it! LOL
  5. Now that's funny! ICORE - we used to do that. Still have the open 8 shooter. Not sure why but I do
  6. I love the " you're gonna need it line" Next thing to say is it "only" $XXXX
  7. 22TCM has a hard time hitting those velocities out of a pistol.
  8. 10 days for this package that should have been 2 or 3. Check out the Alert
  9. I shoot the 147 RN blue. Gun is stupid soft. My gen 2 MPX has the pin weld flash hider so I haven't noticed build up. I have tried other profile blues but the RN nose work 100%
  10. My birthday is coming up and my parents keep asking me what I want. I have been toying with the idea of Sous Vide and you guys just talked me into it. Merry Christmas
  11. Part of why I ask is LGS got a large order of ammo in before Thanksgiving. His cost on 9mm was basically the same as it always had been. So instead of selling the ammo for 30 a box like all the online guys are doing now he sold it for the normal 15 a box but limited it to two boxes per customer. He had 100k 9mm rounds go out the door in 1k transactions in about a week. I understand supply and demand but don't like the thought of gouging. I will never buy anything from cheaperthan**** ever again after the last gouging go around. We all want ammo and components and are pretty sure all the manufa
  12. One thing I would like to know is cost increases at the retail distributors. What are supposed reputable online ammo distributors have really jacked up the prices. Does the new cost of $0.60 a round for 9mm reflect the increase in costs the distributors are seeing or are they just gouging us customers?
  13. Ordered blue 147gr RN on 9-4-20. They shipped 12-17-20 Now lets hope there isn't any 4 month delays with USPS... Doh!!!
  14. I listened to the PSR part. My take away is to order GAP pennical before PRS does away with the production division and GAP starts charging $4k+ for that rig. Looks like a hell of a gun compared to the others in the line up at half the price and has same accuracy guarantee...
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