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  1. Aside from crushing primers did it also crush cases? Mine does and I think it’s going back to Dillon. Has a lot of of rounds on it and I’m not the most mechanically inclined person. LOL
  2. A friend had pretty much the same diet. If it tastes good spit it out. He lost so much weight it was amazing.
  3. You may have some crud in the channel liner.
  4. When using factory I’ve found Federal 147 to be very accurate and recoil is not bad at all. Having said that I reload most everything I shoot. It’s become a hobby of its own.
  5. About 2-3 years ago a major distributor told me that the president or person-in-charge said basically what igolfat8 reported. They didn’t care if there were any primers for reloaders or not. Their business, run it like you want. I now have enough WW primers to run me for quite awhile. I prefer Federal for my wheelguns but it only takes a minor change for WW.
  6. Federal low recoil 00B or slugs with Truflite wad. Extremely accurate. Shotgun would be what you are most comfortable with. I like an 870/1100/1187/Benelli M1 Super 90.
  7. I've noticed that the Glock mags have a lot of "wiggle" to them, not a real,solid lockup. No misfeeds so far but it's something I'm watching.
  8. Around 30 or so years ago someone said that if it required using a timer then it was a game. Get some trigger time, have fun, doesn’t matter which “game” or “sport”. I learned that the time I spend with friends at the match is what’s important to me.
  9. I’ve been using VV N310 with Bayou and SNS 230 RN bullets. Soft recoil and it burns really clean. Using a 625 JM
  10. The Reloading Inovations light looks great. They have some other accessories for a 550/650 that look good.
  11. I will add that previously I had used One Shot lube, then tried Dillon lube. The Dillon product to me was far better than the One Shot.
  12. It is a night and day difference. Enough that each of my Dillons has one. Arthritis prompted me to get one.
  13. Dillon lube and their carbide die is a winning combination.
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