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  1. Nats for SS/Revo/L10 will be May 21-22 at CMP Talladega.
  2. I’ve sent a few guns to Pinnacle. He’s very good about giving accurate turn around times when I ask him before I ship it. I waited until he had a lull to send my gear. Out of all the smiths I’ve dealt with he’s the least cranky about giving out turn around times.
  3. What exactly are your qualifications? jokes, pencil me in for a slot.
  4. He only used hks to make ready, rest of his belt was comp 3.
  5. You know, at this point, I’m not convinced Fishbreath isn’t a part of a guerrilla marketing team for S&W.
  6. I haven’t seen anyone talk about it so I figured I give a heads up that the IRC stages are posted up on PractiScore.
  7. ICORE has posted the stages for this years postal. http://icore.org/postal/2021_IPM_Stages.pdf Of note the prizes seem to be increased with division winners earning $100. While the stages don’t particularly excite me in a normal sense I always enjoy shooting it to participate in a international event. (Until some dark horse Australian knocks me down a peg.)
  8. I also load 550. I hand prime all my Revo ammo. I can do about a thousand during one episode of Star Trek. I found that between loading tubes, clearing the occasional jam, refilling, fixing seating depth issues, etc. hand priming is way faster. Looking back I’d rather get a 650 for the case feeder and auto indexing. The real problem is 2k brass. If money is limited I’d buy less press to buy more brass. It’s so nice to a years worth loaded than to load multiple times a season.
  9. Man, you took my argument and worded it WAY better. Glad I don’t make my living as a writer.
  10. I always had a hard time getting it just right in my 550. I got a different funnel for my 358 and it’s been helpful. Shipping is pricey but ended up worth it. If you have more than four stations you’re probably good. https://www.uniquetek.com/product/T1736
  11. At the risk of pissing on the third rail: I really don’t get this mentality of saying “if you don’t volunteer you can shut up”. I bust ass on each match I run. I sacrifice family time and my own practice time. So why would I do all that and ignore feedback from the very people I’m aiming to please? Sure, if they’re rude about it I’ll ignore it but telling anyone to “shut the f—- up” just because the didn’t make the same sacrifice as me is really unacceptable. Sure, at the end of the day it’s your match. Run it like you want! But don’t shut people out. As far as classifiers go, I don’t think they belong at a major unless it’s new and we need to determine the 100%. The reason? They’re measured, we can shoot them anywhere; probably at our home club. I’d prefer to see something new and unique; to taste the regional favor of a match. Before you tell me to “shut up” I’m a MD, set up a club and gotten new due paying ICORE members signed up, always have a run at the timer at my regionals, squad mom at the IRC, etc, etc. But again, that really shouldn’t matter when sharing opinions. If did does we’re gonna gatekeep ourselves out of a sport one day.
  12. I didn’t count them, my bad. I’m basing that off of PRGC. Though I don’t think my oversight diminishes my global argument that ICORE has lower participation, thus fewer volunteers.
  13. As a match director I agree with what you say but in my area, and other places I’ve lived there’s just not a lot of participation. That’s the real problem. You get more people interested in the sport, you lose those matches you’re talking about. This year is tough, last year I maxed out at 14 shooters one match. Not bad for our inaugural year. This year I had to cancel the years first match due to lack of sign up. In Atlanta it wasn’t much better. We’d get 12-20 shooters, good stages, good people. But for the largest city in the south it’s low. The demand just isn’t there. Off the top of my head, Orlando, North Missouri, Philadelphia area, and Massachusetts have pretty active clubs but I don’t think they break 30. Even Phoenix, Mecca of the shooting sports, average 20ish. Compare that to my club’s weekly USPSA match. We can get 60 people on a weekday and have a waiting list. I’m rambling but my point is that without the people it’s hard to set up good stages. As for shooting early, not sure we have that problem. In the Midwest they’re a bit later to let people drive. But still start reasonably. steel stages are a freebie for an overextended MD. Put up a box/wall and you got a stage real quick. I’ve been operating under a “if you build it they will come” to my matches but it’s a lot to get all dressed up and have no one to shoot with. Even when I have a lot of field courses I’m afraid I’m gonna scare my shooters away by having them help me break down the stages.
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