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  1. I taper my 38 specials with a Redding taper crimp die. I taper my 9mm with a Dillon die.
  2. I have not had the leading issues with Ibejiheads like you’ve had. Alec has shot more of them than me so he might have better insight. Can you run those Ibejiheads in a 38 special load for a bit to see if you get the same issue?
  3. I did some research. The hit factors are identical for L10, Prod, SS, and Revo. That explains a bit.
  4. Not close. 8.5 gives you an 75% A run when all 60 points are earned. 6.7 sec gives you enough to make GM. The other, very similar 20 series are very easy to get a master run in ~9.5 seconds. But 20-03 has far mini poppers that have to be shot on the move. It just surprises me that the (objectively) hardest classifier has the highest hit factor. Makes me think I’m missing some secret shooting it.
  5. Does anyone have a video of them shooting Deja Vu All Over Again (20-03) with a time under 8.5 seconds? (Edit I wrote 9.4 earlier that was a typo) This one seems really hard to snag an A let alone a GM hit factor on this one. It’s certainly conceivable but I’d love to see it.
  6. We want more Revo shooters, right? Well, a USPSA rule change won’t bring the boys (and gals) to the yard. However, there many things you can do to increase Revo and ICORE numbers. I usually keep this easy plan to myself as, for some unknown reason, people get really mad when I lay out this ingenious plan. 1.) vote for anti gun representatives. 2.) call your elected officials and demand they ban hicap (over 8 rounds) magazines. 3.) wear Levi jeans and dockers 4.) get all your gear at Dick’s sporting goods. If you don’t agree, well, I don’t thin
  7. Here’s a review here: https://revolverguy.com/rimz-ez-moon-clips/ but keep in mind they probably didn’t abuse them like a competition shooter would.
  8. Hmm, you know when I had an issue with my cylinder release on my 66 it caused a lock-up issue for me. But only during live fire. I have no idea how supers work but I would remove your custom release and give it a go under match conditions. It would at least remove a variable that you have introduced.
  9. I run a 66, but I’d wager 686 in 6 inch is the most popular. GP100s are certainly viable.
  10. When I started shooting revo I was told I wasn’t allowed to because I was under 30. However, I was granted a waiver because I groan reflexively when leaving a seated position. To get this back on track though, has anyone got a good method of dry firing a swinger?
  11. Pretty sure East Coast Regional is close to you... if you wanna shoot ICORE.
  12. My dance card is looking a bit light this year. Looking for inspiration by asking what Revo majors y’all are shooting.
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