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  1. Just went back and read your article! great job explaining this concept, will certainly use in my reloading! thanks!!
  2. Derrick-508

    Different start positions by Division, is that legal?

    Yep! complete agreement
  3. Derrick-508

    Perforation Scoring

    Yep! need more ROs to understand this rule, I hate the term "Broke the Perf"
  4. Derrick-508

    Different start positions by Division, is that legal?

    from the "evergreen" Rulebook out for member comment 5.1.1 Firearms are separated and defined by Divisions (see Appendix D)however, courses of fire must remain consistent for all Divisions. “Single action” – chamber loaded, hammer cocked, and thesafety engaged. PCC Ready Condition: normally the carbine will beprepared with a loaded chamber, loaded magazine inserted, hammercocked, and safety applied. Other ready conditions may be specified,and must be identical to the handgun ready condition, with theexception of holstering.
  5. Derrick-508

    Dealing with trash talkers

    I'm in support of that! good idea!
  6. Derrick-508

    Why is is so hard to get people to try USPSA?

    Awesome! thats how I got into the sport, my dad making me paste targets until I was big enough to shoot a 1911.
  7. Derrick-508

    Classifier Data Analysis

    thank your for doing this! It is all very interesting
  8. Agree with standardization!
  9. Derrick-508

    What to do with the extra bullet

    I'm with Broadside72, can this get cleared up?
  10. Derrick-508

    Steel DQ line- Handbook Vs. Range

    Build the Stage from the back to the front, start with all steel, then paper, measure, then place walls and fault lines. walk thru, get another RO to walk through, then stake everything down. at least that works for me.
  11. no advantage until they make a 50rnd version...
  12. Hello, shooting my first UML match in a month, I found the UML rulebook dated AUG 2017. Is there a newer one out there?
  13. Match starts: November 10, 2018 @ 9:00 AM · Match ends: November 11, 2018 @ 3:00 PM Location: near Columbia SC Annual Charity match to gather toys and raise funds for Marine Corp Toys for Tots program. One day match. Shoot either Saturday or Sunday. Shooting starts at 9 AM each day. Cost is a minimum $25 donation to Toys for Tots - either a new, unwrapped Toy for a child 12 or younger, or a cash or check donation to Toys for Tots. Checks should be made payable to "Toys for Tots." USPSA level I match, with the following divisions: Open, Limited, Limited 10, Revolver, Single Stack, Production, Carry Optics, PCC Price: $25 Practiscore link: https://practiscore.com/2018-thompson-daugherty-memorial-toys-4-tots/register