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  1. TD, sounds like good advice. Believe I'll do just that.
  2. Dang it! Now I've got to decide between the Dillon 650 I've been slobbering all over myself for and the MKIV. Can't get both right now. Which do I go for first. Oh the pain!
  3. Can anyone suggest a good place to purchase the Pact timers? Thanks.
  4. Moderator Edit: This topic is an amalgamation of many topics discussing the same question: Which shot timer should I get? I am very new to IDPA and totally new to IPSC. I have been reading over several of the training drills and one thing has occured to me. It seems that in order to maximize practice sessions it will be necessary to obtain a timer of some sort. Is this true? What should I look for (brand/model) as far as timers are concerned. Are there any alternatives to using timers?
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