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  1. "Video of a presentation that explains the process I use and recommend to get in the hole, on deck, on line and unload and show clear for IPSC matches. Let me know in the Comments below if and which process you use!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ri5m2Bm5u8E
  2. Video that explains the IPSC technique for performing PCC reloads on the move: fowards, backwards, left to right and right to left. Let me know in the Comments below which techniques you use!
  3. Video that explains the most common types of pistol jams in IPSC or USPSA and how to solve them efficiently and safely. Let me know in the Comments below if and what techniques you use to identify and solve pistol jams in IPSC/USPSA competition (NOT Defensive/Tactical)!
  4. Horner just received new DDC inventory. Otherwise, I suggest you contact Cesar Shop and/or IPSC Store to ask if they know DDC and if they're interested to take it into their inventory.
  5. Welcome to the Open club Contrary to popular belief, an open gun doesn't automatically make you shoot faster or better! Your - positive - mental attitude combined with your level of skills, especially and most importantly in movement (shooting on the move) and transitions, do. Stage planning is also a bit different in open. Dots also always move a little bit. The way you hold the grip of the gun is also very important to make sure the RD moves up/down and quickly returns to zero. Minimum PF in open is indeed 160, but it's possible that the RD on your open gun returns faster to zero with a hi
  6. With the new disc, the blockage stopped, but I still have inconsistencies in primer pick up (every 35 primers or so). I'm waiting on feedback from M7 through DAA. I'll keep you posted.
  7. The new disc solved the blockage, but not the consistency ... I already calibrated the punch and the plate, but inconsistencies continue.
  8. Video of a presentation that lists and briefly discusses the "must read" IPSC/USPSA books and "must listen" IPSC/USPSA podcasts. After making this video I stumbled onto the "Banging Brass Podcast" on YT. Don't forget to check it out. I also added a brief section on which national/international shooters to follow on YT. There are more interesting Subscriptions on my YT-Channel. Let me know in the Comments below which books, podcasts and shooters inspire(d) you!
  9. Indeed, the DDC does not fit all uppers. Looking forward to your feedback.
  10. Video that explains the IPSC technique on how and when to "prep the trigger" for faster shots/spilts. Let me know in the Comments below what technique you use (ex: pinning the trigger, trigger slapping, modified slapping of the trigger, etc.)!
  11. You're right. I also clean and lube my open guns after every training and match. So far, no issues with any of them.
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