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  1. if you put in the right time, energy, training, techniques, passion and self image, you'll improve! Don't let go! If not done yet, check out Steve Anderson, Ben Stoeger and JJ Racaza trainings and online coaching ...
  2. Gear Review: DAA Open Division Competition Rig Setup Video that provides an honest review of my setup, the components and my experience with my own DAA competition rig/belt for Open Division.
  3. I use C-More RTS2's with 6 MOA on all my Open Guns and PCC. I adapt the brightness based on indoor and outdoor range/weather conditions. They work well under all conditions. There is no such thing as a best RD or MOA, it depends on distances, weather conditions and especially your preferences/feeling. Try to shoot with different types to see what works best for you.
  4. Thanks, luckily I have 2 other Open Guns, so a broken DVC barrel/comp won't stop me from shooting
  5. You're right. I try to reach as many fellow shooters as possible. Thanks for the appreciation.
  6. Video that explains the technique and provides tips and trick for faster IPSC seated starts.
  7. 500-Rounds review of the Bul Armory BL9 PCC in 9 mm Video that reviews the Bul Armory BL9 PCC in 9 mm after shooting a little more than 500-rounds, including the installed, uninstalled and ordered upgrades, overall evaluation and tips for Bul. Note: I got in touch with the vendor of the JP SCS. He shipped me a short stroked JP SCS, which prevents the bolt from locking back, but increases cycling and speed. More feedback in my next BL9 PCC video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TCOFJaEs38
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