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  1. I run my G17 way better than my G34.. The 17 just feels better for me..
  2. bigtimelarry

    ZEV OZ9

    The OZ9 looks awesome but it is way overpriced.. When you can get an M&P 2.0 5"barrel, put dawson sights and a apex FSS trigger you've got an awesome gun for 800 bucks total.. There's no way a ZEV trigger is going to be better than the Apex FSS trigger.. They need to sell the OZ9 for like 1199.00
  3. bigtimelarry

    ZEV OZ9

    Does anybody know if the rear dovetail is the same as the Glocks and also the front sight the same fitment. I want get one but if I dont like the sights, i was wondering if Glock stuff worked..
  4. Put Sevigny sights on..
  5. Ghost Edge Connector, 4.5 Wolff striker & RP Wolff safety, polish everything..
  6. Sevigny Sight's for sure.. On a Glock , Sevigny's the only way to go..
  7. I use Wolff 4.5 lb in my glocks with stock strikers and I rarely get light strikes..
  8. I tried the Gen 5 and i like it but the finger grooves on the Gen 4 lock my hand in better. I'm one of the rare people that like the finger grooves..
  9. I agree. First thing I felt on the Gen 5 was the lockup was sloppy. Seems like they could make the lockup tighter than it is.. I know they think it's a combat pistol and the tolerances need to be loose, but I have had KKM drop in barrels that have Zero play, I mean Super tight lockup and have never got any feeding issues..
  10. If you want a rolling break with hardly any wall and a snap audible reset get the new Ghost Angel connector.. I put one in and it is nice.. https://ghostinc.com/angel-3-0-gen-1-5-x/
  11. If you want a rolling break, put a Ghost Edge connector in, it has a very slight subtle wall..
  12. I have all Jager's in my Glocks for years. Excellent..
  13. Sultac (Mark Sullivan) just made one for USPSA for my M2.0 FDE. It's Perfect.. https://www.facebook.com/SulTac/
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