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  1. They were fitted. John Nagel did all of them back then.. Still, we're talking a minute difference..
  2. I agree with B-Rad What I do is when you get your gun dialed in, bench rest it and off hand and see how the stock one is, if it's not grouping good then get a KKM. Dont just get a KKM and think they are more accurate. I think maybe with 115gr @ 50 yards the KKM is probably better. I ended up just using Stock. Bob Vogel who is the best glock shooter on the planet uses stock barrel. Same with Sevigny when he shot glocks, he used stock barrels. The only time I saw the pro's using KKM was at the Bianchi Cup where they have 50 yard targets..
  3. Yeah, but what about all the guys that say it sits lower in the slide... what, like a 1/4 inch.. LOL..
  4. bigtimelarry

    ZEV OZ9

    I would wait a while, the novelty will wear off and the price will come down.. To make a Glock 34 close the the OZ9 would probably around 900 bucks with sights, trigger kit etc. These are race ready out of the box, i think a good price point would be 1199.00 i've shot one in a match, they do shoot flatter/softer than a glock and the grip angle is 1911. If you wanted a 5" gun that has the grip angle and shoots amazing, just get an M&P put a Apex trigger and dawson sights and your probably looking at 700 bucks done.. There's no better polymer trigger on the planet than an Apex FSS trigger IMO.
  5. bigtimelarry

    DK Triggers?

    DK Triggers has Closed their doors.
  6. The Ghost Edge connector has the best rolling break with no wall. https://ghostinc.com/edge-3-5/
  7. This. https://atlantaarms.com/products/copy-of-9mm-147gr-select-fmj.html
  8. The Federal 150gr Syntech is a little hot to me..
  9. When you list recoil spring weight it's a good idea to put what brand.. 13lb ismi works best in IMO.. a 14lb wolff feels like the coil spring on my motocross bike..
  10. 13lb ISMI works best
  11. Run a Glock 17 in Open.. The 34 or 35 crack slides..
  12. Vanek's are fantastic.
  13. I run my G17 way better than my G34.. The 17 just feels better for me..
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