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  1. bigtimelarry

    Lightweight strikers?

    I have all Jager's in my Glocks for years. Excellent..
  2. bigtimelarry


    Sultac (Mark Sullivan) just made one for USPSA for my M2.0 FDE. It's Perfect.. https://www.facebook.com/SulTac/
  3. bigtimelarry

    should I replace my M&P with a M&P 2.0 ?

    Not sure. I only own the M2.0 but it's cant be much heavier..
  4. bigtimelarry

    M&P 2.0 FDE - what front sight height?

    Go on Dawson's website look at the competition sight set for this gun and it will give you the sight height's on the front & rear and you'll know what height front sight to get..
  5. bigtimelarry

    G34 Gen 5 trigger (suggestions)

    How is DK's Triggers in the Gen5
  6. bigtimelarry

    G34 Gen 5 trigger (suggestions)

    Vanek has the Gen5's down to 2lbs.. Mine is spectacular..
  7. bigtimelarry

    should I replace my M&P with a M&P 2.0 ?

    My M2.0 handles recoil better.. The steel they put in the frame really helps.
  8. bigtimelarry

    Atlanta Arms - 100Gr. Steel Challenge

    They have 100gr. New also but it's expensive..
  9. bigtimelarry

    M&P M2.0 5" FDE

    What recoil spring are you using ?
  10. bigtimelarry

    M&P M2.0 5" FDE

    I just got my M&P put a FSS trigger and dawson sights, getting it ready for USPSA. I bought the SS guide rod and have been trying the ismi 13lb I've been getting some stovepipes. Can any competition shooters chime in on what they have been using. I dont have any problems when using american eagle 124gr but that stuff is too hot. My handloads are 124gr 4.1 TG and it stovepipes.. Any help i would appreciate it.
  11. bigtimelarry

    trigger on my 5" 2.0

    I put a Apex FSS in my new M2.0 and it is amazing.. I used all my stock springs but used the apex safety plunger spring and it's like 3lbs and feels like no other striker fired gun.. It's also production legal..
  12. bigtimelarry

    Glock shooters, do you leave the trigger stock?

    Ghost Edge connector is all you need..
  13. bigtimelarry

    Atlanta Arms - 100Gr. Steel Challenge

    Uhhhhh..... It's for Steel Challenge... Nothing's Falling..
  14. When is USPSA going to change Production to 15 rounds to match IPSC.. They've been talking about it for a while, whats the holdup ?
  15. bigtimelarry

    zev pro connector?

    Ghost Edge works great. No hard wall before the break.