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  1. http://jagerproducts.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=35&zenid=q82mqcahdh2mnl1073fp51qrv5
  2. bigtimelarry

    No grease?

    Me too. I quit using Grease, was attracting so much dirt it felt like a lapping compound..
  3. bigtimelarry

    The never ending talk of Glock Sights

    I know but the rear sight is shaped different than Warrens
  4. bigtimelarry

    The never ending talk of Glock Sights

    Dont forget Sevigny Sights..
  5. bigtimelarry

    Glock to CZ back to Glock!!!!!

    Take a look at the Grand Power X-Calibur.. Best out of the Box Production Gun.. It shoots Flat and has a Competition Trigger. The gun needs nothing.
  6. bigtimelarry

    Glock to CZ back to Glock!!!!!

    Everything you state here is exactly my feeling 100%. I'm glad you posted this because I thought I was the only one and everybody I told didn't understand it. The Glock Grip angle Locks in my grip better than anything and always hit the safety on my draws on CZ's Tango's etc.. I draw the Glock and shoot, it's lightweight, it's accurate, there's aftermarket parts everywhere and they are a dream to work on and are cheap..
  7. bigtimelarry

    Extra power mag springs for production?

    Get these https://www.midwayusa.com/product/784211/wolff-magazine-spring-glock-17-17l-20-22-24-31-34-35-high-capacity-10-pct-extra-power
  8. bigtimelarry

    Mag capacity

    Is it a rule they have to paint the plates for each shooter or can the club just say it takes too much time or uses too much paint ? I just wonder if you get a miss but it might of edged the plate, how will you know ?
  9. bigtimelarry

    Mag capacity

    I got a buddy that one of the ranges he shoots Steel Challenge at, they Don't paint after every shooter, so in Production he says he loads 15 rounds in his Mags. He says if they Dont follow SCSA rules and paint after Every Shooter, why should he follow the 10 rounds in a Mag rule..
  10. bigtimelarry

    KC's Carry Optics Gun

    ZEV Trigger.
  11. bigtimelarry

    Atlanta Arms - 100Gr. Steel Challenge

    I was shooting their 115Gr. steel challenge too and it shoots nice, but after I shot their 100Gr. I dont want to shoot anything else but the 100Gr. It spoils you..
  12. Phenomenal.. Just shot some of the AA Steel Challenge 100Gr. They just came out with it not long ago and it shoots way softer than anything and is accurate.. https://atlantaarms.com/products/case-9mm-100gr-fmj-select-steel-challenge.html
  13. bigtimelarry

    Help with Finger Rubbing on Glock Trigger Guard

    I just wrap 2 bandaids around my middle finger before the match.. I dont even notice it now..
  14. bigtimelarry

    More Drop-in barrels in the market

    Wilson Combat drop in barrels suck.. Go with KKM..
  15. bigtimelarry

    Compensators allowed on RFPI

    I dont run a compensator and never had a problem with the Timer picking it up ?