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  1. Yeah, good idea. I'll file it and hit it with the buffing wheel and some Flitz.
  2. The length : 13lb - 122 mm long - 15lb - 137 mm long Cut the 15lb to 130mm and it will be like a 14lb. If I put the pigtail (Cut) end towards the front it falls thru the slide and if I put it the other way towards the back it works great but scratches up the Guide Rod. I do file the cut end so it's smooth but it still digs in. Any suggestions ?
  3. I have the Pure Tungsten Guide rod in my Glock 17 Gen4 using their 13lb spring but in my Gen 5 because it's longer the 13lb is sketchy. The 15lb is no problem but i like the feel with the 13lb but afraid to use it, i've tried it for maybe 50 rounds. I called Glockstore and asked them why they dont make a 14lb spring and they were lost. Is anybody successfuly using a 13lb spring with the Pure Tungsten Guide rod in their Gen 5 ?
  4. Shooting it in Open, keep an eye on the slide for cracks. I remember all the Glock 34's in Open cracking slides (maybe cuz the cutout) and Nagel ended up building all of Team Glocks Open guns on Glock 17's
  5. I put a Ghost 6.5 lb striker spring in my TP9SFX.. What's the difference between the Ghost 6.5 and the 29 Newton, is one lighter than the other ?
  6. Just go to Home Depot or Lowes and get a 2" or 3" wide safety tape, a roll is like 12 bucks will last for years.
  7. Try 4.0gr @ 1.125OAL and use a Jager SS Guide Rod with a 13lb ISMI spring and it will be perfect..
  8. bigtimelarry

    ZEV OZ9

    I dont think there's a better deal than a Canik TP9SFX. You put A stainless steel guide rod and a Freedomsmith trigger and you've got an awesome gun for a grand total of 650 bucks..
  9. The extra money you pay for N320 instead of Titegroup you'll save in time cleaning your gun. N320 (5 Minutes) Titegroup (30 minutes)
  10. What sight pusher did you use, i'll buy one ?
  11. Did you heat yours up ? which direction do they go on & off ?
  12. I'm changing the Sights on my Canik TP9SFX. First, do they go off and on a certain way, i know my Glocks left to right taking them off and visa versa installing. Also the Warren rear sight is kinda stuck, i gave some good whacks but stopped for now. I haven't messed with the front one yet. Do I need to heat the front and rear before removing ? Any help would be appreciated.
  13. What happens if you put the pig tail end of the spring towards the guide rod ? Is it a major difference ?
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