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  1. What sight pusher did you use, i'll buy one ?
  2. Did you heat yours up ? which direction do they go on & off ?
  3. I'm changing the Sights on my Canik TP9SFX. First, do they go off and on a certain way, i know my Glocks left to right taking them off and visa versa installing. Also the Warren rear sight is kinda stuck, i gave some good whacks but stopped for now. I haven't messed with the front one yet. Do I need to heat the front and rear before removing ? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. What happens if you put the pig tail end of the spring towards the guide rod ? Is it a major difference ?
  5. The TP9SFX has gotta be the best competition gun for the price hands down.. I can't believe I didn't get one sooner.. I'm having a Glock Clearance sale soon.
  6. I bought the W74 and i'm waiting on the Wolff 14 lb commander spring. I just wantes to make sure that's all I needed. The spring seats in the front of the slide ? I read people using glock adapters and machining them to fit ? I just got the gun, friggin love it..
  7. How many Grains with N320 ended up working ?
  8. Do you need any adapter for the commander spring ? Or does it just fit in the slide groove ?
  9. I wrap the base with masking tape, put it in a cordless drill and put Flitz on a Scothbrite Green pad and just spin it..
  10. Nothing beats the Apex FSS Trigger. It's as close to a 2011 as your gonna get
  11. I got a M&P M2.0 5" put a Apex FSS Trigger and dawson sights and it.s phenomenal.. Total spent including the Gun. 800 bucks
  12. Same here, Love my G17. Transitions fast, seems like it cycles faster in my eyes, just feels better.. Get a Vanek Housing and it has adjustable Pre-travel so you can take up some slack and put it where you want it.
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