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  1. I too have read all of Cormac McCarthy's books and have to say he is an acquired taste, but a good one and a great author with a deep feeling for his subject matter. As well as an acquired taste, it helps to be bilingual in English and Spanish, at least for the Border Trilogy. Of course now that it has come up, I guess it is about time to go back through for a second read. If you enjoy CM's novels, try H.L. Davis from Oregon. Davis wrote just a few novels back in the 1930's and '40's. His first novel, "Honey in the Horn", was written in 1935 and won the Pulitzer for Fiction in 1936. I also found and read a second of his books, "Winds of Morning", which was written about 10 years or so after "Honey in the Horn". I found the "feel" of his books to be much the same as Cormac McCarthy's. They can be difficult to find, but are worth it!
  2. Whitefish

    DPP Screws

    Try directly from Leupold as they are local to you. I lost a mounting screw for one of the original Deltapoints, called Leupold in Beaverton, and they sent me a couple of them.
  3. At an Area 1 match several years ago a Canadian shooter won 1st in C Limited and finished 16th overall in Limited. Places 2, 3, and 4 in C Limited finished 49, 50, and 51st overall and very tightly grouped in points in Limited. I just happened to be the guy in 4th C Limited and 51st overall. That 16th overall caught our attention and we were informed by the shooter in 2nd C and 49th overall Limited (also Canadian) that the C Limited winner was actually Master class in Canada and had shot only 4 US classifiers - two of which were Master level and two of which were tanked and in the teens, averaged out to high C class in Limited. So, he showed up at Area 1 and beat up on the rest of C class Limited. Did he game the system - yes, but what did it really get him besides beating up on shooters he should not have been in with? Thing was, he did not even bother to stick around for awards. This kind of thing happens all the time at majors and I am not sure there is a cure within the current system. That was years ago and it still rankles me a bit that I did not get a 3rd place in class award that I would have all things being equal. Guess this all boils down to the "integrity" of the other shooters which there is little control of.
  4. Arredondo extended (140mm) and Taylor Freelance 140 mm mag springs with a variety of Arredondo and Taylor Freelance basepads interchangeably. Still using the orginal TTI springs with the three TTI +5's I have, but see no reason why the Arredondos and the TF springs won't work just fine with the TTI basepads when replacement time rolls around. I believe Wolff makes them for both Arredondo and TF, just slightly different coiling design on the bottom. The Arredondos have a squared off bottom coil. The Arredondo springs are available in singles, 3-pack and 10-pack from many sources, including Shooters Connection. I usually just order TF directly from Robin, as he offers lower cost shipping than most. Give him a call if you need help on which springs. Both seem to last for a very long time and function well while doing so.
  5. Guess we just have to disagree on your points. Given a choice, I will bet very few would willing go for 10 rds.
  6. I for one shot CO from the start back when it was 10 rd. Didn't like the reloads, but did it anyway. Despite having the optic, participation was rather sparse and did not take off until USPSA went to 140mm mags and the attendant capacity increase. Match participation figures before and after do not lie.There was also that increase in allowed weight that allowed the CZ's and Tanfos to get in on the CO action, but I believe most of the increase was due to the mag capacity change. Now, CO rivals Open and Limited for number of shooters around here and is growing fast. I agree that the name shooters may be driving some of that, but we had very good production shooters around here back in the day, like Chuck Anderson, and it still dwindled in participation over the years. Right, Chuck???
  7. Not as odd as you might think. I am part of that minority as well. My nine major 2011 has a Brazos Thundercomp 2 comp/no holes and does just fine with the dot returning. I have found that the load and grip is every bit as important in where the dot goes. My Dawson 38 SC shorty has two barrel holes and with N105 and 3N38 powders makes a lot more noise and blast, plus a great light show. Yes, it is marginally flatter shooting, but you pay for it. The good part of that is that it generally keeps RO's and specttors well back from me. If the RO is close when I start, you can rest assured he isn't after that first shot!!!
  8. Thanks for the advance warning, Chuck! Come on over to the dark side, we have milk and cookies to share. Just for grins, I checked the sign-up for the upcoming USPSA match at ARPC on the 14th and found that CO is currently the division with the most competitors (17) signed up and 9 of those are unclassified. Open is currently 2nd with 16 shooters and Limited is 3rd, with 13 shooters. Those will not be the final figures, but it sure shows how the competitor pool is changing. I think that might change again if USPSA removed the 10 round limit for production as they did belatedly with CO.
  9. I stand corrected. I did not realize the HHF updates affected fixed time stages. Trust USPSA to take something simple and make it more complicated.
  10. Yes, we have all learned about your affinity for fixed time stages. The redeeming quality of fixed time classifiers is that the classifier percentage is based on your ability to maximize total points in the alloted time, not an elusive ever rising hit factor. The available total points, say 90 on an 18 rd max fixed time stage, is always going to stay the same and your classifier percentage is based on how many of those available points you get. 100% or 90 points is not going to change, unlike hit factors that always seem to go up these days.
  11. I recall back in the good old days my 38 Supercomp loads with 125 grain JHP's (and available 9x23 commeercial ammo) were running in the mid to high 40,000 psi range. That was based on the available testing info from the commercial 9x23 ammo. That is why most of us ran small rifle primers with the harder cups to prevent cratering and flattening. I am able to run small pistol primers with my current 9 Major ammo with the same 125 gr bullets (different powder) and no popple holes. All of that is predicated on powder and bullet selection (and popple holes), but I would be surprised if my 9 Major ammo is much, if any, over 45,000 psi, a long way from 75,000 psi. 75,000 is well beyond most rifle rounds and would almost certainly destroy a pistol in short order.
  12. One thing to keep in mind, especially in our section, is that the competition level (and number of shooters) in CO is going to be far greater than you are accustomed to in Revolver over the past year, but then you probably already know that from having participated in local matches in both Limited and Revolver. Plus, the number of people shooting CO is growing steadily and will only continue to do so. If it looks attractive to you, keep in mind that it does to others as well. Guess my advice is to pick a division and stick with it until you run out the string on you skill level, whether it is Limited, Revolver, or Carry Optics.
  13. It is, provided you cut it off/mill it, to be flush with the heel of the grip/gun and you do not exceed the maximum weight (unlikely with a Glock). The USPSA rule book clarifies flush as extending no more than 0.10" below the heel of the gun. This is in the CO appendix D7, Section 22.2 External Plugs. This section clearly states that plugs extending below the heel of the gun are not allowed, so you would have to mill off portion of the Seattle Slug that extends below the heel (+ the allowed 0.10") to be legal in CO.
  14. BarSto and Briley currently make Glock barrels that are specified as full gunsmith fit. Both are 1:16 twist rate. BarSto even calls their non-gunsmith fit Glock barrel "semi-fit" because depending on the individual Glock it may still require some fitting on the hood and lower lugs. Even KKM used to make gunsmith fit barrels for Glocks but ceased production on those a few years ago because as I was told by the owner (Kevin at the time), too many unqualified people tried to fit them, screwed them up, and sent them back to KKM demanding money back saying it was the company's fault. I still have a new gunsmith fit KKM barrel for a Gen 3 Glock 34 in my parts bin that I never got around to having my gunsmith fit. And yes, it can be worth it depending on how much accuracy you demand and need. I have two Glocks with gunsmith fit barrels that will hold inch to sub inch 5 shot groups at 25 yards with my handloads. My gunsmith (Open GM) shot a 5 shot group at 25 yards with my handloads (125 Zero JHP bullets with VV powder) that measured .625 inch when testing after fitting the KKM barrel in a Glock 17 open gun. He sent a photo of the group to me with a caption that read "so much for Glocks not be accurate"! And the gun is reliable. Your results may vary. That kind of accuracy demands a little luck with just the right Glock, good barrel fitting, a good barrel to start with, and a really good load!!!
  15. Load it to the sticking point. Press down on the top round with one thumb while grasping the mag and slap the bottom of the mag into your other palm. This should allow the follower to jump down past the transition point into the basepad. Then load it on up. You should be able to get 41, maybe 42 rounds. After a couple of times the follower should no longer stick and transition easily. Worked for me on three different 31 round Glock mags with TTI +10's and I did not even round corners on the follower or mag tube. That is the advice that Taran has been giving and that appeared in another thread a while back.
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