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  1. Arredondo makes +5 extended basepads for both the Magpul P-17 and P-15 9mm Glock mags. As with most of Ralph's products, they are polymer, so won't really add a lot of weight, and are about $24. I have seen them on his website and a couple of others.
  2. I too have used a variety of aftermarket barrels in my Glocks - KKM, BarSto, Briley, and Jarvis. BarSto is far and away the most expensive now, but have always performed at or near the top with either gunsmith fit or semi-fit (all of the semi-fit I have needed at least some fitting). I tried to get mine with a discount coupon from match prize tables to save a bit. Every Barsto I have has also needed a bit of throating as they have a very short leade to the rifling and can be bullet and OAL picky. Briley barrels down in Houston are all gunsmith fit last time I checked, but do perform well when
  3. I agree with you on this one, Guy. It was a Roger Corman "B" movie from 1960. A young Jack Nicholson as the dental patient who wanted "more pain" is priceless!
  4. This issue is not new or limited to TN. A few years ago I ordered a case of bullets from Precision in Kemp, TX. He used the flat rate USPS shipping. When it did not arrive and it appeared the tracking was messed up, I called both him and USPS. Turns out it got bounced back to him by a USPS facility in Copperas Cove, TX for being overweight - not once, but 2 or 3 times. That after he weighed it and so did the local PO in Kemp - both showed it ok for weight. The answer I eventually got was that it was the same person in Copperas Cove that bounced it back on weight each time and that the owner at
  5. Back in the day, many open shooters used WAP in their 38 Super open guns for major loads. And you are correct - Ramshot picked up the formulation of WAP and rebranded it as Silhouette after Winchester discontinued it. That after a SW Washington open shooter heard that Winchester was discontinuing WAP and basically bought up all the WAP he could find anywhere and everywhere. Anyway, haven't heard of many shooters using it or Silhouette for 9 minor. My thoughts are that it might be very dirty burning at lighter loads given the burn rate, but you never know until you try it. I've used Silhouett
  6. Senior moments seem to be creeping up today - That's what I get for not checking something I did months ago. I just checked the gun and in addition to the Ghost connector mentioned earlier, I also put in a Lightning Strike titanium plunger and swapped the stock dual recoil spring for a Jager captured steel guide rod with a lighter 15 lb ISMI recoil spring. And yes, I agree that .40 is probably better for limited, but I bought the Glock 41 on a GSSF discount and wanted to tinker with it. Boredom can get expensive these days! Already had a Glock 35 set up for limited - years ago. The OP said h
  7. Forgot that I also threw in a Ghost connector because I had it - think it was the 3.5 Ghost because it was lonely sitting in my parts bin, but it could have been the 4 or 4.5 Ghost (whatever they call it). Don't get your hopes up.
  8. I have a 41 set up for Limited - Carver aluminum magwell, Zev aftermarket trigger with adjustable pre-travel, Ligntning Strike lightened steel striker w/4.5 lb striker spring, new sights (Dawson f/o front and Heinie black rear), several magazines with Arredondo +4 basepads that make the 141.25 mm length limit, and fit 17 rounds of 45 ACP, plus a KKM drop-in barrel. The barrel is so I can shoot coated bullets without worry of build-up in the stock barrel, plus I like KKM. I set all this up and then covid hit, so haven't actually had it to a match. That is going to bump your budget by the time y
  9. Check your striker for similar wear/damage. It appears to me that the plunger is not clearing enough or fast enough to allow the striker past, thus the damage on the plunger. Did you also change to a different plunger spring with the kit? If that is the case, it is likely the culprit with your light strikes issue - plunger not clearing and interfering with the striker movement.
  10. Here is a posting I made quite a while ago about the 24 round 9mm mag and extension. The factory 24 round 9 mm mag and the 22 round 40 mag are the same stock length - somewhere in the low to mid 160mm range. Taylor Freelance makes a +3/4 mag extension specifically for them that will still be of legal length for open. "The +3/+4 basepad that Taylor Freelance already makes for the Glock 22 rd 40 mag to give it a 25 rd capacity also works on the 24 rd 9 mag. The stock 22 rd 40 mag is identical in length to the new 24 rd 9mm mag. The TF basepad gives me a reloadable capacity of 28 rds
  11. And that is only because the two local major revolver shooters that I know (one a vintage Model 25 that he bought just prior to the change (oops) and the other a 625 that I sold him years ago) are two damn cheap and hard-headed to invest in an 8-shot minor revolver!
  12. Yes, legal provided the following is met. The appendices for carry optics in USPSA rules (#22.2) states that an external plug that fits flush with the heel of the grip (extends no more that .10") is allowed. Plugs that extend more than that below the heel of the grip are not allowed. And, yes, the weight limit of 45 oz. including an empty mag and optic still applies (#18).
  13. Even better, I have RO'ed several shooters with Sliderides who turned on the dot while running to the second array. Oops! That is always such a treat to watch and listen to!
  14. I too have read all of Cormac McCarthy's books and have to say he is an acquired taste, but a good one and a great author with a deep feeling for his subject matter. As well as an acquired taste, it helps to be bilingual in English and Spanish, at least for the Border Trilogy. Of course now that it has come up, I guess it is about time to go back through for a second read. If you enjoy CM's novels, try H.L. Davis from Oregon. Davis wrote just a few novels back in the 1930's and '40's. His first novel, "Honey in the Horn", was written in 1935 and won the Pulitzer for Fiction in 1936
  15. Whitefish

    DPP Screws

    Try directly from Leupold as they are local to you. I lost a mounting screw for one of the original Deltapoints, called Leupold in Beaverton, and they sent me a couple of them.
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