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  1. As CharlieD helpfully pointed out to me in a message last night, the answer was actually in a reply to a post on their Instagram feed on the bottom of one web-page (Boomsquad). The poster wanted to know if it would fit Gen 3 and they replied, no, only Gen 4 and 5. Here is a link to that. Sure would be helpful if it clearly stated that on the product page. I also found that Robin Taylor stated on his website page for Seattle Slugs that he will have a redesigned Seattle Slug back in stock by the end of the year. No word on what that redesign entails though. https://www.instagram.com/p/CPx6QKin_gT/?utm_medium=copy_link
  2. The C&H web site only lists the Speed Feed Pro - brass for Gen 5 G17's. Does anyone know if they will also work seamlessly in a Gen 4 G17? Thought I would ask here before calling or e-mailing C&H. Thanks.
  3. The one good thing about 9x25 open guns was that you almost never had to ask a squad to stand back. If they didn't beforehand, they sure did after the first shot. The concussion was breathtaking and most RO's I knew tried mightly to avoid running an open shooter with one. Those guns fell out of favor rather quickly after guys started to get fractured teeth and or stress fractures in the elbow area - in addtion to the excess gas driving the gun down.
  4. Whitefish


    Shot Area 1 at Marysville, WA about 20 years ago and they had 20 some DQ's for a variety of violations. In fact, one of my friends had his match t-shirt embroidered with "I didn't dq at Area 1". I actually ended up getting recruited to RO by the CRO on one stage because one of the assigned RO's didn't show up on time after lunch. That was a trip because the first squad after lunch was the "super squad" with Rob Leatham, Travis Tomasie, and others. Actually, they were all real gentlemen and shot smoothly and safely - thank goodness. Actually, that stage was one of the notorious ones with several dq's on other squads, so based on those 20+ dq's for that match, I would have to agree that USPSA shooters can do stupid things at matches, especially the bigger ones with more on the line. My recollection is that George Jones came out from NJ and was one of the CRO's at that match as well.
  5. The literary character Bosch is left-handed. My understanding is that Titus Welliver is also naturally left-handed, but shoots with his right hand, as do many lefties (including my brother). That could have something to do with the confusing state of the mag positioning.
  6. Not fitting the USPSA gauge is not entirely on TTI. Fitting the gauge is a function of the magazine and the basepad combined, not the basepad alone. Mags for mass produced firearms can and do vary enough to cause the combo (sometimes) not to fit the gauge. Close only counts in horsehoes and hand grenades! That is why it is always best to check gauge fit "before" taking the mags to a match where they are checking, or even to a club match for that matter.
  7. I also have an SJC brass magwell on a 35, with a mix of Arredondo, Dawson, and Taylor Freelance +5 basepads - no issues. SJC also sells an aluminum magwell of the same profile, only much lighter in weight (and less expensive). Of note - Should you ever wish to go this direction, I have found that the SJC magwell does not play well with TTI basepads because it pushes down the retaining pin Taran uses when the mag is fully inserted.
  8. The comp probably is an early Lim turbo comp. Best bet, send your photo to Limcat and see if Johnny can identify it as one of his designs. Johnny experimented with lots of different configurations of that turbo comp over the years. I actually found a long ago photo of the Arredondo in a dead ad and it isn't like your's - similar, but no cigar.
  9. Ralph Arredondo also made a very similar comp years ago. Going strictly from memory, the one you have looks more like what I remember the Arredondo comp looking like. I will poke around and see if I can come up with a photo of Ralph's comp.
  10. Per their website description, Timney is now including a c-clip that goes between the sear housing and the screw that secures it to the trigger housing. Apparently, some were having issues with (over)tightening that screw and had the screw head actually pull through the polymer trigger housing or break a small piece out of it.
  11. I've used 4.2 gr of N320 with a 125 gr Zero jacketed bullet as my go to 9mm minor load for years. It has chrono'ed at several level 2 and level 3 matches with my Glock 17 CO gun (Jarvis barrel) at 133.5 - 133.7 pf and over 134 pf out of my G34 with a BarSto barrel. The last time, the RM (also a USPSA NROI instructor) gave me a hard time about making minor before chrono'ing, so I bet him that it would make it and would be just short of 134 PF - made 133.7 pf out of the G17. Naturally, he just made a face and steadfastly refused to pay up!
  12. My recollection is that VV 330 is closer to the burn rate of AA#5, so a slower burning powder than VV320. In fact, I recall that one local open shooter even tried it in his open loads and really liked it. Of course, that was many years ago. I too, use VV320 in everything from 9 minor to 40 major and like the performance very much.
  13. Just saw a Romeo 3 Max 6 moa listed in the Enos classifieds. One of his photos is looking through the sight at the dot. Photos really don't do dots justice, but it could give you an idea of the size of Sig's 6 moa dot.
  14. Are you absolutely set on the max 3 moa instead of the 6 moa if you go with the Max? Actually, I prefer dots in the 6 - 8 moa range for CO and Open. Reason I ask is that over the last few days I've seen the Romeo 3 Max 6 moa at Midway USA and Eurooptic on sale for $100 off at $499.99. The 3moa Max was not on sale and was still $599.99 when I looked.
  15. The brass Taylor Freelance basepads have been on the same mags for several years, but I rarely take them off to clean the mags and also only cram them full to 23 when it can make a real difference. That very tight 23rd round can also accelerate wear on the mag catch ledge and mag catch. Every Glock mag is different as to how tight that will be - even among different generations of Glock mags. I should have added that I use Arredondo polymer basepads a lot because we have sharp gravel surface bays around here and they stand up better to being dropped. Aluminum and even the brass basepads really get nicked up over time when dropped on that gravel.
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