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  1. Is your over travel set too fine? Test it using this: https://czcustom.com/knowledge-base/how-to-install-a/cz-trigger-over-travel-screw-test.html If you find your over travel was set too fine, I would suggest changing the sear and hammer at a minimum. When I experienced this, I tried changing just my sear but my hammer was also too far gone to salvage. I personally would suggest changing the sear, sear spring, hammer and hammer spring. You will have everything tore apart and this would be a good opportunity to change them out. If your over travel is fine, I would suspect a worn/weak sear spring allowing your sear to bounce. Luckily your gun is catching half cock not allowing it to fire.
  2. MRevolutionIX

    CZ TSO Holster

    Red Hill Tactical holster on a CR Speed C-BAX production hanger.
  3. I have 2 in 40. What’s the reason for the question?
  4. Wow! Flattered to hear your guys’ decision was based off of some of my videos. I am just an “Average Joe” and am very humbled by this. Thank you guys for supporting my channel. I try my best to showcase the CZ platform.
  5. I made a video to help out another TSO owner regarding this. The only thing that has changed for me since making the video is I use 180 gr Gallant Bullets now. I hope this helps.
  6. I started shooting limited division with a couple CTS’ from CZ Custom and have been shooting a couple of TSOs for the last year. After cracking a slide on one of my CTS’, I made it a point to try and be as competitive as I could be with the TSOs with minimal modifications. Even though I have never competed with a 2011 platform, I do not feel the TS platforms have held me back. I win local matches and have placed well at major matches, to include winning last years Idaho Sectional, and am only getting better with them. If the TS platforms work for you ergonomically, I say be different and hunt the 2011s. If you like being able to change a bunch of parts to make something work better for you, the 2011 might be your best option.
  7. Just a rainy local match up here in Northern Utah.
  8. My vote goes to Red Hill Tactical. As for the CR Speed hanger, I also run that hanger and I cut the rod once I got the height adjusted where I wanted it.
  9. 50 degree weather in February? I’m not complaining one bit!
  10. MRevolutionIX

    TS Orange

    No but I did relieve them internally... I forgot about that mod. I would accidentally engage the safety when shooting. Even with the slightest nudge, it would render the guns on safe. I relieved them so the levers needed to be in the fully up posistion to be on safe.
  11. MRevolutionIX

    TS Orange

    I am running a 13lb recoil spring and 15lb hammer spring from cajun gun works, Dawson Precision front sight, cut factory CZ rubber grips and blended factory magwell. For my magazines, I am running CZ Custom base pads, springs and followers.
  12. MRevolutionIX

    TS Orange

    I run a pair of them in limited and have very minimal mods done. They run and are competitive against the field.
  13. I haven't posted a video here in a while. Here is my footage from this weekend.
  14. How many rounds do you have on it? I was really hoping these sights would hold up compared to other adjustable rears.
  15. I use the 10 coil springs and 140mm base pads from CZ Custom. https://czcustom.com/cz-parts-all/base-pads-extensions/czc-spring-and-follower-kit-10.html?___SID=U
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