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  1. It'll take a little to get used to shooting Major but not much. You're going to have to dial things up a notch too. This might mean being more aggressive, more shooting on the move, less stopping. Trying to blend shooting positions together. The goal being to essentially be shooting constantly. Make up shots are still bad, sure you might come into a position with 8 pieces of steel and have 15+ rounds in the gun. But if you take 5 or 6 make up shots you're going to be way off the pace for the stage. The HHF's are going to be higher so the extra time you add taking make up shots is going to hurt more then loosing the same amount of time in a minor low cap division.
  2. I find it kind of interesting that when we were talking about adding divisions there was concern over watering down the competition. Many seemed to not think that was a big deal and were more focused on how much it would grow the sport. And here we are talking about what divisions are being cannibalized the most. And locally the turn out doesn't seem to have grown any more than normal. It doesn't really matter now, but it's interesting to see how the sport is changing.
  3. My local club (that is affiliated) had 50 guns this month and of those zero registered with a classification. Seems like my area doesn't care.
  4. You must shoot at big clubs, around here the majority of people aren't classified anyway. And even if everyone was, once you split us up by division and class we'd all be competing against ourselves. Not really much point, unless you like being high C class in production when you were the only C class production shooter. Like moto said, people who aren't going to majors don't seem to care about classification.
  5. Would that really be a bad thing? Does classification even matter at a local?
  6. It's a hard stage, I'm sure lots of people don't want to put in the work to learn how to do it well. That's not a surprise to me.
  7. You probably could of just shot 1 gun. Or skip matches during the really hot months at clubs you know to be so hot. Or stay in a hotel so you don't have to drive so much in one stretch. Or even stick to matches closer to home. Or try to change the game to limit everyone you what you can do.
  8. The way the system works, there will be a big gap in GM's at majors it's the nature of the beast. I have paid much attention, but I assume it's still your best run ever for each stage goes toward your classification, right? Your on demand performance at a match is going to be much lower. You also have the potential for gun problems or just off days that puts those GM's lower in the results. I assume they could petition to get their classification lowered if they felt the were no longer competitive. If GM's make up 4% of the shooters, them being over classified isn't really a big deal. If B class is 30%, there is potentially a lot more B class guys that should really be C class. I think most GM's probably realize the chances of them winning anything after becoming GM dropped considerably.
  9. If it's a problem and we started adjusting classification for GM's, we should do the same for all classifications. In fact, it's probably more of a issue for every other classification then it is for GM.
  10. Has it always done this? Or did it run fine for a long time then start? Try pulling the sear, color the tip with sharpie. Put the hammer and sear back in and dry fire a few times. I leave the slide and GS off and just catch the hammer with my thumb so I don't have to put the gun all the way back together. Once you do that pull the sear and see if you have contact on both sides with the hammer.
  11. I'm sure I've run 60-70K + Blue Bullets in the last few years. I've never ordered the oversized bullets. I've most shot 40, but some 9 and 38 super too. My accuracy standard is a group in the head box at 25 yards. If I can do that I'm happy. I never shoot from bags or a rest or anything like that, I don't see the point. You shouldn't see leading either way if loaded correctly, I'd try some of the standard ones if they work roll with it. If you feel like the accuracy just isn't there try going to the oversize bullets. The gunsmith who chambered my barrels uses a .400 reamer. so in theory my guns will feed better with 400's then 401's. I have shot some 401's that someone gave me, so they still work. Also you should need a little less bell and be less likely to scrape off the coating when you're loading the smaller bullets. That's not really a big deal, you just need to set your press up appropriately.
  12. I've been involved with a Area match the last 4 years as the sponsor coordinator. All the staff get two staff jerseys for the 3 days of the main match. (good idea to wash one of them) And they are supposed to wear them. The jersey's have all the division sponsors logo's on them and the sponsor expect to see staff wearing those logo's. It also looks a lot more professional IMO to have all the staff look the same. Same with having all the walls built and painted the same. Things like that make the match look much more professional, and I expect that from the higher level matches.
  13. Which area is this? I was the only one at area 3 last year. Area 8. This year we had 10 shooters. But we have lost some guys just not due to 8 shot. I don't see Alec's name, I've stopped shooting revolver and I can think of two more solid shooters who were at that match and used to shoot revolver. All shot under the 8 shot rules and seemed to like them. It's just hard to keep more serious guys interested in a division with a dozen shooters and only a couple good shooters to compete against. Limited for example had 12 Masters and 8 GM's. Revolver had 10 shooters most of which are B or C class.
  14. Our Area match would have 6-8 revolver shooters pre 8 shot. Now it typically has a little over 10. Not really ground breaking, but not a lose either.
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