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  1. I admit was pretty pissed, but I was already having a bad day. A few days later I did talk to the AC about it and he said he'd talk to the SO. I shot a bunch of IDPA majors this year, and thinking back I've had a lot more good experiences then bad. So I'll continue to shoot IDPA, although this year I will be focusing more on USPSA.
  2. Nope, I said something to the CSO who said he'd called it that way before and the MD upheld it so I just let it go.
  3. Made up as they go might be worded a bit aggressively. But, you have to know what he means and of seen similar if you've been shooting IDPA as long as you claim. I shot a level 3 this year and they were enforcing reloading rules in the open differently on two stages in bays that were right next to each other. They may not of literally been making it up, but it could certainly seem that way as you shot the match. I was also told at a level 2 this year that a popper was not engaged until it fell, shooting at it didn't count. At a level 4 I ran out of ammo on the last target and only shot once. I received a PE, and a FP on top of my -5 for that. We could debate which one I should of gotten, but why did I get both? 18 seconds of penalty time on a 17 second stage. A more recent match I saw something that seemed silly to me. Prone position, shooting under a car. No cover, target equal distance engage in any order you want. But, there were fault lines, if you're foot was out you got a PE. Now the rule book says fault lines are there to ensure the shooter is behind cover, so why would they use them when there is no cover? Just to give out PE's? This was at the World Championship. This was all just in the last year of major matches only. I think these are probably examples of what makes people think the rules are made up on the fly.
  4. I see similar, not che-lee and gooldy specifically because I'm in a different area so I see different guys at majors but there are a couple. Same as you at locals I see more of them helping. A couple really good Masters in the area are even MD's.
  5. Around here we don't have a squad RO to sign up and I probably wouldn't do that either. Like Moto around here it's shared among the squad. Most GM's in the area are either RO's, CRO's or know the rules well enough to fill in if needed. It's not uncommon to see them with the timer in there hand, or helping set up, tear down and assisting the MD's. It's not many, but again the pool isn't that big to begin with. But I do see a few good M and GM guys working majors in the area every year.
  6. The fix to that is generally show up a hour or two early and walk the stage. Take their advantage away from them.
  7. That's to bad, perhaps attitude drives people away.
  8. Around here that's not how it is. Keep in mind we're talking about a handful of guys spread out over a lot of matches. Sure there are more lower class guys helping, but I bet there is a higher % of high level guys who help then low level guys. Think about it if there a 5 local GM's and 3 of them are working matches in some capacity, but there are a thousand B and C class shooters in the area and 100 are helping, one group will look like they are doing all the work. You may just need to open your eye's.
  9. Those stages are lazy IMO. I've seen several of them, all basically the same concept. I could show up early and build one of those with zero thought or effort. All it does is screw the guys who don't get there early enough to walk the stages. At majors it hurts staff the most because they wont have time to game it, and the guys shooting on Sunday and walking stages on Saturday have the biggest advantage. Typically shooting skill has little to do with your finish.
  10. Not always, as a example if you're shooting CO and Max misses his flight suddenly your % goes up. I was at a Area match and watched the winner fall down twice during the match. Probably not his best performance but he still won and everyone else's % was based on what he did that day. It's also possible everyone just got better that day too. I don't know.
  11. How you do against the overall winner isn't a great way to measure improvement. That makes you improvement based in part on someone else's performance, not just yours.
  12. If you think people wont stay a lower class for a $6 plaque you should go shoot IDPA. Standard practice is match bump then switch divisions. Repeat for all divisions and classifications. I decided to shoot the IDPA "Worlds" this year in a division I was EX in. A lot of guys thought I was crazy for going out and shooting a classifier to get bumped to MA right before the match. Just think, I could of won high EX I would of felt like I was sandbagging and that's lame.
  13. I don't recall anything about strong or weak side, was that the rifle match or pistol match? This was done at the pistol match
  14. I think they'd of let anyone do this you just had to ask the right question. I did ask if my arms could be past the board and was told yes. And I was told I could touch the ground past the board too. I didn't consider what he did until he told me about it that night. *It's still lame, you shouldn't have to play 20 questions to figure out a stage.
  15. I had a buddy shoot the prone warm up stage buy putting his arms under the 4x4 with his elbows on the ground and then brought the gun up to his eye line and sighted over the 4x4 and shot it like that. No PE
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