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  1. I would probably go Major, at Nat's I would expect a lot of partials, and my reloads are pretty good anyway. For me, I shot SS all last year, first half of the year Major, 2nd half Minor. Looking at my results at the end of the year it seemed I did better shooting major. So I would likely lean major anyway, unless I looked at the stages and they made it clear Minor would be better. I've shot matches where the way the stages we set up the extra 2 rounds did nothing for me at all. I've also shot matches in major where it seems like I was at slide lock all day long, and would of loved those extra 2 rounds.
  2. The other problem we have in this area is just too many shooters. It's not uncommon for a match to have 15-20 person squads. Some limit the number of shooters and have a wait list, some don't turn people away and just make the squads really big. But just about all the established clubs are running at capacity. So running more than one gun would just mean less guys at the match. I think that may be a problems some what unique to certain area's of the country.
  3. Then you clearly are not the average shooter. Most guys don't seem motivated to paste when they are only shooting one division let alone two. The way i see it going down, on a 10 person squad one guy shooting two divisions. That means he's shooting twice, on deck twice, and loading mags after his run twice. That's 6 of the 10 runs that he's not helping reset. Some shooters wont help reset when they are in the whole, that get's him up to 8 of the 10 runs he's not helping. And that is assuming he doesn't waste time running his mouth like the rest of us. Get two or three guys doing this and you'll have a mess on your hands. I haven't shot a match that allows this yet, if it starts to become a thing and it does go like I'm predicting I'll stop going. But, hopefully I'm wrong. Not to mention from the competitive side I don't know that I like the idea of someone I'm shooting against getting a practice run on every stage.
  4. I hear Rudy is looking for people.
  5. Rowdy brought up a good point, drop that CZ and get a Walther. Boom get paid, all you have to do is win. Look up Blue Bullets, they have a contingency program. So as long as you're winning with the Walther and getting paid, may as well get free bullets for the same win. Not sure if anyone else has a contingency program going right now or not.
  6. PCC was pitched as if it wasn't going to require changing the game. Making the shots overly difficult just so it'll be a challenge with a rifle would be changing the game wouldn't it? Certainly guys shouldn't be trying to get others DQ'd. I've not run into that. The closest I've heard was something like this. "hey how is PCC going to do this?" "Shoot.....f-it,..... I guess they'll have to figure it out" This was likely followed by some jokes, can't recall. But, this was after the stage was build and on the ground maybe a hour before hammer down. A prop manipulation that had been done at this club in the past suddenly seemed like problem. We have some good PCC shooters in the area, no one DQ'd so I guess they figured it out. I didn't get to see how they did it.
  7. Hard leans have always been part of USPSA. You don't want the whole sport to get easier just because leans are hard with a PCC do you?
  8. That sounds dumb. So I'll have to bump my load up from 170-172 to 185 or so. Harder on me, harder on my gun, more money in components. Oh and I get to down load all my mags to 18, the RO will have to keep track to make sure I didn't load 19 so he can bump me to open. All that and it would still be dumb to shoot minor.
  9. So what you're saying is you think how someone uses the product changes what the product is. If a shooter just rests his thumb on a GoGun GP, then it's just a thumb rest. But if someone else using a Akai rest but actively engages their the thumb, the Akai's thumb rest becomes a GasPedal. Kind of like when a pistol becomes a short barreled rifle if you put the brace on your shoulder. To me, to see a shooter win with say a GP on their gun, and say that shooter is using some special technique the GP guy claims he invented seems....disingenuous. Like he is trying to take credit for someone else's hard work. He can't know how all of those shooters are using the thumb rest on their guns. Or claim that his product doesn't something different then one of a different shape or size. It's to bad he's not on the forums, we'll never know. All you have to go on is what you've heard others say at the range and the marketing you see on their web site right? So you're not exactly a authority on the subject.
  10. If it doesn't break it'll be worth the $$
  11. It doesn't seem all that different to me. The path your hand takes will be almost exactly the same, the difference is on you full acquire your grip before you pull the gun, the other you don't. It's a minor change but certainly feels vary different. So for example would you recommend staying away from AIWB since the gun is in a different location and your hand would need to take a different path? Do you think in a real life encounter your start position will be wrists below belt? The only way the scoop is really doable is wrists below belt, typically with your hand touching the back side of the holster. I would bet most guys who do a scoop only do it on the standard wrists below belt starts. For everything else their draw will be more standard. To get good IMO you need a big bag of tricks, all it takes is practice.
  12. Aren't they already radically different? Holster style and placement, plus lack of concealment garment. We have to learn lots of different draws in this game, there are lots of different possible start positions. You need to be good at all of them. I guess I'm saying I don't see it really messing you up any. Not trying to convince you to do a scoop draw, I don't do them myself.
  13. I doubt anyone is doing a true scoop draw from concealment.
  14. Saying a GasPedal isn't a thumb rest is like saying the gaspedal in my car isn't a gaspedal because it's a accelerator. Everyone knows exactly what it is and changing the name doesn't change the product. And welcome back.
  15. What combo of ports, comp etc along with load are you running in your open gun to make major and minor feel the same?
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