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  1. Half blind, out of shape, right handed
  2. I ordered some wolff extractor springs to try.
  3. I think he's say a S2 OR is illegal but, you can buy a plain S2 and buy all the S2 OR parts and install them and have a legal S2 that is identical to a S2 OR......And I'm sure chrono guy will run the serial number and determine if your gun is legal or not. Honestly the stupidity of the rules is starting to get to me. I almost want to go back to IDPA.
  4. It'd be hard to find a reasonable gun to fit the box with a optic on it. So this division would probably just be 5" limited guns with 126mm mags. So why bother?
  5. I live in MD If you can, consider VA, DE, or PA depending where you plan to move exactly. Not that we couldn't use more 2A friendly voters but MD sucks. You're supposed to register all your regulated firearms with the state police in the first 90 days. You should check out the details of what we banned in 2013 with our assault weapons ban. You might have something you can't bring with you. If you have any handguns not on our approved list you'll need to send them to be reviewed and approved by the state. 6 months or so process. If you want to buy handguns you'll need a
  6. I am not using a buffer, recoil spring was something I was considering. It seems to be getting it out of the chamber so maybe if it had some extra velocity it would chunk it better. but that's just a guess.
  7. I've been running a CED for 5-6 years now. Closest thing to a problem I've had is forget to turn it off and find out the battery is dead next time I go to use it. I can't see any reason to spend more on something else that does the same job.
  8. I have a shadow 2, and I have 2 slides with dots on them . The photo isn't a actual malfunction it's a recreation for explanation purposes. Both slides have had this happen The round count is pretty low on both slides, and this doesn't happen often maybe 5 times total in a few thousand rounds I've put on the gun. The slide in the photo currently has a new stock extractor spring in it. For a while I did have a extra power extractor spring and I don't remember it doing this then but I may have just not shot enough. The extra power spring was causing feeding issues, even with a 13 lbs
  9. I've wondered about this too. If the WSB can say you can't use your light what else can it limit? Can it say you can't use your mag pouches or magnet on a stage where your mags start on the table? Can it tell you to turn off your dot? No laser for PCC on those stages where they try to hip shoot the first target? I'm sure creative stage designers will be able to come up with some PIA s#!t.
  10. You see them frequently at IDPA majors. Typically it's a club that has a indoor range and they utilize it as one of the bays and turn the lights off. I think it would be cool to shoot low light stages and it's my understanding that uspsa had them back in the old days. But I agree they will not be common.
  11. I think it would be a advantage, it will be much easier to see your sights with a illuminated target. Does troy design all the stages? Listening to pod cast Mason mentioned the same concern on one. He said he'll have a light on his gun before Nat's which is only a few months away. He's not going to risk going into a match with a potential disadvantage like that. I can't say that I blame him, and I don't think he's wrong.
  12. Lol get rid of welfare open? It's only the most popular division now, but let's keep the 10 single stack shooters. Not bias at all there.
  13. Define impossible. Thinking about the shoot house in FP where nationals is regularly. I can see a light being a advantage on that stage with iron sights. So if you were a super squader would you go into nationals knowing you may give up some points to the other top guys on that stage and assume you'll make it up somewhere else? Might that bleed over into the lower classes? I could see lights becoming pretty common, especially at indoor matches.
  14. I'd go to RHT, look at the list of lights they make holsters for and pick one
  15. I can tell you shooting Limited with a light full of lead prior to this rule change I was asked by a RO on a stage once if my light functioned. When I said no, he did not check and took my word for it. It's probably also worth noting that I only shot one major with that gun. I would not be surprised to get spot checked at matches. It'd be best if they spot check you before you shoot their stage. It'd be a dick move to check at ULSC. Now, as you said it could fail at any time so they can't prove you shot any of your previous stages with it not functioning. But, I can see them sayin
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