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  1. Obviously, but if you don't activate it you get misses for shots that were hits, and a FTSA for a target you shot at. Seems like silly IDPA rules to me. If it were up to me I'd of just made it a PE for not activating. Well, really I would of just left it alone it wasn't broken to begin with.
  2. It does seem dumb that you would get two mikes and a failure to shoot at for a target you shot at and hit with the required number of rounds. What is this IDPA?
  3. Why not just buy 10 round mags for your 1911 and use the same gun you use in single stack. If it were me I'd shoot SS over L10 any day. In fact my SS gun is a 40 so I can load 10 in my mags anyway, yet I've never shot L10
  4. I wonder how often what we think we do is different from what we really do. Draws are fast, and a lot of things happen in that short amount of time. With out watching yourself on video can you be sure you don't get on the trigger a tenth early? It seems likely all we're talking about is .10 seconds My thinking, I know my draw at 7 yards can be around .7 seconds sometimes better. My draw at 20 yards I feel I get to the gun and get the gun up in the same time, I just spend a extra .5 second or so getting the sight picture I want before I let the round go. Most of that .7 is going to be getting my hand to my gun and the gun out of the holster. I have no way to measure it, but from the time my gun clears the holster to the time it gets to my eye line can't be more then .25 seconds. So if I got on the trigger half way between my holster and line of sight we'd be talking about .12 seconds early. If you're waiting until the last few inches we're probably looking at hundredths of a second early. I don't think I get on the trigger early, but honestly I'm not sure with out watching some slow motion video of my draw.
  5. If you listen to Jerry talk about shooting a wheel gun where every shot is DA he'll mention keeping the cylinder constantly moving. So really he's trying to constantly be prepping the trigger. Which means he's pulling the trigger even on transitions before he gets to the target he's going to shoot next. But, what does he know?
  6. How about this as a example, SC has 13 divisions and 6 classifications. That's 78 potential matches with in any one main match. At the club level that is potentially more then you will have shooters. And even at big matches where you have 500 guns, you really only have 100 shooters shooting 5 times. It gets to point where none of it really matters. Just like inflation, you print more dollars they are worth less, the more awards you hand out the less they are worth.
  7. Stop using index points for hands at sides, then when they aren't there for a funny start it will matter less.
  8. Wouldn't you just take the best time? Think about the difference between Limited and SS, it's capacity, weight, and holster. Capacity doesn't matter in this game, and heavy isn't better in a game with no PF. I run the same holster set up for SS and Limited so clearly I don't put much stock in fancy holsters. So why would SS not already have the same time as Limited? The fact that the peak time for SS is currently wrong doesn't mean it should stay that way. For those hypothetical shooters, in time that high C will improve and be a low B. And that low C will work his way up to high C and get to beat up the newer low C's coming in. It's the circle of life.
  9. I don't recall the numbers exactly but a couple years ago A8 had a stage with some plates that could be seen from anywhere with in the shooting area. This meant you could engage them from as far away as about 70 yards. If you engaged them from the location of the last paper target they were about 50 yards. Or you could run up a additional 40 yards and shoot them from 10. I think most guys ran up. The fastest times for staying back and running up were basically the same. And the RO's made the run with every shooter who ran up. I thought this was a good stage, there was a lot of debate as to what was going to be better.
  10. I'd hand you a roll of white piasters and let you clean up your mess.
  11. 1 the ban didn't stand, and it wasn't just Ben. 3. Printed rule books. Some clubs don't have internet, and are out in the sticks where you're phone wont work. Which means if you don't print the rule book you wont have one. They are worried about clubs not having the most up to date rules on site, I get that. A better solution IMO would be to not change the rules so often 3B. in my area we could use more clubs. Around here it's not uncommon for club matches to sell out and have a wait list. When there are to many shooters for the local matches you need more clubs. Have you ever shot on a 20 man squad? Mike V. Certainly didn't give much detail, I don't really see him winning.
  12. I'm not sure what I would of done. I probably would of looked at him funny at least. It wouldn't be worth getting worked up over. I typically just try to roll with what ever they are trying to tell me to do it's just not worth the hassle. I try to relax and have fun. But, if they give me to much s#!t I know the rule book pretty well to push back when needed. And I'm not afraid to take it to go over the CSO's head. Same goes for USPSA, but I've only run into a situation where I felt I was getting hosed by the CRO once and had to call the RM.
  13. I was close, I've only got to shoot that stage once before. I have to travel to big matches to shoot that and don't really have time for that. But I liked the stage and the movement aspect honestly. Seems like moving smoothing and being ready to shoot as soon as you get in the next box would be more important then foot speed with such a short movement. That and being able to call a hit and move immediately after breaking the last shot in the first box, maybe even be leaning out on that shot.
  14. Isn't it like 6' of movement? And you do it what 3 times? I'm not exactly in great shape and even I wouldn't call that cardio.
  15. It's really pretty typical for a IDPA match, I've been to level 3's and had rules being enforced differently from one bay to the next. Like Rowdyb said you have to pick your battles. I was at a match last year and a shooter on my squad got a PE. The SO said he knew it was a PE because he got one for the same thing the year before at a major. And the SO that gave him that PE said she knew it was a rule because she had previously gotten the same PE at a major. As a squad we thought it was BS and told him to call the MD, who is also the AC. The MD overturned the PE and explained the current wording of the rule to the SO. Good example of how this stuff just spreads.
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