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  1. Can you shoot slow fire groups with out dropping shots? Probably no need in adding time pressure if you can't first hit the target with out that added pressure. I wouldn't worry about changing ammo, that's not going to fix the problem. If you can shoot groups, live fire drills to look up are Stoegers doubles, and practical accuracy. I also really like the Frank Garcia Dot drill. That is a really hard drill, I've never completed all 6 dots in a row. To pull it off your fundamentals need to be on point. You're probably pushing the gun down as you fire. Pay close attention to what your firing hand is doing. If you really pay attention you might be able to feel yourself push the gun down. Try to keep your eye's open so you can see the sight if it moves as the shot breaks. If you can get to where you can see and or feel what you're doing wrong it'll be easier for you to fix then just having someone on the internet tell you what to do. It's likely something you'll always struggle with and need to work on. Even the best guys drop shots low from time to time.
  2. It's claimed to come with a tung plug and is going to weight 2 oz more. But, my first thought was lighter too.
  3. I can't imagine you could tell the difference in just 2 oz. The bigger difference would be how the aluminum makes the gun feel. I've never shot a aluminum framed gun, so no idea. I wouldn't mind trying the two side by side just to see what they feel like.
  4. I guess that is a something then. 2 oz of weight and a few oz of trigger pull doesn't seem like much for 15-20%. If I already had a X5 or Legion I wouldn't be rushing out to buy one. But, Sig is pretty genius to slowly release upgraded versions of the same gun like this. Lots of people in the shooting world need to have the latest and greatest and will rush out to buy the new hotness.
  5. Aluminum, will this even be heavier then the legion? What is the benefit to justify the extra expense?
  6. I have a few of them and they are great, but a EGW extractor is just as good if not better for a fraction of the cost.
  7. I don't know that your statement is accurate, but it at least sounds. You've never been able to just add weight to a gun in IDPA, Adding weight in USPSA production is a pretty new thing.
  8. IDPA rules are really a mess anyway. My AC said they are no longer enforcing the Bull barrel rule as long as your gun passes the "CCW Sniff test" but there is no specific criteria of what that is. So honestly at that point I don't see any reason to really follow the add on weight rules.
  9. Seems like CO is the perfect place to go if you're looking to shoot minor with a high cap gun. Why bother trying Limited Minor, when you can add a dot and be competitive in a vary similar division?
  10. Most of the matches I've worked staff got hotel and match fee covered. Two match jersey's, a match T-shirt, Staff dinner, some kind of staff gift, random prizes at staff dinner (everyone wins something decent) and a chance at the random drawing for competitors too, lunch provided everyday plus water and gator-aide. I feel like that should be the minimum, but I know there are a lot of matches that don't go nearly that far for staff. I assume the staff at the FO was compensated pretty well considering the entry fee.
  11. So how does one go from RO'ing just at the club level to RO'ing at a LVL 2?
  12. You can always take those guys and put them with a experienced crew so they can learn. But typically you will only get fairly serious guys looking to spend 3-4 days working a match not the guy's you are describing.
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