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  1. Racinready300ex

    How Many Points Down?

    You should try to be clean on the 5x5 or any stage for that matter. A point or two wont kill you, but double digits certainly is to many. I don't like being down double digits for a match let a lone a stage.
  2. Racinready300ex


    HS-6 is pretty dirty
  3. Racinready300ex

    coated bullets and consistency

    Brand? I ask because a quality set of calipers (probably set you back at least $100+) are typically accurate to +/- .001 if used correctly. If you have a lower end set that was like $25 they probably not that accurate. I know it may show .0005 on the screen, but that doesn't mean it can read that accurately. In reality to get a good number at you should probably be using a mic that will cost a lot more than calipers. Do you see huge swings in velocity? Do you get really bad groups? The difference of a .355 - .358 in a .355 barrel should be vary noticeable on the chrono.
  4. Racinready300ex

    coated bullets and consistency

    What do you use to measure the diameter?
  5. Racinready300ex

    coated bullets and consistency

    FYI - The coating wassn't really coming off, it was just a dust from sizing that was left on the bullet. They now run all the bullets through a giant washer to wash off that dust.
  6. Racinready300ex

    Dawson Tool-Less Guide Rod Failure

    I'd probably just stake both ends. You could also send it back or just buy another one they're not expensive. I think it's a great product, and have used them in several guns.
  7. Racinready300ex

    A New SIG Max.....

    I went to a .090 on mine. All my guns have that width front. Whether or not it effects your group is probably on you. Equal height, equal light it should hit where you aim.
  8. Racinready300ex

    Looking at gun (vs target) during draw stroke

    If it's a odd start position I'll look at the gun other wise I'm looking at the target or where I'm going to move too.
  9. Racinready300ex

    Getting DQed. A lot.

    I would think you need to try to put more pressure on yourself at club matches. Try to treat each one as if it were nationals to simulate the pressure. Maybe go to other clubs with better shooters to try to push yourself more. This will also get you out of your comfort zone. Do you ever video your practice? Maybe you can decide a head of time you will record and post video of your cold run no matter how bad it is. That might give you a little pressure to work with. That anxiousness probably isn't going away, you need to learn to work with it.
  10. Racinready300ex

    Shooting First in squad....

    I'm cool with that too, but I've also shot stages that took a couple people 30 mins just to figure out how to shoot all the targets. And unless you get there the day before or someone tells you exactly what to do you're hosed. One that comes to mind, I was pretty new and had a more experienced shooter not said told me exactly what targets to shoot from each location I never would of got it. And it still took me more than 5 min. That I don't like.
  11. Racinready300ex

    Shooting First in squad....

    Another reason to have shooting challenges and not memory challenges. I don't think stages need to be so difficult to remember everyone can't get it done in 5 minutes. That's not what makes a stage good IMO. I'm a big fan of getting to the match early to figure things out, but that doesn't always work out.
  12. Racinready300ex

    No divisions, only classes?

    I see you're classified in Production, Limited, L-10, Revolver, Single Stack etc. So why do you shoot all these divisions? All the guns you used to get those classifications are already legal in Open. You could be leading by example to show us how well this would work. But for some reason you shoot other divisions when you're using gear that isn't competitive in Open. Is that to protect your feels? Funny how that works.
  13. Racinready300ex

    No divisions, only classes?

    Wouldn't it make more sense to eliminate the classes? With your system if a shooter runs a stage with a Open gun and has a HF 5.0 he beats a Revolver shooter that had a HF of 4.99. Does that make the Open shooter the better shooter? Or did he just buy that finish?
  14. Racinready300ex

    No divisions, only classes?

    It does seem vary libertarian of you to want to take away everyone else choice of division and force them to shoot Open with inferior equipment.
  15. Racinready300ex

    No divisions, only classes?

    That's not what would happen, the minute you go back you'll be getting stomped by the other guys who don't practice. So your only option is get stomped by everyone and blame it on there gun or compete with a gun you may not want to compete with, or quit.