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  1. Those results sound completely reasonable to me.
  2. Just shoot what ever you like....with in reason that is. Don't show up with like a P365 or something crazy.
  3. I'm not sure if you know how this works or not. My club isn't at capacity yet, but it's close I'll use it as a example We hold about 8 pistol matches a month between IDPA and USPSA. They aren't quite at capacity but you'll probably be on a 12-14 man squad. For some 12-14 is already to much stand around. Sometimes you'll see 20 to a squad register, typically many don't show. Probably because they dont' want to shoot 20 man squads. I have shot on 20 man squads, it sucks. I'm getting to the point where I'd rather just practice instead of shoot matches. Then only shoot Majors where the squads are typically on 10-12. "Growing the sport" isn't going to make it better in this area. Now this range also hosts classes, cowboy action, police use it for qualifying, and when they have 1000 yard matches they close all the pistol ranges. On top of all of this we have 1,300 or so members. Those members want to use the range they pay to be a part of. The BOD is not going to give up anymore weekends to matches. If they do there will be to much back lash. The BOD has 3 pistol competitors on it, out of about a dozen guys. We don't have a ton of power there. If someone wants to grow the sport in this area it's going to take building a new range.
  4. Early warnings, this sport has been around for like 45 years. I think there is a huge risk in trying to make our sport more main stream. We'll likely make the shooting silly, similar to your example of Top Shot. Then the sport will be less appealing to me so why would I want that? Big money? What happens when there is another school shooting and all that funding gets pulled? Then what are we left with? We're left with a sport that is less appealing, more gimmicky and likely has less money. What is the gain from that risk? Some pro's get to make money. So far I'm not sold on the idea.
  5. I try to avoid the clubs that allow squads to get that big. Lots of times there will be a bunch of no shows so it might end up only being 15-16 in your squad if you're lucky. You can also hope for rain lol. It's terrible. The clubs that limit squads to 10 can be hard to get into, you need to be sitting at you're computer the second registration goes live.
  6. And are these things we want? As a USPSA member, I want to shoot USPSA as it is. If they dumb it down to make it TV friendly it could loose it's appeal and if it does I'll move on to something else. And I'm sure a lot of our members would do the same. Then what happens if we've completely changed the sport to make it more ingest-able for the masses only to get banished from TV after the next school shooting? I imagine what happens is the sport dies a slow death.
  7. s#!t, around here if I see squads of just 12 shooters at a 6 stage local I'm thinking about how fast it's going to go. We have matches sell out with in minutes, even with limits of 20 per squad.
  8. People still rack from the rear?
  9. There were 250 people at PCC nationals this year. The winners video from 2019 has 14k views in the last year. I just did a quick search of youtube and found a Pokemon North America Championship video that was also a year old. It has over 500k views. Fortenite world cup is at 4 Million views. Madden is at 1 Million views. See the difference? Sponsors want people to see them, but no one is watching USPSA. This sport is really boring to watch unless you're in it, and even then most people in it don't watch video's either.
  10. Go faster....no, faster. Alpha charlie is 9 out of 10 points, or 90%. Hit Factors are higher, that means speed matters more, combined with loosing less points for Charlies. So if you're used to production you'll need to relearn what is acceptable.
  11. A few matches in this area can fill in a minute or so too. Match registration is a competition with in the competition around here.
  12. I'll add another thought. GM's will get asked for advice a lot. They may even offer unsolicited advice on occasion. Most people wont listen, some will even tell you you're doing it wrong. What they really want is you to agree with what ever it is they think is right. Over time, you wont offer up as much free advice. You might even start offering classes, because someone willing to pay a few bucks is more likely to care about getting better. And those who don't want to take a class probably don't really want help anyway. I don't know anyone who fits your category of fearing competition.
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