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  1. How is the pretravel in the PDI compared to the ECL? What about the reset force? I've got two guns I want to put triggers in, two PDI's sound better to my wallet than two ECL's lol.
  2. IDPA just had their Nat's there including PCC with 30 round mags. I believe this club has hosted other uspsa matches too. I imagine this is going to be a stay home if you're not comfortable with it situation.
  3. If anyone asks you bought the mags pre 2013 I guess. Rumor is they don't really enforce it if that makes you feel better. Probably hard to enforce anyway.
  4. It might help to know what kind of draw times we're starting with. There is probably more on the table from hand speed than trigger prep.
  5. I've been using 3D printed spacers to shorten the stroke. I can print to what ever length I want giving me a ton of flexibility. I use a TPU filament and print it 100% solid, it'll take a beating.
  6. I used to have a video by Jerry M. talking about prepping the trigger even on transitions. His goal was to never let the cyl. stop turning. We've all see those crazy records he set on back in the day. But this was probably a 8lbs DA pull for every shot, and the best revolver shooter in the world at the time. Lets think through it a little. I think this would only be practical if you're drawing and shooting from the start position. My last major there were maybe 4 stages I shot from the start position and draw time mattered. So 156 seconds to shoot the 11 stage match, 4 places to save what a tenth of a second on the draw? Assuming .4 savings in the match my percentage of the winner would of went up .22% still leaving me in 5th place. The slower you are the less that tenth will help. I think your time is better spent elsewhere. Why risk lighting one off early and going home or worse for such a tiny gain?
  7. I've always gotten quick responses from Taccom. Also the idea of a spare bolt is where it's at.
  8. I like Steve's stuff and it's helped me a lot along the way. The biggest thing I think, especially if you're doing speed mode like Steve suggests is you have to make sure you don't cheat. You can cheat your grip and cheat sight pictures to hit par times but it'll translate into terrible performance in live fire. You can usually see it in peoples dry fire videos. And even though they hit crazy GM times on drills in dry fire they'll be struggling in C class because their dry fire isn't realistic at all. Like @motosapiensmentioned I can get sloppy chasing par times too. I cut back on how much I even use par times and I just make up drills based on the thing I think need work and will yield me the biggest benefit.
  9. Not necessarily harder with out knowing what you're already doing. But just really focus on that thing, make sure you don't start just going through the motions. Something like trigger control at speed is probably a good dryfire drill. Next time you go to the range you could do it live fire and go back and forth live to dry. Once you can get something that works and know what it feels like it's just a matter of reps with a focus on getting that feeling. Doing doubles or Bill drills in live fire will tell you if you're doing it right. But you'll likely always need to fight with this a little. I still over tense my hand and push shots low from time to time, not as low or as often as I used to but it happens. If it puts it in perspective I made GM a couple years ago.
  10. You have to learn to isolate the muscles in your forearm that lock your wrist.
  11. You might be getting on it a touch early here too really.
  12. I saw that too, what are the odds. Kinda funny. Probably not the best way to look at it. Maybe it never get's you in trouble but that's a clear DQ and I've seen plenty of rounds sent over berms on reloads.
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