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  1. It's interesting that different shops have different theories on this.
  2. That seems like the opposite of what I would want. I don't think I want the force on the screws, they will likely break over time. The dot is going to take the hit either way, whether the screws transfer the force to it or contact with the slide.
  3. I certainly see the potential benefit and would support level 2 and up matches going to this. I don't think it's really needed on the club level, but if a club can pull it off at a monthly or weekly match more power to them.
  4. I would think something like Shooter On Deck In hole Free Free Free Free Paster Paster Paster Would be easier. You shoot, then you paste for the next three shooters. That would be so easy for the shooters to keep track of them selves. Then you have 4 shooters to fill your mags before you're in the hole again on the next stage. But, like you said herds of cats and such. A couple guys with paster guns can reset a stage fast if they want to.
  5. I imagine the SRO is going to be king at that match. It'll be interesting to see how Dot's change over the next few years.
  6. I shot in a squad once with two junior shooters their dad and a super squadder. The juniors where constantly asking the SS dude questions so those three weren't pasting, dad wasn't much help either, then you have a shooter on deck, one shooting and one in the whole trying not to do reset. That's 7-8 people of our 10 man squad. Talk about a frustrating day. But, I don't think there is anything in the rules that allows for PE's for not resetting.
  7. I'm glad you didn't shoot, I zero'd stage 1 so you'd of just been one more person that beat me. And thank you for looking out for us.
  8. Wuss....wait this probably isn't the best thread to insult average shooters.
  9. I think something like this could be a improvement, I'm just not sure how we could ever move from what we do to something like that at this point.
  10. It's interesting that in a post about being respectful of others with in the practical shooting community you disrespected all the shooters in one branch of practical shooting because you feel you have superior skills.
  11. My understanding is most of IPSC is that way, it seems like we're the only ones resetting during the match. Doesn't mean we're not doing it right. Some of that could be due to IPSC rules not allowing you on the stage prior to your official walk through. It's also my understanding that in a lot of countries there is much stricter regulations on firearm owners and only the more upper class can afford to play this game. Here in the states with guns, ammo and gear being less expensive and easier to obtain our average shooter probably isn't as rich as you might think. I hav
  12. Wow, that's....well I probably can't say what that is on here. I've never seen it that bad, but I've seen pretty bad.
  13. Do you see the staff as your slave? Or there to serve you? The matches I've worked the MD went above and beyond to take care of his crew.
  14. You may not concerned with getting tired during a long match but it is a thing. I'm not in bad shape but I still try to conserve energy where I can. 12-13 stages in one day in Aug with temps over hundred can wear on you no matter how fit you are. Jason Bourne said "rest is a weapon"...someone probably said that in real life too, I don't know.
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