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  1. Racinready300ex

    Parts for my STI to fit my hand.

    I'd start with a short curved trigger and see what that gets you. Like above cutting that stuff isn't going to get you much.
  2. Racinready300ex

    definition of "Standing"

    How much time do you think that gained you? Any idea what your 1st shot was compared to others on that stage?
  3. Racinready300ex

    Production Division (Firearm Question)

    I think no magwell I would notice quick. I certainly had developed a habit of throwing the mag at the gun and had to break that. But, good reload to good reload the times are the same. I do see i higher number of bad reloads in SS than limited, so I've been spending more time lately working on consistency than speed. Not that I have tons of bad reloads, but they happen.
  4. Racinready300ex


    So by "never taken a class" what do you mean? Like I took hunters safety once, and NRA basic Pistol. Have you never had any formal training at all, just figured it all out on your own? Read any of the books on USPSA shooting?
  5. Racinready300ex

    Production Division (Firearm Question)

    I can see if the gun doesn't fit and is biting you causing hesitation and costing time. That makes sense. I haven't found the amount of force needed to effect my reload time. I do have to be careful seating 10 round 40 mags in my SS gun as they take a lot more force. But no time is lost, just need more power.
  6. Racinready300ex

    Backup guns

    I have two vary similar Single Stack guns. Same grips, Trigger, Trigger weight, mag well, etc. One has a lighter slide and heavier frame the other the opposite. Shooting them back to back i can tell a vary slight difference but not enough to matter. Overall the feel is vary similar. In the off season the one gun may be getting some fat removed from the slide. My back up is also my practice and dry fire gun. My primary gun is now only shot for testing and in matches. I have seperate mags for Dry fire, in time I'd like to have a different set for matches vs live fire practice too. No need to travel to a big match with beat up gear that gets abused all the time.
  7. Racinready300ex

    Production Division (Firearm Question)

    You really got faster reloads just from changing guns? Could it have been that the new gun got you practicing your reloads more and that is where the improvement came from? Over the winter I switched from a 2011 Limited gun with a big ass magwell to a Single Stack gun. It took a little time to adjust, but the speed of my reload did not change at all. If anything it's faster now, but I doubt it's becasue the Single Stack gun is easier to load. I think the reload is more hand speed than gun choice, but maybe I'm doing it wrong.
  8. Racinready300ex

    Production to 15 rounds instead of 10.

    This sounds a lot like the first CO thread, and some of the PCC debate. So....basically this is happening.
  9. Racinready300ex


    I haven't taken any classes. But, I still think taking a class would pay off, and plan to do one in the future. I imagine it's one of those, you don't know how much you don't know things. I'm sure it can all be done with out classes, but taking a class from the right person will probably speed things up. Even top guys talk about training with other top guys. It may not be a class really, but i'm sure it has the same effect. In many cases it's easier for someone else to spot your problems than it is to self diagnosis and be honest with yourself.
  10. Racinready300ex

    svi vs Atlas Titan

    I shot with him once, but didn't pay much attention really. Nice guy, he's vary fast. Won Limited by like 3% at that match and he fell on his face twice. From things I've seen and read on line it looks like a Agency Glock, plus SJC frame Weight, and probably a SJC heavy magwell. If it's a Agency that's a $1,500-1,600 glock plus a couple hundred in SJC parts. Really not a expensive Limited gun, and clearly can win matches in the right hands. I'd still lean toward a 2011 style gun, you can get a used on for a similar price and it will have a better resale value then a tuned up Glock. Plus I just like them better. Personal preference. At the end of the day you have to shoot it better than everyone else to win.
  11. They certainly haven't been vary open with this kind of information and never have been. I recommend practicing classifiers. Not really related to this topic, I'll shoot you a message explaining my thoughts.
  12. Racinready300ex

    Production to 15 rounds instead of 10.

    I thought that guy got banned. lol
  13. Racinready300ex

    Bullet weight for sti

    I had similar experience but I did the opposite, I started with 180's then switched to 200. As I was switching I practiced a few days with both load, and couldn't really tell a difference. Certainly not on the clock. 180's are cheaper.
  14. Racinready300ex

    Production to 15 rounds instead of 10.

    What would this accomplish? It won't align USPSA and IPSC equipment rules, not even close. So why bother? Production is one of our most popular divisions too, why would we change that? In my mind there has to be a gain to make a huge change like that. And no, "I think it would be fun" doesn't count as a gain. If production isn't fun because of 10 rounds shoot Limited, Open, PCC, or CO. A lot of people seem to think production 10 works, or they wouldn't shoot it.
  15. Racinready300ex

    Production Division (Firearm Question)

    There is a lot to it, certainly in Limited a heavy 2011 with a 2lbs trigger is going to be better than a stock M&P with factory ammo. Also the heavy gun with the light trigger can help mask some technique issues. When it comes to limited at least, the 2011 is a better tool for the job. But some people do pretty well with plastic guns, but you can quickly spend just as much on aftermarket parts as you would a used 2011, only the plastic gun wont have much resale value. Right now the trend is heavy, but things change and in a few years everyone might be back on the lighter gun bandwagon for transition speed. It's all preference, I like 1911's. I can run limited, Open, and Single stack all with different guns that all feel basically the same. Same safety, same trigger, same weight trigger pull, similar size grips etc. Some parts are interchangeable. I also want any equipment advantage I can get. But, if I beat a Open shooter with a Single stack gun it's not the gun that did it.