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  1. Racinready300ex

    SSP vs ESP Modification

    Sounds right. I believe you can also under cut the frame in ESP. So the only significant difference in my mind is the mag well. And even that isn't really that big of a deal.
  2. Racinready300ex

    New 10.2.1 and Non-Existence

    What he's saying is if the object doesn't exist is can't be inside the shooting area. If it's not inside you can't use it for support.
  3. Racinready300ex

    sti and sps polymer grip

    When it comes to stippling, I don't know about the sps grip, but the sti grips are pretty thin in the front corners if that makes sense. So don't go to deep, or take to much off in those area's.
  4. Racinready300ex

    IDPA Revolver Stock vs Enhanced

    I haven't shot it since the combined them. But, I shot them both when they were separate divisions. If I were going to do it again, I'd go with the moon clip gun, I think they are worth the extra recoil. I could shoot my 625 just about as fast as my 686, but my reloads with the moon clips were faster and more consistent.
  5. A friend asked the RM at a major match about doing this once. The RM said if you do it, he'd call it a forbidden action due to safety and that shooter would be required to reshoot the stage. Something to that effect anyway, it was a few years ago.
  6. Personally I like that my wife shoots, and I miss her when I got to a match with out her now. But, I do need range time alone to work on my skills. With such a skill gap, I need time to work at my own pace. Sometimes practicing and teaching get's tense. She doesn't take instruction from me very well. Occasionally at matches she'll get upset if I'm not giving her the attention/help she wants. But, overall it's a positive experience. My wife had zero experience with firearms. I started her just shooting at the range like you are, then moved to smaller IDPA matches locally. She's now C-class and has shot a few different Area matches. One big thing for everyone who's afraid to shoot in front of others to remember is no one is really watching or really cares how you shoot. Well, the RO should be watching but no one else really is. We're all more worried about ourselves then anything anyone else is doing.
  7. Racinready300ex

    PT Evo grip, easiest way to finish?

    I'd Cerakote it if it were me.
  8. Racinready300ex

    YOUR evolution of buying competition handguns

    I built most of my guns, so reliability problems can only really be blamed on me. The biggest problem I've had is learning to cut the sear properly and trying to get to light of a pull when doing trigger work. I think I've got it down now but I've had some slips to half cock along the way. Looking at my logs between my guns I've put about 42k rounds on them. Out side of the half cock listed above I haven't had much trouble. I've had a few FTF some of which were from rounds I take to practice because they failed the case gauge. My limited gun will sometimes FTF if you don't have a good grip shooting one handed with a full mag, I think that's happened to me once SHO and once WHO. I think total I've had 4-6 slips to half-cock and a additional dozen or so malfunctions. Of those dozen, a couple were over inserting mags on single stack guns when at slide lock (IDPA), and a few were rounds that didn't pass the case gauge. Not many that were completely un-explainable. I stay on top of things, get mags that work keep good springs in them. Keep them clean. If anything act's up even a little I'm looking for reasons why.
  9. A couple notes USPSA didn't develop Practiscore, nor does it cost them anything. Also, the only Major match that is run by the leadership would be nationals. The rest are up to the membership. Well kind of, AD's work on Area matches, and SC's work on section matches. But those guys are just members too. All the cost is covered by match fee's, and all the work is done by volunteers, and the match still has to pay HQ when it's done. What you get of value is rules and classifications. Knowing you can go anywhere and shoot USPSA and it will be run the same way is worth a lot.
  10. Racinready300ex

    YOUR evolution of buying competition handguns

    XDM-45 first gun used in comp. recommended by friend when neither of us competed. I started shooting IDPA with it. 686- wanted to see if I really practiced if I could win local IDPA with a wheel gun. 625-to shoot IDPA ESR, then moved to USPSA 627-because 8 shots became legal Open Glock- switched to open on the cheap to see if I could be competitive with local fast guy. 2011 Open - Holy crap that glock sucked as a open gun. Really liked the 2011 feel Now I have 2011's for Limited and Open, a 1911 that feels vary similar for SS and ESP, and I'm building another just for IDPA CCP. All my guns feel vary similar in the hand, trigger pull and reach is the same, sights are the same. Everything but the Open guns are 40 to keep things simple. The biggest difference is weight depending what is legal for the division I shoot. This allows me to switch between divisions and even sports with out much trouble.
  11. Racinready300ex

    Silicone Carbide grip tutorial

    I've done it with sticks, I'll try a brush next time maybe that will be easier. JB is certainly bullet proof, I did one that I built up a palm swell on that I've decided to re-purpose for IDPA. So I dremeled off all the JB. It's on there good.
  12. Racinready300ex

    Silicone Carbide grip tutorial

    You have to be careful not to put it on to thick. And because the JB itself is thicker it's hard to spread a really thin even layer. I've done 4 now with JB and it's worked fine but the epoxy in the video looked easier to deal with.
  13. Racinready300ex

    Silicone Carbide grip tutorial

    I've done a couple using JB weld and just took my dremel to one and ground it all off to redo it. That epoxy looks easier to work with for sure.
  14. Racinready300ex

    Creeping / False Start

    Exactly. The typical creeping I see is when people start to lean forward while waiting for the beep. As the RO if you just hold them there for a few seconds they'll loose there balance and have to correct it anyway. If you want to be a dick hit the button then and cut them loose.
  15. Racinready300ex

    Creeping / False Start

    Think about this, if you're driving down the highway and the guy in the next lane puts his foot to the floor do you think "that guy is creeping"? Now if you're rolling down the highway at 75 and come up on a dude going 40. What do you think he's doing? Creeping is not a sudden burst of acceleration.