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  1. Racinready300ex

    Creeping / False Start

    Exactly. The typical creeping I see is when people start to lean forward while waiting for the beep. As the RO if you just hold them there for a few seconds they'll loose there balance and have to correct it anyway. If you want to be a dick hit the button then and cut them loose.
  2. Racinready300ex

    Creeping / False Start

    Think about this, if you're driving down the highway and the guy in the next lane puts his foot to the floor do you think "that guy is creeping"? Now if you're rolling down the highway at 75 and come up on a dude going 40. What do you think he's doing? Creeping is not a sudden burst of acceleration.
  3. Racinready300ex

    Creeping / False Start

    If you flinch, that's a false start. Doesn't matter if you stop yourself or go with it. You attempted to start, at the wrong time it's a false start. Creeping, would be slowing moving into a more advantageous position to game the start. creep /krēp/ verb gerund or present participle: creeping 1. move slowly and carefully, especially in order to avoid being heard or noticed. "he crept downstairs, hardly making any noise" synonyms: tiptoe, steal, sneak, slip, slink, sidle, pad, edge, inch; More
  4. Racinready300ex

    Limcat Metal Grip

    That's good to know, I may want to get one for my wife at some point. She really likes her SS gun.
  5. Racinready300ex

    Unusual single stack Slide

    Tons of edge's out there with the same style slide and no one complains about how heavy the slide is. Sure lighter is probably better but it's not really going to matter. Looks like tech well, posi tech to me. That's what I have on my SS guns.
  6. Racinready300ex

    Can you wear metal Cleats shoes in USPSA?

    Some guys will take more than one pair of shoe's for stages with wood or concrete floor. Most just use Solomon's or similar as they do pretty well on everything.
  7. Racinready300ex

    STI Staccato

    I'm kind of surprised they changed there mind.
  8. That is exactly what I run for the same reason.
  9. It can be done, but it's not worth the trouble IMO. You have to take the grams followers and file the top until it activates the slide stop at the right time. I'm still not sure it would be 100%. That is probably why MBX have their followers set up to not lock back, and the ones that do cost you capacity. Other wise they couldn't guarantee they would work in everyone's gun. I've gone to all MBX because the work in my gun and save me a ton of time not tuning mags. If you talk to good shooters you'll find they don't actually count their rounds, if you're trying to count you're doing it wrong. You look at the stage ahead of time and plan where you will reload before you run out. Personally I don't think I've ever dropped the hammer on a empty chamber while shooting Limited, I have shot 21 out of 22 once that I can think of becasue I forgot my reload. I never count my shots. Do your mags reliably hold 21 rounds of 40 and lock the slide back 100%? If they do that is pretty good, and if it works no certainly reason to change it.
  10. I agree, I was pointing out the reason the guns are set up to not lock back. If you just don't want to run out, all you have to do is not run out. You don't have to modify the firearm in anyway. If you're going to run the really thin followers for maz capacity, they wont lock the gun back reliably anyway. And there is the risk of the follower snagging the slide stop and the mag not dropping free. So personally I always trim back my follower and my slide stop so they don't make contact at all. This way if I ever shoot 21 rounds with out reloading I know the mag will drop free when I hit the mag release. Other wise, why even bother with 21+1 if shooting 21 can cause the mag to stick in the gun?
  11. Most Limited and Open shooters are more concerned with capacity then locking open on the last round. To get followers that will work reliably you tend to loose a couple rounds in mag. That's why people set there gun up to not lock open. It's not that they just don't care.
  12. Racinready300ex

    Limcat Razorcat VS Atlas Chaos

    I think they are both probably great guns. I know several guys running Atlas guns with good results, I know a couple with Lim's. Your best bet is probably to talk to them and see who you like dealing with more. Or just pick the one you like the looks of better. The gun isn't going to make much difference in your shooting but it's a lot of money. Pick the one you like, you're the one who has to shoot it.
  13. I don't see a thumb rest changing your placement in a match.
  14. Racinready300ex

    Do you focus on the dot or the target?

    Maybe I'll get there some day. But making up bad shots works okay for me so far.
  15. Racinready300ex

    Do you focus on the dot or the target?

    Depends how often you miss.