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  1. That was the point of the analogy in my post above. The more champions you have the less any one of them matters. So by handing out more awards you diminish the value of the hard work those guys at the top put in. We can all say we don't care about the 1%, and were just here to have fun with our friends. But that's not really true or we would care so much about killing divisions.
  2. I'll at least find it amusing if Biden bans hi-cap mags like he wants to and we'll have to decide do we still keep Limited and L-10 and if not which one do we get rid of? I'd say we should probably keep them both just in case.
  3. It's not really about the top 43 or 42 though. We currently have the means to add divisions and have added a couple since I've been shooting. It stands to reason there will be additional divisions added in the future as here we are talking about adding another one. But one thing we will never discuss is the possibility of removing a division for any reason. IMO this should be a train that can go in both directions. We have 8 divisions and 7 classifications. So we've split the match up into 56 segments with out getting into the categories. SC has what? 13 divisions? At some point you have enoug
  4. This is another part I don't get. You have little care about the awards, yet you want your firearm choice to have a award even if there are only a handful of shooters. If you really didn't care you'd be fine with the division going away. You can still shoot the gun in Open (I think you can still shoot revo in prod) you're just less likely to win the award you don't care about anyway.
  5. There may not be a bunch of JJ's out there, but then I didn't make the case for killing the classification system. A better example would be if New England just won with out ever playing a single game. Do you think no one shoots some of those less popular divisions just for easy wins? Is winning L10 really the same as winning Open? I would say it isn't, but clearly you'd disagree.
  6. So why would you not add any new divisions? It's not crazy for a Area match to have 500 shooters and one L10 shooter. If that's okay why not add more divisions? I hear a lot of guys want Limted minor, and SAO-CO. I know one guy that wants to shoot his wheel gun in CO, so Revo-CO. There is three off the top of my head. Limited minor will likely split limited in half at least, which wouldn't be a bad thing.
  7. Okay, go to practiscore and find a match with only a couple of divisions supported. Then find a on with 8+ divisions and a similar number of competitors. Look at how many people are competing with in each class and division. Doesn't matter if you're gunning for C class or HOA more competition will make it more challenging to pull off. Look at any Area match and there is a good chance L10-Rev maybe even SS may not have any heat even though it's the biggest match in that area. Area 6 registration is currently showing 1-L10 shooter and no Revolver shooters. SS has great turn out at
  8. I'm pretty sure you can now swap slides in production and CO. I'd have to look. If you can't, how many 320's do you think are running slides from different models on there gun?
  9. You missed my point, those divisions don't matter yet we cater to them by keeping them around. I've shot SS, l10 and Rev, I'm still on board with nuking them. What I'm not on board with is making big changes to working divisions or adding any more new divisions. I heard a good analogy once comparing divisions to inflation. Print more dollars and each dollar become worth less. The more tiny divisions we support at lvl 2 and up matches the less shooting well at those levels means. Look at IDPA, if someone is a IDPA national champion does that hold the same merit as a uspsa national c
  10. My suggestion would be keep the production box. Fit gun in box done. race holsters, eh just allow them. They don't matter. Plenty of people choose to run kydex in Limited so clearly not everyone is sold on the holster making a big difference.
  11. Does it really matter? We could just nuke SS and let those 10 guys shoot L10, this could double the participation in L10 making it slightly harder to hide there.
  12. My local IDPA club turn out is down, but they're also limiting sign up due to covid so it's hard to say. USPSA all shuts down in the winter, so we'll see in a few months how things look. Around here a drop in participation may be a good thing. Ever shoot a match with 20 person squads and a wait list to get in?
  13. If you've only been open for 2 months, how long were you closed? 6-7 months? I imagine that would have as much if not more to do with it. If your shut down that long, a lot of people will find something else to do with there time. I'm sure ammo isn't helping.
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