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  1. Check out Dry Fire Tech target shields. They're a little expensive at first but last a vary long time, and are way better than bags.
  2. The guy that owns a company that makes a generic thumb rest, I believe trade marked the name even though it's been around for ever and got a patent on it too. I'll go out on a limb and guess he threatened this forum with legal action for people using his products name. I would guess enos was giving the option to stop allowing that name on his site or pay a fee to gain the right to use that term. I would recommend anyone else's thumb rest. The Nitro Fin 2.0's are great.
  3. Make a point to think about it during your walk through, and get into the exact position you want to be in. Repeat as many times as you can, and then think about that during visualization. Any skill that is new is going to need extra programing before your run. Work on it in Dry fire and live fire on a regular basis. Standing up seems to be natural, everyone I watch seems to do it unless they've worked on that skill. Videoing yourself (mentioned above) is a great idea to, then you can really see what you're doing while your working on things. I do this with my phone a lot during DF.
  4. So if you're M but can't win high M should you be M? What about A, or B etc. In all the classes there is a difference between those at the top and those at the bottom.
  5. I think cost has some influence, but the biggest thing is likely that people just don't want to finish last. The division is slow, even a GM wheel gunner is going to be mid pack at a lot of club matches. It's not really harder, it just test different skills. Accuracy is premium becasue the HF is low, due to slow reloads, scoring minor and you don't have any extra's for make up shots.
  6. Enforcing rules that aren't really rules whether made up, miss understood, or are just out of date all end up with the same out come.
  7. Do you have any IDPA in your area? I think the 625 is still the best option for IDPA Revolver.
  8. Shoot mine as much as I do my 627. Given the small number of participants at a level 1, it rarely matters what you shoot. That true. When I started shooting USPSA I came from IDPA. So I was shooting 6 shot minor with speed loaders. Still managed to be the fastest revolver at local matches.
  9. Good luck with that 625, those died in uspsa when 8 shot became a thing.
  10. Trigger is going to cost you more than $50 unless you do it yourself. You'll spend more then $50 just in shipping it to a good smith. You'll also need the cyl chamfered. Looking for a example you can send your gun to TJ customs and spend 300-500 getting it competition ready. We both know you really should get the good moon's but they're pricey. Short colt, or long colt brass is pricey. It's nice to get it all back but it you want to load up 5-6k rounds at a time you need to make the investment up front. You're certainly not buying ammo at walmart. You can buy a CZ or a Tanfo for about a grand and mags are cheaper than moon clips. You can buy a plastic production gun for a lot less. The fancy production guns will set you back about a grand. Maybe 1,500 to 2k you can get a used 2011 for limited. A CO equipped 320 should cost you less. All that to be the only guy at your club shooting a revolver. You'll likely have to work harder just to finish middle of the pack. Or spend similar or even potentially less money, finish better with less work and have local people to compete against. I personally don't want to travel 4 hours to our Area match once a year at $185 entry fee just so I can shoot against the other 3 guys that shoot revolver. I'll see more guys in a match 30 min away every month shooting limited, and at that same Area match there will be 100+ Limited shooters. I don't think there is any way to really save Revo. Our area saw a little boost after the 8 shot deal, but that seems to of dropped back off.
  11. This may have already been said, but the risk I see of making it Open is you're just adding cost. A Revolver is going to set you back a grand, and it's going to need some trigger work from there. Then you'll need moon clips, which are pricey, and you probably should be reloading. Now you're going to add a 3-500 dollar optic to it. For some people who are die hard wheel gunners it wont matter. But if the goal is to attract new shooters I don't know if that will help. I can get a good Limited set up for less than what a revolver is going to cost me and I'll finish higher in the overall. Personally I don't see myself ever going back to revolver. It was fun, but what it would take to get me back is good turn out in the division. As it is I can go to a major and there will be more masters in Limited then there are shooters in revolver division. We might have 3 good revolver shooters in the whole area. At a club match you'll probably be the only guy.
  12. Depends.The rifle is going to be easier to learn to hit the targets, so newer shooters will do better with a pcc then they do with any open gun.
  13. This is probably different for everyone, but you'll likely see some trends. Adjustable rear sight all black .090 front with green fiber techwell positech grips dawson no gap magwell extended mag release short curved trigger trigger pull in the 2-3 lbs range is fine. mags that work get as close to the max weight as I can.
  14. Those mostly seem to be aluminum, I think I'd be find with just sticking with poly vs Aluminum. But it's neat, and if Aluminum is doable so is steel. Just more $$$
  15. Name names lol. I've only heard of one, and they haven't been around for years. Never seen one in person, although a couple frames have appeared in the classified section over the years.
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