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  1. jpeters11

    AO1 LD Review

    It does not, but I’m sure you could find a machinist that could mill one flat for you.
  2. Don’t you shoot Open? I’d rather have 3 $500 optics than 3 $5-6k open guns.
  3. I don’t think there will ever be a big enough market to justify machining a brass grip. 1/8” sheets of brass only cost me $15, and a lot of time with a carbide burr bit. The one I did came out to 40oz with a 140mm tti extension. You could use tf brass extensions too, but I don’t like how you could feel the mag move a little with every shot.
  4. I’ve read a few times of people building up epoxy on the sides of their frame to add some width and that as long as the profile of the gun isn’t changed when looking at it from the side, and no beavertail or magwell is made, that’s fine. What if you made palm swells for the sides of your frame out of brass? Either grip tape or silicone carbide over top. Here’s an oz9 I’ve been messing with. Rules may differ slightly, because I modified the grip, not the frame. This would be the equivalent of adding brass Lok grips to a shadow 2.
  5. If going larue, I’d get a lt101 What height are you looking for? There are a ton of options, wilcox, Leupold, kac, etc
  6. I think the biggest pro to the CZC plate system is the ability to toss back on a rear iron sight and shoot in production. I’ve got a primary machine s2 and f4e a01 both with SROs. The dots fit real well in the cuts and I’ve never had issues with them coming loose. As far as shearing screws, they can be extracted, or drilled and retapped.
  7. If you’re worried about going too far, or ever want to go back to stock, HBI sells replacement followers for $3.50
  8. The images should be attached. When you cut down the front, you’ll have to do a bit of sanding on the corners, they’ll get caught on the mag release slots. So far I haven’t had a malfunction. Eventually I’ll try cutting them down more or playing with TTI followers and grams springs like the q5sf people have.
  9. That little pin is a huge pain. I’ve been hitting my frame on a block of wood with decent success. The couple times that didn’t work, CZC told me to just drive out the hammer pin and break the small pin. You don’t have to hit it with much force to snap it in half. As for mags, I’m using the CZC extensions, I like how the fit with the frame, unlike Hennings. I’m using the stock springs and followers. My followers have been shortened a decent amount and all my mags hold 23 (reloadable, but I’d still down load)
  10. I had that issue as well, you can shave the corners of the front of the follower so it doesn't catch on the cuts. Yet to have a mag related malfunction.
  11. CZC A01, but same mags. I use CZC extensions, stock spring, trimmed followers. Most are 22 reloadable, but I've got a couple that will do 23 +1 for starts.
  12. Sorry to bring this from the dead, didn’t think my issues required another thread. Has anyone had issues with their dots disappearing in the lower half of the window with elevation turned up near the max? So far I’m up to 3 SROs (2 at trijicon for warranty work), my first was perfect, then developed a super dim dot, the second’s elevation screw no longer clicked and no dot in lower half of the window and the third (Brand new) has the same issue. Is this something Trijicon could rectify, or do I need some more machine work/ a new slide? Gun they’re being used with
  13. Those appear to be M arms grips http://www.fire-4-effect.com/M-ARMS-MONARCH-1-Grip-Panel_p_238.html
  14. Too busy shipping out orders lightning fast to proofread. Switched over to a Coda, if any of you want my old beat up one, it’s free, just pay for shipping
  15. Couldn’t you just order 3k and use a coupon code to get them for cheaper? PewPro10 gets 10% off, $202 shipped for 3k. 6.7 cents per bullet.
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