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  1. Shoot KKM an email. I don’t think they list a threaded Glock 24 barrel, but they make both 24 barrels and threaded 35 barrels, maybe they’d be willing to make you a custom one
  2. (855) 940-1911 Try this number or email them. They’ve always been super fast to respond to emails.
  3. Ron Mahovsky rocks, my a01 took about 2 weeks Polished slide flats, the rest matte NiB. Looks a little gold in some light, I like the color much more than hard chrome. To show color, he did the s2 grips and controls in normal hard chrome.
  4. Had Ron at Mahovsky do this. Super quick turnaround, took about 2 weeks for the NiB plating. I assume I caught him right before doing a batch, so that probably varies. Came out great
  5. I want to try one, but I’ll be holding off for awhile until I can get a good idea of how reliable they are and replacement parts become available. If it were $1200, I’d be a guinea pig, but at $5k, I’ll wait a year.
  6. Should be the same. My atlas custom came with a zig racker and my thumb kept getting in the way, tossed on one of their ape hangers and all is good.
  7. It’s not too much of a secret, he’s been posting about his open gun on Instagram. Give him a follow if you don’t know yet. All those ports sure are interesting.
  8. Chandler is the man, super fast shipping as always and with the UPS option it gets here even sooner. No smoke or other abnormalities compared to the other coated bullets. I’ve been shooting his 147gr for minor and have a few friends that run his 180gr and 200gr .40 bullets with great success. Unless you need jacketed or plated, I don’t see a reason not to use BBI
  9. I’ve got a CZC holster for mine, not the best, but they’re cheap. This is your best option for an a01. https://gxproductsusa.com Fit and finish is the best I’ve experienced with a kydex holster and the paddle lock is awesome.
  10. jpeters11

    AO1 LD Review

    I don’t think the optic ready guns come with any plates from CZC, they do have the DPP plates in stock though. https://czcustom.com/cz-parts-all/red-dot-mounting/rds-plate-dp.html You might have to shorten the screws that mount the dpp to the plate.
  11. jpeters11

    AO1 LD Review

    It does not, but I’m sure you could find a machinist that could mill one flat for you.
  12. Don’t you shoot Open? I’d rather have 3 $500 optics than 3 $5-6k open guns.
  13. I don’t think there will ever be a big enough market to justify machining a brass grip. 1/8” sheets of brass only cost me $15, and a lot of time with a carbide burr bit. The one I did came out to 40oz with a 140mm tti extension. You could use tf brass extensions too, but I don’t like how you could feel the mag move a little with every shot.
  14. I’ve read a few times of people building up epoxy on the sides of their frame to add some width and that as long as the profile of the gun isn’t changed when looking at it from the side, and no beavertail or magwell is made, that’s fine. What if you made palm swells for the sides of your frame out of brass? Either grip tape or silicone carbide over top. Here’s an oz9 I’ve been messing with. Rules may differ slightly, because I modified the grip, not the frame. This would be the equivalent of adding brass Lok grips to a shadow 2.
  15. If going larue, I’d get a lt101 What height are you looking for? There are a ton of options, wilcox, Leupold, kac, etc
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