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  1. I had that issue as well, you can shave the corners of the front of the follower so it doesn't catch on the cuts. Yet to have a mag related malfunction.
  2. CZC A01, but same mags. I use CZC extensions, stock spring, trimmed followers. Most are 22 reloadable, but I've got a couple that will do 23 +1 for starts.
  3. Sorry to bring this from the dead, didn’t think my issues required another thread. Has anyone had issues with their dots disappearing in the lower half of the window with elevation turned up near the max? So far I’m up to 3 SROs (2 at trijicon for warranty work), my first was perfect, then developed a super dim dot, the second’s elevation screw no longer clicked and no dot in lower half of the window and the third (Brand new) has the same issue. Is this something Trijicon could rectify, or do I need some more machine work/ a new slide? Gun they’re being used with is a CZC a01 with work done by F4E
  4. Those appear to be M arms grips http://www.fire-4-effect.com/M-ARMS-MONARCH-1-Grip-Panel_p_238.html
  5. Too busy shipping out orders lightning fast to proofread. Switched over to a Coda, if any of you want my old beat up one, it’s free, just pay for shipping
  6. Couldn’t you just order 3k and use a coupon code to get them for cheaper? PewPro10 gets 10% off, $202 shipped for 3k. 6.7 cents per bullet.
  7. Sent mine to ZR Tactical Solutions for a chop and thread. Took maybe a week and a half from the time I shipped it out to the time I received it back. Didn’t have them pin anything since it’s a SBR, but I’m sure they could accomplish it.
  8. Unless you want to save a bit of money, I’d just get the slide done as they normally do and try to find some ways to add weight in the frame. Maybe a tungsten guide rod and brass SSI scales. Anyone else have ideas? Wish someone made brass mag extensions for these.
  9. jpeters11

    AO1 LD Review

    Better be the hotness, just ordered an a01-ld and plan on having it cut for a sro. Ive been wanting one for awhile, but was going to wait for the lighter standard dustcover, optic ready model they showed at shot show this year.
  10. jpeters11

    P320 X5 Thread

    I’m not sure, I don’t draw lines. Would you be fine with it if I had a machinist buddy make it and I listed it for sale online?
  11. jpeters11

    P320 X5 Thread

    I think you mean Is that take down lever CO legal? Not as conservative as the go guns thumb rest, but seems just as legal. I found this useful: https://nroi.org/miscellaneous/questions-answers-and-rulings/ "A takedown lever that is designed to provide a thumb rest surface is legal under the existing rules and isn’t much different from stippling on the frame in the same general area, which is also legal."
  12. I’d hold off on the new Zev barrels until more people have them in hand. They decided to add a LCI, not sure if they’ll have the same problem sig x5 legions do, but I’d be hesitant to drop the $300
  13. jpeters11

    Mixing SEAR springs

    Maybe they changed it, maybe the GG kit brought they weight back down. All I can say is I installed a keres into my otherwise stock Legion (~10k rounds fired “trigger job”) and the pull weight was increased. Promptly sold it after 5 minutes of dry fire
  14. jpeters11

    Mixing SEAR springs

    I can confirm. Exactly as Keres said, doubled my pull weight, so I went back to stock. Impatiently waiting for the Armory Craft trigger which is supposed to use the same geometry as the legion but with set screws
  15. +1 to Shooters Connection. I’ve been using safariland 773 pouches for my x5. I’ve been tempted to try others, but I’d still recommend them for the money. RHT is a great option for the holster, fits the gun well even with the *thumb rest [generic]*. If you do try Springer grip tape, save the backing. Mine only lasted a couple matches before tearing at the circle cut out, but the backing gave me a great template to cut more.
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