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  1. For those that would like to pick their own stitching color and/or logo, this is who's making the belts. https://www.dbgear.net/collections/db-tactical/products/leather-ratcheting-gun-belt
  2. Could always use it as an excuse to SBR the gun. Current form 1 e file times are under a month and real easy to do. Shoot me a message if you want to go that way and have any questions.
  3. I’ve tried a Keres in my Legion. Dialing out the pre and over travel is neat, but it significantly added pull weight. Also wasn’t a fan on the face of the shoe. Decided to go back to stock An overtravel sleeve isn’t necessary with an adjustable trigger, you take all the overtravel out with the setscrew. Apparently Armory Craft is about to come out with a similar adjustable trigger that uses the Legion’s geometry. Definitely looking forward to that.
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