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  1. Sounds like the same "different division world champion" with the initials B.S. that I heard saying the same thing.
  2. Shooting 9mm minor in carry optics so no comp to worry about. I'll wait for a calm day with no wind to fire off a bunch more so i can enjoy the haze a smell!!!!
  3. Agree, I loaded 500 rounds of the uncoated bullets with N320 and shot them other day. They ran fine then I put 10 rounds of FMJ thru to finish up. Aside from the gun being considerably dirtier and maybe a little more smoke in the air (but it was a windy day so i really didn't notice it much), everything else i.e., accuracy and recoil were the same as coated bullets. At home the gun and barrel cleaned up fine. I plan to load up the other 1500 rounds and use them in practice. Thanks to all for the help!
  4. If leading in the barrel is the biggest concern, will it be obvious and easily seen by looking in the barrel?
  5. As I wait semi patiently wait for a shipment of coated bullets to come in, I am down to a few thousand 9mm 125gr .356 dia uncoated hard cast bullets. I have only ever put coated or factory ammo thru any of my guns. Could anyone advise if it would be unwise to use them or if there is anything to watch out for while loading them or firing them?
  6. Thanks for that info, I think I'll give it a whirl
  7. Max, I am interested in trying pre processed brass. Could you explain your procedure? What kind of press are you using and what steps are do you take?
  8. I have found the easiest way to determine if you are blinking/flinching is to set up your phone's camera looking at you from the side a few feet away. In slow motion mode, video yourself firing a few shots slowly and rapidly. It will show quite clearly if you are blinking when the shot fires.
  9. Optic milling $150 Slide lightening $105 Shipping $30 Total $285
  10. Joe, thanks for the update and thanks in advance for the swift turnaround. I decided to have this work done by Patriot based on all the positive comments on this forum. This community has been a tremendous source of information and help and Joe your input here is greatly appreciated!
  11. I sent my slide and romeo 3 max out to Patriot Defense last week. My fingers are crossed hoping it works out well. I will report back on my experience with both the slide lightening and optic milling Patriot is doing, hopefully within the 3 week turn around time they are promising.
  12. Finally got my hands on a Romeo 3 Max. Was wondering if anyone knew if there are any issues with milling my Stock2 slide to except the Sig R3 Max. I would be thankful to hear from anyone who has successfully or unsuccessfully attempted this and also who was used to do the work.
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