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  1. I have found the easiest way to determine if you are blinking/flinching is to set up your phone's camera looking at you from the side a few feet away. In slow motion mode, video yourself firing a few shots slowly and rapidly. It will show quite clearly if you are blinking when the shot fires.
  2. Optic milling $150 Slide lightening $105 Shipping $30 Total $285
  3. Joe, thanks for the update and thanks in advance for the swift turnaround. I decided to have this work done by Patriot based on all the positive comments on this forum. This community has been a tremendous source of information and help and Joe your input here is greatly appreciated!
  4. I sent my slide and romeo 3 max out to Patriot Defense last week. My fingers are crossed hoping it works out well. I will report back on my experience with both the slide lightening and optic milling Patriot is doing, hopefully within the 3 week turn around time they are promising.
  5. Finally got my hands on a Romeo 3 Max. Was wondering if anyone knew if there are any issues with milling my Stock2 slide to except the Sig R3 Max. I would be thankful to hear from anyone who has successfully or unsuccessfully attempted this and also who was used to do the work.
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