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  1. Indeed, we did have a match on Saturday 5/1 in HL. We have a USPSA match in Mancelona on 5/15. Hope to see you there.
  2. Come up north and shoot USPSA with us at Houghton Lake Sportsmen's Club in Houghton lake and Chain O'lakes Sportsmen's Club in Mancelona. Welcome.
  3. I was going to use this example but you beat me to it. As a younger man I had almost un-limited time but no money to do the things I wanted. Now, as a seasoned adult I have less financial limitations but zero time to enjoy the things I want. My whole life I played Mexican made Stratocasters because I couldn't afford the Les Paul I wanted. Well, I went ahead and bought a Gibson Les Paul 1957 Gold Top Custom Shop Historic Reissue and have never regretted it. I don't make my living playing anymore so it's hard to justify the expense. But, the feel in your hands and performance is unmatched.
  4. I learned to have all my information ready if I see "add to cart." I keep the website open on my work computer and hit "refresh" dozens of times. I lost a case of 124 JHP in the time it took me to click and reach for my wallet to extract my credit card. It worked for me.
  5. Does the time start at the beginning of the beep or the end of the beep?
  6. I’ve scored 2 cases of MG 124JHP in the past 3 months. It took a lot of “refreshing” their webpage and my shopping cart page. It’s like video poker. Hundreds of “out of stock” clickers to hit that jackpot “add to cart.” Have your credit card ready. I’m not kidding. I “lost” one case because I had to reach for my wallet and pull out my card. Someone beat me to it.
  7. Livingston Gun Club - Excellent club to shoot USPSA. I travel from Northern Michigan at least 3 times a year to shoot their USPSA matches and Ryan Rocks. One of my favorite places to travel and shoot. They always put on a good match.
  8. This is fantastic advice. I did it 4 years ago...thought it would be difficult. It was easy and made life much more enjoyable. No regrets.
  9. 1.165 with MG 124 grain JHP’s over 7.8 grains HS-6.
  10. Thanks. That explanation makes sense to me.
  11. I've never had this episode resolved to my satisfaction. What do you think? It was a level one match out of town my first time shooting this club. I was shooting Limited major and doing quite well (for me) after 4 stages. The 5th stage presented as "gun unloaded on table" start. There were 2 paper targets side by side above the table and two paper targets below the table. At the start buzzer I quickly moved forward from the start position to retrieve my gun from table. Loaded and hosed at the two above table paper targets "double alpha, double alpha." As I was dropping to my knees/squa
  12. I was in the doctors office waiting room recently and I sat across from a young mother and her toddler. The kid was getting fussy so mom handed him a magazine to divert his attention. I watched the little dude hold the magazine like an iPad as he tried over and over to “swipe” the picture on the cover.
  13. Is there any benefit to a closed emitter red dot vs the "standard" open emitter on Open guns?
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