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  1. GeneBray

    Mag question for CZ75

    67k through 8 stock SP01 mags plus dry fire, and they are still running w/o issue. Mec Gars get a lot of positive comments here and can be found cheaper than stock SP01 mags. I'll run the stocks until they quit on me and then decide. Probably go with Mac Gar based on $ unless I find a deal on stock CZ SP01 mags.
  2. GeneBray

    Planning to Shoot USPSA Limited (minor) with my Shadow 2

    I'm curious as to what the specifics are with regard to stage planning and execution problems. Seems to me details on what your stage planning and execution problems are is more germaine. More rounds at the start signal may not solve/help mitigate the problem(s). On well designed stages, more rounds may make the planning harder not easier since you should have more options on how to shoot the stage.
  3. GeneBray


    We need to know what division in which you want to compete. Rowdyd I think hit the nail on the head. I am a CZ shooter but have shot Glock 34s and S&W M&P 9 Pro in competition. USPSA Production. That said I started with a CZ SP01. Won a the S&W. Hadn’t gotten thru the first mag on during a practice session with the S&W before thinking, “Oh, crap! Now I have a decision to make.” (Well, a close paraphrase.). Good trigger, pointed and handled well. The short story was I had spares and a complete rig for the CZ. Would have had the expense of getting the same for the Smith so sold it. The answer to your question may be you can’t go wrong with either. However the CZ has been on the market for some time. More experience in the shooting community with and more parts. Walter might get there but it may well be a long, hard row to hoe.
  4. GeneBray

    New CZ 75 B owner

    Depends on what you want to use the pistol for. If shooting USPSA you cannot disable any safety in Production/CO. IDPA have not idea. You can simply remove the FP block stop and spring. Use the lifter as the spacer. I have 1st hand experience with this until USPSA changed their rules. Also a polishing and lighting the FPBSS makes a lot of difference. I feel the FPBS when slowly dry firing the pistol -- working on the DA 1st shot. Never notice it in practice or a match.
  5. GeneBray

    New CZ 75 B owner

    Polishing on the internals will help a lot. There is a great link on Enos on what to do --
  6. I shoot an SP01. I've never had issues with reduced power FPS and live/dry fire.. My question is you are using snap caps when you dry fire, aren't you? If not that is a contributor to the FP problem. If you are, they may be worn out and need replacement. I used 13, 11.5, & 8.5 pound MSs.
  7. GeneBray

    Hodgdon Titegroup vs VV N320 for 9mm

    I like Clays although don’t recall testing in 9mm. For me it doesn’t meter as well as other powers with sample grain sizes. Other than not being as clean as N310/320, and what is, that is the only down side to Clays. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. GeneBray

    Shadow 2: 30K breakdown maintenance

    You’re welcome. Hope I hit the mark and didn’t overlook anything. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. GeneBray

    Shadow 2: 30K breakdown maintenance

    My suggestions are based on my experience w/SP01 and 67k but never 30k in a year. 1. Look at rnd count when you replaced the parts you mentioned, if available. If parts are getting high on rnd count change them. Else, R&R all springs. 2. Slide stop maybe 3. Inspect all pins and replace if you can id any problems. 4. Measure FP length for wear. Inspect for peening. 5. Carefully inspect sear and hammer hooks for wear. Use magnification, as high as you can. 6. Depending on bullet you use and powder your barrel may be showing wear/erosion. Borescope if you can. Mine had to be replaced at ~62k. Eroded to point bullets began key holing occasionally. All jacketed and all Titegroup. 7. Complete tear down except for sights and cleaning. If rear sight is adjustable, remove disassemble and clean. Inspect pin. You should have a receiver completely stripped. A slide with front sight and maybe a fixed rear attached. If you run a fixed rear there should be a gap of 0.001-0.002” between bottom of sight behind dovetail and the slide. If there isn’t remove sight and inspect for signs of cracks/fatigue just behind the dovetail. The gap provides strain relief. Without it you have pressure pushing rear of the sight upward. Eventually it will fatigue and break near dovetail. Hope I’ve hit everything. Hope it is at least helpful. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. GeneBray

    CO mag weights for Shadow 2

    [emoji106][emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. GeneBray

    CO mag weights for Shadow 2

    Hope your scale and the match scale agree. 0.03 oz. isn’t much of an error to miss weight. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. GeneBray

    CO mag weights for Shadow 2

    What type of mount for DPP? Dove tail mount or milled? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. GeneBray

    What laser for your PCC

    Forestock long enough to use the rear of mount for indexing. Same place as before adding laser. Plenty of room to rest on barricade for my PCC. Laser is mounted all the way forward. And extends beyond grip. And short of the end of the barrel. That said, I do understand your concerns. So far no issues for me. Hope it stays that way. Using CZ Scorpion carbine.
  14. GeneBray

    What laser for your PCC

    I tried sever positions from my CT. Finally used a Magpul Cantilever Rail/Light Mount polymer and placed it at 6 o'clock. The rail is available in aluminum as well. Ruled out 12 o'clock since it required a riser for the dot. Fully ambidextrous.
  15. GeneBray

    75B - 8.5# Hammer Spring

    @ soulbyte. No with the 8.5lb spring. Broke more slide stops with heavier MS from stock to 11 lb. Trigger changes based on main spring weight. The 8 and 11 lb springs were new CGW springs. Believe the 13 spring was new but not certain. Tests were done with Lyman Digital Trigger Pull gauge. Realize YMMV. MS DA TP SA TP 13.0 7.8 2.4 11.5 7.2 2.2 8.5 5.5 2.2