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  1. Will be competing tomorrow with my carry gun/rig, should be interesting. USPSA match but will draw from concealment etc, just like i carry
  2. Thought about shooting cas a few times, but the dress up and made up names were too much for me
  3. RJH

    Only want to shoot CZ

    Everyone has to pick what they like best. That is why there are so many styles of pistol. Just don't think that one will make you markedly better than the other
  4. This is a very solid point
  5. Carry ops is made for you
  6. I would go with .356 and be happy.
  7. I bought 2000 rem primers a couple of months ago, I will not buy any more. There was a considerable amount of dead primers and Remington was no help when i called. IMO stay away
  8. I have posted on that thread too, and do believe that SG is part of the problem with 3 gun attendance, but i think bad stage design is more of an issue, however there is already a different thread on that But when you look at this thread there are several posters, who i assume shoot production, that want the limit left at 10. The "fix" of allowing 8 shot revolvers seemed to do more harm than good, but with revolver being so small it is hard to know. But, there has not been an influx of new revolver shooters since the rule change. I don't currently shoot production, but do have a production gun, so i might again in the future. None of the ideas in this thread would keep me from shooting production, and if production was kept exactly how it is now i would still shoot it. There are plenty of divisions in USPSA and i tend to find the one i like at the time and shoot it, and if i am not in the mood for that, i just pick a division that more closely aligns with what i am wanting to shoot that day. Over time i have come to see these "lets fix "x" division" threads as pointless. If you want to shoot a certain way/gun there is probably already a division/organization that has that style of shooting.
  9. I think this is the crux of all the, " we could do "x" to fix production" posts. Every suggestion that one person likes, another hates, for a net gain of zero or so it seems
  10. Could it be that production has just kinda run its course and people are just ready to do something else, and no amount of "fixing" will put numbers on a consistent upswing? SS was never big, but it was bigger than it is now, people just don't care to shoot it much, maybe production is moving down that same road? People vote with their pocketbook and if something seems mo better than production for around the same money, maybe they are choosing it and there is no "cure" for production. IDK, just a thought
  11. Was looking and thinking a bit about this thread and the thread about production division numbers dropping in USPSA, and it got me to wondering if maybe both things have just kinda run their course and there is no real fix for either one. Things come and go, and some hold on longer than others. Single Stack was bigger than it is now for a few years in USPSA but has died off to almost nothing now, it was never as big as production, but still shows how things ebb and flow. Take handgun silhouettes, they were the thing to do for years, now finding a match is hard to do. Field archery was once huge across the nation, it is almost unheard of now. There will probably always be 3 gun matches, but getting them to where they used to be may not , and I think probably will not, ever happen
  12. Last 2 matches i have been to 45 total shooters, 3 in production, which happens to be the same as L10, haha. Open, limited and CO are big here. One of the clubs has historically had very few production shooters, the other one used to have quite a few.
  13. Man harsh What about the second question
  14. Which part don't you like the most? Also do you like the way production is going where you can do more mods, or would you like a more stock gun? And for the record, i don't care about production, but if my rules were implemented i might shoot it
  15. Yeah, I may have changed my mind on this. This is why I try to stay out of rules discussions anymore haha Have a good one
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