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  1. You realize you could have unloaded the pistol when it was canted away from you right? I don't think your main problem was the holster
  2. How did your gun go off with the safety applied?
  3. I saw on a different thread that there were 75 yard poppers in a uspsa match, the farthest i have seen personally were a zone plates at 50 yards. It also seems like there is a classifier with 40 or 50 yard shots on paper that i have shot, but i can't remember for sure. So, what is the longest shots you have seen at a uspsa match (not multigun)?
  4. I agree with the books ideas, but also see if the better shooters in your area practice some where and try to go with them. Also some shooters don't like being bugged but many will help you out at a match and give you pointers. a lot of times you just don't know what you don't know, so see if one of the better shooters in your area will give you some insight and then apply that to what you are working on in dryfire with some books. Also buy a timer. practice without a timer is better than none, but the timer proves things out. You might think one way is better but with a timer you will know which way is better
  5. Thanks, something like this is what i have been looking for. I wouldn't mind the tlr if i could still use it but one of these cheapies seems like the way to go.
  6. Do you have to destroy the light, since it is $100 i hate to trash it? I would like to be ableto use it later as a light if I would like.
  7. there are specific rules for level 1 match exemptions, spinners are not one of them
  8. Yep not a uspsa legal stage. If at a uspsa match, you should have protested it and had it tossed
  9. Looking for a rail mounted light to turn into a weight. Red hill makes holsters for several of the name brand lights, but since i am going to fill it with shot i would rather get a copy with the same foot print. Anyone know of any? If no copies any idea of what the best one for this application is?
  10. RJH

    Getting .45 down to 125pf?

    In a revolver, since you don't have to worry about function, you can go real light. there are some sub minor trailboss loads on hodgdons website.
  11. RJH

    Rule 9.1.3

    Best i can give you is, depends. I shoot at several clubs and we are all "Bob" and past the targets and call out the score. We do however generally get the shooter and actual RO if there is anything questionable. This does not work at level 2 matches and some level ones, but many of us shoot together and trust each other. At a level 2 that is gonna be a reshoot. I know that you can apply some procedurals, but i have never seen that happen. This is why at a level 2 it is best to score the targets the same way every time and make the squad aware of it on the stage brief. Your final paragraph is how i have always seen this situation handled as a shooter and an ro
  12. RJH

    Lower Cost 2011 for Limited

    There us an edge in the classifieds for ~$1400. Don't get muchcheaper than that. Fyi i know nothing about it, justhappened to see it
  13. I am considering putting a flashlight/weight on my gun. Since i am just doing it for a weight i would like to buy a knockoff, but i need one with the same foot print as a name brand, so i can get a kydex holster to fit. Anyone know of a light that would fit the bill? Thanks
  14. RJH

    Pinned Grip Safety

    The reason grip safeties are an issue for some now is a combo of the beavertail, riding a saftey, high two handed grip, and hand size. If you have an issue with the grip safety you can pretty much change any one of those things and the issue will go away. Or you could do the most logical thing and pin/deactivate the grip safety....
  15. RJH

    33 oz XDM

    What xdm, and caliber? What did the gun originally weigh (springfield website says the 5.25 is 32.5, but who knows how they weigh it)? And what have you done to add weight?