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  1. RJH

    Magazine release comparison

    Not if you have meaty hands and a high grip. I wouldn't shoot a glock in competition without a beavertail, i have been sliced and diced too many times. What i have noticed is that if you have a meaty enough hand to pull a grip safety up with the web of your hand on a a 1911 so it won't fire (I do), a standard glock without a beavertail is going to bite you to the point of blood flying.
  2. RJH

    software to compare 2 people

    If i was gonna spend money on something like that, i would try to do that ghost type dill that Chris tilley does. But i have no camera or computer skills so that aint happening
  3. RJH

    Mini boom

    Is that brass stepped? in your pics i can never see the headstamp, and there are none on the interior of the case. If they are,that could cause slightly high pressures and cause the brass to blow out. Either way i think it a brass issue nit a gun issue and i don't even like glocks haha. I have seen brass fired out of an open gun with quite a bit of bulge on the bottom of the case and i would think that they would have to be weakened. I figure one of those two things are the issues. I would be a little more vigilant in sorting brass and not worry about it too much
  4. RJH

    Your thoughts on the 450 bushmaster

    I would perfer a 4570, if is is allowed. But i would take the bushmaster over a shotgun without question. I think you will like just fine
  5. I saw the other day that there were no glocks in the top ten at production nationals. I don't know if there were no plastic guns at all or just no glocks, either way kinda suprising
  6. Dang, i thought this was worked out, but after rereading the applicable rules about a dozen times, i am going to have to agree with Southpaw. Maybe Troy has rewritten the definition of "always" since Southpaw got his clarification though. No wonder people are always confused about the rules....
  7. We got the same thing out of the answer Thanks for asking and posting the reply
  8. Right, if you could see the target. If you could see it, you would have to stomp/activate it. Or at least that is what i got from your question and his response. Is that what you are saying too?
  9. Started with a ruger p97 then a springfield 1911 in l10, to XDs in production, back to various 1911s major and minor, revolver or two, para 1640,1911s again, now mainly shoot an XDM 5.25 in 40 for limited. I don't practice anymore and i consistently shoot 65-70% classifiers with it ,which is about as good as i do with anything. I did keep a 1911 though and will probably shoot it a little next year.
  10. RJH

    My barrel looks Stoned..A tale of WTF!

    So are you sending the barrel back to midway?
  11. yes, but garands don't actually have strippers, the whole clip slides into the mag well, and pings out The ping is what makes them cool
  12. Not quite that far, but i have shot a few with a garand in 3006. I think it is about the funnest rifle to shoot.
  13. RJH

    Ruger American Pistol

    Gotcha, but i dont even like swapping uppers on an AR
  14. RJH

    Ruger American Pistol

    1 cz p07 2 glock 3 glock and i don't even like or shoot glocks, but every 6 months or so a new plastic fantastic comes out and is then passed over for glocks. But i do like that P07, if i was in the market for a carry type gun i would start and stop right there. I am not a fan of modular anything if the intent is to do a lot of switching, that is always a pain in the rear and every time i have done it i have always ended up buying two whatevers. And i have tried it several times with pistols, rifles, bows, etc and always regretted it, i am a slow learner sometimes
  15. Yep, cause anything else would be lying