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  1. Video RO classes sound bad to me. When i finally got around to taking my RO class i had several years of experience shooting uspsa and had a pretty good grasp on the rule book. I could have walked in and passed the test, but like i said i had been doing it a while. The same could not be said for the rest of the class, most had little too no experience in uspsa and many had not even shot a match. To give them a video and a book would have led to them passing the test but still having only the tiniest of grasp on what is going on at a match, even doing the class with an instructor was short of what they needed, but much better than a video
  2. I remember way back when i first started reloading but before i shot competitively i bought 1000 primers and thought that would last for basically ever. Little did i know....... To the OP, i just bought an SDB myself, i bought it cause i got a very good deal. I was looking at it and a 550, but i really only load a couple of calibers in volume and am liking the SDB. I have loaded on the SDB and 550 before and like both. At a very relaxed but steady pace starting with the press full i did 100 rounds in just over 11 minutes on the SDB and think 350-400 an hour will be easy enough, although i usually reload in batches of 2-300
  3. RJH

    First Official Match, First DQ

    Dang, i replied without seeing that everythingi said had already been said
  4. RJH

    First Official Match, First DQ

    I think the point is that excepting that you WILL dq is the wrong way to look at it, and could lesson people's safety awarness cause, "everybody is going to", kinda makes it seem ok. Everyone doesnt have to dq, and i bet there are some people who never will, if you do however, learn from it and move forward, but don't downplay it
  5. RJH

    First Official Match, First DQ

    True, i was jumping the gun a little and assumed that there would have been a "range is clear" command after the ULASC ?
  6. RJH

    First Official Match, First DQ

    Too bad he wasn't shooting USPSA, he wouldn't have gotten DQed
  7. RJH

    First Official Match, First DQ

    PS, wasn't yelling, the caps was just for differentiation ?
  8. RJH

    First Official Match, First DQ

    That RO was a lot more forgiving than i am. I don't see how it would be the RO's fault for someone showing up at a match full on ignorant. Am I the only guy in the world that read the rule book before going to my first match?
  9. RJH

    First Official Match, First DQ

    That is what i am wondering too? Did you draw facing up range or what? If the RO started you with your hand on the gun, he don't what he is doing, it would not however trump unsafe gun handling if you did in fact draw while facing up range. We need more info
  10. RJH

    Forcing you to stay inside FFZ

    I think this may be the next "clip/magazine" debate hahahahahhahaha
  11. RJH

    1911 vs 2011

    since no reloading whichever you prefer, and if no real preference then 1911 cause cheaper. IDK WTF that link is or why it is there
  12. And yes, production guns must be on the list
  13. This right here. Get what you want. If limited is a larger division in your area, then you will probably like it there, it is a fun division. If you decide USPSA is not for you, you can always sell it, even if you take a loss, just think of it like renting
  14. RJH

    GP100 extractor extension

    38 short colt i believe is the answer you are looking for. I could have the name a little off, but you get the idea