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  1. Yes, your feelings. Read the rules, the competitors should have been notified that the vision barrier aka banners had been removed because of inclement weather as per 2.3.2/2.3.3. Then if i felt there was no competitive inequity i would have allowed the course of fire to continue as per If i there was a competitive disparity i would have tossed the effected stages per 2.3.4. There you go, rules and English followed. Now please do us a favor and go away
  2. I have seen that too. I have also seen fault lines interpreted differently from one day to the next....
  3. Yes, the rulebook says exactly that. I actually showed yu the rules, and a dictionary definition of the word physical. I cannot, however, with logic, a rulebook, and a dictionary fight against your "feelings", it just don't work. It doesn't suprise me that DNROI doesn't always follow the rulebook, he has set that precedent, but i don't get to vote on DNROI As a USPSA member, why shouldn't i be concerned if rules were not followed at a major match, especially if DNROI was there. Sounds like something to be concerned about to me. And lastly i would have followed the rulebook, otherwise why have it
  4. You can dissagree all you want, but the rule book says otherwise. I don't know why you don't want to follow it. As for the rest of your questions i think they are probably mostly answered in the 2.3 section of the rule book as well. Go ahead and read up on them and i am sure you will find the answer you like, or make up one if you don't.....
  5. The OP seems to disagree 2.3.1 Match Officials may, for any reason, modify the physical construction or stage procedure for a course of fire, provided that such changes are approved in advance by the Range Master. Any such physical changes or additions to a published course of fire should be completed before the stage begins. Making walls you can't see through into walls you can seem to fit nicely into this, and then requires this: 2.3.2 All competitors must be notified of any such changes as soon as possible. At a minimum, they must be notified by the official in charge of the course of fire during the squad briefing. Remember, i am not saying toss the stage. RMs really hate to toss stages and i get that, but the notification should have been made. Once again, the banners may not have been intended as vision barriers, but unless you are superman or they were clear, there is no logical case that can be made that they weren't vision barriers. By removing them, the physical (here is the definition of physical: relating to things perceived through the senses as opposed to the mind; tangible or concrete) construction of the course was changed. So there you go, by the rulebook and the English language the competitors should have been notified.
  6. The OP (who apparently was there and shot the match) felt is was a change in competitive equity. I will take his word that it did since he had no stake in the match as an official. The OP also stated that you then had a clear view of some targets that were previously obscured, and wanted to know about rules concerning this. Most objective people would say that removing vision barriers would change the stage. Even if it was determined that the stages should be left in the match, the competitors should have been notified, as per the rulebook
  7. Banners are vision barriers, unless they are clear, why they are installed doesn't change the affect they have on a stage. I am only concerned because a person posted in the rules section of the forum, was then told that vision barriers (regardless of why they were installed) had no effect on stage difficulty or equity, which is pretty much verifiably false. Why does it bother you that i want the rules to apply equally to all competitors and match officials? Why is your answer always call Troy? I can read and have a pretty good hold on the English language, i don't need a cryptographer to make out the rule book
  8. This %100 Anyone who says otherwise is either FOS, pushing an agenda, or stupid. Imagine 2 shooters, shooter 1 has vision barriers shooter 2 does not. Both miss their mark at the same place obscuring a target. Shooter 1 moves on and loses 40 points in penalties and points not earned, shooter 2 takes a half step back because he can see the target through the mesh and hits 2 alphas, how is that equal? Oh, and to those who say it only affects C and B class shooters (which it might) , don't forget that C and B class combined generally make up more shooters than all the other classes put together. Also clear walls make walk through easier, so finding better ways of shooting the stage are easier too. Plenty of people like to blame a competitor when they make a stupid decision or don't follow the rules, but some seem slow to blame match officials when they do the same
  9. Found my rulebook, 2.3.1 modified course of fire, I don't see how vision barriers being removed would not be considered a physical change to the course of fire. 2.3.7 talks about things that are routine maintenance and not considered a course modification, removing vision barriers are not even close to what is described there, so i don't believe that it falls into the "not limited to" spectrum described in that rule. So since 2.3.1 happened, 2.3.2, should also happen
  10. I don't have my rule book in front of me, opaque walls to see through doesn't count as altered? Also are walls considered props? I cant remember
  11. It is definitely a vision barrier and walls going from opaque to see through is definitely a change to the stage. Competitors should be notified of changes to the stage 2.3.2. I don't think the stage should have been tossed, but that is a big change to the stage. Hanging banners on mesh walls is dumb and should probably not be done
  12. Assuming that the stages listed had WSB (big assumption) how the hell does the WHOLE squad not read them? That is literally the first thing that should happen when you show up on your stage, and that is just as a shooter. Even if the RO doesn't read it out loud, (I know they should), every competitor should read it for themselves, if for no other reason than to look for places to game the stage
  13. Banners down is an advantage, however, like the poster above said it is an outdoor match and conditions change and match staff has to do what they have to do. Maybe they can use this as a learning experience for next year. 2.3.3/ says they can chance it, but 2.3.2 says they have to notify competitors that it was changed. Just out of curiosity were you notified?
  14. You may be right on all accounts, idk an i am not looking it up haha. But, now with practiscore , it looks like competitors scores are not deleted, they are just not applied to the match. So, just look at practiscore and apparently, problem solved
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