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  1. I feel for you OP. While i don't shoot production, I like SS and L10 a bunch, but those have less participation in most areas than Production, so i rarely shoot them. Last couple of matches i shot, i just signed up limited but shot my SS gear, wasn't winning the Cadillac either way
  2. I shoot some 3d archery and would tell you to check into it. Bow hunting too, if you like to hunt. 3d is a lot like uspsa in the gear dept, you can spend some or a ton. Could also shoot indoor archery, but Idk how all that is going right now with the covid crap. Another plus with archery is that you practice in your yard, depending on you neighbors, or in the house/garage Good luck in your search
  3. I just decided to be done for a while. I have a couple of matches i really want to shoot next year and the only way I can guarantee that I will be able to is to pretty much stop now. So i will probably just shoot a match every couple of months or so, and find a different hobby for a while
  4. I read hammer down, but I don't really *know* anything about it. Just what i have seen here
  5. I do not know the inner workings of the cz pistols, but this what has been suggested as what happened when the ro was shot in ny
  6. That is awesome and wouldn't surprise me, but I would still have to believe that the airsoft practice still played a big part in his performance. On a side note I remember seeing him shoot on tv way back and he a strange stance, but i guess it worked for him
  7. Because open guys don't like slide riders, 9mm sucks for limited, 2011s are not legal for carry ops, so it is gun without a real place in USPSA and USPSA is where most Enos members play
  8. I have never messed with air soft, but I figure there must be something to it. Tatsuya Sakai, who is from Japan, practiced exclusively with an airsoft gun in Japan, as real guns are not legal, then came to the US a month ahead of the 2004 Steel Challenge championship to get sometime with a real gun, and then won the match. So probably worthwhile practice. Good luck
  9. Also, I have looked to see what another shooter shot, whether i new them or not. If their run looked close to mine and we are in the same division, i might be curious as to who won that stage. I wouldn't overthink it, it is not private information.
  10. A lot of times we will check the scores at the end of each stage and then talk s#!t to each other. It is easy to do with practiscore, and fun LOL.
  11. So, then as someone who has finished in the top of the heap, would you rather get a medal or something along those lines, and have the sponsorship money go into making a better match/match experience like Britain mentioned? I feel as someone who has put in the time to finish as well as you did,your opinion on the subject carries more weight
  12. I get what you are saying, but i was speaking specifically about the 3/4 people taping rotation that had been mentioned, sorry if i didn'tmake that clear. In that scenario you would have plenty of time to eat, potty, etc. The way it is now on a 12 person squad, 6 work their ass off, 4 work some, and 2 do basically nothing. As one of the 6 workers, i have come to despise the 2 do nothing guys. And if we were on a squad together and you had worked 3 stages and need to take one off to eat/restroom break, I would gladly go to bat for you with the RO
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