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  1. RJH

    Squib Rounds

    But doesn't rule something point something say "if a squib is found, no reshoot " I would be more specific, but my phone doesn't work good lol
  2. RJH

    Squib Rounds

    So, if you have a squib, stop shooting, then the RO loses the time so they cannot get the correct score. What's the call?
  3. As long as the barrel to slide lockup is good, i wouldn't worry much about some frame to slide rattle. A lot guns are pretty rattley out of the box. Is your accuracy acceptable? If so, I would just keep shooting
  4. That 1911 is pretty sharp even if it is pink. My questionable firearms would be the plethora of 4570s I've had. I currently don't own any but after swearing off owning any three or four other times, and always ending up with one, I might have one again sometime LOL
  5. That is what I found too. Couldn't do it on my phone that i saw, so i broke out the computer. Annoying poster now gone. Priceless
  6. Thank you, Enos forum was just made a little better LOL
  7. Is there still an ignore feature on this site since it was updated? I don't see one so maybe i am missing it, or maybe it ain't there anymore.
  8. That's a lot ,maybe most or all?, of barrels come pre-cut for 9 mm that people then lengthen for super or super comp, I don't think oversized is the correct term, overly long, yes. And of course it had spaced off the extractor, with no ill effects i might ad. All that said, it worked perfectly and the OP's might as well. And I don't need luck, i test things, and then i know what works and what does not
  9. I used to have an open gun that would shoot 9 mm, 38 Super comp, and 38 Super interchangeably, but what would I know
  10. I know there is a guy who made gm in uspsa limited drawing from cover and aiwb, and I am pretty sure he was shooting 9mm out of a 34
  11. I guess they won't come to shoot my fake match that I'm not having lol
  12. Gotcha. I thought you were talking specifically idpa BUG matches that require something like a j frame or lcp.
  13. They better put some ammo in their pocket. Part of the point of the match at, least in my mind, would be to sort out what works and what doesn't. Probably a max of twenty or so rounds a stage though would be plenty. Everyone would shoot heads up
  14. You are nicer than me, I was going to tell him he looks like he needs to spend some time going through the rulebook LOL. I didn't want to spoon feed anything
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