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  1. This sounds entirely reasonable and correct, therefore we should immediately discard it. Hey, i got some ideas to fix production........:-)
  2. So you will consider it then?
  3. IROC division, it may be dumb, but it does sound interesting...... F**k it, hold my beer and sign me up
  4. I don't hate this either, but 8 major 10 minor sounds better. And fill em up major/minor sounds even better. Could even make 45 required for major, to make it real interesting ...
  5. That is part i think makes it the most interesting, and it harkens back to some early uspsa principals, but I also understand why people wouldn't like it. Actually my whole rule set is based off of the early principles of uspsa. Basically, here are some loose guidelines, you figure out what works the best. Freestyle baby, haha
  6. Ultimate production rule set: list guns (basically da/sa, striker), box, weight limit, oem mags filled, major/ minor, no comps, no dots, equipment placement who cares. Since we are all throwing out rule brand new production rules sets...... Or just find the division currently available that you like the most, shoot it, don't whine, and have fun.
  7. If glock would have had the gen4/5 grip way back, I would probably be a glock shooter today. With the backstraps and reduction or whatever they did, the gun feels much better. Glad you're liking your new blaster!
  8. Umm, what about a 22-30 round stage? Seems like fuzzy math to me, but the real advantage is the increased freedom in stage breakdown. What about a stage with a 3 target array, followed by a 3 target array, followed but an 8 target array, followed by an 8 target array. You just went from 3 reloads to 1 PS, i am in the leave production alone group, cause i don't shoot it enough to care, so don't change it on my account haha
  9. You make a stage and run it both ways. If you honestly can't figure out the difference in 16 vs 11, and come up with a stage plan that allows you to be considerably more efficient with 16 over 11, you won't believe anyone else anyway. But a quick example, any stage from 12-16 rounds, 22-30 rounds, any stage that has 4 targets followed by a quick 2-4 target array. Now, would you always be able to take advantage of those extra rounds, no,of course not. But to think they are only good for an occasional make up shot is naive
  10. What was you question? If it was does changing to 15 rounds make any difference, then yes 15 makes a huge difference. So in that case your math would be wrong, if you think it wouldn't allow 1/2 production shooters to load 15 at a match and the other half to load 10. 15 will give many more options and everyone would want to be in that 15 round half. I deal in sarcasm, but i also deal in the truth. Allowing 15 rounds in production would have 0 to do with stage design, but it would change freedom in stage breakdown for the shooter. Luckily if you as a shooter want that freedom there are 4 divisions currently in the rule book that allow it. Let production be what it is and if it don't fit you, try a different division
  11. If only there were like maybe 4 divisions that allow higher capacity guns for people who want to load more ammo.........
  12. But i want to shoot minor in limited and have it counted as major, and i want to do all the upgrades i want on a production gun and shoot 15 round mags, and i want to get to use comps in SS, think of all the old race guns we could get shooting again, and....... But, seriously i agree %100, there are already 8 divisions, if one of them ain't close enough for you to be happy, you're too damn picky
  13. You are the first person i know of that was actually DQed by an RO, most of us DQ ourselves and the RO just points it out. You must feel special
  14. I think just going with a cold range like uspsa does will probably cure most issues. Holstered empty when not at the line and a hammer down holster after firing. Probably a few minutes of safety briefing and you won't have any issues. And let them know that blatant safety violations will get them tossed from class with no refund. A pocketbook hit is to adults what an ass whipping is to kids haha. IME "civilians" are easier to teach, cause they don't think they are experts, except cops, idk about those guys haha. The worst safety violations at my matches, like 360 sweeping everybody violations, was cops and military. The excuse was always some version of, "no 180s in the real world," but then the other cops and military guys did't do that, so it just turned out a couple of them was idiots. So basically, you can end up with idiots from all walks of life and hammer down guns are the way to go
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