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  1. SJC and maybe others make a frame weight, and filling a flashlight body with lead or tungsten is another option. Well, it is not an option now, but you get the idea
  2. No, there is not. Just seems a way to punish guys with cheap blasters. With all the other mods allowed and a weight limit set, there is no logical reason to disallow external weights. But USPSA and logic don't always go hand in hand. Guess they could add CO light like IPSC, haha. (No, i don't really think CO light is the thing to do)
  3. OP, can you tell me the softest shooting major load for my limited gun? Also can you tell me which load will make my sights land on target after recoil the best? And will i need to chemically clean my barrel between, shots, stages, or matches for the best results? TIA
  4. 5 years is longer than a lot of marriages. I think people's interest change. I shot a lot for about 10 years, but find myself shooting less and less now. I think for me a large part of it was that it was a family event when my son was growing up, but now he's in a different part of the state and USPSA by itself doesn't hold as much of an interest for me as i thought it did. I have begun spending more time and money on archery and hunting than guns and uspsa recently. But it has nothing to do with not making gm or winning big matches, more to do changing interest . I will still shoot occasionally, but it will probably be a few times a year, where it used to be a few times a month
  5. Answered before it was asked......
  6. It could be done, but whether it could be done or should be done it's not what this thread is actually about. This thread is only about if it was done would people actually shoot it
  7. I get what you're saying, for purposes of this discussion let's go with if you can't go buy at a store in a standard configuration then it would be not considered stock. If you're ordering with custom options then it would not be stock. A factory off-the-shelf stock 2 or something like that would be stock.
  8. I thought I saw two people that said they would shoot it. Earlier in the thread we discussed stock would mean take it out of the box and shoot it. Also this thread has no actual point I was just curious if there was a division like that would people shoot it. Kind of like people can revolver but no one does, I think that's what would happen with a Pure Stock division. Most people seem to be wanting to talk about reasons why it can't be done instead of if it could be done would they shoot it, which was the actual point of the thread. I believe I said early on I know that it would be impossible to enforce. Anyway, that was kind of a rambling response but hopefully it might have cleared up some confusion, or cause more PS this was never about wanting to create a division, or if I thought the idea of a stock division was a good one, only if it was possible would people shoot it
  9. No, my intent was just that people actually read the OP, and maybe even my clarification a couple post down. everybody's going off on tangents that have nothing to do with the question. People can bloviate all day if they like, but an answer to the question in amongst the bloviation would be appreciated. Thank you for answering
  10. all that and still didn't answer the question, I thought you would at least come up with a nobody would shoot it cuz it's gay or something. Trying to ask a simple question on the Internet is a lot like herding cats.......
  11. Thank you for and your 3rd grade teacher for your reading comprehension. Yes or no was all this is about. I mean if someone wanted to expand and say this is the greatest idea ever, or no, this idea and everything about it is gay, that would be fine. But hemming and hawing about enforcement is all for a different thread. I was just curious if people would actually have interest in shooting a division like this, never whether it should exist or if it would be unmanageable excetera. I think it's something that people might think they would I want until they did it, and then decide that it sucked
  12. Y'all are putting way too much thought into the logistics of this. It was supposed to be a simple question of if there was a division that was take the gun out of the box with no mods and shoot it do you think people would do it? This is only a for fun question, stop worrying about the BS and answer the question Damn internet haha
  13. We are not worried about theoretical competitive equity for this thread And also not trying to accomplish anything with this division, just a completely theoretical question about whether or not people would choose to shoot a division with box stock guns if everyone else in the division had box stock guns too
  14. Some clarification; stock is defined as out of the box and go race. As far as which guns, a list like production would be fine, could even allow single stack guns. As far as trying to allow equitable guns, no such thing, so a list would be the only consideration. So for instance take the production list and toss single stack and revolver in there too. But guns must remain box stock and lets assume this would be easily verifiable (i know it wouldn't but that is not the point of this thread), would people be interested? I don't think they would, but curious as to others opinions
  15. Fair enough, lets say completely stock and lets say it stayed that way. I know that would be impossible to enforce etc., but let's just say that it was completely stock and stayed that way, do you think anyone would shoot it? And i am not talking revolver numbers, but something like a real division haha
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