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  1. If USPSA limited then 35, otherwise just shoot the 17
  2. Good news is i bet you found your issue
  3. Your picture didn't show up. I am curious as to what you found. Let us know, thanks
  4. My experience is about 100 percent opposite if yours. I am not saying i have a pristine 100 percent lead free barrel after firing a jacketed or 2, but that most of the bad leading gets shot out. How bad were your barrels leaded and what was the end result you were going for? It is interesting that we would have completely different results, makes me wonder why
  5. My goal has always been if I had to shoot jacketed i to keep the lead blowed out, was to shoot them often enough that the lead didn't build up badly. I was at a match a little while back and a guy had a Glock that leaded horrible by the end of the match. I would not have shot a jacketed in it it was so bad, but he did to no ill effects and it blew out about 95% of the lead. You could barely see the rifling it was leaded so bad before he shot the jacketed. My advice would be to start with a relatively clean Barrel and then put a jacket on the top of every mag so that the lead doesn't have a chance to build up. And once again, it is not optimum, but can get you by. I've only casted, loaded, and shot tens of thousands of leads in rifles and pistols though , so I probably don't know what I'm talkin about. LOL
  6. Well, I've done it and it worked. I don't really care what a writer for the major gun rag said. I found overtime a lot of people say a lot of crap and the only way to really know is try for yourself. Also if you put a jacketed round on the top of each mag, you're only going to have somewhere between 10 if shooting production and 20 ish if shooting something else rounds before you shoot the jacketed, so there's not enough lead in the barrel to build a high pressure situation . Notice I said it wasn't Optimum, but would get somebody by to get rid of their bullets. If I give advice, chances are I've done it myself. Have you ever tried it or you just parroting what you've heard?
  7. All i got was your wife drives and picks the music.......
  8. I think you might have a weak sear spring and the reloads are letting the striker fall. the gun doesn't go off because the striker falls to the trigger safety. Shoot your gun adn make sure the striker is cocked, then slam a mag home and see if the striker falls. If it does then your striker is slipping off the sear. Might be a spring, might be a sear or striker issue. Springfield will probably fix it for free regardless, if it is OEM. That is where i would look first. also make sure noting is keeping the sear from fully resetting. Good luck
  9. "too" anal, to anal is a different thing entirely....... Sorry, had to
  10. One other trick is loaded jacketed on the top of every mag. The jacketed will blow the lead out and keep the barrel cleanish. That would at least be something to do to get rid of those bullets. That's an old school trick and while not Optimum it will work
  11. I forgot to answer part of the OPs question in my response. I do use a fiber optic front sight, and think it would be difficult to do accurate target focused without at least a brightly painted front. I think the black on black in your peripheral vision would be much harder to discern. I am at best a low A class shooter, so take my thoughts for what they are worth
  12. RJH

    45/70 BFR Squib

    Reloads I am guessing? And, being a single action, and I assume relatively slow fire, did you not notice that the bullet didn't make it out of the barrel?
  13. I am in on that, 8 major 10 minor in production and and put production and SS in the same division. Hell, you could toss revolver in their too, I don't care
  14. I load mine while we are standing around BSing before the match. No real reason, just what i have always done
  15. I do this some, it has just been a natural transition. However i generally do it at closer (10 or so yard) targets. I can do it at further targets, but usually not at speed. I reckon if you are like Stoeger and shoot 40-50,000 rounds a year dyrfire a lot it would come much quicker. My suggestion would to be to try it some and see where you can get away with it and at what speed. Also I have shot stages where i have done it on the entire stage far targets and steel included, but it just happened without thinking.
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