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  1. You're worrying about too much s***. Worry about being safe and getting hits on target, don't even start thinking about the rest for a few matches as you seem to be very early in your pistol shooting career. So once again focus on safety, a quality site picture, and follow through on the shot
  2. I agree trading it would probably be best, but if you want to use the optic you can always shoot it in open and if not you can shoot it in limited. Won't matter for a while either way regardless
  3. I'm pretty sure the 17L is not legal for carryops. You might want to check that before you go to a real match. It could be on the list now, but I know for a long time it was not
  4. I think it could be because many 9 mm revolvers are fitted with barrels that are the same as 38 special. So you end up having to run an oversized bullet to make a 9 mil accurate
  5. Sounds like a trigger control at speed problem, assuming that it still hits behind the dot in slow fire
  6. You mean those rules that favor power factor in divisions like open, limited 10, revolver.... Nobody pretends there's a choice, everyone knows there's a right answer and a wrong answer. There's just a few that want to change the rules to suit them to do what they want instead of buying the gun that fits within and takes advantage of the rules, or shooting a division that their gun is better suited to. So yes you can buy the wrong gun even if it still fits in the division PS don't get your panties in a wad because you asked a silly question LOL
  7. This is a silly question. Other than PCC all guns fit in open division, but if you bought a single stack to shoot in open division, you bought the wrong gun. If you buy 9 mm to shoot in limited division, you probably bought the wrong gun. If people can't figure that out they deserve what they get LOL
  8. It certainly isn't top-level GM's. It appears it's people who bought the wrong gun and now want to change the game to fit them
  9. I would toss a D spring in that Beretta and get to shooting
  10. Idk, looks like a probable 180 break to me. That is assuming that the 180 runs parallel to the back berm. Video is definitely at the wrong angle to make good call. Where the RO is, and especially if there is another RO to the timer RO's left, would be a better angle
  11. So, how do you sign your post? I tried but I can't find a place in my profile to add a signature line
  12. RJH

    Open vs CO

    I worked a major a few weeks ago and was surprised by the lack of 2011 failures that I saw on my stage. I believe there were 2 the entire match. The guns generally considered reliable, production and co type da/sa and plastic, were the least reliable I saw, and the 320 was the biggest offender by a margin. Now that was just what I observed on one stage, I have no idea how these guns did on the rest of the match. And I also have no idea of the mods done to the guns. But just assuming that plastic/da/sa works and 2011 doesn't, is probably a bad idea
  13. The s#!tter is a great place to practice retention reloads. There is a strong deterrent to dropping mags, and there is a strong oder that adds match like stress. I ain't looking to see if someone takes there gun off in the s#!tter, but they better not be turning on their pcc dot in there....
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