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  1. Snow fence is also a Hell of a lot lighter and easier on the setup/teardown crew. IDK if it was a conscious decision, or just a good idea that took off
  2. http://looserounds.com/2018/07/25/george-farr-and-his-famous-71-at-the-1921-national-matches/ Cmp got back to me. Hopefully the link works, if not googling George Farr probably will
  3. I have no problem with either really, and only point out the ammo because people are saying he was popper screwed. USPSA is freestyle everyone should get to shoot how they like within the rules. So if you load your ammo with 40% sub minor that is within the rules and fine. But if you then lose a calibration call because of it, that is also within the rules and the chances you took. So don't say you were popper f*#ked, say that you played on the edges and got burned and have no one to blame but your self. But, America in 2021 so its gotta be someone else's fault
  4. The "low in the calibration zone" was only mentioned because of the sub minor ammo. If you are shooting highly questionable ammo, better shoot them high lol
  5. There is no popper issue. There are people hitting them low in the calibration Zone with what could very well be sub minor ammo and then wondering why they don't fall though....
  6. What about 40% sub minor ammo, is that against competitive equity? I mean if we are looking to revamp a rule how about that one. Maybe we go to more than a 10% failure at chrono you shoot for no score. There was competitive equity, if there was a call for calibration everyone got it, just like the rules say. The only way it wouldn't be equitable is if shooter A calls for calibration with a hit on target and the RM said no to him, but yes for someone else. Is there any evidence that happened?
  7. No conspiracies from me. But I do wonder if that screen shot of the chrono readings was posted by the video of the popper not falling for full disclosure..... What really sucks is that people will jump on the JJ is the real champ wagon without knowing that 40% of JJ's ammo looks like it was sub minor and it will taint Nils' win. On the match itself, I didn't attend but did watch some videos. Looked good overall, but I would have liked to see more move and shoot stages vs run here and shoot, then run here and shoot stages.
  8. Maybe those other shooters had sub minor ammo too.... Thanks for pointing this out PS I am now out of this thread drift
  9. I worked a level 2 this weekend on a retreat stage so I obviously didn't want anyone filming in the shooting area. I suspect that other ROs that want people behind the rear fault line on a stage where people are moving down range is so that if a competitor comes back uprange for some reason there is less of a chance of a reshoot cause the camera guy is in the way. Just speculating though. But I have ROed shooters that forget something and explode back uprange and if I hadn't been on my toes expecting it or there was a person filming there would have been a reshoot
  10. Not really. It just strongly suggest that competitor's ammo that hit the popper was a lower power factor than chrono ammo. If chrono ammo at ~120 PF knocks over the popper , then logically the competitor's ammo didn't even make 120 PF.
  11. I'm not saying that anyone intentionally shot sub minor ammo. What I am saying is that shooting that close to the power floor can cause issues if you get a light powder drop.
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