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  1. Ended up shipping through UPS at the UPS store as the hub has weird hours. would have been 33, but with insurance it ended up being $41, so not great, but not horrible either.
  2. I will also never "see" someone bump their gun to halfcock, then fix it. In other words I am not dqing someone for accidentally bumping their gun to half cock
  3. Amazon says shipping weight is 26, i said 28 just for a buffer
  4. "they" was usps. I got online and punched it in and still was $60. This was just to a random SC zip code as i was just looking for an estimate
  5. I'm looking at selling my Square Deal press and I went to the post office to get an idea on shipping, and they said it would be about 60 bucks. That shipping it in the original box. Is there a better way of going about it? $60 seems like a lot. So any of y'all that have shipped hey press like that what's the best way you found? Thanks
  6. Just saw this thread again, the not a REQUIREMENT clarification seems to completely change the outcome in the example i posted earlier in this thread.
  7. Broadside already tried to start that movement a few post back. I also think it is a good idea. So there are 3 haha
  8. Wow, seems to say exactly that, at a level one people can be coached, or in other words treated different if they request it, and noobs tend to request it, or they would if they new a little of the rule book, so I assume that they request it, and have never been griped at about it. ROs who stop their buddies are cause they screwed up are dicks, buddies/experienced shooters tend to get the strictest and harshest interpretation of the rule book around here (and laughed at for good measure. Except for barneying with an illegal mag, i can guarantee i will never "see" anyone do that at any match ever
  9. Assuming he's a noob, and also assuming he's putting the safety on a da/sa gun and not a striker gun, I'm going to tell him he's needs to start hammer down. If he's been shooting a while, and especially if he is my buddy, I'm going to laugh, start his ass, and put him in open. What you seem to have missed in this whole conversation is it I am talking about noobs and I have said it basically every post. It cost me nothing to give them a little advice, and instead of thinking that RO is a dick, they'll come to me with questions later about what to do and so on. I simply look at that as allowable coaching at a level one match, which is what I've pointed out and talked about throughout this whole thread.
  10. Also I have personally seen many times when a warning on equipment has corrected the situation. The difference lies in the fact that safety DQ's are generally Made In the Heat of the Moment, and Equipment bumps can be corrected readily before a start of of a course of Fire
  11. You can have a warning on safety, things like saying muzzle are perfectly okay. And to say that all rule violations have to be enforced the same is silly, safety violations are punished with a DQ, equipment violations are punished with a bump to open. If somebody is a noob, there's no reason to bump them to open when you can simply inform them. Unless you happen to like drama, I however I have tired of it and if I can get the same results without having any I'm okay with that
  12. Because one is dangerous and one is odds and ends that people come up with
  13. I have instructed a ton of noobs over the years and never had an issue with someone repeatedly trying to break a rule that they were originally ignorant of. My experience is after you point out something like being discussed they correct it and move on, no drama needed
  14. 1 safety is different 2 that is why i said i would inform them
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