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  1. RJH

    Limited Minor

    First, .3 and .4 splits seem very slow. Although they would actually be basically the same call it .18 minor and .2 major (which is still unrealistic) and rerun you sample. Second, you are multiplying splits times total number of shots fired 28, when generally it would be half of the total shots fired, as in 14, for the amount of targets
  2. Never said people would have to stop shooting revolver, please look back at all my post I have already posted some responses to this type of question above but think of it like this: If no one uses something do do you leave it in the corner collecting dust or toss it out? I am beginning to think revolver diehards are hoarders haha Also in this, and many other threads, many revolver shooters brag about beating bottom feeders, now they would have that opportunity for real, instead of having to compare results in the overalls. And they would have the added advantage of shooting in a division that actually gets recognized. I am simply trying to help clear the clutter and rip that bandaid off quick:-)
  3. You can argue that, but you ain't shooting faster enough to make the points up. I shot limited major and minor and can tell you from experience major is better. I guess you might spend 5000 or so on a custom limited minor blaster and prove everyone here who is telling you facts not conjecture, wrong. Or be be pissed at yourself for buying a limited minor gun, regardless of price. Revo minor is better however and they are looking for shooters, and SS minor is better according to some people some of the time, but those are the only 2 divisions where major doesn't have a distinct advantage
  4. Not a huge deal, the guys that swap sometimes have 2 outer belts, unvelcro one outer with everything attached then revelcro to the next rig with everything attached. Having to make a separate day after match to try to get people to shoot revolver is just another reason to dump it all together. No other division needs or gets that special treatment, people either shoot it or they don't. If people are not dedicated enough to revolver to make it their primary gun, that is cause they would rather be shooting something else, and it appears 99. 99% of people who shoot uspsa don't want to shoot revolver. Which makes revolver division superfluous in uspsa. Dump it and shoot your 8 shooters in production, or let them shoot major and toss them in with singe stack, until it suffers the same fate
  5. If he takes the brace off and puts a stock on = SBR but if he takes the brace off and just has the buffer tube sticking out it is still a pistol. I think that is what he was getting at, you don't have to have a brace to have a pistol
  6. See, this is reasonable, since it is just a local But seriously, seems there are some here that would get their panties bunched over that sort of thing
  7. Y'all should lighten up a little, because even if you hate to hear it, it IS JUST A CLUB MATCH. When i used to be a MD/RM i stressed trying to make sure the match was 100% legal and if i went to another match that wasn't 100% legal, i would be pissed. After not being an MD for a few years, i take a much more laid back approach with everything but safety. Yes, if a noobs equipment is illegal for some reason or another, try to correct the situation, but it really ain't worth getting worked up for. Now a days, with my more relaxed attitude i tend to have more fun at matches and even if the match is doing something a little wrong, i don't stress, as long as it ain't plumb dumb, and people are working in good faith, i tend to roll with it. I know that the rules book don't say it, but a level one is a good place to learn for both staff and competitors, and if things aren't always 100% give them the old "that won't fly at a level 2" and have fun shooting. I know even saying all that is gonna stress some of y'all out, but once again, IT IS JUST A CLUB MATCH
  8. Currently limited, but have classified in all but CO. Started a long time ago in l10, cause that is what I had, then went to production for some time but tired of it, so i switched to SS and shot it for some time but as the field dried up i switched limited which has always had a large following in this area. I shot a little open and pcc in there too. I shot revolver more than PCC, open and Carry ops combined, but not as much as L10, limited, production of SS. In this part of the world limited and open have always had a decent following and CO is big right now too. While the other divisions have ebbed and flowed over time it seems that open and limited is where it is at here, but i do think CO is going to keep a strong following. All that to say I shoot limited, but am not married to any one division. And I have switched divisions more than once as they died out in my area
  9. Sorry but that is pure speculation. I see many people shoot PCC as a secondary division, but I have literally never seen anyone shoot revolver in conjunction with any other gun at a USPSA match. Some of our locals allow people to shoot in 2 divisions and I have seen pretty much every combo possible EXCEPT revolver and anything else.
  10. I have had some that look like that that have been fine
  11. So, who actually carries a scale to matches? Do you also carry a chrono and a grain scale incase you determine a persons gun looks too flat to be shooting declared PF?
  12. I might mention it, so they would know to check for future matches, but unless you got a scale, you really don't know.
  13. Scoring for certain divisions in USPSA. Some divisions offer a scoring advantage for major, and if you want that advantage you have to load to those levels
  14. You're right i don't shoot revolver ANYMORE, but i am classified in revolver and shot it quite a bit in the past. But since there is no realistic amount of competition at any level from local to nationals i have chosen to move to divisions that actually have other people in them to shoot against. I guess i am not a huge fan of playing with myself lol. Don't forget, this thread started by eliciting opinions, and a good rule of thumb is don't ask a question that you don't really want answered. And you don't have to take me seriously, but no one takes revolver seriously anymore and no one will unless there is some growth at major matches. That said, many or most majors don't even recognize revolver because match directors know it is a joke and not worth typing "revolver division" in the match book cause no one is shooting it anyway. See, eliminating revo saved them some ink, one more reason to get rid of revolver haha
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