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  1. Kinda my point, when the barrel breaks you will have less people to send it to. Don't like the grip, other than panels, you just have to deal with it. How many slide length options are there? How many frame lengths are there? Is the weight of the gun as adjustable as a 2011? Can you change the grip completely? Can you change the reach for the trigger? I honestly don't the answer to some of those questions on the CZ, but on a 2011 you can fit it till your heart is content The CZ type guns are not bad, but from what i have seen they have less people who work on them, and less options for fit. Most people tend to prefer the straight pull trigger vs the hinge type. And having guns that break slide stops and barrels fairly consistently is not a mark of reliability, more of a design flaw that would probably be considered a mechanical problem that would ruin a match. Not saying a 2011 is perfect, just generally cnsidered the best there is for open right now I know plenty of people who's 2011 run great and and some who's guns never seem to work. I generally believe the tinkerers are the ones who's guns are going to have the most problems regardless of gun type. I am not trying to sell anyone anything or justify my purchase (i don't shoot a 2011 in open), but if the OP wants to shoot open seriously, a 2011 will be where he ends up, so he will save himself time and money starting there
  2. IMO: Personally i would skip the used open gun, unless you have seen it run and have a good idea of a true round count that is not real high. The CK solution or an STI DVC seem to be the closest to your price in the new category and if there are issues you will have factory support, and i doubt that they will hold you back and as time goes by you can upgrade the grip, etc. if you feel it is necessary. I would probably skip the CZ guns cause there seems to be less people that work on them in the US and you cant really change the grip etc on them, so unless you like them for sure as is, go 2011 Plastic and 40 open guns; unless you are just planning on goofing off, skip them. They can both be fine, but if you are very serious at all about shooting open go 2011 in 9mm or 38SC
  3. I think this nails it down. I built an XDM open gun in 40 and am having fun with it, but I knew what i was getting into when i built it, and am OK with the fact that it is not close to optimum as an open gun. It all comes down ti realistic expectations
  4. Recently got a viper cause they were $50 cheaper. Like it so far, but have only shot a few hundred rounds though it. I figure if they do discontinue it and it breaks, whatever they replace it with will be fine. I Would by One and not worry
  5. I really hope they never do that. It would obsolete the two biggest divisions, and the only supposed Advantage is picking up a few 3 gunners. Screw that, I think three Gunners should change to score major and minor to suit us
  6. You don't have to be certified, and if no one is that experienced he should put a couple of experienced shooters on the squad. As for not liking to RO, i used to enjoy it, but have come to the conclusion that i would rather just tape. However, I will RO if needed, and won't even complain.
  7. I had the burris FF3 with 3 MOA and it was a pain to keep up when shooting fast. Another guy had a 8 MOA and it worked fine, i now have a Vortex with 6 MOA and it is ok too. The 3 MOA was fine in slow fire or low light, but in the sun and shooting fast, not so much. Good news is you can sell it here for only a small loss and get one of the others, or toss it on a rifle and get one of the others
  8. I just built a crapper open gun just to try it out, only shot a couple of matches so far, but am really liking it. I had tinkered with open a little in the past and wasn't real impressed with it, but for some reason this time it just feels right. So my advice, if want to do it, then do it, cause you will always feel like you missed out if you don't
  9. Talking classification and majors here; since it is all on a curve all divisions are about the same in hardness. My classifiers (assuming i don't screw up) all tend to run pretty close to the same percentage regardless of division. Well, I shot very few matches using optics so i do a little less good in them right now. The way to move up and do well in any division is pick one and practice. USPSA only lets you be one classification lower than your highest division for a reason, there ain't much difference
  10. Just stumbled across this thread and saw your post. What shooting did you do before USPSA? Initially classifying at M is impressive
  11. You are going to want a biggerdot. 6 or 8 Moa. And maybe something like a TTI GM trigger kit. Other than that looks pretty good Imo
  12. Yep, after one or two 15 to 20 shooter per squad matches I'm out on that sort of deal. Much like Cha lee said up top once you get over about 10 or 12 nobody seems to want to work. Seems like you'd be more efficient to run two back-to-back matches and max the squad size at 10 then have one match with 20 Shooters in the squads. It sure seems like when there's eight people in a squad you get done more than twice as quick it's when there is 16.
  13. If i ever make it to Colorado (not likely), I really want to shoot one of your matches. I continually find myself thinking that you got it right in these threads.
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